Posted on December 1, 1994

O Tempora, O Mores! (December, 1994)

American Renaissance, December 1994

Breakthrough on Race?

Practically every literate American has by now read about the new book by Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein called The Bell Curve, and has learned that it says something AR has been saying for years: The races do not have the same average intelligence. That a book taking this position should receive blanket news coverage is astonishing good news. Not surprisingly, much of the press reaction has been pure hysteria, and it is a sad commentary on our times that perhaps the only person to express disagreement in a civilized, respectful tone was the black economist, Thomas Sowell.

Nevertheless, the rules of dialogue in America may finally have changed. It may soon be possible for someone to stand up at a PTA meeting in Topeka, Kansas and say, “No, there is nothing ‘racist’ about the fact that there are no blacks in the gifted children’s program; there just aren’t very many blacks with IQs over 135.” It may even become possible to say, “No, I don’t want blacks moving into the neighborhood because they are not like us.”

The Bell Curve, which we plan to review in a future issue, is by all accounts a thorough and cautious analysis of the literature on heredity and intelligence. It does not appear to be an intellectual break-through like Race, Evolution, and Behavior, but by injecting questions of race and intelligence into the mainstream, it has done the country an enormous service.

Unfortunately, the United States is probably capable of weathering a 90-day lather over The Bell Curve that only leaves the country exactly as it was before. Well, not quite as it was. The tumult over this book cannot help but legitimize what millions of Americans already think privately. If the country continues to ignore facts about race, this book will only fuel a growing fury against the liberal American nanny-state. Whites are slowly regaining a sense of their legitimate interests, with Californian voters showing encouraging spunk in the face of orthodox lunacy . . .

Elections, 1994

By the time this issue of AR is printed, mid-term elections will be over. There has been much huffing and puffing about whether the Republicans might win a majority in at least one chamber in Congress — as if this would make much difference to the future of the country.

Considerably more significant and interesting will have been the voter initiative, Proposition 187, in California. If passed, it would deny welfare, public education, subsidized housing, and all but emergency medical service to illegal aliens in the state. It would also require teachers and welfare workers to report illegals to the authorities.

Only in a country that has lost its bearings would there be a need for citizens to organize a movement against handouts for illegals. Any properly-run country would deport them long before they managed to go on welfare. Politicians, paralyzed at the thought of being called “racists,” have supported a system that only encourages the dispossession of native-born Americans.

Hispanics account for the largest number of illegals in California, and they have demonstrated threateningly against the measure. On October 28th, the California National Guard was put on alert in case the proposition carried and Hispanics went on the rampage. The message to Californians is clear: Give us money or we may destroy your cities.

At one anti-proposition rally in Los Angeles that reportedly attracted 70,000 people, demonstrators disregarded the advice of their white advisors and waved hundreds of Mexican flags. Only people not blinded by “sensitivity” could fail to be outraged by this. Mexicans make no secret that they want to keep pouring into California — and perhaps the rest of the country — until it is completely theirs.

There have been a number of demonstrations against the measure in Mexico itself, with “anti-racism” rallies in front of the American embassy. Mexico, of course, keeps a special armed forces unit on its southern border to boot out illegal immigrants from Guatemala and Belize. The Mexican government has given money to support the advertising campaign against Proposition 187.

The measure, also called the Save Our State initiative, was put on the ballot by ordinary citizens who had finally had enough of official capitulation to liberal-alien-non-white demands. It is only through similar efforts by determined, public-spirited whites that dispossession can be ended.

Fair Housing?

In Chicago, a white couple has been ordered by a federal judge to sell their home of 20 years and clear out within 120 days. Their neighbors, a black Puerto-Rican man and his Puerto-Rican wife, charged them with racial harassment and sought damages of $10 million. The whites, a Mr. and Mrs. Kraft and their grown children, were accused of vandalizing the neighbors’ house and of taunting them. The Krafts deny doing anything.

Ultimately, the Krafts had no choice. The Puerto Ricans were represented for free by a big Chicago law firm, Altheimer & Gray, and the Krafts would have gone bankrupt simply defending themselves. A lawyer for the Krafts described the situation as nothing more than a dispute between neighbors who happened to be of different races. [AP, Racist family ordered to move, Detroit News, Nov. 3, 1994, p. 1. Matt O’Connor, Seed of bigotry costs neighbor, Chi Trib, Nov. 6, 1994, p. 1 (Chicagoland section).]

America, America

A black commissioner of Fulton County, Georgia, named Gordon Joyner has accused the chairman of the commission of racism. It appears that Mitch Skandalakis called someone a “buffoon.” It’s “close to calling him a baboon,” says Mr. Joyner. [Dick Williams, Racism rears its head again in DeKalb, no paper name or date.]

Meanwhile, in Chicago, a 29-year-old black man has been convicted of stabbing his neighbor after the two got into an argument over which knew more black history. [Least Justifiable, Salt Lake Tribune, 10/16/94.]

In Chapel Hill, the University of North Carolina is in a stew after it elected its sixth black homecoming queen in a row. Only 1,800 of the 22,800 students are black, but they all vote for the black candidate, while whites split their votes among as many as 12 white candidates. [Peter Applebome, Class Notes, NYT, 10/19/94, p. B11.]

The Massachusetts Division of Medical Assistance has revealed that in 1993, it spent $50,000 on fertility drugs for 260 people, 80 of whom were on welfare. Two of the welfare recipients already had eight children each.

Jose Martinez, an illegal alien, has confessed to starting a California fire that destroyed 365 homes and businesses, and caused $528 million in damage. Mr. Martinez says that last October, he started what became known as the Laguna fire in order to summon Gotam, the chief of a thousand demons. [Transient says he set California blaze, Miami Herald, 10/1/94.]

The U.S. Department of Education is cracking down on Georgia school districts for “racially biased tracking.” The state’s black students are two to three times more likely than whites to be “intellectually disabled,” and only one sixth as likely to be “gifted.” The department’s Office of Civil Rights is forcing five school districts to correct such discrepancies. [Betsy White, 5 school districts found to be biased, Atl. Journal/Const., Aug. 7, 1994.]

Devil’s Night is Back

In Detroit, the night before Halloween is called Devil’s Night, and with good reason. For eleven years, young blacks have turned it into an arson free-for-all, setting so many fires that reporters from all over the world used to come watch Detroiters try to burn down their own city.

However, during the last three years of Mayor Coleman Young’s administration, the city managed to control the problem. A volunteer army of 30,000 to 40,000 people patrolled the streets, and fire trucks from all over the region were stationed in advance in the most crime-prone parts of town.

The new mayor, Dennis Archer, let down his guard. He started talking about Halloween Eve rather than Devil’s Night, in the hope that the problem had gone away. The city signed up only 8,000 volunteers, and fire trucks waited at fire houses until they were called. More than 100 buildings were put to the torch, in the fourth-worst Devil’s Night on record. [Up in Smoke, Detroit News, Nov. 1, 1994. Nancy Costello, Most Fires Since ‘86, Archer Laments, Detroit Free Press, Nov. 2, 1994, p. 1B.]

This is an Order

Prince George’s County, Maryland, borders on Washington, DC, and its population is changing from white to black. Recently, parents of elementary school children received a list of “Priority Goals for Prince George’s Co. School System,” which included the following: “The achievement and participation of black male students will equal exceed [sic] that of all other students.” [P.G. County’s peculiar guidelines, etc., Wash Times, 10/8/94, p. D2.]

Missy McLauchlin, R.I.P.

Late in 1992, a group of South Carolina blacks made a New Year’s resolution to rape and kill a white woman, in return for “400 years of oppression.” On Dec. 30th of that year, they gang-raped 25-year-old Missy McLauchlin of Charleston, tortured her for hours, then shot her five times in the head and dumped her on a highway. She lived for several hours.

In October of this year, the man who probably pulled the trigger was finally caught. Joseph Gardner was arrested on an anonymous tip in Philadelphia. Six other blacks, including two women accomplices, have already been convicted in the case, [Bobbie Young, McLauchlin murder suspect captured on FBI tip, Post and Courier (Charleston), 10/20/94, p. 1.] which was almost entirely ignored by the national media.

Poor Rwanda

As if the slaughter of half a million citizens were not trouble enough, Rwanda has had to put out an all-points bulletin for its foreign minister, who has disappeared in New York with a suitcase full of money. In October, Jean-Marie Ndagijimana was dispatched to New York with about $200,000 in cash for the country’s strapped UN mission. Despite a plea from the mission staff that he find cheaper rooms, he stayed at the New York Hilton. After delaying the transfer of funds, his excellency checked out of the hotel — with the money — and disappeared. Mr. Ndagijimana is a Hutu, and was appointed foreign minister as a gesture of reconciliation by the Tutsi-led Rwandan Patriotic Front. [Julia Preston, Rwandan Envoy Missing with suitcase of cash, Wash Post, 10/19/94, p. A37.]

America on Trial

The World Council of Churches is collecting evidence that the United States is guilty of human rights violations because it practices racism. A team from the council is touring eight American cities, in order to interview non-whites. The council will turn over the completed investigation to the United Nations, which it hopes will conduct a full-blown human rights investigation. [Dan Wetzel, Rights probe is focusing on racism, Chi Tribune, 10/14/94, p. 10 Sec. 2.]

Poor Billy Graham

Evangelist Billy Graham has been planning a crusade in Atlanta, but is getting very little help from blacks. The director of the crusade says he has found that black preachers “are much more concerned with civil rights.”

Nothing seems to change. In 1973, when Rev. Graham had his last Atlanta crusade, preacher and civil rights activist Ralph Abernathy complained that the event was “too white oriented.” Nothing daunted, Rev. Graham plans to make race relations the main theme of the crusade. He calls for total integration “in our homes, in our worship services, even in our marriages.” [Gayle White, A commitment to racial unity, Atlanta Journal and Constitution, 10/25/94, p. 1, Local News.]

Candor in High Places

In October, Senator Conrad Burns of Montana was back in his state from Washington when a rancher asked him, “Conrad, how can you live back there [in Washington] with all those niggers?”

“It’s a hell of a challenge,” replied Sen. Burns.

The senator has been forced into an apology, but appears not to have been as craven as he could have been. “It’s always a challenge when you bring different cultures and beliefs together,” he said. “We can make this work in America.”

Montana is 0.3 percent black. Washington, DC is 66 percent black. [AP, Senator apologizes for racial remark, NYT, 10/22/94, p. 9.]

New York’s Finest

Rosalinda Ortiz is a junior police officer in New York City. She was recently discovered to be receiving fraudulent welfare payments in addition to her $27,000-a-year salary. It also appears that in 1992, she forged a check. Her boyfriend, the father of her two children, is in a Maryland jail for armed robbery. [Student cop on dole-fraud rap, NY Post, 10/12/94.]


Miriam Waltzer, a white candidate for the Louisiana state Supreme Court has dropped out of a runoff election against a black candidate. She probably would have won, but the district had been deliberately created to give blacks a majority. Many blacks were furious at the prospect of a white victory, and Mrs. Waltzer concluded that a victory might “permanently scar this city.” Mrs. Waltzer is said to have a long record of civil rights work. [White judge quits race to ensure seat for black, Miami Herald, 10/9/94.]

Only a White Could Do It

Noel Ignatiev is the editor of Race Traitor magazine, which advocates the abolition of the white race. Since whiteness is nothing more than an evil state of mind, he does not think extermination is necessary; just race treason. Here are some of his remarks from an interview published in the November/December issue of Utne Reader:

For the white race to be effective, it must be unanimous, or nearly so. The reason is that if the cops and the courts and so forth couldn’t be sure that every person who looked white was loyal to the system, then what would be the point of extending race privileges to whites? And if they stopped extending race privileges, what would happen to the white race? Our strategy seeks to bring together a determined minority, willing to defy white rules so flagrantly they make it impossible to pretend that all those who look white are loyal to the system of racial oppression.

One of the effects of white supremacy is that it represses the cultures of Afro-Americans and other peoples of color. If that repression were removed, who knows how they could flourish? Moreover, American culture is . . . uncontestably mulatto. Without race prejudice, Americans might discover that culturally they are all Afro-American, as well as Native American, and so forth.

While not all forms of injustice can be collapsed into whiteness, undermining white race solidarity opens the door to fundamental social change in other areas. [Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity, (interview with Noel Ignatiev, Utne Reader, Nov./Dec., 1994, pp. 82ff.]

Life Under Black Rule

In the face of government threats, one of the oldest white families in Zimbabwe (former Rhodesia) has canceled a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the arrival of its forbears into the African interior. The Rosenfels, a German family that has spent four generations in Africa, planned to celebrate their centenary with a two-day trek in a pair of lovingly restored ox-drawn wagons. They had trained two spans of oxen, and were to drive through the Mangwe Pass just as their ancestors had done.

Zimbabwean Vice President Joshua Nkomo heard of the plan and said that the Rosenfels were “undesirable elements,” who should “leave the country now before it is too late.” One ruling party official called the celebration “a declaration of war against the peace-loving people of Zimbabwe.”

The Rosenfels have already had some of their land confiscated by the government. They canceled the trek out of fear that their remaining property would be seized. [Jan Raath, Officials Declare prominent white family is ‘undesirable,’ Wash Times, 8/18/94.]

Ethnic Friction in Atlanta

Auburn Avenue is the heart of Atlanta’s black district. Under segregation, it was bustling and prosperous. Martin Luther King, Jr. grew up there in a well-appointed home. Auburn Ave. is now a slum.

Since the 1970s, Ethiopians and Eritreans have been moving to Atlanta, and many now live on Auburn Ave. Surprisingly, many had heard of the street before they came to America, and are astonished to find that it is now a wreck. Though they do not let reporters use their names, they do not hesitate to blame American blacks for the squalor. “You won’t find an Ethiopian or an Eritrean without a job,” says one. [John Blake, Out of Africa, onto Auburn, Atlanta Constitution, no date.]

Twelve Good Men and True

Ever since the Los Angeles police officers who beat Rodney King were acquitted in a state trial by a mostly-white jury, jurisdictions all over the country have been trying to think of ways to get more non-white jurors. In most states, jurors are selected from lists of voters and from registered drivers. They tend to be disproportionately white, so New York has become the first state to pass a law calling jurors from welfare and unemployment lists.

Governor Mario Cuomo vetoed an early version of the law for fear it would violate the privacy of people getting handouts (are they really embarrassed about it?), but the new law will keep their secrets safe. Colleen McMahon, chairman of the New York State Jury Project, says that the new selection method “sends a strong signal to minorities that they are part of the jury system and tries to dispel the belief that these groups are being excluded form the jury process.” [Frances McMorris, New York State to call neediest for jury duty, WSJ, 10/13/94.] The average welfare recipient has an IQ of 85.

White Men Get Top Scores

White men do better than any other group on the science portion of the National Board of Medical Examiners test that all doctors must pass in order to practice medicine. Pass rates for men in 1988 were as follows: White — 89.9 percent, Asian — 86.6 percent, Hispanic — 71.6 percent, black — 53.9 percent. For women the rates were: White — 84.1, Asian — 78.9, Hispanic — 55.8, black — 44. The test also has a clinical section, in which there is a steep racial gradient, but men and women do equally well.

This test is taken after medical school. The very low pass rate for black women, for example, suggests that affirmative action is wasting places in medical schools on people who cannot do the work.