Posted on June 6, 2023

Swedish TV Goes ‘Full Woke’ With Series ‘Blackwashing’ Nation’s Historical Figures

Igor Kuznetsov, Sputnik, May 31, 2023

Historical whites played by non-whites has become a trend in recent years, particularly in the UK and the US. Conversely, having a white actor play a historic person of color would be considered outrageous or even racist, which, according to some, exposes the double standards of “woke” culture.

“The History of Sweden,” a new project by Sweden’s national broadcaster SVT, has sparked some massive outrage with its choice of actors reflecting its unrelenting quest for diversity even before the launch.

SVT itself notably described the production, out this autumn, as its biggest history investment ever. The series, which spans from the Ice Age to the present day, has taken three years to make. About 300 historians and experts are said to have been involved in the project.

However, from the program’s first tidbits, it appears that early Swedes are being played by Blacks and other non-European immigrants, something that didn’t go unnoticed on social media.

Among other things, the clip showed a group of early Nordic hunters lying in wait for their prey – played by Africans.

This choice of actors triggered a barrage of criticism on social media.

“This fall, it’s time for SVT’s major investment, “The History of Sweden.” The series has taken three years to produce, and it involved 300 historians and experts.” Just look, here’s the first two scenes,” a user wrote, highlighting the screenshots of actors with a clearly non-Nordic appearance.

“Falsifying history is in full swing. This cultural Marxist poison must be purged from our ‘universities’ which have turned into propaganda institutions, rather than serious sites of learning,” Jeff Ahl of the national-conservative Alternative for Sweden party tweeted.

“Wondering how the Netflix-like new history series on SVT will be?” another one wrote, taking a swipe against the streaming giant with a penchant for political correctness taken beyond limits.

Having historical Europeans played by non-Europeans has become a trend in recent years, especially in the UK and the US. Modern films such as “Mary Queen of Scots” had black and Asian actors play 16th century Scottish and English historical figures and Anne Boleyn had a black actress play the main role in Channel 5’s series, bizarrely stirring a debate on whether the historic personalities actually were black. Conversely, having a white actor play a person of color would be considered outrageous and borderline racist, sowing doubt in the audience about the double standards in ‘woke’ ethics.

Among others, Cleopatra played by a black actress in the Netflix TV series “Queen Cleopatra” has, among other things, whipped up a major furor in Egypt. Incidentally, the series later appeared to have the worst audience score in TV history, garnering a measly 1%.