Posted on June 6, 2023

Australians Say Cap Migration to Curb Housing Prices

Neil Munro, Breitbart, June 2, 2023

Australian left-wingers are alarmed by a May 30 poll showing most Australians favor caps on migration “until [Australians] have sufficient affordable housing.”

The Guardian poll of 1,138 Australians was released May 30, and showed 53 percent of left-wing voters want to “Cap immigrant numbers until we have sufficient affordable housing.”

That “cap immigrant numbers” goal was also backed by 70 percent of the voters for the center-right party, and by 44 percent of Green Party supporters, whose strongest supporters are younger people.


“Of all the problems [Prime minister Anthony] Albanese government faces as it enters its second year, housing looms as the most wicked: both devilishly complex and capable of unleashing the nation’s darker angels,” said an alarmed article by pro-migration columnist and PR executive Peter Lewis. {snip}


{snip} Australia’s left-wing government has just expanded migration and has invited an unlimited migration from Indian college-graduate “students” into the white-collar jobs and homes needed by Australian graduates.

The invited Indians likely will accept very low wages and cramped living in the hope of staying permanently in Australia, just as India’s H-1B temporary workers in the United States undercut American graduates.  The deal also threatens many Australian professionals because it also treats low-grade Indian credentials as equal to higher-grade Australian credentials.

In exchange for India’s cheap labor, Australian investors will be allowed to sell more raw materials to India.

The deal means that the Australian left-wing party will soon face even more significant public opposition as more migrants displace more young and old Australians from decent housing in the coastal cities.

Housing prices are already very high because both left-wing and right-wing governments have long allied with real estate investors and employers to import 7.5 million migrants. “The price of a typical house in Sydney has multiplied by 17 times in the past 40 years, almost three times faster than wages,” the Sydney Morning Herald reported in November 2021.

Immigrants now account for 30 percent of Australia’s population, and they dominate any of the coastal towns that will produce the nation’s next generation of leaders and professionals. That 30 percent share is twice the immigrant share in the United States — and it is pushing young Australians away from the coastal cities.