Posted on July 10, 2023

Yes Campaigner Labels Australia a ‘Nation Without a Soul’ and Believes National Holiday Should Be Abolished

David Southwell, Daily Mail, July 8, 2023

An architect and advisor on the Voice To Parliament says the country is based on racism, has no soul and believes Australia Day should be scrapped.

Sydney lawyer Teela Reid is a member of the Voice Referendum Engagement Group which advises the government on ‘building community understanding, awareness and support’.

Ms Reid has outlined her strong views on Australia and Indigenous matters in a series of tweets this year while saying the Voice would be the first step in ‘redistributing power’.

‘Australia cannot handle the truth,’ she posted on her account.

‘There is no point in blackfullas trying to explain our pain to a nation without a soul, that is on white Australia to do the work on themselves, not mob.’

In another tweet she claimed that: ‘racism is synonymous with Australia’.

‘Australia wouldn’t exist without racism. Racism has nothing to do with the colour of your skin, it has everything to do with power & privilege,’ wrote.

Ms Reid appeared alongside Stan Grant during the ABC’s controversial coverage of the Coronation of King Charles III in May.

The segment focussed heavily on the impact the monarchy and colonisation have had on Aboriginal Australians and people of colour and sparked backlash.

In June Ms Reid contradicted Minister for Indigenous Australians Linda Burney’s denials that the Voice would be offering advice on Australia Day.

‘It is truly disingenuous to be claiming mob won’t be demanding to #AbolishAustralia day,’ she tweeted.

‘It started decades before the referendum, it’ll still be a demand after it.’

Ms Burney said June the advisory body created by the Voice would not be interested in changing the date of Australia Day.

‘I can tell you what the Voice will not be giving advice on. It won’t be giving advice on parking tickets,’ she said.

‘It won’t be giving advice on changing Australia Day. It will not be giving advice on all of the ridiculous things that that side has come up with.’

Ms Reid has indicated changing the date of Australia Day is not enough and that it should be abolished or rebranded.

‘How very Aussie is this; let’s ignore history, find a new meaningless date to celebrate, and forget that the Blaks ever declared 26 Jan a Day of Mourning,’ she tweeted

‘It’s always been #AbolishAustraliaDay changing the date is a cop out.’

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese described Ms Reid in January as part of the next generation of ‘remarkable’ Indigenous leaders.

She was a working group leader in creating the Uluru Statement of the Heart, the foundation document that proposes recognising Indigenous people in the Constitution by the creation of the Voice.

Previously she has called for reparations to be paid to Indigenous people.

Daily Mail Australia contacted Ms Reid for comment.

The referendum to establish the Voice will be held in the period of October to December.

To pass it needs to gain an overall majority of votes and also win approval in a majority of states.