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A statue of a black woman will replace it.

City has 15 days to uncover statues honoring Lee and Jackson.

A story of stupidity and intolerance.

Defense argues it is not a crime to destroy public property if it is “racist.”

In some districts, “ethnic studies” classes are compulsory for all.

Helping students to understand and counteract whiteness.

Hungarian city therefore cannot be a “European Capital of Culture.”

Bill allows the state to use eminent domain retroactively to protect parks.

And in San Francisco, Columbus Day will be replaced with Indigenous Peoples Day.

“It’s a great day to be a Canadian and First Nation.”

“God Damn America!”

More ghosts from Obama’s past.


Councilman: “This move reflects the community’s desires.”

No violence from SJWs at protest against removal of Confederate statues.

“The course needs to be taught, so that’s what’s going to happen.”

“Promoting historical awareness in public schools.”

The city ignored the Historical Commission’s denial of their petition to remove the statues.

The network that features white people doing white things is the only top-15 channel with double-digit ratings growth.

Golden opinions of Robert E. Lee do not serve the political objectives of diverse 21st century America.

The Charlottesville police refused to enforce the law.

Report places heavy blame for violence on the police.

Black lawyer says the flag creates a hostile work environment.

Someone suggests “Considerate Avenue.”

Your Uncle at Thanksgiving

Another dig at white America.


The War on Thanksgiving

We must defend every precious piece of our heritage.


Left-wing icons starting to fall to political correctness.

Black activists try to change the school’s character.

But most whites think their heritage does not need to be protected or preserved.

Reformer and conservationist Teddy Roosevelt now deemed objectionable.

Blacks students want the university to “decolonize” the English Literature curriculum.

A Guilt-Free Columbus Day

President Trump issues a positive proclamation.


He drained the Everglades while governor, but is no longer worthy of honor.

Our elites are corrupt and stupid, and the people know it.

Another attack on free speech.

Forget The Alamo? In Dallas, Maybe, The American Conservative

After all, it isn’t a white city anymore.

Now saints are getting the Confederate treatment.

Black mayor draws the line.

Not even Texas preserves her Southern symbols anymore.

Red paint was poured on his hands.

“When has a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee killed a black person?”

Especially since more and more schools are majority non-white.

It is now “Indigenous Peoples Day.”

Head was found a mile away in a plastic bag.

Diversity inevitably brings conflict.

Goodbye, Columbus?, Huffington Post

A famous liberal hopes his more radical comrades will hold back.

It’s not about the South, it’s about whites.

They had shown it every summer for 34 years.

What Still Unites Us?

Pat Buchanan doesn’t have an answer.


Suggests it may be a “symbol of hate.”

Australia’s left is inspired by America’s left.

Jared Taylor defends the statue.