Posted on October 10, 2018

Conservative Journalist’s Young Children Threatened with Rape and Death — Swedish Media Ignore It

Voice of Europe, October 9, 2018

Joakim Lamotte, a Swedish journalist who is known for his research into migrant crime, is being threatened with his life and the rape of his wife and young children.

As we’ve reported before, people call Lamotte and tell him that he should be slaughtered, that his wife should be slaughtered and that they are going to f*ck his entire family.

In one weekend the conservative journalist received over 40 calls of that kind and as a result he explained why he was inactive for some time on Facebook.

But in politically correct Sweden the case isn’t even news. Imagine what would happen if a leftist politician or migrant family received these threats.

Today Lamotte says on Facebook:

“I’m pissed off so I’m boiling right now. A few minutes ago, I was called by the radio show “media” in P1. It’s a program in Sweden’s radio that’s about media and journalism.

“Therefore, my first thought, of course, is that they want to talk to me about all the death threats and bomb threats that make me unable to live a normal life anymore.

“I guess they want to do a story on how free speech is under attack in Sweden when independent journalists like me daily are threatened with the goal of scaring us to silence.

“I am thinking that the journalist from Sweden’s radio will ask how my family and I are feeling after several weeks having received threats with the message that I, my wife and my children are to be slaughtered, raped, shot and blown up if I don’t stop with my journalism.

“My instinct tells me and I also imagine that she may regret that, as a journalist and colleague, I need to live under a threat of death just because I do my job. But the person from the “media” in P1 starts by saying she’s going to do a report on a “swishjournalister ” (independent journalist dependent on public donations).

“However, the threats that I have received recently are completely uninteresting to the “media” in P1.
But why am I surprised?

“Do you know how many established media have written about my situation after I last week chose to go out and tell you about the threats to me, my wife and my children?

“Zero journalists on established media have devoted a line to this even though I am likely to be Sweden’s most threatened journalist right now”, he says in his post.

Lamotte previously reported all threats to the police, but they refused to help him. In one case, they sent him confirmation that they had received his complaint, and a notification that the case was closed on the same day.

The timestamps on the two documents show that the case had been closed less than one hour after the complaint had been received.

Meanwhile Lamotte continues with his work as he “refuses to be silent”.