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NAACP: “What we are trying to do is tell the real truth.”

“Qualified buyer” must “properly contextualize” it.

He wants the flag to honor Indians instead of the Confederacy.

It was named after King Phillip II of Spain.

Case could have ramifications for dissident government employees.

Why ‘Apartheid Denial’ Must Be Made a Crime

“The present system’s failures cannot be excused unless the past is utterly demonized.”


Things haven’t changed for black students since 1962.

“We’re gonna be forgotten people. It’s an insane, insane process.”

Indians don’t like him.

Vandals stole a “very expensive” bronze plaque.

Author claims civil rights put the actor into a “racist rage.”

The 2019 Oscars Honor Multicultural Fantasy over Racial Reality

A journey to Wakanda is more important than one to the moon.


He has come to realize that it was “insensitive.”

Statue of Liberty climber was one of them.

The Attack on John Wayne Is an Attack on White America

The nation’s hall monitors have dug up some of his “racist” quotes.


“Acknowledging the sins of the past.”

Plaque would critique the monument “as a symbol of white supremacy and racism.”

Destroying Confederate memorials is “about restoring the dignity of black taxpayers.”

Rector says Jefferson Davis was “a pro-lynching segregationist.”

Erasing America: Losing Our Future by Destroying Our Past

Book identifies the symptoms but not the cause.


Stamp features a black musician.

But only because it’s named after an Indian.

“[Wilson’s] record on race is not good.”

Bills to remove it missed a deadline.

Another crime of the white man.

Virginia’s governor has no “moral or rhetorical credibility” in the “struggle against white supremacy.”

Left-wing thugs march masked and carrying rifles and shotguns.

More training in self-hatred.

The statue is no threat; it’s unruly mobs that are the threat.

Black man thinks his self-absorption should be indulged.

“White conditioning is based on shame.”

You Can’t Honor MLK If You’re White

Colorado legislators told, “hands off our legacy.”


Columbus’s arrival to the New World “was nothing short of a catostophe” for Indians.

“In honor of General Robert E. Lee’s birthday and Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we will be closed on Monday, January 21.”

Judge says the law violates the free speech rights of local communities.

“I think that’s a good thing for us to do.”

SPLC and NAACP team up.

Congress changed the rules to allow religious headwear.

Museums affirm “Europe’s cultural prestige.”

Black legislator says tearing down Confederate monuments will not improve anyone’s life.

Desperate hunt for goose-steppers and armbands comes up dry.

The Bay Area has the largest concentration of Indians.

New murals to depict history as it should have been, not as it was.

Unlike Confederate statues, the Villa statue was not put there to “scare people.”

In Alexandria, you can offend Irish organizations but not black ones.

All four founders of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary owned slaves.

University of Cincinnati founder “cherished the desire to found an institution where white boys and girls might be taught.”

The plaque says, “The war between the states was not a rebellion. Nor was its underlying cause to sustain slavery.”

They’re also demanding dental insurance for graduate workers and reduced parking fees.

It honors white men who have significantly influenced Western civilization.