Posted on July 10, 2020

Whose Country Is This, Anyway?

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, July 10, 2020

It’s not the America it used to be.

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We just celebrated Independence Day. Did your heart swell with pride? Were you filled with love for your country? My guess is, maybe not. And I have another question. Who does the United States belong to?

I’ll start with a little story about Philadelphia, where the Declaration of Independence was signed 244 years ago. Like so many other cities,  Philadelphia had rioting and looting in honor of George Floyd.It was so bad the city declared a curfew and called in the national guard. At one point word got out that a mob was going to tear down the statue of Columbus in Marconi Plaza. So, a group of citizens — all white, as the media was at great pains to point out — showed up with golf clubs and baseball bats to protect the statue. There was some shouting and shoving, but the statue was saved.

Did the city fathers thank the people who defended the monument? No. Mayor Jim Kenney tweeted: “All vigilantism is inappropriate, and these individuals only bring more danger to themselves and the city.” City prosecutor Larry Krasner called the people protecting the statue “criminal bullies.” The city was not proud of citizens who protected public property because if you’re white and you defend Columbus, you’re a criminal bully. And just to make sure the bullies go the message, the city boarded up the statue and promised to take it away.

I think you can usefully divide Americans according to what they think about Columbus. He brought Western Civilization — and white people — to what was a Stone Age continent. If you hate Columbus, it means you think white people should not have come, and that the entire history of the United States — its very existence — is a crime.

Not so long ago, hardly anyone thought that. During the George Floyd riots, no fewer than 29 statues of Columbus were torn down or carted off before the mob got to them. Those statues were there because Americans admired Columbus — *because* he brought Europe to the New World. That’s why we have a District of Columbia and Columbia University. That’s why scores of cities including two state capitals — Columbia, South Carolina, and Columbus, Ohio — are named after Columbus. Without the discovery, there’s no America, so if he’s a criminal, our whole country is a crime.

And that’s what people are saying when they celebrate Indigenous People’s day instead of Columbus Day. Now, 10 states and — ironically — the District of Columbia have ditched Columbus and celebrate Indians and Eskimos instead. So do countless cities, counties, school districts, universities. They don’t celebrate *both* Columbus and the Indians. That would be — inclusive. You celebrate Indians by despising Columbus.

And now, as you know, the federal government is thinking about giving us a new national holiday, a heretofore obscure holiday for blacks called Juneteenth. Some GOP senators want to swap out Columbus Day to make room for Juneteenth.

Wo, who does the country belong to? First of all, it is no longer the country my ancestors established in 1776 and that we had until about the 1950s — when the country was still 90 percent whites. The percentage of whites is plummeting — now to just 60 percent. This table shows you how the racial mix in this country has changed in just the last 10 years. We got 10 million more Hispanics, 4.3 million more Asians. 3.2 million more blacks, 1.7 million more mixed-race people. And whites? Our numbers *shrank* by more than 16,000. It was the first decade in American history when our numbers actually fell. Whites under age 16 are already minorities.

A lot of people like that. A black woman tweeted an Independence Day photo of nine white children in one family and called it insane. Another black woman called it “literally terrorism.”

A lot of people think America is the same country it’s always been because its symbols haven’t changed. We have the same Constitution, the same three branches of government, the same capital city for 230 years, basically the same flag, the same national anthem. Oh, wait, maybe not. As the New York Daily News explains, “There’s buzz to replace the national anthem due to Francis Scott Key’s history.” His history? He was a “racist.” Which is just another way of saying he was white. Is there any chance we will dump “The Star Spangled Banner”? When even a magazine that calls itself the American Conservative wants a new national anthem, anything is possible.

Part of me is attached to that song and that flag, but it may be just as well that they change, if that’s what it takes for white people to realize that this isn’t their country anymore.

In Washington, DC, Black Lives Matter protesters celebrated the Fourth by burning an American flag.

Here’s a Happy Fourth of July tweet from a black woman that  got 18,000 retweets and 44,000 likes.

And here are BLM protesters dancing on the American flag. And please note the poster: “Abolish the institution. We need a revolution.”

Colin Caepernick, with an estimated net worth of $20 million, celebrated the Fourth by saying: “We reject your celebration of white supremacy.”

The Washington Post ran an Independence Day opinion column about the name of a college. It said “both namesakes of Washington and Lee University perpetrated racial terror, so the place should be renamed.   Racial terror. You didn’t know that George Washington rode around in a Klan hood terrifying black people, did you?

While we’re renaming things, we should take that white supremacist’s name off the nation’s Capital and knock down the Washington Monument. And we should do what Lucian Truscott, a direct descendent of Thomas Jefferson recently called for just a few days ago in the New York Times: Take down the statue in the Jefferson Memorial and instead put up a 19-foot statue of Harriett Tubman — whom Mr. Truscott calls a Founding Mother.

Let’s do these things if it jolts white people out of their complacency. If it makes them understand that although there are a lot of white people in Congress, not one of them represents us. If it makes them understand that our universities teach our own children to think our country is a criminal enterprise. Let’s rename everything if that’s what it takes to make whites understand that the reason you can’t put up a sign that says, “It’s OK to be white,” is because — in America — it’s *not* OK to be white.

At the time of Abraham Lincoln’s first inaugural address in 1861, seven states had already seceded. He tried to save the union by appealing to: “The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battle-field, and patriot grave, to every living heart and hearthstone.” Even on the brink of civil war, Lincoln could speak of mystic chords of memory that stretched to every hearthstone. What are the common mystic memories of Americans today? The very words sound like a joke.

So you may have a US passport. You may pay taxes. You may put your hand on your heart when you hear the anthem, but if you’re white, this isn’t your country. Ask yourself: Is there even one white American hero we’re allowed to admire? Even one? In some, dim way, you may even think you love America, but America doesn’t love you. The official view is that we are what’s wrong with this country. We are the obstacle to a rainbow paradise.

Until we have a completely different country — or part of it that is exclusively ours — we are aliens, and not very welcome ones.