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The Racism Treadmill

May 15, 2018
Are "racism" and "systemic bias" really to blame for black shortcomings?

Racial Quota Punishment

November 19, 2014
Thomas Sowell sees political calculation in all the noise about school suspensions.

Racial Violence Rising

November 25, 2013
One Philadelphia judge says black violence will never make up for past white violence against blacks.

Race-Hustling Results

October 30, 2013
Asians have no Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton but seem to do very well.

Immigration Sophistry

April 15, 2013
When it comes to illegal immigration, we're supposed to sympathize with criminals.

Intellectuals and Race

March 19, 2013
Thomas Sowell's new book challenges conventional "blame whitey" excuses.

IQ and Race

November 27, 2012
Thomas Sowell says controversial theories should be countered with data, not indignation.

Geraldo’s Point

March 26, 2012
Thomas Sowell talks sense about the Zimmerman case.

Social Degeneration

August 18, 2011
Thomas Sowell comments on media bias and black misbehavior.

Misleading Words

August 2, 2011
Thomas Sowell on the mortgage crisis and blacks' economic decline.

Upside Down Economics

February 26, 2009
Government regulations benefiting non-whites brought about the housing collapse.

What Flight?

November 29, 2005
Whites aren't the only ones to flee when people of other races move into their neighborhoods.

Recycled “Racism”

September 22, 2005
Research showing bias in home loans fails to take into account alternative explanations.

Immigration Taboos

August 17, 2005
Immigration-boosters ignore many of immigration's costs.

Black Rednecks

July 6, 2005
Black columnist pins black failings on Southern "redneck" culture.