Posted on September 16, 2019

Researchers Placed 17,000 Wallets in Different Cities to See How Many People Would Return Them

Rugile, Bored Panda, July 2019


The idea is quite simple. 11 men and 2 women have traveled to 355 major cities across 40 countries where they “lost” 17,000 wallets. The main goal was to see how differently citizens in each country responded to a lost wallet. {snip}

There were two types of wallets used in the experiment, one had a key and no money inside, another one had some money and a key


The average amount of money in the wallet was $13.45 (USD) in the country’s currency, and a few countries (United Kingdom, Poland, and the United States) had a larger sum of $94.15. {snip}

Here’s the graph portraying how different countries responded to this experiment

{snip} Scandinavian countries aced the experiment by returning the biggest amount of lost wallets. Unfortunately, countries like China, Morocco, Peru, and Kazakhstan had the smallest return-rate.

There were a few factors that affected the way people responded to the lost wallet — researchers found that wallets that had a key were returned way more often than those without the key, which mainly has to do with people thinking the key has a more significant value to the owner.