Posted on January 8, 2021

An Important Book You Don’t Have to Read

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, January 8, 2021

You just need to know about it.

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I want to talk to you about this book, The Nature of Human Intelligence. You don’t have to read it, just know about it. It’s published by Cambridge University Press, which was founded in 1534 and is probably the most prestigious publisher in the world. Don’t ask me why it has an ugly cover.

When I first saw this book, I assumed it was rubbish. That’s because the editor went through three popular textbooks on intelligence, found the most frequently cited experts, and asked each of them to write a chapter. I thought it would be the usual mush: Intelligence is a myth, IQ tests are racist, growing up in a fancy house makes you smart.

I was wrong. Most of the 20 authors are sure-enough scientists, and they have a clear message: Our rulers are ignoramuses. They don’t put it that way, of course, but they take for granted stuff that can get you fired if you say it openly. Namely, you are basically born smart or stupid. Nobody knows how to raise IQ, but we sure know how to measure it. Men’s and women’s brains work differently. People of different races have different average IQs, and that’s probably genetic, too.

The blowhards at CNN and the New York Times are wrong.

Ian Deary of the University of Edinburgh says this about IQ testing. “A paper and pencil test taken in childhood will . . . predict educational achievements and occupational status in mid life; and predict health, illness, and survival.” That’s true for people from all social classes. Thomas J. Bouchard of the University of Minnesota says there has been terrific resistance to the facts about intelligence because the most successful people are “genetically superior, at least with respect to IQ.” He says it’s taboo say that you can’t raise IQ by changing people’s environments.

Richard Lynn of University of Ulster says there is a correlation of .68 between a country’s average IQ and its per capita GDP. In other words, intelligence is easily the best single predictor of how rich a country will be. And smart nations aren’t just rich. They are much more likely to have rule of law, political freedom, property rights, free speech, high levels of trust, low crime rates, and high life expectancy. No wonder people from low-IQ countries want to move in with us.

There is just one author – the late James Flynn of the famous Flynn effect – who says straight out that he thinks the racial differences in IQ are caused only by environment. However, he insists this a scientific question, not a moral issue, and that anyone who tries to silence the people who say it’s genetic is, in his words, an “enemy of the truth.”

Linda Gottfredson of the University of Delaware includes an illustration that’s worth the price of the book. I used it in a previous video, so I won’t go into the details, but you should hit the stop button and study it. I’ll note just one thing: A white person is 30 times more likely than a black person to have an IQ of 125 or higher. Since there are five times as many whites as blacks in the country, there are 150 times more really high-IQ whites than blacks in this country. And 25 times as many blacks with IQs 75 or lower.

Explains a lot, doesn’t it? But the next time you hear the media fret about not enough “people of color” in science or management or whatever, do you think there will be even one word about IQ? No chance.

Richard Haier of UC Irvine studies the physical structure of the brain. He says you can get a good idea of how smart someone is with a brain scan of the distribution of gray matter and white matter. Pretty soon a scan could be the best IQ test there is. But what’s really interesting is that men and women have different brain structures – so different that you would have to have separate brain-scan IQ tests for men and women.

There is now essentially no question that there is more variation in IQ among men than women – more geniuses and more dummies. As for math ability, Stephen Ceci of Cornell says the male superiority begins in adolescence. For decades, the country has been encouraging women to study math and the sex gap did narrow – but, since the 1990s, it hasn’t budged. At the really high end – people who are at the one-in-ten thousand level – there are four boys for every girl. It shouldn’t be a surprise that boys are 20 to 60 percent more likely than girls to get perfect scores on the math-heavy AP exams in high school: physics, calculus, statistics. And in every country, when you ask males and females what they’d like to do for a living, males are more likely to want to work with things and females want to work with people.

Of course, when Lawrence Summers, president of Harvard, proposed – just as a possibility – that there could be biological reasons why there aren’t that many top women scientists, he had to resign. That was in 2005. In 2017, Google fired engineer James Damore for saying the same thing.

So: Our rulers either don’t know the facts or they know the facts and they lie. Maybe it’s some of both. I think they are so terrified of anything that could upset their egalitarian fantasies that they deliberately keep their minds closed as tightly as possible. And they try to keep yours closed, too. Richard Haier, whom we met earlier, thinks policy-makers don’t dare talk about IQ because of those race differences that just won’t go away.

I think he’s right. In an all-white society, everyone would understand that some people are smart and some aren’t, and we should help everyone make the most of what he’s got. It would never occur to anyone to turn the country inside out trying to make every white person equally smart.

But what happens when you assume that the races are equally smart, and that blacks and Hispanics are poor only because white people oppress them? And that if there aren’t as many women engineers as men it’s because men oppress them? And that if we could only eliminate systemic racism, the millions of people we have let in from low-IQ countries will become just like us?

If that’s what you think, you get the mess we’re in. Our rulers are so busy fighting the imaginary white-supremacist patriarchy – and blaming whites for everything that goes wrong – that they can’t think straight. And who pays the bill for this? We do.

We got here because we tried to build a multi-racial society – and it didn’t work. Lefties are always telling us to listen to the science. Here’s the science, lefties. Listen up.