Posted on December 9, 2019

Why Is Stephen Miller Even Controversial?

AR Staff, American Renaissance, December 9, 2019

They’re still trying to get Stephen Miller fired.

NBC News just published yet another sensationalist story about Stephen Miller’s “white nationalist views.” There’s no compelling evidence he has such views. The “evidence” is a link to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Even the SPLC didn’t say Mr. Miller was a white nationalist, but that he had an “affinity for white nationalism” because he shared links from, the Social Contract Press, and American Renaissance.

Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller. (Credit Image: © Joshua Roberts / Reuters via ZUMA Press)

VDARE denies being white nationalist. The Social Contact Press has never claimed to be “white nationalist,” and had non-white speakers at its latest conference. American Renaissance is a race-realist site that aggregates news from various sources and publishes diverse writers.

What does “white nationalism” mean to NBC News?

In a trove of emails provided to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights group, Miller cited and promoted white nationalist ideologies of white genocide, immigrants as criminals and eugenics, all of which were once considered fringe and extreme. White nationalists embrace white supremacist and white separatist views.

According to the SPLC write-up, Mr. Miller’s promotion of “ideologies of white genocide” is his allusion to the book The Camp of the Saints. This book and its themes were The Atlantic’s cover story in 1994. When did it become “fringe and extreme” to discuss mass illegal immigration? Apparently, just now. What’s truly “fringe and extreme” is to suggest that anyone who reads the book or knows about it is a “white nationalist.”

More importantly, what is a “white nationalist?” If it means anything, the term must refer to supporting a nation-state for white people. “White supremacism” implies ruling over non-whites. “White separatism” can possibly mean supporting an ethnostate, yet it could also mean simply associating with one’s own kind within a larger multicultural state. And where does the accusation about “eugenics” come from? NBC is just using buzzwords. Might as well call Mr. Miller a Nazi pedophile and be done with it.

This article appeared on NBC News Latino, and the author is Suzanne Gamboa. The title of the article is “After Stephen Miller’s white nationalist views outed, Latinos ask, ‘where’s the GOP outrage?’ ” It’s an article by a Hispanic, about Hispanics, for Hispanics, on NBC Latino. Miss Gamboa sees no irony in acting as if “white nationalism” were an impeachable offense.

The SPLC suggests Mr. Miller has an “affinity for white nationalism” because he knew about statistics based on FBI reports. Yet these are objective facts. “Are facts white nationalist?” asked Ann Coulter in a recent column. Apparently they are.

NBC goes further, stating, “Only Democrats have called on the White House to rid itself of white nationalism.” This implies the Trump White House literally has white nationalists working for it.

If so, they’re doing a terrible job implementing a white nationalist program. They haven’t even managed to get rid of affirmative action.

After reading hundreds of emails sent by Stephen Miller, the best the SPLC could is find that he linked to Steve Sailer. It also trumpeted the fact that “Miller’s name has also appeared on American Renaissance as an author,” but that’s only because we linked to a piece he wrote for FrontPage Magazine. Mr. Miller also found it bizarre that Amazon stopped the sale of anything with a Confederate flag on it after the Dylann Roof shooting, but kept selling Communist propaganda. Finally, Stephen Miller liked Calvin Coolidge’s immigration policies.

Is this it? I’ve tried very hard to try to put myself in the SPLC’s shoes. Yet I still can’t figure out what is the actual scandal. Stephen Miller knows that, American Renaissance, and The Camp of the Saints exist. Our critics obviously do, too. Is even knowing about Dissident Media too extreme for the Trump White House? Does simply acknowledging they exist make one a “white nationalist?”

If so, “white nationalist” simply means “someone journalists don’t like.”

The story had no impact because the Trump White House didn’t buckle. Author Suzanne Gamboa is thus trying to keep the story going by invoking the El Paso shooting, even though Mr. Miller obviously had nothing to do with it. She also suggests Congressman Steve King was defending the term “white nationalist” in his own recent scandal, even though The New York Times obviously and deliberately misquoted Congressman King. Steve King also has nothing to do with Mr. Miller. This is not even guilt-by-association, but guilt by non-association.

Miss Gamboa is shocked there is no outrage about Stephen Miller. I’m shocked that America’s immigration laws are still ignored and there are more than 20 million illegal infiltrators on American soil. I’m shocked journalists kept a photo of Barack Obama with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan a secret so it wouldn’t hurt his political career. I’m shocked that a recent Congressman and national Democratic party leader, Keith Ellison, was and possibly still is a black nationalist, and that no one in the Black Congressional Caucus repudiated his views. I am using “black nationalist” in its real, literal meaning — he explicitly advocated the breakup of the union and the creation of a black ethnostate while in law school.

What the Stephen Miller non-scandal shows is the mainstream media’s power to create a phony story. There’s no smoking gun in these email exchanges, nothing to suggest Mr. Miller is a white nationalist, nothing to suggest that he’s anything other than a normal conservative angered by mass immigration. If anything, he’s far too soft. However, journalists just keep invoking the scare term “white nationalist,” and some people out there continue to believe it.

Unfortunately, many journalists still think their job is to essentially reprint SPLC press releases rather than investigate. To these people, journalism is not a profession; it’s just a form of activism.