Posted on March 1, 2002

O Tempora, O Mores! (March, 2002)

American Renaissance, March 2002

Muslims Rule

British Muslims in the West Midlands town of Upper Gornal have decorated the side of a pub with a spray-painted picture of an airplane crashing into two towers. Just in case the message was not clear, they added the words “Muslims Rule.” Ken Finch of the local council says he is trying to get money for video surveillance that might catch the artists in action next time. [Attacks Daubed on Wall, Wolverhampton Express & Star, Feb. 5, 2002.]

Blacks Target Whites

With a racial candor difficult to imagine in the United States, the British Home Office has just released a report on theft of cell phones that describes the crime as overwhelmingly black on white. The report estimates more than 700,000 cell phones were stolen last year, and finds that in London 71 percent of the thieves were black. Young white men were by far the most frequent victims, followed by Asians. Black robbers have told police they deliberately hunt white men, saying it is beneath them to steal from women. In the London area, two thirds of the offenders were under age 18. They say the best time to steal a cell phone is when the victim is using it and not paying attention to his surroundings. There is much demand in Britain for stolen phones, which can sell for as much as $80.00 on the black market. [Richard Ford, Black Gangs Prowl for Mobiles, Times (London), Jan. 8, 2002.]

Farewell to English

The Jersey Journal is the daily newspaper of Jersey City, the second largest city in New Jersey. It is a city institution, with an office building in the center of town with an address — Journal Square — named after the paper. Now, after 135 years in business, the Jersey Journal is dying, with circulation down from 100,000 to 40,000 in the last 25 years. The reason? So few people in the county speak English any more.

The Journal flourished in the early part of the century despite waves of immigrants, because everyone learned English. Now, its market has been fragmented into Spanish-, Urdu-, Tagalog-, and Arabic-speaking enclaves. There are papers in all these languages, full of ethnic and immigrant news, but none covers the school districts, the politics, the crime, and the corruption scandals of Hudson County — New Jersey’s most populous. No ethnic paper has the staff to cover this kind of news, and ethnic readers are not much interested in it anyway. If the Journal folds, it will be a clear example of what used to be a unifying institution being driven out by diversity. [Michael Powell, Jersey City’s English Voice May Be Dying, Washington Post, Jan. 14, 2002, p. A3.]

Sick Semper Tyrannis

Early in January, the Virginia state legislature voted unanimously to begin each day’s session by reciting the official state pledge to the Virginia flag: “I salute the flag of Virginia, with reverence and patriotic devotion to the ‘Mother of States and Statesmen,’ which it represents — the ‘Old Dominion,’ where liberty and independence were born.” One week later, black legislators were up in arms against the pledge they had voted for, when they learned it was written in 1946 by a member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC), a club for women descended from Confederate soldiers. It is said that the Virginia chapters of the UDC actually recite the pledge at their meetings.

The state adopted the pledge back in 1954, but this is no solace to blacks, because segregation was still legal at that time. “I don’t want to affirm a time when Virginia was exclusive and not inclusive,” says Delegate Dwight Jones of Richmond. “I feel like I’m affirming the past and the mood of the state at the time [when I recite the pledge].” Several black legislators have stopped saying the pledge, and are considering an attempt to block the daily recitation. [Michael Shear, Flag Ode Has Black Delegates Speechless, Washington Post, Jan. 17, 2002. p. B1.]

By this logic, they should vote to abolish the flag, which was adopted in 1861 at the beginning of The War Between the States. The flag has a blue field and the state seal, which was adopted on July 5, 1776, and shows a Roman goddess standing with one foot on Tyranny’s chest along with the state motto: Sic semper tyrannis (Thus always to tyrants).

Borderline Insanity

In the 1960s, as a commemoration of the centennial of the War Between the States, South Carolina began flying the Confederate Battle Flag over the statehouse dome. In the 1990s, blacks began protesting this tribute to “racism,” and on Jan. 1, 2000 the NAACP declared a “boycott” of the state that was to last until the flag came down. Despite much resistance from white South Carolinians, the state legislature voted to remove the flag and fly it instead over a Confederate memorial on the state house grounds. After a brief celebration of this triumph, blacks decided it was not enough. The NAACP has refused to lift the “boycott,” and now insists that the hated banner be stripped from the memorial as well. In January, in an intensification of the “boycott,” the NAACP announced it would post people along the state line with signs and leaflets asking visitors to spend as little money as possible. South Carolina’s 20 or so welcome centers are the most likely targets for demonstrations. The “boycott” has had almost no detectable impact on the state’s $9 billion tourism industry, and the small number of groups that stayed away have returned since the flag was moved. [Steve Miller, NAACP to Post ‘Border Patrols,’ Washington Times, Jan. 16, 2002.]

The African Queen

When black congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas first came to Washington, she railed against the privileges of the elite. The American people, she said in her maiden floor speech, “want to know that the days of free meals and free trips and special privileges are over . . . As Members of Congress, we should not be using public office for private gain.”

That was back in 1995. Now, although she lives perhaps 200 paces from the Capitol, Miss Lee has herself driven to work in a government car chauffeured by a government employee. Sometimes the car waits in front of her apartment building 20 or 30 minutes, blocking traffic, while she gets ready. The trip is so short she sometimes doesn’t bother with a seat belt, but when she is in a hurry, she has the driver put on hazard lights and run through stop lights. House regulations forbid the use of government transport for commuting. Congressmen are allowed to run red lights if they are likely to be late for a floor vote, but Miss Lee has been known to do it more than an hour before the next vote. It remains to be seen whether the House Ethics Committee will investigate.

The congresswoman has also made such a pest of herself with Continental Airlines they refuse to do business with her. She used to reserve several flights at different times on the same day, and just take the one that suited her, not bothering to cancel the others. She was also rude to the flight attendants. Once, after boarding a plane she suddenly became convinced she had left her purse in the boarding area. She ran back to get it, but the plane pushed back from the gate before she could get back on. She demanded that it come back for her, and when officials told her FAA regulations do not permit a return to the gate, she shouted about racism and demanded to see a supervisor. On another occasion, when her seafood special did not appear at mealtime, she screamed at the top of her lungs: “Don’t you know who I am? I’m Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. Where is my seafood meal? I know it was ordered!” Apparently, this went on for a full minute, to the astonishment of her fellow passengers. This was too much for Continental, which mailed her a copy of the Delta schedule.

Miss Lee is not popular with her staff. Since 1995, 85 full-time employees have left her office. One, who lasted a month and a half, reports that after a mishap Miss Lee bellowed: “You don’t understand. I am a queen, and I demand to be treated like a queen.” [Sam Dealey, Sheila Jackson Lee, Limousine Liberal: Does She Think the Ethics Rules Don’t Apply to Her? Weekly Standard, Feb. 11, 2002.]

Whites Win Bias Award

Eight white librarians who worked in the main Atlanta public library have been awarded nearly $25 million in compensation for race-based transfers to smaller branch libraries. Their lawyers were able to find a library official who had complained about “too many white managers” in the downtown branch. Two-thirds of the award was punitive damages, meaning the jury decided the Atlanta-Fulton County Library System had deliberately acted against the white librarians. This is the fourth time the county has been found guilty of discrimination against whites. [Librarians Win Discrimination Suit, Las Vegas Sun, Jan. 17, 2002. David Pendered, $25M Reverse Discrimination Award in Atlanta, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jan. 16, 2002.]

Kansas City Cannibal

A black 22-year-old Kansas City man has been arrested for murder and cannibalism. Marc V. Sappington told police that when he was on drugs he heard voices telling him to eat people. Last year, over a period of months, he killed four people, though he cooked and ate part of only one. When arrested, he said he planned to freeze the rest to eat later. Mr. Sappington has been found competent to stand trial and is being held on $1 million bail. [Man Bound Over in Cannibalism Killings, Kansas City Star, Jan. 25, 2002.]

Reading, Writing, Raping

Child rape is common in South Africa, where many men believe sex with a virgin will cure them of AIDS. Much rape, however, appears to be strictly opportunistic. According to a new study by the South African Medical Research Council, teachers commit one-third of the rapes of girls under the age of 15. In comparison, 21 percent of child rapes are committed by relatives, with similar numbers committed by strangers and acquaintances. Half of all child rapes, in other words are committed by teachers or relatives, and only one fifth by strangers.

“Our findings confirm that rape of girls, especially in school, is a substantial public health problem in South Africa,” says Dr. Rachel Jewkes of the research council. “There is a view that raping women is not a very serious thing to do. This is reflected in the fact that until recently school teachers who had sex with girls didn’t have any action taken against them.”

Last year, 21,000 cases of child rape were reported to police, but the real number is unknown because so many go unreported. [Patricia Reaney, Teachers Commit Many S. Africa Child Rapes — Study, Reuters, Jan. 24, 2002.]

The Black Pledge

Visitors to Oklahoma City’s Millwood public school district’s website find two pledges of allegiance — the familiar one to the American flag, the other to the red, black and green flag of the black nationalist movement. The Black Pledge of Allegiance was written by black Marxist militant and convicted felon Maulena Ron Karenga, who also founded the ersatz “holiday” Kwanzaa. Here are its words:

We pledge allegiance to the red, black and green

Our flag, the symbol of our eternal struggle, and to the land we must obtain

One nation of Black people, with one God for us all

Totally united in the struggle for Black Love, Black Freedom, and Black Determination

Gloria Griffin, superintendent of the 99-percent-black, three-school, 1050-student district has no plans to take down the pledge despite critics who say it is separatist. “When I read it, I focus on the words ‘united in love, freedom and determination.’” she says. “If you look at history, there is a great need for African-Americans to love. It is very important that we appreciate freedom. And it is very, very important to have self-determination, and I don’t mean that in a sense of separatism.”

According to the Afrocentric website, the red, black and green flag is openly separatist: It “has become the symbol of devotion for African people in America to establish an independent African nation on the North American continent.” [Ellen Sorokin, ‘Black Pledge’ Posted on School Website, Washington Times, Jan. 28, 2002, p. A4.]

Fear of WASPS

Below are excerpts from Jamie Glazov’s recent column for FrontPage about Pat Buchanan’s Death of the West:

For some reason, Buchanan’s warning has yet to force me into a fetal position under my bed covers. To be truthful, my own personal nightmare is to be stuck living in a homogeneous society — where there exists only one kind of people. I would simply die of boredom. That is why I love living in a metropolitan city, since one is exposed to the richness and magic of all kinds of cultures and ethnic groups. Having come from Russia, I have always craved the energy and intensity that exists in many ethnic communities, whether they be Greek, Italian, Hispanic or Vietnamese. Few things frighten me more than the thought of being stuck in a room consisting only of WASPs who talk in monotone voices about stocks and golf for hours on end.

Dr. Glazov lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, a city rapidly becoming an Asian colony. [Jamie Glazov, Pat Buchanan and The Death of the West,, Jan. 23, 2002.]

Mike Tyson Fan?

On Jan. 29, 16-year-old Jason Smith, who is white, was filling up at a gas station near Gadsen, South Carolina, when he was approached by two black men, one of whom asked him for five dollars. When he told the man he didn’t have the money, the man threw him to the ground and bit off the left side of his nose. Michael Dewayne Jackson, 22, was charged with first-degree assault, but Etowah County Sheriff James Hayes says he will ask the FBI to investigate the attack as a hate crime. “I’ve never seen anything like this,” he said. “This is atrocious.”

Mr. Jackson says his victim triggered the assault by making a racist remark, but Mr. Smith and other witnesses deny this. Mr. Smith must undergo a series of surgeries to reconstruct his nose. [Lisa Rogers, FBI Asked to Probe Nose-Biting Assault as Hate Crime, Gadsen Times (South Carolina), Feb. 2, 2002.]

Stern Measures

Malaysia is one of the richest Southeast Asian countries, with a per capita GNP of more than $3,600 — which means it attracts illegal immigrants. The economy has been in a slump lately, so the authorities have decided on a stern new punishment for both illegals and the people who hire them: whipping. Neighboring Singapore has a system of caning for certain infractions, and although Malaysian human rights groups have thwarted similar plans in the past, Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi says this time the government means business. There are an estimated one million illegals in the country out of a population of 23 million, and police deport about 500 of them every day. [Jalil Hamid, Malaysia Says Will Whip Illegal Immigrants, Reuters, Feb. 5, 2002.]

No Whites or Asians

The American Economic Association is offering a special program this summer at the University of Colorado at Denver for college juniors and seniors who want to do graduate work in economics. They will get free tuition, room and board, books, health benefits, and $1,600 in spending money. Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents who are black, Hispanic, or American Indian. The application deadline is April 2, 2002. Please call (303) 556-6872 for information. [American Economic Association, Minority Scholarship Program announcement.]

Just the People We Need

The Mushunguli are a Bantu people who originally lived in Southeast Africa. In the 19th century, Arab slave traders caught them and took them to what is now Somalia. They look different from the native Cushite Somalis, and after the official end of slavery eked out a marginal living in the Juba River valley of southern Somalia. After the fall of the Siad Barre regime in 1991, the country fell into factional fighting. The Mushunguli, whose name means “descendents of slaves,” were despised by the warlords and none gave them protection. In the ensuing lawlessness, gangs of bandits ran them off their land, and some 12,000 fled to neighboring Kenya.

There they came to the attention of the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), who tried to resettle them in Mozambique and Tanzania, which are the countries now found in the part of Africa from which they originally came. Both refused to accept their kinsmen, claiming they have problems of their own. Who should then step into the breach but the United States, finding that the Mushunguli have “a genuine fear of persecution” back in Somalia. The 12,000 Mushunguli have now gone through the first phase of refugee screening, and the US Embassy in Nairobi estimates that after the fakes are weeded out, about 8,500 will qualify as refugees. The Mushunguli will be resettled across the country in groups of 15.

A total of some 70,000 refugees are likely to be admitted this year, one third of them from Africa. In 2000 and 2001 about 3,800 Sudanese living in Kenya — mostly teenage male orphans — came to the United States under the same program. “They [the Mushunguli] are simple and uneducated people, who view their repatriation to Somalia as a return to continued persecution,” explains the UNHCR representative in Kenya, who no doubt believes these illiterate Muslims will thrive on affirmative action programs and fit in beautifully in the United States. [Juma Kwayera, US to Resettle Thousands of Somalis, East African (Kenya), Jan. 28, 2001.]

Changing Times

Thomas Dixon’s novel, The Clansman, was published in 1905 and became the inspiration for the D. W. Griffith movie, Birth of a Nation. In one scene, two men discuss the prospects for educating the blacks who are to have positions of power in the Reconstruction South. The language is harsh, but the passage is an instructive example of what could once, but can no longer, be put into print:

“Education, sir, is the development of that which is. Since the dawn of history the Negro has owned the Continent of Africa — rich beyond the dream of the poet’s fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet. Yet he never picked one up from the dust until a white man showed him its glittering light. His land swarmed with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart or sled. A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe, spear or arrow-head worth preserving beyond the moment of its use. He lived as an ox, content to graze for an hour. In a land of stone and timber he never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken sticks and mud. With league on league of ocean strand and miles of inland seas, for four thousand years he watched their surfaces ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail! He lived as his fathers lived — stole his food, worked his wife, sold his children, ate his brother, content to drink, sing, dance, and sport as the ape!

“And this creature, half-child, half-animal, the sport of impulse, whim and conceit, ‘pleased with a rattle, tickled with a straw,’ a being who, left to his will, roams at night and sleeps in the day, whose speech knows no word of love, whose passions, once aroused, are as the fury of the tiger — they have set this thing to rule over the Southern people — ” [The Clansman, Thomas Dixon, Jr., New York: Doubleday, Page & Company, 1905, pp. 292-293.]

Honorable White Man

The media have finally discovered the October 2001 AR article by University of Vermont professor Robert S. Griffin, “Rearing Honorable White Children.” The University student newspaper began with a January 22 story (“UVM Professor Publishes Controversial Article on Raising White Children”), which was followed by a piece in the Burlington Free Press and local television and radio coverage. Professor Griffin was quoted as saying that while his purpose in the article was to describe, not prescribe, he agrees with the view of the parents he studied that their race and heritage are under siege, and thinks they have every right to bring up their children in a way consistent with their traditions.

An ADL source was quoted calling American Renaissance “a polite racist organization,” and a representative of the Southern Poverty Law Center is reported to have said it is at “the intellectual-racist end of things.” Jared Taylor was quoted as saying, “To call something racist is essentially name-calling.” Professor Griffin noted that “ ‘Racist’ is a club to put people on the defensive, intimidate, marginalize, and demonize them.” Prof. Griffin, who holds a tenured position, is sticking to his guns. He says he will talk to anyone about the ideas in his article, and if anyone attacks him or white people in general he will “counterattack.”

Asians, Too

Most Asians — certainly those on college campuses — are well behaved, but there are exceptions. On November 30, University of Colorado was celebrating the Big 12 football championship. At one off-campus party in Boulder, two Asians got into a scuffle with some whites, but left when the fight was broken up. Later the Asians returned with reinforcements. An estimated 20 to 25 attacked whites, stabbing three and kicking and punching at least three more. There were no deaths, but one of the whites required 30 stitches to repair tendon damage in his hand. [Sandra Fish, Students Stabbed Outside Party, Daily Camera (Boulder, Colorado), Dec. 3, 2001.]

Noelle Has a Bad Day

Jeb Bush, brother of the President and governor of Florida, is married to a Mexican-born woman named Columba, who has not yet got the hang of the gringo way of doing things. Some years ago on her return from a trip to France, she told a customs agent she had nothing to declare. She had forgotten she stuffed the receipts from her Paris shopping spree into her passport case, where the agent found them. The agent asked again if she had anything to declare and she again said no. A search produced thousands of dollars of dutiable merchandise and resulted in a stiff fine.

Now her daughter Noelle, President Bush’s niece, is in trouble for a fraudulent attempt to get prescription drugs. She was let out of jail without having to pay a $1,000 bond and was eligible for pre-trial release because she claimed to have no criminal record. Now it appears that when she was attending an up-scale boarding school in Flagstaff, Arizona, she paid a $305 fine for shoplifting underwear at JC Penny’s. Failing to recall her Arizona record may make things a little tougher for her with the Florida authorities. [Did Bush Niece Have Flag Arrest? Daily Sun (Arizona), Jan. 31, 2002.]

Educating Illegals

On Oct. 25 last year, the Anaheim, California, school board voted 4 to 1 to shelve a proposal that would have required students to show proof of US citizenship or legal residency or be turned over to the INS. Fifty percent of the district’s students are Hispanic, and angry Mexicans flooded the school board meeting to oppose the measure. “It smacks of racial profiling. It divides the community,” said Navito Lopez, executive director of Hermandad Mexicana Nacional, a “civil rights” organization. Seventeen-year-old Alex Rosaeles was offended by the very idea. “I don’t have papers,” he admits. “Does that mean I don’t deserve an education?” [Chelsea Carter, Calif. School Drops Citizenship Plan, AP, Oct. 26, 2001.]

Another Hoax

Last October, someone put leaflets full of racial slurs and threats of violence on school buses and in the mailboxes of black school bus drivers for the Grandview School District in Kansas City. It turns out the perpetrator was one of their own — black school bus driver Lee Hooker-Medlock. On Dec. 12, 2001, Mrs. Hooker-Medlock plead guilty to one count of misdemeanor harassment in exchange for probation and mental counseling. Her attorney, Paul Katz, blamed the incident on depression. “She didn’t really know what was she was doing,” he said. Depressed or not, Mrs. Hooker-Medlock was rational enough to cover her tracks. She sent leaflets to herself and her husband. [Linda Man, Woman Pleads Guilty to Harassing Other Black School Bus Drivers, Kansas City Star, Dec. 12, 2001.]