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Basically, they claim that nothing has changed since 1909.

She has not yet been fired.

NAACP discovers new form of racism.

The truth could sway a jury the wrong way.

They say requiring voter ID is racist.

They say the NAACP is “one of the most racist groups in America.”

Baltimore will enter a consent decree with the DOJ to stop broken-windows policing.

They’ll make sure businesses are forced to serve black bikers.

“Police in riot gear” sparked “a series of fires and acts of violence.”

Chris Christie’s administration was pressuring the department for more non-whites.

NAACP opposes special schools for English-learners.

Grady, Dowling, Jackson, and Lee must all go.

The next target for removal is a campus monument to the Confederate dead.

“Our economy cannot expand based on white, B+, Minnesota-born citizens.”

Georgia residents fight NAACP effort to remove their symbols.

Because they were “racists.”

Chapter president says he’d be “elated” if the relief was erased.

The War on White Heritage, AR Classic Article

17 years ago, Sam Francis saw it all coming.

Before she pretended to be black she sued Howard University for anti-white discrimination.

She says her racial identity is a distraction from important things like #BlackLivesMatter.

She’s passed herself off as black for eight years.

NAACP will make sure $1.6 million “safety plan” doesn’t discriminate against blacks.

The force is majority non-white, but some officers joked about race.

NAACP wants “firm and significant action” against student who posed with Southern flag.

Texas refuses to offer license plates that honor Confederate heritage.

States that fly the Confederate flag are usually not allowed to host tournament games.

NAACP says the public schools are to blame.

He says black behavior is to blame for run-ins with police.

Race hustlers never let the truth ruin a chance to cry “racism!”

“Fixing” tech means hiring fewer whites.

An 8-year-old held a sign saying “go home.”

Infidelity and sexual degeneracy.

The president reveals his post-midterm priorities.

He hoped to help the Justice Department’s suit against North Carolina voter ID law.

Promises more handouts for blacks.

Students dared fly the Confederate flag at a majority-minority women’s college.

Reversed its earlier decision in a 4-1 vote.

Judge is Nelva Gonzales Ramos, appointed by Obama.

“I felt that I was very, very badly mistreated by the Salisbury PD.”

Blacks riot.

They’re stoking fears of voter suppression to boost turnout.

That would be the result of basing admissions on “holistic” criteria than test scores.

Files class-action suit against the city.

Holder says it prevents blacks from voting.

Juror was dismissed because she was an NAACP member and seemed to have a racial agenda.

They want more non-white executives.

Loony ideas from the inventor of Lotus 1-2-3.

The usual handwringing; this time at Thurgood Marshall Airport.

Debo Adegbile will not head Justice’s Civil Rights Division.

The NAACP calls it a “monumental day.”