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Officials set targets based on how the groups are performing now.

NAACP: “What we are trying to do is tell the real truth.”

Destroying Confederate memorials is “about restoring the dignity of black taxpayers.”

“It’s politically unacceptable for a Democratic candidate to not have a diverse staff.”

Judy Garland, Elizabeth Taylor, Billy Crystal, Ted Danson, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman, Joy Behar . . .

The statue is no threat; it’s unruly mobs that are the threat.

She’s demanding “an explanation.”

Placard reads, “This is an unreinforced masonry building.”

So far, he is resisting calls for his resignation.

Happy 25th birthday to Elián González.

The ‘Reparations’ Hoax, AR Classic Article

Activist groups are trying to build momentum for a new racial shakedown.

“You got to grind your boot into white supremacy’s throat until you hear it stop breathing.”

Even 7-year-olds know how to pin it on whitey.

He is bad, bad, bad, and “our civil rights hang in the balance.”

NAACP spends the holiday protesting “America’s bigotry.”

Employees will get monthly doses of “tolerance and inclusion.”

It could be because of “adultification” of black girls.

Integration hasn’t worked because “some folks cling on to the past with respect to notions of racial superiority.”

NAACP says that keeping lanes open for emergency vehicles is discriminatory.

NAACP president wants much more censorship.

There is no evidence that “implicit-bias” training changes behavior at all.

It would be a boon to the diversity industry.

The NAACP thinks getting more blacks on the police force will help.

Eric Holder and the NAACP will help design the training program.

Students Should Protest About What Really Matters

They used to demonstrate against “diversity.”


The NAACP pushed for integration in Topeka against the wishes of black teachers and parents.

Rules were changed because blacks were breaking them.

NAACP complains it’s still higher than white unemployment.

White students are dead because of the NAACP’s “PROMISE” policy.

NAACP president thinks Australia is good example for Americans to follow.

Proposed ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Law Targets White Advocates

Aim is to prevent demonstrations like “Unite the Right.”


In some districts, “ethnic studies” classes are compulsory for all.

The local NAACP is helping the school district figure out how to improve.

The NAACP says the books contain “oppressive language.”

The apology is of course not good enough.

Says it’s racist.

“We didn’t have it ’til 1931, so it won’t kill us if it goes away,” said California NAACP president.

NAACP is not happy.

“It is 2017.”

Why do whites not promote their own interests?

Can the South Survive?, AR Classic Article

With the “Unite the Right” rally taking place today, this question is worth contemplating more than ever.


“White supremacy, like race, is a construct developed to divide and disempower those who are oppressed.”

Trump vs. the NAACP, American Thinker

President refuses to address their convention.

NAACP stuck in a perpetual rut.

Nominee for Civil Rights Division worries the yahoos.

What is Racism?, AR Classic Article

Everyone talks about ‘racism’ but no one ever defines it.

Basically, they claim that nothing has changed since 1909.

She has not yet been fired.