Posted on November 1, 2019

Anti-White Hatred on Twitter

AR Staff, American Renaissance, November 1, 2019

Here is an example of the sort of thing many people like.

It got no fewer than 88,000 likes, though the account has since disappeared.

This tweet is a video of rapper “YG” kicking a Trump supporter off the stage when he refused to say “F*ck Donald Trump.”

Here, a black man wrapped his fist in the colors of black nationalism and thrust it into the air while the national anthem was played a football game. The tweet got more than 180,000 likes.

Teen Vogue tells its young readers to “confront fellow white people,” but to know “when to be quiet” when blacks and other privileged minorities are talking. “Do not speak over people of color,” says the article.

In a tweet that got over 1,400 likes, “feminist next door” says white society has not been sufficiently “reprogrammed.”

Michelle Obama has thoughts on white flight. (The Obamas have a house in Martha’s Vineyard.)

Ira Madison, host of a political talk show, seems to think whites don’t have the right notice patterns.

Sami Schalk, author of Bodyminds ReImagined, uses the racial slur “Becky” for white women and tells them how not to talk.

“TyroneResists” also uses the slur “Becky,” and doesn’t like Crate and Barrel.

Here’s a nice one from one of our favorites, Saira Rao.

Frederick Joseph, who has appeared on our site before promoting anti-police conspiracy theories, says:

Of course, since whites are racist no matter what, Mr. Joseph will always have reason to criticize us.

Here Mr. Joseph calls for violence.

And “Benjamin Tuttle” doesn’t want to stop with words, either.

All this is brought to you from Twitter, where Jared Taylor is banned, and if you tweet out an American Renaissance article, your followers have to click through a warning if they want to read it.

Too violent, you know.