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Mr. Trump on the Apertures: Stark Madness and Immiscibility

A first-hand report from some “s**tholes.”


Bill was weak on the wall, weak on chain immigration, and didn’t end the lottery.

NYT makes it official: “Donald Trump is a racist.”

Ninety percent of evening news coverage has been negative.

What, Exactly, is a “Shithole?”

The President nails it.


“We should have more people from Norway.”

Congressman says Trump’s views are “racially insensitive and ignorant.”

The Trump administration may be reversing the “Ferguson effect.”

Statewide network of attorneys and volunteers calls on governor to pardon immigrants faced with deportation.

Claims President cannot end DACA until all lawsuits are played out in court.

Only 14 percent are Muslims, down from 40 percent in previous years.

Preening congressman promotes book he hasn’t read.

Nothing astonishes people more than to tell them the truth.

By nearly 2 to 1, likely voters want an end to chain migration.

Trump predicts DACA activists and Hispanics will turn against Democrats.

The Best of American Renaissance in 2017

The editor’s picks.


Writer generously concedes that Trump “has never advocated for genocide.”

Senate Republican says that GOP appeals to “to older white men and there are just a limited number of them.”

The goal is to discourage border crossings.

Nearly 60 percent of Americans think that race is a “big problem” in U.S. society.

Is Trump a Cuck?

He’s trending that way.


FAIR president calls it “the moment we’ve been waiting for for decades.”

Trump administration will push to replace family-based immigration with merit-based.

You can’t live in the Bronx and be Trump supporter.

He says he has “tremendous support” for ending them.

More Somalis held in jail pending deportation under Trump administration.

But will face no jail time.

Last month alone, there were three major outbreaks of rioting and looting.

Myth of anti-Muslim backlash is spread by CAIR and ”terrorist-front organizations.”

Seventy-two percent of blacks—but just 31 percent of whites—say Donald Trump should be impeached.

“[O]ur decisions on immigration policies must always be made by Americans and Americans alone.”

Once Great Britain Under Occupation

Will President Trump help liberate it?


Arrest Donald Trump!

British MPs go berserk over a single retweet.


China and Cuba are at the top of the list.

“This Administration seems determined to Make America White Again.”

Without H-4 visas for spouses, fewer H-1B visas will be sought.

Who is surprised?

Trump’s policies are America’s only chance to get rid of stupid immigration laws.

The Content of Character

It matters less and less in the age of Trump.


White-on-White Voting, New York Times

2016 election: Whites can be mobilized by race, ethnicity, multiculturalism and immigration.

Obama holdovers continue to stymie efforts to enforce immigration laws.

“Diversity” is not a priority.

Donald Trump asked Xi Jinping to intervene on the thieves’ behalf.

Ban doesn’t apply to people with “bona fide relationship” to someone in U.S.

“The Trump Effect”: Number of illegals down; automation up; wages up.

MAGA Requires Racial Realism

Does Steve Bannon understand that?


He will “teach [his] boys to have profound doubts that friendship with white people is possible.”

That Bloodbath in the Old Dominion

“As there are two Americas, there are two Virginias.”


Many whites hold conventional positions on “racism,” memorials, “white supremacy,” and antifa.

America at the Crossroads

Will whites wake up in time to the crisis they face?

Interview by Jared Taylor