Posted on November 19, 2019

Blacks Defend Us Even When Whites Dare Not

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, November 19, 2019

Jon Miller, host of “The White House Brief” on BlazeTV, recently commented on the non-scandal about Stephen Miller reading news articles on and American Renaissance. He noted that is not a “white nationalist” site and publishes diverse views. He also asked where people are supposed to get accurate information about race, immigration, and crime if the mainstream media refuse to publish it. He specifically cited Jared Taylor’s 2015 report that the Department of Justice finally classified Hispanics in a separate category from whites. He also pointed out that whites are the only group not allowed to speak in their own interests.

This especially annoyed a researcher from the left-wing group Media Matters for America:

In the above Twitter thread, many argue that whites have plenty of groups that promote their interests. These supposedly include the legal system, the Republican party, and even other countries.

However, if this is true, why are so many people desperate to avoid being called white? Why are Arabs, Israelis, Indians, and others, lobbying to avoid being called “white” in the census? Why did Rachel Dolezal go through all the trouble of “becoming” black? Why did Elizabeth Warren claim to be an American Indian?

Why are “non-white” celebrities like Jessica Alba visibly disappointed when genetic tests show they are mostly European? Why is the Department of Justice, under an Administration supposedly influenced by “white nationalists,” indicting white activist groups at the behest of journalists and antifa?

The answer is obvious. There are concrete, material benefits not to be white. There are also social benefits, such as generally favorable media coverage. Non-whites usually have more freedom to talk about racial issues without being smeared by the mainstream media.

Media Matters is attacking Jon Miller; what he said took courage. If a white host had made the same argument, my guess is that The Blaze would fire him.

It’s true that whites collectively have make more money than blacks and Hispanics, according to Census figures. However, Asians have an even higher average income. Do they have “Asian privilege?” Obviously not; Asians have ethnic lobbies that pursue their racial interests.

Whites alone are criticized for pursuing our interests. Our very identity is attacked, with slogans such as “destroy whiteness.” Threats to our identity imply threats of violence. Anti-white groups threaten death and the call to “repeat Dresden.”

Intimidation upholds the racial double standard. If enough people speak out against it, it will collapse.

We are not “supremacists” or people trying to defend unearned “privilege.” We are ordinary people with a legitimate identity and group interests. We have the same rights to defend them as anyone else.