Forty-Nine Headless Corpses Found in Northern Mexico

Luis Ochoa, Reuters, May 13, 2012

Suspected drug gang killers dumped 49 headless bodies on a highway near Mexico’s northern city of Monterrey in one of the country’s worst atrocities in recent years.

The mutilated corpses of 43 men and 6 women, whose hands and feet had also been cut off, were found in a pile on a highway in the municipality of Cadereyta Jimenez in the early hours of Sunday, officials from the state of Nuevo Leon said.

“What’s complicating the identification of all the people was that they were all headless,” said Jorge Domene, the Nuevo Leon government’s spokesman for public security, who said the other body parts were missing.

Domene said the brutal Zetas drug gang claimed responsibility for the murders in a message found at the scene.

The massacre was the latest in a string of mass slayings that have convulsed Mexico in recent months, many of them in the north of the country, where the Zetas have waged a war against rival groups for control of smuggling routes.


De la Garza said many of the bodies were tattooed, which could offer a clue to their identities. The dead may have been migrants passing through Mexico to the United States, he added. Migrants have been targeted by criminal gangs in the past.


The bloody killings in Nuevo Leon were the worst there since 52 people died in an arson attack on a casino in Monterrey in August. That attack was also blamed on the Zetas.


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  • razorrare

    We ought to employ the Zetas to protect our borders…

  • IstvanIN

    Didn’t Jorge Bush tell us that Mexicans share our family values?

    • ed91

       like Day of the Dead and other hometown american holidays.

    • holyflower

      Probably.  He certainly said:   “Family values don’t stop at the Rio Grande.”

      • The__Bobster

        Neither does their criminality. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you, if it isn’t there already.

  • mobilebay

    Just another normal day in beautiful Mexico.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    And the border is still a revolving door. We need real American’s in our Federal Government who are not afraid to be called a racist, just be an anti-terrorist! Guns, drugs, people, they smuggle it all out here!

  • ed91

    were they white hispanics?

    • The__Bobster

      As White as Zimmerman.

      • IstvanIN

        Not likely even that white.

    • Oil Can Harry

      The victims were found by a white tourist. His name was Ichabod Crane. 

  • I believed that PCBS years ago…Mexican are hard workers.  Then in my career I came across a few.  They worked hard to have kids.  They work hard at being parasites.  It’s amazing how opinions change once people really get to know diversity.  To me their mentality is just a lighter shade of black.  Diversity all over the world wants what we have.  It’s too bad our politicians have sold us out so can get it…

  • Johnny Reb

    Hard to identify?  Well, here goes:

    1)  they’re mexicans
    2) involved in drugs in some way
    3) they really made somebody very, very angry
    4) probably no major loss to humanity
    5)  we can speculate that 1/3rd were probably future illegal immigrants so the state of California has saved itself quite a bit of money.

    Beyond that, I’m not sure even the mexicans (live ones) care . . .

    • Indeed.
      As long as they stay on the south side of the Rio grande, I honestly don’t care if the Mexicans kill each other in greusome and spectacular ways by the truck load.  The problem is, of course, that they are exporting that violence (along with other aspects of their backward, primitive, violenct culture) north to our land.

      • Kurt Plummer

        Except that, short of a terrorist nuke, also smuggled in with the A-OK of the drug cartels, this type of violence makes for an excellent excuse to go play Pershing vs. Pancho games again.

        We are moving towards globalism, pell mell people.  The reason we are not told this is because it is realized that whites in the West are going to suffer a HUGE loss in SES as quality of life in the desperate effort to bail the ocean of third world birthrates without the horror of watching as billions _we should not care about_ die of their own Malthusian excesses.

        And the way to get there is to build up continental powerblocks through hostile acquisition.  So that everyone maintains a roughly equal share of global land mass as NAU/EU/AU confederacies whose population totals as poverty burden are able to ‘participate’ in the slave economics of distributionist-centrist capitalism in a post nation state world.

        It’s not that the Los Zetas or any other Cartel is more effective.  It’s that digging a trench, twenty feet wide and thirty feet deep, 2,000 miles long (something that 100 bulldozers could achieve in a couple years) would effectively remove the need for our later intervention, ‘on humanitarian grounds’.

        It’s all a setup.

    • okk

      You’re such a fucking ignorant think with your brain not with your ass!!! Son of a BITCH!! Rot in HELL!

  • KenelmDigby

    Of course, these are the self-same people the American political class is avidly importing into the States, and who have largely ethnically cleansed blacks from neighnorhoods in south Los Angeles.
          After viewing video footage of what Mexicans are capable of inflicting – and of their almost super-human bravery and stoicism in the face of the most dire fate possible – American blacks have finally met their match – all their swagger, bullying and posturing will count for nothing compared to these real hard men. Personally witnessing the way that the ‘toughest’ blacks can shamelessly whine, cry and plead like babies and cowards when put under the slighest duress and mildest of threats (ie an arrest by a police officer and an arm-lock hold), I can safely assert that once Mexicans have the powers and numbers they will make very short work of blacks indeed.

  • rapanja

    I have my prejudices thats for sure, but killing butchering innocent humans is just wrong and if these were indeed migrant workers, well they had nothing to do with their deaths except they were poor and desperate to take a risk in traveling through these crazy places, plus Christian values alone should remind us that it is wrong anyway you try to explain it, even with prejudices.   The Zetas need to get real targets, I wouldnt mind them being employed in the US to weed out out thugs and welfare, SSI, parasite baby producing animals.

    • Kurt Plummer


      I find your words utterly hypocritical and morally reprehensible. 

      If it’s worth doing, do it. Don’t bring religion into it.

      Would Christ employ Satan to weed out the sinners?

      Should we do good deeds because they are good deeds worth doing or to prove we are ‘better Christians’?  Mexicans are by and large Catholics, would they welcome U.S. intervention by ‘fellow Christians’?

      For that matter, why would a god that murdered his own son _by prophetic design_ be worth much to someone who values the blood of his own people’s genes as future, over all others?  How can you trust in the guidance of a deity if he will not preserve his own bloodline from unnecessary suicide?

      If something defensively worthwhile is not being done (building a border fence equivalent to that which Israel is finishing, quite effectively and _affordably_ I might add, around the Palestinian territories and across the Sinai entrances from Egypt), why does that imply that the only alternative is mandatory offensive action on another nation’s soil?

      I will never advocate the employment of ruthless serial murderers to do jobs which we will not, on our own soil.

      That is the bandwagon slogan of the other side.

  • blight14

     JUST as they planned it to work I’d imagine…………

  • KenelmDigby

    Due to the political class’s open-borders immigration policy, it is blacks and Mexicans who are fighting for the same bottom link (ie drug dealing, petty crime) in the food chain – a Darwinian survival battle if there ever was one.
     Whites, by-and-large, are a good many links in the chain above that level.

  • KenelmDigby

    What really stinks to high Heaven about this is that those disgusting interfering Marxists at Amnesty International,  the anti-death penalty brigade etc etc haven’t raised a single squeak in protest at these appalling atrocities (because non-whites committed them – simple as that), but yet whenever the Texans quite rightly humanely execute a murderer you hear non-stop peals of anguish from the ‘great and the good’, the lefties protesting Guantanamo Bay never stop squealing, the UN do their collective nut over the Rodney King beating etc etc.
     If Whites are to survive the coming century, we’ll have to be a lot harder, tougher and unsentimental.

  • It’s a war out there, similar to the crisis in Colombia during 1990s. Hispanic internal wars are frequently not ideological, but about corruption, money etc. They last for a few years, sometimes a decade or two- and then dissipate in exhaustion.


    49 mexicans killed by other mexicans is NOT a problem for the border patrol
    but 1 mex killed by a Texas farmer IS!

  • Newt Gingrich is essentially calling for American intervention in Mexico:

    Wrong for three reasons:

    First off, worrying about Mexican drug gang wars is about as futile as worrying about “child” soldiers in Africa.  In reality, it’s just a matter of Amerindians being who they are and Africans being who they are.  The way the Mexican drug gangs are brutalizing each other today isn’t much different from the inter-tribal warfare among American Indians before Europeans showed up, and for much the same reason.

    Second, Newt probably has an ulterior agenda with this boo-hoo whoa-is-Mexico article.  If we march boots into Mexico, every Mexican illegal alien currently in the United States will have instant legal status as a “war refugee,” and millions more will be able to pour across the border as legal “war refugees.”  You know who would just love that.  In other words, Newt is riding herd for the cheap labor lobby.

    Third, if we invade Mexico, all the Mexican drug gang bangers banging each other will unite against us.  Even if we “win,” it will result in a singular mega-cartel with their sights set on gringo.

  • Invazer

    Modern barbarity.

  • ed91

    montezuma’s real revenge

  • Berkeley Redneck

    Someone explain to me why this will not be happening in the United States within 20 years?