Schools Try to Pull Out of Science Slump

Greg Toppo, USA Today, May 11, 2012

New educational science standards due out Friday give teachers hope that they can turn around U.S. students’ lackluster science performance.

The effort to boost science skills comes one day after the federal government released findings showing that eighth-graders’ science scores were nearly flat from 2009 to 2011.

The scores aren’t the only bad news. Several international comparisons over the past decade have painted a bleak picture. In one, 15-year-olds ranked average among dozens of industrialized nations in science, above the Czech Republic and below Hungary.


Test results from the 2011 National Assessment of Educational Progress, released today, show that eighth-graders’ knowledge of basic science rose, but only slightly, from 2009 to 2011. The percentage of students rated “at or above proficient” also rose slightly, from 30% to 32%.


{snip} The NAEP results are available online at

[Editor’s Note: The results reveal an average score for white 8th graders of 163, compared to a black average of 129, a Hispanic average of 137, and an Asian average of 161.]

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  • The__Bobster

    Why should White kids even try to study science when Romney want to staple a green card on every foreign student’s diploma?

    • MikeofAges

       More to the point, replace you with a guest worker anyway. Or outsource your potential job to China, India or wherever.

      • The__Bobster

        Been there, had it done to me.

  • haha
    ‘wishing’ TO make it SO
    In print even…

    may all your sparkling unicorn rainbow dreams come twue!

  • If we keep doing worse in science people wont be able to comprehend that most of IQ is genetic.

    • Rocky Bass

       How absolutely racist of you to notice!

    • Detroit_WASP

      Rent the comedy movie “Idiocracy” because that is exactly where the world is headed.  I nearly fell out of my chair the first time I saw it.  Right on the money about the lowest IQ people having more children and the world getting dumber and dumber.

      • The__Bobster

        My only problem with the movie was that it didn’t include nearly enough dumb blacks.

  • holyflower

    Never underestimate the incompetence of the delivery system for U. S. science education, public schools.  John L. Hubisz, North Carolina State University physicist, is an authority
    on American middle school science textbooks. Here is Professor Hubisz on science

    “The science textbooks found in most American classrooms are, in a word,
    atrocious. They are riddled with errors, sloppy thinking and glitzy
    illustrations that illustrate little in the way of actual science…..What I
    found was horrifying. None of the books — not a single one — was deemed
    adequate by nine primary reviewers and a host of other experts who offered
    comments. Each contained hundreds of factual errors, as well as experiments that
    couldn’t possibly work and diagrams and drawings that represented impossible
    situations….” (“Atrocious textbooks turn kids away from science,” By JOHN L. HUBISZ ,
    Houston Chronicle, June 10, 2001)

    • ncpride

      I’m not surprised by these findings. My daughter took Honors Biology last semester, and even the teacher criticized the text book that was assigned to them. He said it was so poorly written, those who contributed seemed not to know the answer to their own questions. Luckily, he has been teaching the subject for 25 years and never used the book anyway. Good thing too since that sucker seemed to weigh 10 pounds… 10 pounds of confusing nonsense, to quote my daughter.

      • Rocky Bass

         I bet a great number of these atrocious textbooks are supplied through minority owned publishing firms. Might be worth some investigation.

      • Detroit_WASP

        As a college student I stopped buying text books for classes.  I went to class every day, never missed, sat in the front center seat and wrote down everything the professor said.

        My GPA went from 3.26 to 3.87.

        I did have to buy a couple of books since there was just no getting around it.  However,  that was rare.  I remember one history class required 3 different books, never bought or read them and got an A in the class.  That was typical.  

    • The__Bobster

      Every summer, the scientists and engineers at my old company volunteered to teach science to the local science teachers. Their lack of knowledge was incredible. No wonder they believe the AGW hoax and teach it to their students.

  • JohnEngelman

    Every country where the students outperform American students has a population that is nearly all white, or nearly all Oriental.
    In the United States whites and Orientals usually outperform blacks and Hispanics.
    American schools do an excellent job, considering what they have to work with. 

    • The__Bobster

      Yadda, yadda….


      Yackety, smackety…….



  • mikejones91

    John Wilkes Booth is cause of this. Lincoln was going to send them to Liberia but nope, he had to be shot. You always here people saying our founding fathers, Lincoln included, were these progressive multi-cults who loved everyone. Think of it this way. John Wilkes was a confederate, so he supported slavery. The fact the he killed a president KNOWING this president was gonna fix the black problem non-violently/effectively really paints a     picture of what the political spectrum was ACTUALLY like at that time. John Wilkes probably thought ,”Well, he is gonna do something about the blacks. But then again, so will 99% of ALL other politicians so either way, it will still be fixed”. 

  • ncpride

    Well, apparently all text books are not created equally, because as I said the teacher himself didn’t like it, and in fact had made his own worksheets, study sheets and tests. My daughter passed the class just fine. With an A in fact, on final exams.

  • No one is being ‘left behind’.  If that were the case, then whites and Asians would fail like hispanics and negroes.  Education begins at home and since these people, esp blacks, think that they don’t have to try or even care about their kids education, is the real reason why they fail at everything.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      The real reason blacks and Hispanics fail everything is that they have average, inherent IQs of 80-90.  

      There is no known way to overcome this or raise IQs so blacks and Hispanics top out around 5th grade, if that.  After that, the curriculum is too difficult for them to master,  leading to massive failure, abysmal test scores and high drop out rates.  The empirical evidence such as NAEP scores speak for themselves.

      Nothing will change until and unless the education department is allowed to acknowledge this FACT — the government already recognizes that IQ is race-based and uses the AFQT/ASVAB  (a type of IQ test) to select or sort out military recruits.  They don’t just take anyone, as the schools are forced to.

      The military well knows that IQ makes a HUGE difference when it comes to life and death decisions and operation of its high-tech equipment and who has the aptitude to operate and repair it.


  • Why don’t posters here on AmRen try to get a more comprehensive picture ? Sure, it’s about US school system. But to see globally about races, type:
    Fields medal
    Abel prize
    Wolf prize
    Cole prize
    Nevanlinna prize
    Turing Award
    Knuth prize
    Millennium technology prize
    Shaw prize

    You’ll see that Whites dominate (US, UK, Russia, Germany, France); that Jews are overrepresented, but also are some other groups- say, Swiss; that Asians are progressing, but at the same pace for last 20-30 years; and that Blacks and Muslims and Latin Americans are almost completely absent.

    I purposely didn’t include Nobel prize, since one can wait 50 yrs for it.

  • Kurt Plummer


    How much more wasted tax dollars and dumbing down to try to close the so-called racial achievement gap?>>

    So create a new nation.  It can start small.  As a function of pushing through voucher based education choices which endeavor to provide private education on the level of the ordinary homeschool environment with single houses converted to classrooms and segregated by age, gender and race (hopefully a ‘real estate value’ predetermined exercise in the latter case).

    And with young, racially aware, professional teachers (math, english, sciences) who are tired of student loans and having no home or future, brought in and given these converted basements as living quarters -free of charge- with which to help zero their subsistence load and pay back debts, fast.

    -FROM THERE- you take the next simple step:  Standardized Testing.  Push those kids to learn well.  And keep them in school rather than letting their minds vegetate for 3 months every summer.

    And within 2-3 years, you will have defacto proven that public education is an utter joke and blacks/hispanics cannot even generate the teacher base with which to compete.

    And there will not be a thing to do about it.  Because it will all be private.  And the independent test regimes (i.e.  ‘We’ll take yours if you’ll take ours’ = zero test fraud potential) prove to employers and colleges whom they should be hiring and giving scholarships to.

    As the current education system collapses based on the essentially valueless nature of all intermediate (associates/bachelors) degrees.

    We CAN do this.  But we need to hurry.  Because once you have one example of how better to do things with small classes and bright students and a pathway into trades for those who aren’t; you will have started a quiet revolution that will undermine this nation’s right to be ruled by a sophist elite whose only ‘good intentions’ are to destroy us as a racially independent people.

  • WhiteGuyInJapan

     If you want to look at educational achievement in the US, you really have to note the academic achievements of Asian-Americans (generally East Asian). 

    If you want to call yourself a race realist, you should be realistic about race…