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“No nation, no society has ever changed this much, this fast.”

The bill wanted to label Alt-Right “a very real threat to social and racial progress.”

Black graduates can help their communities most by becoming entrepreneurs.

If Hungary becomes an immigrant country, “living standards achieved through hard work will be at risk.”

Memorials, protests, and sit-ins brought the beloved attraction back.

‘Listening for an Echo’, AR Classic Article

Twenty years ago today, Enoch Powell died — and Britain needs him now more than ever.

Says he is pro-white without disliking people of other races.

Mr. Trump on the Apertures: Stark Madness and Immiscibility

A first-hand report from some “s**tholes.”


Trump: In Immigration Debate, Race Matters

Buchanan: “Are we on the Yellow Brick Road to the new Utopia—or on the path to national suicide?”


What, Exactly, is a “Shithole?”

The President nails it.


“We should have more people from Norway.”

Limiting immigration will benefit American workers.

She posted letters from constituents supporting her position on residential schools.

Can America Be Saved?, AR Classic Article

A patriot’s plea for his country

A Tweet Too Far

They must ban what they can’t refute.


Murder, torture, forced disappearances are the norm for Mexico’s security forces.

He also said that Islam is not a religion of peace. But he’s sorry for all that now.

Law bans wearing face coverings on public transit and in universities.

Another word white people aren’t allowed to use?

Has he been reading American Renaissance?

“We have the pluribus. What’s the unum?”

“You get a volatile society when you change it overnight.”

The truth gets another white man in trouble.

Regular CNBC commentator will no longer be booked.

A promising start; about 49 to go.

Not all nations are afraid of eugenics.

They don’t want to become like their neighbors . . .

For Whom the Bell Curves, AR Classic Article

This book, and its reception, mark an important intellectual breakthrough.

Still no word from Paul Ryan though.

“White Supremacist” = Jared Taylor.

“The beauty that is being taken out of our cities, towns and parks will be greatly missed and never able to be comparably replaced!”

They have a monopoly on access to news and perspective.

Wall will reach over 100 feet underground.

It’s not Israel.

Military refuses to wage war on Southern heritage.

He claimed Google didn’t tolerate dissenting views; the company proved him right.

“We are also open for migration not only from Ukraine but also from Belarus and other countries.”

Will Europe Restrict African Migration?, The American Conservative

Its survival depends on it.

Scotland Yard: “Citizenship of the UK is not an absolute right, nor should it be.”

French President notes, “No country can take all the economic migrants.” 

Emmanuel Macron and the Crisis of the Elite

Is he stumbling towards sanity?


He’s a member of the nationalist/populist 5 Star Movement.

Not all babies are created equal.

14 million dollars for family planning.

CNN host can barely contain her rage.

Mark Meadows boards the Trump Train.

EU sides with European identity, for once.

More Europeans face up to their demographic future.

Warnings From the Lion, AR Classic Article

Churchill understood the threat to the West.

More thorough vetting of “refugees” could save many lives.