Posted on August 1, 2023

White America: Disappeared and Replaced

Paul Craig Roberts, Unz Review, July 27, 2023

In the United States the majority of the population remains white despite 58 years of mass immigration of non-whites. Despite remaining a large majority, white Americans are not only being replaced but are being disappeared along with their history.

You no longer see white families in corporate ads. If a family is shown, it is a black man, white woman and mixed race children, or it is an Asian woman, white man and mixed race children. A white family has been given negative meaning as a statement against “diversity.” Diversity has trumped the basis of a nation state, which is a homogeneous population. A diverse, multicultural population is a Tower of Babel, not a nation. Without a common culture, there is not a common interest. Without a common interest, there is no nation, only a geographical boundary.

Ever since the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission created racial quotas in defiance of the statutory prohibition in the 1964 Civil Rights Act, white Americans, especially heterosexual males, have been second class citizens in law. It has been legal for 59 years to discriminate against white heterosexual males in university admissions, employment, promotion, and protection by law.

Recently, the US Supreme Court ruled that race-based university admissions are impermissible and inconsistent with the 14th Amendment. The ruling is a half century too late. Discrimination against white Americans is now institutionalized. Blacks are a small percentage of the population, but they are over-represented in positions of power. For example, the Secretary of Defense is black. The incoming Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is black. The Superintendent of the US Air Force Academy is black, and all three agree that there are too many white officers in the US military. They have announced an official policy of discriminating against white military personnel by denying whites promotions in military rank. This is a fact, not a “conspiracy theory.” It could not be more clear that despite the Supreme Court’s ruling, discrimination against white Americans will continue unabated.

White people are being demonized out of existence, and they are helpless, despite being a majority in an alleged democracy, to do anything about it. To protest demonization is to defend whiteness which is regarded as proof of white supremacy. It is regarded as racist for a white to deny his guilt.


The statue of Robert E. Lee, a work of art by famous sculptors Henry Shrady and Leo Lantelli, stood in Charlottesville, Virginia, in memory of Lee’s leadership of the Army of Northern Virginia for a century. It was taken down in 2021 and has been given to a black organization that has announced that it will melt down the statue and cast the metal into something else, perhaps another statue of George Floyd who killed himself by overdosing on fentanyl.


This is America today for white people, few of whom have the courage and awareness to protest. Essentially American white people are being erased. Try to find white Anglo-Saxons in the Biden regime.

You can see white replacement in California. In 1970 the population of California was 76% white. The state was solidly Republican through the 1980s. Today the white percentage is 32%. Whites have been replaced in California by Asian immigrants and illegal immigrant-invaders who walked in, unopposed, across the border with Mexico. Today the largest percentage of California’s population is Hispanic.


{snip} The colonization of America by immigrant-invaders proceeds.