A Censored Race War?

Thomas Sowell, Real Clear Politics, May 15, 2012

When two white newspaper reporters for the Virginian-Pilot were driving through Norfolk, and were set upon and beaten by a mob of young blacks—beaten so badly that they had to take a week off from work—that might seem to have been news that should have been reported, at least by their own newspaper. But it wasn’t.

“The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox News Channel was the first major television program to report this incident. Yet this story is not just a Norfolk story, either in what happened or in how the media and the authorities have tried to sweep it under the rug.

Similar episodes of unprovoked violence by young black gangs against white people chosen at random on beaches, in shopping malls or in other public places have occurred in Philadelphia, New York, Denver, Chicago, Cleveland, Washington, Los Angeles and other places across the country. Both the authorities and the media tend to try to sweep these episodes under the rug as well.

In Milwaukee, for example, an attack on whites at a public park a few years ago left many of the victims battered to the ground and bloody. But, when the police arrived on the scene, it became clear that the authorities wanted to keep this quiet.

One 22-year-old woman, who had been robbed of her cell phone and debit card, and had blood streaming down her face said: “About 20 of us stayed to give statements and make sure everyone was accounted for. The police wouldn’t listen to us, they wouldn’t take our names or statements. They told us to leave. It was completely infuriating.”

The police chief seemed determined to head off any suggestion that this was a racially motivated attack by saying that crime is colorblind. Other officials elsewhere have said similar things.

{snip} Media outlets that do not report the race of people committing crimes nevertheless report racial disparities in imprisonment and write heated editorials blaming the criminal justice system.

What the authorities and the media seem determined to suppress is that the hoodlum elements in many ghettoes launch coordinated attacks on whites in public places. If there is anything worse than a one-sided race war, it is a two-sided race war, especially when one of the races outnumbers the other several times over.

It may be understandable that some people want to head off such a catastrophe, either by not reporting the attacks in this race war, or not identifying the race of those attacking, or by insisting that the attacks were not racially motivated—even when the attackers themselves voice anti-white invective as they laugh at their bleeding victims.

Trying to keep the lid on is understandable. But a lot of pressure can build up under that lid. If and when that pressure leads to an explosion of white backlash, things could be a lot worse than if the truth had come out earlier, and steps taken by both black and white leaders to deal with the hoodlums and with those who inflame the hoodlums.


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  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    Segregation, segregation, segregation – separate nations.  Until then, Jim Crow must return in the form of martial law in any city or place where this violence occurs, enforced by white troops until the partition is made.  If our national guard and military can’t or won’t do it, citizens eventually will.

    Enough is enough.

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

       the black run fed controls the police and nat guard i think so i cannot see this administration stopping black uprisings the 450 million rounds ordered by dhs are for use against white citizens who would try to defend themselves against a black and hispanic uprising so you better go buy ammo the police and nat guard even white ones will be coming after whites

      • Johnny Reb

        You’re going a little far.

        Both po-lice and National Guard are state-controlled.  The Nat Guard can be federalized under certain emergencies like insurrection . . . but the state government first has to be declared incapable of handling its own affairs.

        It’s not at all clear to me that

        1)  the US Congress would allow the President (regardless of who it is) to use troops illegally against white America

        2) active duty Army/Marines or the National Guard would obey illegal orders and attack whites

        3)  states would lose control . . . nation-wide.  I could see places like New York City losing control . . . while in Syracuse, things would be under control.  Chicago might be lost . . . but not Peoria.  Philadelphia burnt to the ground . . . but not Pittsburgh.  Miami si . . . Ocala no.  etc

        • Good Point.

          Even the Military Man in Iran told the muslim Leader, ‘NO, I will not turn the guns on our People’.  I was impressed and greatly so by that.  I was Grateful too ’cause it gave me hope for us and our Military/Police not turning on us.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             Unfortunately and tragically, the only people I have seen in history who most willfully and continuously turn against one another socially and in war and civil war is whites.  Religion (Christianity) has most often been the cause or inciter.  This is what we have to learn about and figure out how not to repeat again.

            Today, we have so many people not of “our people” in our local police departments (not everywhere, however) and in our armed forces that I think Chittum’s model is correct; the military will have a series of internal revolts and staying clear of military bases is on the list for those who wish to survive.

          • vladdy1

            Christianity? Well, I know the atheists don’t like us, but I don’
            t see them turning guns on us yet.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

              vladdy1 Collapse
            Christianity? Well, I know the atheists don’t like us, but I don’t see them turning guns on us yet.”I am a long time poster here on Amren blogs (7 years) and I am an atheist philosophically, but Asatru spiritually.  (Yes, I can make such distinctions.  I argue against Christianity because it is full of self-defeating mechanisms for everyone, but especially whites, and white realists.  I try to make good arguments here all the time because I care, not because I hate Christians.  I grew up in it and I am good friends with many Christians.  I just get annoyed with all the shallow, unthinking declarations that Christian posters often make here, not realizing the obvious contradictions they contain.I am well set up, but I would never dream of going after a white who purports to be a Christian.  I think it is far more likely that in a time of stress, white Christians would go after white non-Christians, since this is the constant historical example and since it often seems just under the surface in so many Amren posts.Whites have got to figure out how to accept one another as  having the rights to freedom of conscious, something Thomas Jefferson felt strongly about, and work together for the higher goal of a guaranteed white future.

        •  There is NOT enough Nat’l Guard or all military to conquer even scabby Muslims in Afghan dirtholes.

          How will this “great force” combat even 10% of Americans fed up with this stuff?

          That’s 30 Million justifiably, righteously ticked-off problems.

          How many “troops loyal to His Majesty” actually mutiny.

          •  Apples oranges.  The Pentagon has practically tied our military’s hands behind its back when facing saintly minorities on the other side.  If they sick them on us, then there will be no ACLU-written rule book to follow.

          • Then, if you’re powerless
            you are powerless.

            Battle’s over.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         I have followed Chittum’s recommendations in this respect.  I usually don’t post like I did here, but I wanted to make a basic outline of a scenario.  I know that it’s going to be a bad time and many of us won’t make it.  That is why we need to find deeper understandings and acceptance of one another as whites as a priority.

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

       there arent enough police to stop a black uprising and the states have to get federal permission to call up the guard i cant see this black government ordering the guard to stop a black uprising just go buy ammo and whatever amount you were going to buy buy three times that amount

    • XIXth

      Now that the obvious solutions have raised their heads, how do we implement those solutions? My estimate, given the current chain of command and overweening federal power, is either Sheriff’s at the local level must implement martial law, state constitutional conventions must implement martial law, or federal constitutional conventions must implement martial law. In all cases, a covert group must begin coordinating the election of the sheriffs, and prepare the for the election of constitutional conventions. In turn, an electoral solution must be found for ensuring the appropriate delegates are chosen. I suggest reading the history of how the covert groups and subsequent conventions were formed in the American, California, and Texas Revolutions, as well as the Southern Seccesionist Conventions in order to learn the nuts and bolts of lawfully establishing new authorities.

  • razorrare

    Little late to the party…the undeclared race war of Black violence on White has been going on ever since the Tyranical Left firmly took over our Institutions and used activist judges to circumvent the will of the people…some-time around MLK & LBJ early 60’s era…

    • Yes, prepare for a transition from a Lockian democracy of free men,
      —–to the necessary Hobbesian Leviathian to rule over savages.

  • http://www.wavy.com/dpp/news/local_news/norfolk/suspects-speak-out-on-norfolk-attack

    The lawyer for one of the suspects says the attack wasn’t racially motivated.

    Yep, that really convinces me.

    • Carney3

      No doubt we’ll soon see smiling still photos of them, learn that some were “honor students” or had harmless sounding interests like sports or marching band, etc.   Each has a mother who will tell us that little KeyShawn is “not a bad kid”, “loves his Momma”, and “would never hurt anyone”.

      • JackKrak

        You forgot “aspiring rapper” who was just “turning his life around”……

        • Carney3

          Right! “Struggling to escape negative influences, making progress in career counseling at the church community center”…

        • You know, rhyming rhythmically over a beat is not even that hard.

          Dirty Nursery Rhymes, that’s all it is.

          Rap is just another trick to make the Communist Black male seem “intelligent” and “articulate”.  

          •  Sure, because most people walk away from most rap videos thinking the “artists” on the level with Einstein and Maxwell.

            Now, where did I put that sarcasm tag?

  • TomIron361

    To be truthful, any time a msm “reporter” gets a taste of reality, I’m not in the least upset. The chances that, that person is a square shooter are slim and none. They’re 99% convinced liberals and even a good beating isn’t going to unconvince them that black people aren’t really great people. So, the H*ll with reporters.

    As I keep saying though, once this thing gets rolling, the blacks and hispanics are going to see a side of White men they never knew existed. But when they finally see this side of us, it’ll be far too late for them to mend their ways. The clock is ticking on their time here in America and it’s interesting they’re completely unaware of what thin ice they’re on. They’ll find out though.

    • Obongo signed the NDAA,  and ordered 45million rounds of ammo.  Most dont know how badly he desecrated the constitution.

      •  Steven make that 450 million rounds of HOLLOW POINT ammo….

        • That factoid is a non-isses.  Most law enforcement ammo these days 9aside of crazy PC places like NYC and New jersey) are hollow points…for a variety of good reasons.

          • I’m not so sure about that.  The aim is to imprison White People and the only way they can do that is by Force.

          • Anonymous

            How do they plan on rounding up 200 million whites?  How do they plan on doing that when whites are buying a firearm everyday in this country and buying all the ammo they can?  How do they plan on doing that as our country goes more and more into debt and with little money to pay people to enforce their laws?  Think about it.  We have become an empire and we are collapsing.  Nothing lasts forever.

        • blight14

           Probably for plinking cans and target practice I’m sure……

      • xxxtonygunsxxx

         450 million

  • Church_of_Jed

    “The pundits say that censoring black-on-White violence protects the blacks from embarrassment and prevents bigots from feeling empowered. But the Internet has cracked the seal of censorship, which means the Internet will soon be censored, monitored, policed, and most frighteningly, tracked and logged. The Diversity Truth must not corrode the edifice of the Diversity Lie. Disseminating and consuming any truth that that justifies bigots, or in other words, any story that awakens and alerts the survival instinct of the White community, and that ‘promotes prejudice and instigates racial hatred,’ will be outlawed as a hate crime. Telling the truth is hate speech to those who hate the truth; free speech is hate speech to those who hate freedom. When the changes come, the tyrants will look for examples whom they can punish harshly so that we all get the messages. White privilege will soon be an artifact of a bygone world.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Your black future,” 2008

    • haroldcrews

      It must be kept in mind that we do not oppose the multi-cults because they are tolerant and believe in Liberty.  We oppose them because they are totalitarian at heart and are actively seeking our destruction.

      • I always find it very comical when the left speaks of “toleration” as if it were some magnificent virtue.  I mean these people would defend their “toleration” of pedophiles and rapists!  To tolerate means to merely put up with, it doesn’t mean they approve.  They “tolerate” “gay rights” and “black crime”, well sorry that just makes you a Closet Bigot!

        • The__Bobster

          They still wouldn’t “tolerate” most of the people posting here.

          • MrGJG

             Good, that means I’m on the right side.

        • That is because liberals never take a concept to its logical conclusions.

          Their whole worldview is based upon fuzzy, interconnecting ideas.  That is why they are liberals.  They are liberally enjoy illogic.

          They do not see how there is actually no committee of White men, “Racists”, sitting around plotting to keeps blacks violent and uneducated.

          Yes, I’m sure White “Racists” would just love to live in a country with dangerous unruly savages, and actively work to keep them that way.

          “Racists” are just people intolerant to Savagery.


  • libertarian1234

    This is just one more  revelation that there is and has been a one-sided racial war occuring here in this country.   That would never have been pointed out as recently as just a year ago.  And even now I doubt anyone other than a black writer could have succeeded in bluntly pointing out the very same thing without being demonized into near oblivion,  as Derbyshire was.  
    Sowell likely sees a white response building against what amounts…for all intents and purposes….to a racial war, and his intent is to try to get the black leadership to quell the black mobs before armed white resistence finally begins. 
    But he’s a cut far above the average black, so I seriously doubt his warning will have any effect on either the black elites or their minions, because….like everything else….they operate on a different frequency that is based in arrogance and delusion, and not anything close to the level of intelligence Sowell is equipped with.   I’m pretty sure that since they now regard themselves in control of the government with their own people,  they think they can do almost as they please.
    Additionally, I think the black leadership is using the threat of riots and mob violence as a kind of bargaining chip to get what they want, which I’m convinced they feel gives them added power.
    Personally, I think they’re playing a dangerous game, because the situation is going to escalate beyond control as long as this white backlash continues to build.

    • Sowell is cut so far above the average black,  he is practically white.  Or at least perceived to be.  He has zero street cred thus the average savage will not listen.  He’s too reasonable and practical for blacks to listen.  His writings have and will never pluck their emotional strings.  

      The tribal elders like Jackson and Sharpton are most defiantly using riots and destruction as leverage…I say, let them.  More backlash.  Let them riot.  More backlash.  It’s in the black man’s nature to keep pushing until they’re dominated or their authority tells them to stop.  The elders and chiefs have too much power now.  They will not know when to stop pushing. There’s no one to tell them to stop.  They will continue until pushed back.  

      • Sherman_McCoy

        I don’t care if blacks listen to Sowell or not.  I want WHITES to listen to him.

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

       most blacks have nothing to lose by physically assaulting whites they already have 12 arrests by age 14 by 19 they have multiple felonies and have spent time in prison . prisons are all 85 plus percent black so they just see all of their relatives and friends from the neighborhood including the guards. whereas for a white who acts out or defends themselves against blacks they can lose their reputation, job, marriage, house, life savings etc gain a criminal record, go to a prison where they are outnumbered 9 to one etc thus the reluctance for whites to fight back. blacks gain status in their community or gang by going to prison and by violence whereas a white is shunned. same applies to hispanics as blacks. additionally hispanics and blacks are on the same team and the few idiot whites who dont realize it should wake up. because of media coverup and positive portrayal of blacks many whites are clueless as to their true nature.they are in grave danger.

      • JackKrak

        Absolutely right – it is definitely often a case of having nothing to lose vs. having everything to lose. Very few black kids are worried that their shot a law school will be ruined by a criminal conviction……..

  • Anan7

    And the worst part is, if you respond like George Zimmerman quite rightly did, you’re worse than the one who initiated the attack (T. Martin).

    Blacks can do no wrong and Whites aren’t even allowed to stand up to them.

    • I W

      We’ve all seen and made posts wondering what would happen when one of these little thugs runs up against a legitimate person with a CCW. Now we know the predictable answer.

  • The so-called “mainstream news media” in this country is just beyond disgraceful and I really have a hard time mustering up any sympathy for these two reporters because they are part of the same corrupt system. If it had been some other white couple getting smashed they would have more then likely been part of the cover-up. Maybe when the likes of Katie Couric or Matt Lauer start getting their butts handed to them by black mobs maybe, just maybe these hate crimes will start getting some press coverage.

    • MrGJG

      Seeing those two smug phonies getting their butts handed to them by a black mob is one black on white beat down I could get behind.

  • Johnny Reb

    Bernie Goetz . . . Paul Kersey . . . James Randolph . . .  Don’t worry if you don’t recognize the last name – I made him up. 

    But here’s what it will take.  A young man and his pretty, WASP, pregnant wife (Mr and Mrs James Randolph) will go out to eat and on their way to their car, they will be attacked by a crowd of “youths.”  Mrs Randolph is beaten down . . . Mr Randolph pulls out his brand new Glock 22 and unloads 15 rounds of Winchester 180 grain into the swarming mass.

    The blacks scatter . . . except for the three who are killed instantly.  Two more die on the way to the hospital and a sixth dies later.  No charges are  brought against the white couple (but their home is burned and they’re forced to leave town).

    The Al Sharptons of the world demand “justiss” but whites rally in defense of the Randolphs who, it turns out, were once missionaries in the Congo and volunteer their time at the local NAACP-run soup kitchen.

    The problem of blacks attacking whites finally has a face . . .

    • IstvanIN

      Never happen.  Whites never support whites.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        We do.  Heck, we even support that half-Peruvian.  Why?  Because whites believe in fair play, which is exactly what Zimmerman is NOT getting.

        • I don’t support zimmerman.  I like your post but I don’t support the hispanic.  For me, he was hispanic as long as it suited him but since they dropped him, he’s “white”.  I can’t do the “whatever works at the moment” race game.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t support him either.  I support him defending himself no doubt, but I’m not going to embrace him.  He identified himself as Hispanic and, if the hispanic supremacists declared him a ‘hispanic’, he’d gotten a free lawyer and possibly jumped on the anti-white bandwagon.  As I said, I’m glad Zimmerman defended himself, but he’s not one of us.  Had a white guy shot him instead, Zimmerman would have stayed ‘hispanic’ and not a ‘white hispanic’

        • anonymous_amren

          If I’m ever getting beaten to death by black people, I’d be glad to have Zimmerman there. I support him.

          That’s not to say that I wouldn’t deport him to Peru if we decided to declare the United States a white country. But I’d be happy to know that Peru would be a nicer and safer place with him there, and I might check on the internet to see how he was doing there. He’s a crime-fighter and a good man.

      • Anan7

         How do you mean “support”?

        I think that Zimmerman (yes, I realize he doesn’t have a drop of White blood in him) was correct in what he did.

        But there are *plenty* of White victims of black violence that have been virtually ignored.

        A small sampling of the list: http://www.newnation.org/NNN-Black-on-White.html

      • Anonymous

        For now.  For now.  History is cyclical.  There are always cycles of ups and downs, good and bad, etc.  Whites appear to be weak and obedient for now.  Read The Awakened Saxon by Ruyard Kipling.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Being able to personalize the issue is key.  Wasn’t it Stalin who said that the deaths of millions is a statistic, but of one person is a tragedy?

      The pictures of the pretty blond South African, beaten and raped by SA blacks personalized the issues there for me, so much so, that I began researching the “statistics.”

      • anonymous_amren

        For me it was pure statistics that converted me. I’m smart enough to realise “Oh $#!%, a one-standard deviation difference in IQ would mean…” and go from there, once I noticed the statistic. (I don’t live around black people).

    • Anan7

       Unfortunately I don’t think there will ever be a White version of Trayvon Martin.

      My generation (I was born in ’86) has been brainwashed to think that only the precious minorities can be victims.

      Every now and then the media will present a story like this, like when the New Black Panthers were waving a baton at voters in 2008.

      It’s the hearts and minds that must change, so that peaceful and voluntary ethnic separation will occur.

  • I W

    That’s all? Usually -if they even know of him at all- it is ‘painted on’, ‘Uncle Tom’, ‘OREO’ or unprintably worse that involves household servants in the antebellum period. (They’d have to actually Read it to know that the ‘bad’ guy in Stowe’s propaganda was named Simon Legree. And I do mean utter propaganda and lies, see here:  http://tinyurl.com/csy5uuc  dailykenn's page on black slave ownership, and white intolerance of people who mistreated their slaves. )
    Poor Sowell. He will join Cosby as an excoriated pariah within the black community, while the liberal whites similarly shun him; which leaves only the ‘racist’ conservatives like those on AR and National Review to ‘tolerate’ him.

    As an aside; maybe he ought to be welcomed to the next AR conference as a keynote speaker -if nothing else, it’d be fun to watch the lefts’ collective heads explode as their anti-white–sorry ‘anti-racist’ apparatichik goes to work trying to stop a black fellow from speaking at a conference. Almost as much fun as watching ‘tingly legs’ Chris Matthews come in dead last on ‘Jeopardy’. You almost expect his puppet controls to burn out and for two guys to come out and dolly him off the stage, trailing whisps of acrid smoke from his ears.

  • TonyWestfield

    Funny, it has never occurred to me to band together with other Whites and then mount an armed attack upon Blacks.  Many times, however, it has occurred to me (and to millions of other Whites) to prepare and to stay prepared to rain violence, shock-and-awe style, upon the Blacks who start the trouble.

    I really hope I’m wrong about this: There is a permanent asymmetry that favors Blacks.  Whites are too civilized–by conscience, by self-consciousness, by cultural habits of self-governance–to succumb to the kind of animal appetites that would explode in premeditated or vengeful acts.  Here in this space known as USA, only Blacks are sufficiently in touch with (Read: inclined to obey) those animal appetites–not a racist conclusion on my part, by the way, because I don’t suggest the difference is genetic.

    Tom Sowell, as usual, is ahead of the curve.  Things can change.  People can change.  Whites can change.  Memo to mainstream media, to all of our American leaders, and to all American Blacks: Take heed of Professor Sowell’s sharp warning.

    • robinbishop34

      …” and to American Blacks in general: Take heed of Professor Sowell’s sharp

      Don’t count on it.

    • Carney3

      “not a racist conclusion on my part, by the way, because I don’t suggest the difference is genetic.”
      Oh, stand up from your pre-emptive cringe.  Of COURSE the difference is genetic.  On average, blacks have lower IQ which is closely correlated with poor impulse control, low empathy, and low ability to foresee consequences.   Blacks also have higher average testosterone which causes higher libido (rape) and higher violence.

      • Anonymous

        Blacks commit more crimes than whites or Asians because they have more testosterone which usually accompanies lower IQs.  Hispanics are somewhat macho, but not as bad as blacks.   They have some white in them (Spanish) which somewhat tempers their native american indian blood in them.

      • TonyWestfield

        Carney3, you may be right, but I don’t (yet) pay attention to the facts about genetics or other biological matters such as libido. My agenda is strictly political. My goal is to develop and promote new arguments–in practical politics and at the deeper Constitutional level–to permit more discrimination and to push the force of law OUT of people’s private interests.

        It wouldn’t matter if tomorrow (yes, this is farce, but stay with me) the news came out that Blacks have the highest organic intelligence and Blacks also have the newly-discovered “empathy gene” and, just to top it off, God went on television and told us that His eternal plan calls for maximum incursion of African aboriginal chromosomes to mix with, and dominate, all the races of the earth. Screw that, let’s see the crime statistics. Simple truths are all that matter to me.

        Regardless of the facts or “the facts,” people should be free to build the life they want, and this must, MUST include the prerogative to discriminate in private matters, i.e., people should be free to do anything except use the public sphere (the law, majority rule) to target persons, or classes of persons, for special punishment or special privilege. And yes, it is perfectly okay if people discriminate against me. Bring it on. I like it when I have to earn my way into an affiliation–and why would you want to be someplace where you’re not welcome, anyway?

        Private discrimination in hiring and firing, in housing sales or rentals, in private schools, in club memberships, in every manner of buying and selling…would prevent probably 99% of the problems, especially crime. The poor cops would have nothing to do–like they used to, in my town, when I was a kid, we didn’t lock our doors at night.

  • eunometic

    This doesn’t even have to be dealt with at a racial level.  What these youths (black type) did was wrong, very wrong.  This is what Sowell is getting at.  In any civilsed society they would be dealt with.  The British, who experienced these kind of riots recently,  would have hunted them down using their camera techniques by now and they would be awaiting trial and would suffer the most severe punishment.  Tears in court.  The British riots were of a predominantly racial nature and though the anti-White establishment turned an Orwellian blind eye to this fact at least they acknowledged the riots existed.

    In Singapore the rattan cane would have been used to rip some strips of flesh of their buttoms.  That tends to stop the anti-social behaviour.

  • Nothing.  Nothing is going to happen until the system collapses and that’s because as of right now, we still go to prison for what we do.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    There is no race war.  If there were, it would be over already.

    This is a one-way, all-out war against White Americans conducted by the federal government.  Blacks are the feds tools:  useful idiots and battering rams, allowed to unleash untold violence against Whites while the feds keep their boots on our White necks.

    It’s gotten so bad that any White who defends himself against feral blacks, even when his head is being bashed against a sidewalk, will be charged with a Hate Crime.


    • Exactly Right.  I know it’s not popular but I want the system to collapse.  I do.  I feel it’s the only way out.

  • The girl is Iranian so please, one Iranian and one white boy were beat.

    white backlash – Won’t happen.  What very little “white racism” there was in America has been so overblown and tons of lies added for the past fifty-sixty plus years now that it’s gonna take the lack of Resources and the collapse of the judicial system before White People get the nerve to act as a group.  White People pay dearly for everything, even Free Speech which is supposed to be Free.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Much as I adore your posts, Steph, gonna have to (perhaps falsely optimistically) disagree with you this time.  Lots of conservatives (especially neo and centrist RINOs) read RCP.  If Sowell (whom they worship, along with Walter Williams) can’t wake them up, then no one can.

      • First and Foremost, A Great Big Huge Thank You for this Wonderful Compliment!

        With all Due Respect Sir, you’re just like me and you know, when it comes down to Pure Survival which you know is where we’re headed, it will turn people’s heads. The non-white and progressive (rinos) “hero’s” will be forgotten…

  • BaronBaal

    These people are just so afraid that whites will finally see things for what they are and fight back, thus the censorship of the racial element of these crimes.

  • Anonymous

    Those are only the reported black on white rapes, too.

  • blight14

     Indeed correct, there are ‘those’ that planned this long before the ’60s, something about ‘never again’ if you know the term…..

  • razorrare

    Undeclared Race War(albeit one-sided)…if it were to be updated it would have to be called,The 47 Year Undeclared Race War…Take note also when reading stats on White on Black murder for this thirty year time period,most often-times FBI & DOJ stats count mexicans as White…so in reality that 132,000 figure of White on black murder,rape,robbery,assaults is far less than stated for that 30 year time period which would begin in 1965 and end in 1995 when article was written…
    THE RACE WAR OF BLACK AGAINST WHITEPaul SheehanFrom the Sydney Morning Herald, May 20, 1995
    The longest war America has ever fought is the Dirty War, and it is not over. It has lasted 30 years so far and claimed more than 25 million victims. It has cost almost as many lives as the Vietnam War. It determined the result of last year’s congressional election. Yet the American news media do not want to talk about the Dirty War, which remains between the lines and unreported. In fact, to even suggest that the war exists is to be discredited. So let’s start suggesting, immediately. No matter how crime figures are massaged by those who want to acknowledge or dispute the existence of a Dirty War, there is nothing ambiguous about what the official statistics portray: for the past 30 years a large segment of black America has waged a war of violent retribution against white America. And the problem is getting worse, not better. In the past 20 years, violent crime has increased more than four times faster then the population. Young blacks (under 18) are more violent than previous generations and are 12 times more likely to be arrested for murder than young whites. Nearly all the following figures, which speak for themselves, have not been reported in America:
    According to the latest US Department of Justice survey of crime victims, more than 6.6 million violent crimes (murder, rape, assault and robbery) are committed in the US each year, of which about 20 per cent, or 1.3 million, are inter-racial crimes.
    Most victims of race crime – about 90 per cent – are white, according to the survey “Highlights from 20 Years of Surveying Crime Victims,” published in 1993.
    Almost 1 million white Americans were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by black Americans in 1992, compared with about 132,000 blacks who were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by whites, according to the same survey.
    Blacks thus committed 7.5 times more violent inter-racial crimes than whites even though the black population is only one-seventh the size of the white population. When these figures are adjusted on a per capita basis, they reveal an extraordinary disparity: blacks are committing more than 50 times the number of violent crimes of whites.
    According to the latest annual report on murder by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, most inter-racial murders involve black assailants and white victims, with blacks murdering whites at 18 times the rate that whites murder blacks. These breathtaking disparities began to emerge in the mid-1960s, when there was a sharp increase in black crime against whites, an upsurge which, not coincidentally, corresponds exactly with the beginning the modern civil rights movement. Over time, the cumulative effect has been staggering. Justice Department and FBI statistics indicate that between 1964 and 1994 more than 25 million violent inter-racial crimes were committed, overwhelmingly involving black offenders and white victims, and more than 45,000 people were killed in inter-racial murders. By comparison 58,000 Americans died in Vietnam, and 34,000 were killed in the Korean war. When non-violent crimes (burglary, larceny, car theft and personal theft) are included, the cumulative totals become prodigious. The Bureau of Justice Statistics says 27 million non-violent crimes were committed in the US in 1992, and the survey found that 31 per cent of the robberies involved black offenders and white victims (while only 2 per cent in the reverse). When all the crime figures are calculated, it appears that black Americans have commited at least 170 million crimes against white Americans in the past 30 years. It is the great defining disaster of American life and American ideals since World War II. All these are facts, yet by simply writing this story, by assembling the facts in this way, I would be deemed a racist by the American news media. It prefers to maintain a paternalistic* double-standard in its coverage of black America, a lower standard.

  • sundown

    The first wave of violence will be brutal and widespread. But I believe that the Urban Guerillas will then fall within weeks because they do not have the capacity to plan, organize, cooperate or advance beyond a strategic challenge such as tactical warfare. As for the whites that side with them they shoulld fall first to ensure a quick defeat.

    • pc must go

       Sorry, racist blacks hate white liberals too… there racial hatred does not discriminate between Jews, liberals, whites who grew  up poor or disadvantaged. We’re all just white people to them, the racist descendents of slave-owners who owe them something and they have the right to hate.

  • My opinion radically differs from most posted here.

    1. as I see it, Whites in the US are conscious enough about race riots etc.
    It wasn’t just one news portal or paper with comments I read that were overflowing
    with disgust & thirst for revenge. All those numerous liberals could not write
    5% of comments in national news portals & local papers. So, the AmRen position on hordes of liberal incurable idiots is, IMO, not realistic. 

    2. I believe that in near future- from 2 months to 2 years- White, maybe backlash, but more likely combined presure of public outrage & mass meetings a la Tea party- this time race-focused- will result in changing realities in most race-related matters: especially Black
    on White violence.

    3. belief of many AmReners that US  Armed Forces will act like a totalitarian force
    against White people or White racialists is unfounded.

    I am pessimist only re Hispanic immigration.

    • pc must go

       Hispanics to the south of me in Brooklyn held a televised RALLY AGAINST BLACK RACISM… It was literally dubbed and called “A rally against black racism”….

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Chittum’s model agrees more with your opinion, but goes further.  He wrote that the armed forces would feature revolts and internal struggle, even combat at every base until the power is won by whoever.  He advises those who wish to survive to locate at least ten miles from any military base.  The first responders to any on the streets backlash will be the police and then the National Guard.  If we are lucky, martial law will be declared and blacks will have to stay indoors as well as whites.  But that will only put things off until they really explode. 

      I agree with you that (white) Liberals can change (perhaps easier than conservatives), but there arrival will require a widening of current Amren (as typical race realist attitude) intellectual horizons.  Similarly, we have to have an idea of how to guide converts rather than call them names and foment fissures among whites.  That’s going to require some organization and I don’t see any at this time.

      The election in November is more likely to provide the flash point no matter how the actual election turns out. 

      The question is; Are we really at that point yet?  I don’t think so, but I could be wrong.

  • ageofknowledge

    The corporate conglomerates that constitute the MSM in this country are highly censored and seek to accomplish political objectives. We call the culture political correctness but who is pulling the strings?


    Blacks have been oppressed by Marxism as well.  They have kept the Blacks savages.  Like the Devil, the Marxists have been the Black folks false friend.


    •  I take a slightly different and more sane view.  Pastor Manning is about one in ten million American blacks, and blacks act the way they do because that’s the way they are.  What of blacks who haven’t been “oppressed by Marxists?”  (Which is actually most blacks worldwide)

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Closer to the mark, examine specifically the history and activities of The Frankfurt School and the life and career of Professor Herbert Marcuse.  I can’t understand how he could get away with inciting violent revolution and such undemocratic suggestions to his young followers and get away with it.  Since I lived through the period and was in California where he was, and living nearby SFU and Berkeley where his advice was taken most actively at first, the only thing I can figure out was that politicians were generalizing so much about communism that they missed him, a literal example of not seeing a tree for the forest!  He was right under Reagan’s nose!  If he had lost his professorship, he would not have been able to have such a platform.  As it is, he only retired from UC San Diego in the early 2000s!  Herbert Marcuse is considered the “father of the New Left.”

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     I am a doctor and am retired. But aside from my survival “tools” I have a good deal of medical supplies stocked up and a huge library with such rare tomes as “The Military Surgeon.”

    I don’t see the need for all your insults here.  You just make a fool of yourself. You have no idea of who I am or that I was f0r example, affiliated with the Sixth Army headquarters at the Presidio of San Francisco for nearly 20 years as a successful member of the posts fencing club.   You don’t know that I balanced that activity with being in private practice for over 25 years.

    But the wrong people have been able to gain much or that power and wealth.  More poor whites are created everyday.  That is reality.   That sort of usurpation needs to be discussed and understood, in order to eventually be acted upon and corrected.  Calling me a crybaby just because I have a lot of details to offer doesn’t make you into any of the things you tell me I ought to grow up and be.  I’ve been, and I am.  Now that I am older, I am doing the most I can with my brains.  I am writing a book that broaches many of these subjects and I post all sorts of history and ideas that revolve around race realism and white survival.  I get attacked often when I post on CNN lines or other liberal boards.  What you succeed in doing here is pointing out the internal problems that whites have among themselves.  We have too many thoughtless posters like you.  You may think you have the nads, but you ought to try developing your gray matter as well.

  • WHY must whites always have Thomas Sowell be the one to scribe the definitive words?

    • Blaak Obongo

       We don’t.  But it’s only colored commentators who can speak publicly with impunity, without being hounded and persecuted.

  • pc must go

    Police who have responded to incidents at my home (often involving whites btw, and I am also white) often act like jerks and refuse to give me badge #’s and other information. They often abuse their power and pick favorites…

  • Sheila Dinehart

    “Things could get interesting, right about now…” 

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      “… all I did wrong, was to stay in Mississippi a day too long.”

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     I think that there will be riots even if he wins, with lots of black on white violence.