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The Benefits of Leftist Violence


It pushes fence-sitters into our arms.


Is Secession a Solution to Cultural War?


Suddenly, California knows exactly how Marine Le Pen feels.


And 75% want more ICE agents on the border.

Londoners protest Trump, but not mass-killings of Christians.

Anti-Trump groups vow to “keep the momentum.”

Now just being charged with a crime makes you a deportation priority.

He was accompanied by Ivanka, Ben Carson, and Alveda King.

He has prophetic powers?

Illegals are afraid to apply for welfare.

A leaked DHS document suggests otherwise.

If Trump doesn’t have the “mental and emotional capacity” for the presidency, he could be removed.

“Will illegal aliens who are drunk drivers stay sober to honor their boycott day?”

They are children of white liberals.

Cracks widen between local and federal government.

He also must write a letter of apology to the professor.

The dreamer has already filed suit for immediate release.

40% of federal judges are now Obama-appointees. White men are a minority on the bench.

It was a tweeter who opposes white genocide.

“We will not let our people be deported.”

Some signs read, “Thank you, Trump, for unifying Mexico!”

The courts and media have insisted otherwise.

They are planning a recruiting conference next month.

We are familiar with this incident and can vouch for the truthfulness of this account.

Trump wants to help black colleges.

Trump Must Break Judicial Power


Pat Buchanan advises Trump to follow Andrew Jackson’s example.


President facing an uphill battle.

They are rushing to get in while they still can.

They killed 121 people between 2010 and 2014.

May be the first case of a “Trump” deportation.

Almost half of them were in Detroit.

Mexican parties so hate each other they cannot even unite in opposition to Trump.

Dayton goes the way of Miami.

The left is furious.

Company claims decision was apolitical.

At least one vows to go back to US.

55 percent said they support America’s president.

Hot Air About Muslim Immigration


How “experts” bury the big picture in irrelevant facts.


A new way to “cry Trump.”

“Our Values”? Whose values?


It’s not government’s job to promote “values.”


A+ for Donald Trump’s First Weeks


Executive orders on refugees and immigrants met with media outrage and public approval.


What exactly can Trump do about campus free-speech violations?

Executive action begins to bite; Philadelphia may go the way of Miami.

Author of “The Flight 93 Election” now works for Trump.

Trump can drive even peaceful people to violence.

This is after complaints that it would hire thousands of refugees.

Everything Said About Trump’s “Muslim Ban” Is a Lie


Ann Coulter cuts through the rhetoric.


Protestor: “It’s absolutely acceptable to use violence.”

Pena denies that Trump said he might send troops to the border.

Just what we need: Africans with expensive health problems.