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The country is expected to have 507,000 “non-Western” immigrants by 2060.

Finance minister: Denmark will no longer have a system in which “refugees become immigrants.”

Migration minister: “[Y]ou must of course return home and rebuild the country from which you came from.”

The hijab is the problem.

MP: “Leave Daesh brides and widows to rot.”

“The indoctrination continues.”

Similar reports come from Sweden and Germany — but not Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, or Czech Republic.

Opponents: Temporary ban makes migrants think they aren’t welcome in Finnish society.

Finland’s Grooming Gangs, Gatestone Institute

Iraqi and Afghan migrants are 40 times more likely than native Finns to be suspected of sexual assault.

Sounds familiar.

Only 14 percent of the population have traditional Norwegian surnames.

Denmark takes cues from Israel and Australia.

Denmark didn’t just change; politicians changed it.

Conservatives say it is “unacceptable” to use ethnicity in welfare schemes.

Four parties form coalition to “protect democracy” from nationalist party.

Asylum seekers and their family members made up the majority.

Reports by tax-supported “speech monitoring group” have led to 144 “hate speech” convictions.

Libyan will get six years of prison, then deportation, but can come back after 15 years.

Nearly a third of Swedes have at least one parent who is not Swedish.

Punishment was previously a fine.

The family of one of the girls warned her not to go.

Somali immigrant represents a segregated suburb.

Criminals will receive just sentences “regardless of ethnicity.”

This year only 142 Afghans have been expelled from Sweden.

Pakistani, Algerian, Iranian, and Moroccan men intend to invade Germany or Scandinavia.

TV host: “Gothenburg U is not a university. It is a socialist nursery for fanatic believers.”

The Marrakesh Declaration “affects Denmark’s social and cultural cohesion.”

Real Swedes have a rate of 1.78; the foreign-born rate is over 2.

The police dismissed his complaints minutes after he registered them.

Denmark is the only country in the world that has halted its intake of resettlement refugees.

Adventures in white ethnomasochism.

9,000 migrants can stay in Sweden, even if their asylum applications have been rejected.

Sweden Democrats could join a governing coalition.

As part of a “motivation pack,” outgoing Syrians would get $2,200.

Europeans Are Waking Up

Swedes and Germans want their countries back.


Economist: “Sweden’s experiment with large-scale immigration from the Third World to a welfare state has failed.”

“Just Do It”

Celebrating those who dare to “sacrifice everything.”


Sweden never figured out how to “integrate” its immigrant population.

State secretary: “Neither our constitution, nor our international obligations imply that foreigners are entitled to a certain type of status in Norway.”

Over the past five years, Immigrants comprised 58 percent of those convicted of rape in Sweden.

She likes the benefits of European laws, but doesn’t like European customs.

About 80 cars were set on fire in one night.

Rise of Sweden Democrats prompts other parties to get tougher on immigration.

Only about one-third happy with EU, the rest undecided.

Fake migrant children will stay in Sweden, even if they have been convicted of “gross violent crime.”

The government is forcing assimilation.

“I Couldn’t Help Being Born White”

Old white man is crushed by young Latina in Dem primary.


Declining support is probably due to the influx of Syrians.

Muslim migrants in Sweden are forming a “shadow society” and refusing to assimilate.

Too close to “white power” for liberal comfort.