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New President, New World


The West is threatened by porous borders to our south, not Russians to our east.


“Every decision on . . . on immigration . . . will be made to protect American workers and American families.”

Including orders on the border wall and Latin American refugees.

At least 217 people have been arrested.

Hundreds of lefties chanted “No KKK. No Fascist USA.”

“But that’s a very tough situation.”

Trump is politically safe so long as he stays in the good graces of whites.

Some are calling it “Blaxit.”

Donald Trump is already causing “self-deportation.”

Venezuelan media interview Jared Taylor.

Al Jazeera tries to capture the rage and the joy as Trump becomes president.

An import tax could raise more than enough money.

America is less white and more divided.

Victor Davis Hanson on the Americans who back Trump.

Reagan and Trump: American Nationalists


Both represent a voice for the people, not the elites.


Paul Kersey on the the Trump and Lewis spat.

Professor: “Donald Trump is rolling back the clock on diversity.”

Tips For Hate Crime Hoaxers


Ann Coulter offers some free advice.


Mexican official: “It’s a matter of dignity and national sovereignty.”

She is not saying why she was there.

Mexican Peso hits historic low during Trump’s speech.

Decision comes now because of Trump election.

The battle over Trump’s cabinet begins.

What Exactly Is Trumpism?, National Review

Victor Davis Hanson on the ideas behind the man.

Seattle mayor plans to defy federal deportation efforts.

David Horowitz thinks Bannon was crucial to Trump’s victory.

A Year to Remember: 2016


Some reflections.


“No Nazis,” say owners.

James Burnham, Ann Coulter, and Peter Thiel are all included.

How many sad non-whites will actually leave?

2016 is the year the MSM dealt themselves their death blow.

He wants President Trump to increase racial polarization so blacks say “I’m outta here.”

NeverTrumpers could become the left’s useful idiots.

Faker may face charges.

More crying Trump.

Mayor refuses to say that illegals with criminal backgrounds will be disqualified.

Victor Davis Hanson on the president-elect’s virtues.

Enforcing E-Verify and tracking visa exits are more important.

Both words surged because of Trump.

Crying Trump: The Latest Hate-Crime Hoaxes


Are any of the alleged attacks legitimate?


She is being charged with filing a false police report.

Minor celebrities plead for electors to keep Trump from presidency.

Smiley compares black allies of Trump to Booker T. Washington.

Mayor de Blasio wants to delete all of NYC’s data on illegal immigrants.

Bush, Sr. was the last to do it.

American employees were replaced en masse by Indians.

Miller was an aide to Sen. Sessions before joining the Trump campaign.

Chances of cheating Trump of the presidency look less likely.

Sanders added that most Trump supporters aren’t racist.

Does Politico Publish Fake News?

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