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“White judges will preside over an increasingly diverse population for decades to come.”

Paroling immigrant detainees is “dangerous.”

Trump Must Stop ‘Refugee Caravan’ Invasion with Executive Order

“Other than stare these brazen people down, what will the National Guard do?”


They’re to stay there until Trump gets his wall.

Brown of California is set to do likewise.

Homeland secretary: “We will not allow illegal immigration levels to become the norm.”

How Trump’s Presidency Will Be Judged

“If he leaves office with the border unsecured, it is hard to see what stops the Third World invasion . . .”


Trump’s new plan if Congress won’t tighten immigration restrictions or fund the wall.

If blacks don’t want to work in the Trump White House, it’s Trump’s fault.

Congress has budgeted funds for 100 miles of barrier.

Donald Trump thinks “temporary” means temporary.

Trump argues that a border wall serves national defense.

Democrats think illegals should be part of the US census.

Opponents say illegals will be afraid to fill out the Census form.

Coulter “can’t imagine how it could be any worse.”

Despite the drain on its services, Canada remains committed to taking in refugees.

Defendant refused to believe that black people would support Trump.

In Minnesota schools, blacks are suspended eight times as often as whites.

Illegals need more representation in government.

Protesters make it clear they don’t want to assimilate.

He says cities should be sanctuaries for Americans, not safe havens for criminals.

Building the wall would save taxpayers $64 billion.

Evangelical whites voted for Donald Trump, and they haven’t repented.

NAACP complains it’s still higher than white unemployment.

Federal judge says judges need to “butt out of politics and stick to the law.”

CPAC and the ‘Death of Conservatism’

But we are very much alive.


They want more non-whites and more women.

Closings due to record low numbers of refugees.

This is, of course, unacceptable.

Trump—Middle American Radical

He attacks institutions which have been co-opted by progressives.


Taxing remittances and charging fees for expediting green card applications are just two ideas.

This is supposed to be a point against it.

Trump says Democrats seem not to care what happens to DACA beneficiaries.

They don’t even pretend he is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.

Non-whites benefit disproportionally from the diversity lottery and chain migration.

Americans Are Dreamers, Too

The equivalent of “It’s OK to be white.”


They also didn’t like it when he mentioned victims of crimes committed by illegals.

No enthusiasm for American black unemployment’s being at a “record low.”

Even amnesty for all the “Dreamers” doesn’t satisfy the Democrats.

“Donald Trump speaks to Africa frankly. It is Africans’ fault that they are weak.”

Planned Parenthood president says white women need to “do better.”

Mr. Trump on the Apertures: Stark Madness and Immiscibility

A first-hand report from some “s**tholes.”


Bill was weak on the wall, weak on chain immigration, and didn’t end the lottery.

NYT makes it official: “Donald Trump is a racist.”

Ninety percent of evening news coverage has been negative.

What, Exactly, is a “Shithole?”

The President nails it.


“We should have more people from Norway.”

Congressman says Trump’s views are “racially insensitive and ignorant.”

The Trump administration may be reversing the “Ferguson effect.”

Statewide network of attorneys and volunteers calls on governor to pardon immigrants faced with deportation.