Posted on July 13, 2020

Will Tuck Cuck? We’ll Find Out Tonight.

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, July 13, 2020

Tucker Carlson Gage Skidmore

Tucker Carlson (Credit Image: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia)

Tonight will determine whether Tucker Carlson could be the new leader of the American Right or just another talking head. Mr. Carlson is perhaps the last nationalist left at Fox News. Other hosts such as Neil Cavuto, Chris Wallace, and Julie Banderas have all taken stands against President Trump. Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, now a board member at Fox News, is reportedly using his position to “do something” about Donald Trump, even though the President tried very hard to pass Speaker Ryan’s House agenda in 2017. Sean Hannity is fawningly pro-Trump, but doesn’t go much beyond repeating campaign slogans. He rarely expresses thoughts of his own, if he has any. He’s not an independent force.

President Trump has noticed that Fox News has largely turned against him. He thinks it is because Roger Ailes is gone. The Drudge Report has been attacking the President for a while, and there are rumors that Matt Drudge sold the site to new management. Steve Bannon, the former Trump campaign CEO, is no longer at Breitbart and is on a quixotic anti-China crusade. Many of President Trump’s online allies on Twitter have been deplatformed.

However, there’s still Tucker Carlson, and Mr. Carlson has been showing the President some tough love. He ripped into Jared Kushner and the President’s “weakness” in response to Black Lives Matter protests. He challenged President Trump to show he’s worthy of Americans’ support by ending the violence. He defended American citizens who are being replaced by cheap foreign labor and left behind by others who are getting “special treatment.”

Mr. Carlson also praises Donald Trump when he acts like a nationalist, most recently when the President gave a magnificent address at Mount Rushmore on July 4. Mr. Carlson called the protests a “challenge [to] Western civilization itself.” Mr. Carlson also said that if “they [leftists] can force you to watch as they topple your heroes, they have won.”

Mr. Carlson’s show has the highest ratings ever for a cable news program. He has defied media criticism and advertiser boycotts. President Trump watches Mr. Carlson’s program, even though Mr. Carlson is no sycophant.

Mr. Carlson’s media competitors have been publishing stories about his advertisers that are veiled threats. Apparently, they want to destroy a pillow company.

Now, Mr. Carlson’s critics have a new weapon. CNN recently doxxed one of his writers, Blake Neff, who had written “insensitive” posts pseudo-anonymously on an online forum. For some reason, this was a huge news story. It makes me sick to repeat these headlines, but it must be done to show the extent of the coverage.

The author of CNN’s doxxing story, Oliver Darcy, used to work at The Blaze and The Leadership Institute. No doubt the Oliver Darcy of 2020 would “cancel” the Oliver Darcy of 2012.

Mr. Carlson’s writer resigned, probably falling on his sword to spare Mr. Carlson more negative coverage. Nevertheless, Fox News itself piled on. It said Mr. Neff’s posts were “horrendous and deeply offensive,” and repudiated his “horrific racist, misogynistic and homophobic behavior.”

Horrific? Go read for yourselves what Mr. Neff wrote. Edgy postings on an internet forum are not “horrific.” Fox News seems to have lost any sense of what words mean. I’ll tell you what is horrific.

  • Blacks murdered a white woman in Indiana, reportedly because she said “all lives matter.” Her three-year-old son doesn’t understand why she can’t come back from heaven.
  • Police recently charged a black man in Chicago with beating a toddler to death with his bare hands.
  • Unknown suspects gunned down a black man walking his six-year-old daughter down a New York City street in broad daylight.
  • Three suspects jumped out of an SUV yesterday and opened fire on a family, killing a one-year-old baby.

Homicides are up in New York City, Washington, DC, Charlotte, Memphis, Milwaukee, and many other cities, all while journalists, politicians, and activists scream “black lives matter” in religious ecstasy. I would call these crimes just as horrific as what these pack-animal journalists are doing. And it’s all in the midst of a campaign to heap scorn on white women. Forgive me, but I can’t work up outrage about someone’s anonymous internet postings.

CNN has announced that Mr. Carlson will discuss the Neff matter, presumably on his program this evening. He will no doubt have to make some pro forma disavowal. I don’t expect a full-throated defense; that would put his job in danger.

But I hope he will say that what his writer jokingly said in private is much less destructive and threatening than what many journalists, academics, and activists are saying in public. Our country is being destroyed, and American citizens of all races are paying the price. That is what’s horrific; not a few mean jokes on a forum.

At least some conservatives are beginning to understand that apologizing to the mob only feeds its lust for power:

We’ll keep on eye on Mr. Carlson tonight. If conservatives really want to fight “cancel culture,” now’s the time.