‘Don’t Judge Us Roma by Our Criminals’

Colin Freeman, Telegraph (London), December 28, 2013

In the eyes of some, Kiril Rashkov is just the sort of person that Britain should be worried about when work restrictions on Bulgaria and Romania relax next year.

A self-styled “Gipsy King” from the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv, he has a reputation as fearsome as the 120-proof brandy he sips while sitting on his gilt-framed throne.

Arrested over the years for everything from bootlegging to intimidation, he was once accused of running a network of Roma child thieves across Europe. For every pocket picked in London or Rome, it was said, a cut of the proceeds would land in Mr Rashkov’s own, helping fund three lavish homes in Katunitsa, on the outskirts of Plovdiv.

Today, the silver-haired 72-year-old, who runs his own brandy distillery, insists he is just a victim of anti-Roma prejudice. The allegations by Italian police that he was some kind of Euro-Fagin, he says, are “rubbish”— just like the tax evasion charges for which he has just served a two-year jail sentence. But while the word of a man just out of prison may not count for much, his is probably as close as the British public will get to any reassurance that yet more Roma gangs will not come over as of Jan 1.

“The Roma are hardworking people, we are just persecuted in our own countries,” Mr Rashkov said, wagging a diamond-ringed finger.

“But do I expect a lot of Roma criminals and beggars to go to England next year? No. If a country has strong laws, they can deal with this kind of thing.”

British politicians do not seem to share his confidence. Only last month David Blunkett, the former Labour home secretary, warned of riots in his home city of Sheffield because of tensions caused by groups of Roma families, who were accused of littering, anti-social behaviour and intimidation.

As The Telegraph reported earlier this year, Westminster council paid to fly a group of Roma beggars home to Romania, only to find them back at their Park Lane squatter camp weeks later.

Already, some 200,000 Roma are believed to be in the UK, despite the Government claiming in 2011 that “relatively few” had settled here.

The expectation is of a fresh influx next year, when rules giving Bulgarians and Romanians full rights to work in the UK take effect.

For the Roma, though, it is about more than just jobs. Tolerant, multicultural Britain is seen as an opportunity to escape centuries of poverty and discrimination.

As Mr Blunkett warned, though, the growth of large-scale Roma communities in Britain could put that tolerance under strain. Unlike the educated Poles, Czechs and Hungarians working as plumbers, nannies and Starbucks baristas, only about one in three Bulgarian Roma go to secondary school.

In Bulgaria, one does not have to look far to find people sceptical about Mr Rashkov’s claims that Roma will not see Britain as a benefits paradise.

His own lawyer, for one, was in strong disagreement with his client. “The Roma will be the real danger for your social system next year,” grinned Vasil Markov, who sat alongside Mr Rashkov during last week’s interview.

“While other people will come to work, the Roma will come for the benefits.”

A visit to the Stolipinovo district of Plovdiv shows just why many of Bulgaria’s Roma no longer see their future there. Home to about 45,000 Roma, it is a mass of dilapidated, Soviet-era housing blocks, with illegally built shanty towns spreading in between. Lack of a proper water supply caused a hepatitis outbreak in 2006.

The Roma have languished in ghettoes ever since they came to Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages as migratory tribes from north-west India. In communist times, little attempt was made to integrate them, but like all other citizens, they were at least guaranteed state jobs. Capitalism has offered no such certainties.

Among those loitering on a street corner in Stolipinovo last week was Krasimir Simianov, who had just come back from a four-month stint working in Germany. His Turkish employers ripped off him to the tune of €300, he claimed, and he spent much of his time sleeping rough and eating at soup kitchens. Even so, it was better than Stolipinovo. “There is no work here at all, so next year I will go back,” he said.

So too will Ivan Shaip, 54, who did casual labouring jobs in London last year. “I will go back again if I can find a job,” he said, watching a horse and cart gallop past. “The English are very friendly.”

Rather less so are many of Mr Shaip’s fellow Bulgarians, many of whom will be only too delighted if the Roma decamp en masse. “This is a pan-European problem now, not just a Bulgarian one,” said Ivan Todorov, a former army colonel, who was walking past the outskirts of Stolipinovo on his way home. “You Western Europeans have not quite registered the level of criminality that you are about to face.”

With such mutual antagonism, it is perhaps no surprise that the kind of rioting of which Mr Blunkett warned has already taken place in Bulgaria. Mr Rashkov, whose title holds no official weight, is effectively a Roma king in exile, having been chased out of his home town when it erupted into racially charged violence two years ago.

Trouble flared after Angel Petrov, a teenager involved in a feud with one of Mr Rashkov’s grandsons, was killed in a hit-and-run incident, allegedly on the gipsy king’s orders.

The death incensed local villagers, who formed a vigilante mob that burnt down Mr Rashkov’s three homes. More than 350 people were arrested, and while police claimed the mob was infiltrated by Bulgaria’s far-Right, it showed the tinderbox atmosphere that often exists.

Today, Mr Rashkov is still banned from returning to Katunitsa by the new mayor, a tough former policeman who describes him as a “bandit”.

Instead, his ornate, purpose-built throne—reminiscent of one used by an Ottoman sultan — is now in the living room of a modest flat in Plovdiv, from where he protests his innocence.

The claims that he ordered Petrov’s killing are all part of a smear campaign, he says, as were the allegations, later dropped, by Italian police that he ran a pickpocketing ring back in 2006.

“The Katunitsa people are all peasants, they are talking bull–about this incident–it was my homes that were destroyed, not theirs,” he said. “I would welcome a European Union inquiry.”

That is probably unlikely. Brussels does, however, expect Eastern European governments to spend part of the multi-billion-pound subsidies it gives them each year on improving the Roma’s lot.

As it said in a report last year: “The current situation of Roma living in poor conditions . . . has had consequences in terms of increased numbers temporarily migrating to the EU.”

So are such subsidies having any effect? Farcically, it seems that nobody knows, not even Brussels. The main source of potential cash for Roma projects comes from the European Commission social fund, which earmarked £5  billion for Bulgaria and Romania to spend on employment and “social cohesion” between 2007 and 2013.

But the Commission only requires the money to be spent on “vulnerable social groups”, rather than earmarking it for the Roma. Nor does it even keep tabs on how much is actually spent on Roma: a spokesman for the Commission told The Sunday Telegraph that no details were available as no mechanism was in place to gather the information.

That lack of transparency, critics say, gives a free reign for politicians to spend the money on other causes, given that projects that benefit Roma are known vote-losers.

“It gives us the worst of both worlds. The public thinks the money is for Roma anyway and that incites hatred towards us, and in fact we get nothing,” said Orhan Tahir, a Bulgarian Roma activist. Mr Tahir is a lawyer, forming part of a small Roma middle class that includes writers, actors and poets, who confound the stereotypes.

That, however, has not stopped the European Commission spending money on schemes to rectify “less-than-balanced” reporting of Roma issues, having decided that privately owned media cannot do this responsibly.

That, certainly, is the impression given by the blurb for “Roma Beyond Stereotypes”, a film project that received £250,000 from the Commission. Its website states: “As most outlets are commercial and often driven exclusively by market forces, they show little interest in confronting prejudice.”

One Bulgarian Roma who fits few stereotypes is Tsvetelin Kanchev, 46, the burly, avuncular founder of Bulgaria’s Euroma Party. With his black limousine, earpiece-wearing bodyguard and personalised DVD of Bulgarian folk songs, he comes across at first glance as just another garrulous Roma strongman.

He claims, for example, that his family put the original curse on America’s Kennedy clan, after one Patrick Kennedy refused to marry one of his ancestors in Ireland in 1836. However, the former petrol station boss is nothing if not upwardly mobile. His son Gyorgi, 16, was educated at boarding school in Suffolk, and speaks in perfect English of his desire to become a stockbroker. And the aim of his father’s party is to improve the Bulgarian Roma’s lot to the point where they no longer need to head west in the first place.

“In the towns where we have a presence, our people get equal rights and we improve the infrastructure,” he says during a tour of the ghetto in Sofia that is his power base. “Ninety per cent of children here now go to primary school, for example, And you should see one of our towns on the Black Sea coast—it looks so nice nowadays, we call it Beverly Hills.”

It is inspiring stuff—until Mr Kanchev makes it clear he only really speaks on behalf of Bulgarian Roma. He is rather less complimentary about the Kalderash, a caste predominant in Romania, whom he describes as born thieves.

“According to the Kalderash’s tribal mythology, a Kalderash kid stole the nails when the ancient Romans were about to crucify Jesus,” he said. “They had to postpone the crucifixion, and as a result, they were blessed personally by Jesus to be thieves. The problem you British will face is from the Kalderash of Romania, believe me.”

Could that be true? Fortunately, most other Roma say the story bears as about as much truth as Mr Kanchev’s claims about the Kennedy curse. “To say all Kalderash people are like that is to use the language of Nazi scientific theory,” said Mr Tahir.

But with their peers still willing to peddle such stories, it is perhaps not surprising that the image the Roma have had since medieval times looks likely to follow them west. As Mr Kanchev points out, though, every community has its bogeymen. “We have some Britons in jail here in Bulgaria for sex offences against children,” he said.

“We don’t lump them together with Shakespeare. And you shouldn’t judge us Roma by our criminals.”

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  • Daniel Schmuhl

    The Roma problem will get exponentially worse as their numbers grow. They are reproducing at a much faster rate than the European host population (European population is shrinking).

    • DonReynolds

      Of course, it would not matter how much the gypsies breed, if they were better than the citizens they live around. That is not the case. They have a long tradition of misbehaviors, crimes, and mayhem, which has not changed in spite of their being exposed to civilization for centuries.
      In fact, the great economist Adam Smith was kidnapped by gypsies as a child and the locals chased them down and rescued Adam Smith. They should have been hanged on the spot. And this is the point, the gypsies do not believe their behaviors are wrong. It is what they do instead of working for a living. Here in the USA, we have our own local varieties of these same lifestyles.

    • Spartacus

      No, my friend, this is just a smoke-screen. I hate gypsies more than any of you here, since I actually lived around them, but this is merely a diversion from the greater problem of blacks, arabs and sub-continentals flooding Europe. Gypsies rarely marry outside of their own group, and they commit less violent crime that the groups I mentioned earlier. Also, their reproduction numbers are falling fast, at least here in Romania. The average fertility of a gypsy woman has decreased by almost 70% since the revolution, the biggest fall of any group here, and that’s a general trend for most of eastern and southern Europe.

      Consider this : In 1950, there were an estimated 2.5 million gypsies in Europe. At the same time, there were around 70.000 Africans, and about 800.000 turks. Today, both Turks and Africans have surpassed the 10 million mark, while gypsies are also around the same number. Those groups are growing at a much faster rate, and their fertility isn’t falling as fast as that of the gypsies .

      Don’t let yourself be fooled. Gypsies will steal your wallet, but they won’t gang-rape your daughter then put her in kebabs. Our kosher overlords are using a (big) nuissance to draw attention away from the monsters coming on boats from south of the continent in record numbers .

      • Daniel Schmuhl

        Eh, I don’t deny that blacks, Muslims, and Jewry are a bigger problem but the Gypsy population growth isn’t sustainable at it’s current levels.

        • David Ashton

          “We are joining our relative in Dover and her 10 children”, said one prospective roamer.

      • sbuffalonative

        Consider the groups the Nazis were said to target. Jews, homosexuals, and gypsies. Ask yourself, why these three?

        • Spartacus

          Homos and gypsies because they are sub-humans. Jews because they are a disease .

        • Alexandra1973

          The “butches” were actually Nazis. They went after the effeminate type.

          They also targeted Christians. As in Protestants.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Gypsies are Europe’s blacks. I got about a third of the way into that article before I swear thought I was listening to some American negro.

        “I didn’t do nuffins! I just a po misunduhstood persecuted human being like you!”

        No darkie, you’re not.

        In terms of these “people” I think I get A. H. 100%.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    The Roma seem to suffer from the same lack of self-awareness as blacks. They claim others discriminate against them based on their appearance or stereotypes, yet wherever they go crime rises and problems follow. Eventually you would think that these groups would look in the mirror and realize that everyone else can’t always be wrong and there is only one common denominator (them) in every instance where they are allegedly being discriminated against. I won’t hold my breath waiting for this honest self-reflection to occur, though.

    • Jesse James

      They know the truth of why people dislike them, they are just working the same discrimination con game that all the worst cultures/races of the world play and if you think about why shouldn’t they? It is the fools in power and the useful idiot do gooders who make the same old scam pay and pay and pay.

    • sbuffalonative

      Recording technology today is ubiquitous and cheap. People need to start recording the activity of these people to show the world as they are.

      I understand they’re very sly and suspicious people so if you do decide to record them, don’t be so stupid as to hold the camera in view of them.

      A few years back, I used to carry a digital camera with me to document ‘problems’
      in my neighborhood. I too a lot of video. I was able to get the police to keep an eye on two guys I recorded and both were arrested for dealing drugs.

      Practice walking around with your cell phone cam turned on while holding it at your side. Don’t worry if the video is upside down, you can fix the video later and print stills. Practice pointing and recording without drawing attention to yourself. Also, holding a plastic grocery bag in your hand works to conceal the recording device.

  • Truthseeker

    Every group will have at least a few bad apples and at least a few good ones. Societies must recognize averages, not outliers. The fact that the Roma seem to make enemies everywhere they go tells me that on average they have qualities that the typical European doesn’t want to live with, and all this crying about oppression is just the usual excuse-making. Respect is earned, not bestowed. If you don’t want people to hate you, stop bringing third-world behaviors to prosperous European civilizations.

  • alex

    Romanians are even worse than Gypsies.

    • Spartacus

      Wish I could give you the opportunity to say that to my face. You’d never walk again.

      • Romania fought on the Eastern Front against the enemies of our race. It is around or over 95% white, and it is very Christian. Your country will always have my admiration.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          My great uncle spent 10 months in a Romanian prison camp after being shot down in his B-17 over Ploesti. I doubt his admiration was mutual.

        • alex

          Romanian troops were notoriously unreliable. Do Romanians really want to repeat their Stalingrad experience?

      • alex

        Lighten up, Gypsy boy.
        You can dish it but can’t take it.

      • alex

        Lighten up, Cigano.

    • Alexandra1973

      I’d like to know how so.

      (Don’t worry, Spartacus, I don’t believe that, I’m just wondering why this person is saying it.)

      • alex

        I wanted to give Spartacus a taste his own medicine.
        There is no guarantee that he/she is a Romanian.
        He/she could be a troll.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      My coworker, years ago, brought a Romanian woman over and married her. She was very bull-headed, territorial–and almost always nasty. Maybe it was like PTSD or something. I never warmed up to her.

      • Alexandra1973

        They *are* European.

        You probably favor northwestern European. Which is cool.

        I’m half Polish and I can be rather bullheaded. Then again, my mom’s bullheaded, and she’s almost entirely NW European.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          I put them in more of a Khazarian, Soviet Block, Balkan category.
          European is a bit of a stretch for me. I consider Polish European, though. To me, there’s an invisible Khazarian Mason/Dixon line after Poland.

          I’m mostly Irish. 1842 potato famine.

          Certainly it would be critical to define that portion of Jared’s ethno-state. The Romanians, Hungarians, Bulgarians, and the Roma Gypsies would not make the cut in my ethno-state.

          If enough of America balkanizes, that wouldn’t be a big deal. Everyone would have a state that appealed to their sub-population.

          • Diana Moon Glampers

            Wow. Lumping Romanians in with gypsies is really offensive. Romanians are white Europeans. Gypsies are not.

            Romanians are pretty race-conscious and not much affected by political correctness. They are unlikely to hand over their homeland to vibrant diversities. So go ahead and exclude them. I will happily retire there and bask in the whiteness since the gypsy have all departed for the west.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Well, the Romanian immigrant woman I met, who married my coworker to get citizenship, she was not Romanian/Roma Gypsy. She was very critical of the Roma Gypsies. My coworker confirmed her criticisms after he went to visit his in-laws there.

            You would gladly bask in your Romanian whiteness, I would gladly bask in my Irishness, we would both be happier people, and would probably make good ethno-state neighbors.

  • DonReynolds

    The Roma are not interested in jobs nor are they interested in education. If they go to England it will be because the cops are feeble and the pickings are good. Like a fox in the henhouse. Let these cockroaches in your kitchen and you will soon prefer to eat outdoors. Like so many others, they have come to steal.

    • borogirl54

      In fact, there are gangs of children in England that beg and steal from both tourists and residents alike.

    • Anna Tree

      “But do I expect a lot of Roma criminals and beggars to go to England next year? No. If a country has strong laws, they can deal with this kind of thing.”

      British politicians do not seem to share his confidence.

      Because the laws are strong, but they are not applied…

      • AndrewInterrupted

        Yes, indeed. Our immigration laws are routinely flouted. At some point the American people should see this as the voter fraud that it is.

        • LovelyNordicHeidi

          Pouring in more “diversity” will make the broad masses of the people appreciate the immigration laws a lot more, i.e. they will revolt. If the broad masses of the people saw ethnic crimes as symptoms of an increasing ethnic conflict, they would have adhered more to (ethno)nationalism and racial solidarity. The media however covers up the evidence for this ethnic conflict, and tries to convince the broad masses of the people that the increase in ethnic crimes are just symptoms of a deteriorating society, hence the unanimous outcry for more social programs which are supposed to solve the “social problems” (i.e. the ethnic conflict). Realistic people – seeing that the social programs solve nothing – will start pondering upon other options, and will join us with increasing numbers in the coming years. The escalating situation, that has been brought about by an unrealistic ideology, will work in our advantage in multiple ways. Our networks will expand, first of all, and we will enjoy more and more power while the ethnic conflict in the Western world is becoming worse and worse. The main question is whether countries like China will take advantage of our weakness, and see a good opportunity for an invasion. Putting the danger of a non-Western military invasion aside, the question whether other Whites will react in the way we did is essential. Will they be able, both intellectually and morally, to seek an alternative solution to the problem that threatens us all?

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Reverse discrimination (in my view) caused the male/50 to 55 suicide number to increase 50% from 20 a month to 30 a month, according to the last CDC reading.

            Interesting you should say about immigration. I talked to a person who has the trust of the “guests of America” and he claims they don’t want amnesty. He says they get free healthcare from Medicaid as illegals and would have to sign up and pay for healthcare as citizens.

            He also said they are primarily here from Mexico and Columbia as part of the drug cartels setting up shop to sell their high grade, factory-made Mexican methamphetamine. They have no incentives to be legitimized. They would rather get paid tax free drug money and game the American system all the way around.

            I’m more in favor of just throwing them out and not asking them their opinion.

  • Spartacus

    “The Roma are hardworking people, we are just persecuted in our own
    countries,” Mr Rashkov said, wagging a diamond-ringed finger.”


    You have no countries, you maggot .

    • DonReynolds

      Yeah…..they came from India……but I doubt they can return.

      • WR_the_realist

        I’m sure the Indians are happy they left.

      • dd121

        That was 900 years ago. I think there’s a statute of limitations.

    • borogirl54

      Nobody wants them. They are pariah everywhere they go.

    • Alexandra1973

      Working hard at WHAT?

      I also wonder where he got the diamonds.

  • Jesse James

    Funny how the Roma are always persecuted most by the populations that know them the best.

    • dd121

      Yeah, and Eskimos, too.

      • alex

        Don’t forget Skrauts.

  • MekongDelta69

    I guess the Romas there, are viewed in the same way as the blacks and browns here.

  • That’s right. Don’t judge the gypsies by their gyps and scam artists, judge them by all their accomplishments, and all the good things they do.

    Which include….er…..um…..er……eeh……uuh…..

  • bigone4u

    The “Gypsy King” is more accurately described as “The King of the Bull******s” Facts speak louder than words, and even here in the US, everyone knows better than to leave anything valuable lying around when gypsies are about. I hate to say this, but the world would be better off without certain ethnic groups and these maggots would be near the top of the list.

  • David Ashton

    Kalderash balderdash.

  • Luca

    “And you shouldn’t judge us Roma by our criminals.”

    Yeah, right pal. It’s that damn 99% that ruins it for the good ones.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      I know a guy who is familiar with Romania. He said the Roma Gypsy population is a complete scourge on that country.

  • borogirl54

    But most of them are criminals. They do not have the education or skills needed to find work in England or anywhere else for that matter.

    • sbuffalonative

      The would be a good subject to raise. What SKILLS to these people have? What jobs (other than crime) are they known to do? If the answer is no skills and no work history, they need to raise questions.

      • borogirl54

        Another “skill” that some of the women have is fortune telling where they tell vulnerable people to give them their money because they needed to have the money blessed. They do not get their money back but cut pieces of newspaper.

      • jeffaral

        They are great musicians.

        • LovelyNordicHeidi

          Jeffaral: “They [roma] are great musicians.”

          So are blacks…

          • jeffaral

            What I meant to say is that they are great musicians-fact- and even greater thieves-fact too.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            Jeff, I didn’t vote you down – just so you know. I added some info to your defence, but apparently that didn’t work 😉

          • jeffaral

            Thanks for your heartfelt support sister. Is that you on that pic? I think would be a good idea if Amren started a kind of date site for European people. What do you think? I’m thinking about the preservation of our people.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            “a kind of date site for European people.”

            It sounds funny, but it could seriously work.

            We need an increase in the number of Nordics!

            Maybe you can tell your idea to Jared Taylor. It’s kind of controversial, but who knows? We are special people anyways! 🙂

          • jeffaral

            Are you german Heidi? Right now I live in Kiel, though I’m not german.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            Jeff, don’t say so specifically where you live! You know that you need to stay anonymous for your own safety. I’m from Northern Germany, and you know why I cannot tell you where! 😉

            Aber kannst du deutsch sprechen?

          • jeffaral

            Aha, du bist ein echtes deutsches Maedchen, Ich kann dir meine Email geben wenn du willst. Ich habe ueberhaupt keine Sorge um meine Sicherheit, wir sind keine Verbrecher! Ich mag sehr, deine Posts zu lesen, du hast die richtige ideologische Weltanschaung! Ich suche gerade eine Freundin, was sagst du dazu?

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            Jeff: “Aha, du bist ein echtes deutsches [Mädchen].”

            Alle meine Vorfahren sind 100 Prozent nordische Deutschen, und ich bin wirklich stolz darauf! Meine Vorfahren waren nicht nur intelligent und fleißig, aber auch gute Menschen. Man muss seine Vorfahren lieben, um eine echte Identität zu haben. Es ist wirklich sehr schade, dass die nordische Rasse jetzt sehr bedroht ist. Der deutsche Autor H. Becker sagt, dass der nordische Mensch durchschnittlich einen IQ von 123 hat. Damit ist die nordische Rasse die wichtigste für unsere Zivilisation, und es gibt keinen Zweifel, dass wir diese Rasse retten und schützen müssen.

            Ich bin 23 Jahre alt, habe ein einjähriges Kind, und bin verheiratet mit einen rassenbewussten Mann, der mein bester Freund aus Kindertagen war. Unsere Freundschaft wurde eine Ehe, und ich hatte nie gedacht, dass mein bester Freund aus Kindertagen schließlich mein Ehemann würde. Wir hatten einander für eine lange Zeit nicht mehr gesehen, als wir uns wieder trafen. Damals war ich 17 Jahre alt. Seine Familie hatte sich umgezogen, als ich 11 war. Da kein Junge dieselbe Weltanschauung hatte wie ich, war ich noch nicht verliebt gewesen in jemand, aber das änderte, als ich entdeckte, dass der nordische Junge, der mit seiner Familie zurückgekehrt war nach unserer Wohngegend, auch rassenbewust war.

            Ich weiß aus Erfahrung, dass es wirklich schwer ist, einen rassenbewussten Partner zu finden. Es gibt sicher andere rassenbewusste Frauen, die rassenbewusste Männer suchen, und ich weiß auch, dass das Leben nicht ehrlich ist, denn ich nicht mehr eine dieser Frauen bin. Wir können gute Freunde sein, und es muss immer einen Abstand zwischen uns geben, weil eine gute Frau nur einen Mann treu ist.

            Ich vertrau darauf, dass du meine andere Posts beantworten wirst! Es macht immer Spaß, eine rassenbewusste Person zu kennen, die auch deutsch spricht.

          • jeffaral

            Danke fuer deine nette Antwort liebliche Heidi. Ich hoffe dass du noch viele schoene Kinder mit deinem Mann hast, du bist sehr jung. Ich auch habe einen 8 jaerigen Sohn mit meiner ex Freundin aus England -Ich bin 40 Jahre alt. Den anderen Tag ich ging in der stadtmitte spazieren und es was wie ein Alptraum: ueberal deutsche junge Frauen, viele mit ihren Neggerfreunden! Die meisten Deutschen sind voellig entartet! Ich bin ein Bisschen unterwegs, sogar in Suedafrika, momentan bleibe ich hier in Deutschland. Morgen gehe ich spazieren um eine Freundin zu suchen. Ich hatte vor einem Jahr ein sehr nettes Mitarbeiterin von Rossmann im Geschaeft getroffen, mit ihr geplaudert, und oft dahin wieder gegangen. Dann sie war nicht mehr da; ich fragte eine Kassiererin nach ihr, wurde gesagt sie war bei einer anderen Filiale. Warum habe Ich sie vorher nicht angesprochen, und sie fuer einen Sapaziergang eingeladen??!!! So dumm bin ich!!! Sie hatte einen komischen Namen fuer eine Deutsche: Sie hiess Divine. Ich hoffe, sie noch zu treffen. Ich freue mich, jedesmal dein halbes Gesicht auf dein Profil zu sehen. Es ist nicht umsonst, dass du liebliche nordische Heidi heisst! Gott bewahre dich und deine Familie, liebliche Heidi!

          • jeffaral

            Thank you for your heartfelt support Heidi. We do need more race aware Aryan girls like you to join our ranks.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            “We do need more race aware Aryan girls like you to join our ranks.”

            They will, trust me.

            I’m looking to seeing your replies to my other comments!

  • Erasmus

    “Don’t judge us Roma by our criminals.” Sorry, Charlie, that sounds a lot like “Don’t judge all rattlesnakes by the ones who bite you.”

    Much safer and better under uncertain circumstances to keep your guard up and encounter all strangers with caution. That’s what “bowling alone” is all about.

  • c684570

    Amren: “Western Europe can expect a plague of Gypsies.”

    I hate to say it, but the Marxist SPLC website feeds on headings like this from Amren. They cherry-pick anything they can to make Amren look bad.

    I would recommend avoiding using the term “plague”. Even though I agree.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Imagine the party when that shrew, Dees, croaks. What a little beady-eyed weasel.

  • itdoesnotmatter

    My German ex-husband’s grandmother said, “one thing Hitler did right:
    thieving gypsies disappeared from the streets.”

  • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

    I have experienced the Roma in Europe and here in FL. 0 tolerance.

  • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

    There is even an Andy Griffith show episode about gypsies coming to Mayberry, to give an indication of how long they have been operating in US.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      I remember that one.

  • pons_asinorum

    “In communist times, little attempt was made to integrate them..”

    This is factually incorrect. The Hungarians made numerous attempts to integrate them during the 70’s and 80’s. They tried to buy them off with free housing and welfare but to no avail.

    I remember seeing a documentary that showed how numerous times the government built a new house for gypsies and gave it to them for free They would strip it down and sell off the raw materials. Then come winter, shuddering in the dark and with no running water, they would appeal for more ‘help.’

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Wow, does that ever sound familiar.

      • MystiKasT

        Sounds like the negro.

  • DNA Explains It All

    A chance to escape widespread awareness of their behavior is all the UK offers the Roma, a fresh pool of victims. The fact that the victims own government will rob them for the benefit of the invaders is just an added perk.

  • Alexandra1973

    Problem is, most Roma ARE criminals. Isn’t that their culture?

    • AndrewInterrupted

      It’s there genes. The Irish Travelers also have a ‘founder effect’ group of genes that create such character issues. It’s all in the genes.

  • jeffaral

    Estimates predict that about at least 1 million gypos are on their way to the UK. I have nothing against gypos, but the politicians who are allowing this mass invasion should be hanged.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Tell me more about what you know on the tech job topic. I can never get a straight answer on questions concerning H-1B, for example. Are you close to that action?

  • Spartacus

    There is no equivalence between Whites and vermin such as these.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    I thought the Kurds deserved their own country after the 1st Iraq war. They actually had a considerable infusion of European blood at one time. Something like 25% of their population is largely of European descent.

  • PlasticBiddy


  • AndrewInterrupted

    What a tangled web we weave when first we conspire to–diversify.

  • Brian

    Christ, when will this madness end?

  • alex

    He/she most likely only to pretend to be a Romanian.