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Why Yankees Must Defend Confederate Heritage

A common purpose unites all whites.


Sanctuary City Mayor Trashes an American Hero

Carpetbagger sets sights on Robert E. Lee.


Mayor said it, “harkens back to the days of the KKK.”

Generals Beauregard and Lee will soon follow.

Government still won’t say when they’re to be removed.

Three of the four targeted statues are still standing.

Who will defend the South and her symbols?

Mayor: “There’s a better way to use the property these monuments are on and a way that better reflects who we are.”

Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and P.G.T. Beauregard may all soon come down.

He’s a “stark embodiment of the white supremacy.”

“Opinions . . . were as heated as if the Civil War had just ended.”

Activist says plan will work, “if we’ve got enough people and we’ve got enough rope.”

Her “short-term” solution is “interpretive signage.”

Pagan group is guilty of concern for “the survival and welfare of the Northern European peoples.”

Barack Obama fires another parting shot at white America.

Police say vandalism, Sons of Confederate Veterans leaders say desecration.

New portraits will reflect Oxford’s “culture of inclusion, equality and tolerance.”

In his latest adventure, George accompanies his friend Kareem to a mosque.

White woman says too many statues in DC are of white men.

Citizens voted in 2001 to keep the flag.

Chair of PA Legislative Black Caucus: “That Confederate flag is a symbol of hate, murder and oppression.”

Flags will be replaced with plain glass.

84 Republicans joined Democrats in support of the ban.

Louisville mayor planned to move the 70-foot-tall monument.

Naming a law school after Scalia inappropriate for a “diverse” university.

Can’t honor a “racist,” after all.

School will keep the name to “teach and confront the history of slavery in the U.S.”

Black author is looking forward to “white tears.”

Hundreds of “anti-racists” fought with the police.

One Mississippi congressman is pleased “the Capitol will no longer display symbols of hatred and bigotry.”

Treasury Secretary: “We are going to move as quickly as we can get all of these bills out there.”

Some Charlottesville residents want Lee Park renamed and a statue of General Lee removed.

The War on Afrikaans

A fight about language is really a fight about race.


Students voted down proposed course requirements in Western Civ.

Jesse Jackson helped dismantle the Western Civ requirement in the 1980s.

School will meet some other black demands.

The city is unable to find a contractor to do the work.

Southerners seek legal safeguards for their symbols.

On Campus, a New Civil Rights Era Rises, Christian Science Monitor

They are fighting “centuries of flawed civilization.”

The MS legislature also decline to remove the Confederate battle emblem from the state’s flag.

#RhodesMustFall protesters want special dorms for poor students.

City lawyer: National “groundswell of racial tension” means the monuments could be sites of violence.

Baltimore looks for “new art that better reflects who we are today.”

Grady, Dowling, Jackson, and Lee must all go.

Sales of Confederate flags are “off the charts.”

The mayor and city council have approved the removal.

You can guess the new name.

Non-whites say it is “violence” to have to walk past his statue each day.

The mayor and city council will probably remove four major Confederate monuments.

Giant mural is offensive by today’s standards.