The Average White Guy Vote

Salena Zito, Real Clear Politics, May 13, 2012


The problem for President Barack Obama and down-ticket Democrats on November’s ballot is that average white guys aren’t just found in West Virginia; they’re in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and other states, too, and they can tip this fall’s election.

According to Gallup’s latest battleground numbers, Obama’s main electoral strengths are with voters who are nonwhite, nonreligious, single or postgraduates. Republican Mitt Romney’s strength is with white voters, particularly men, those who are religious, and those who are 30 or older.

Romney leads Obama with white male and female voters and does significantly better among men, 59 percent to 32 percent.

Among white women, Romney leads by nine points, 50 percent to 41 percent.


Some Democrats like to portray the GOP as a party of white, middle-class, married Christian men. Interestingly, the president, who ran as someone who would unite the nation, has disconnected with the next largest plurality in the electorate behind women—white guys, men who once were the backbone of the Democratic Party.


They did vote for him in 2008—but the polls suggest they are not coming back this time.

The loss of the average white guy is why you see President Obama devoting so much effort on trying to encourage the college-educated young to vote, said Mark Rozell, political-science professor at George Mason University. “He needs to offset substantial losses among predominantly white, non-college-educated men who are a big component of those left behind by the struggling economy,” Rozell explained.


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  • The loss of the average white guy is why you see President Obama
    devoting so much effort on trying to encourage the college-educated
    young to vote, said Mark Rozell, political-science professor at George
    Mason University. “He needs to offset substantial losses among
    predominantly white, non-college-educated men who are a big component of
    those left behind by the struggling economy,” Rozell explained.

    How well does that strategy work?

    Ask Ron Paul.

    •  Ba – Zing!

    • Mutant_Swarm

       THAT’s gonna leave a mark…

    • JackKrak

      The fact of the matter is that in terms of whites in the party, the Dems are down to most – but not all – gays, hippie love children, university faculties, a few naive soccer moms and stoners.

      Seriously, that’s it. What white married working couple with a mortgage to pay, children’s futures to worry about and jobs to do think Democrats are on their side? Easier to find black ghetto career welfare layabouts who strongly support Republican foreign policy initiatives…..

  • Detroit_WASP

    I was totally astonished when Obama won over a man like John McCain.  I did not realize until then how much white liberals love to kiss black rear-end.  They believe the more they can kiss, the smarter and more urbane they are. 

    These liberal whites are drunk on political correctness and it’s about time some of them sobered up.  

    However, if Romney really wants to win I am afraid he will have to pick Marco Rubio as his running mate.   Chris Cristy MAY surfice but I believe he would turn down the job as VP.   The days of the two white males running the country are just about over….I am afriad.

    • ed91

       mccain was not a wise pick or a good pick or even an ok pick……..

      he was a bad pick and poor leader and politician

      • A bad pick that basicly “threw” the election to Obama when he refused to go after him in any real way.

        • Detroit_WASP

          I agree that McCain threw the election by trying to kiss Obama arse like the media did.  However, at least he had some qualifications….a job, leadership role in the military.  Obama on the other hand, had a nice smile and big ears. 

          • You can’t argue with that.

            His only real qualification was being a semi-well spoken black man with an electorate eaten up with “White guilt”.

      • If McCain were in the WH, WW III would have already begun.  Obama represents a slow, steady trek to WW III, while McCain would have already raced right in.

    • The__Bobster

      If Romney picks Reconquista Rubino, he loses me and millions of Whites who love their country. We already suspect he’ll be weak on immigration.

    • eunometic

      Apart from the color of his skin/race and slight rhetoritcal differences. I fail to see the difference in political behaviour between Obama, Bush and McCain.   They are littlemore than controlled opposition for each other and part of the same system.

    • I swear to G.O.D. If he picks a minority running mate, other than a hardcore, right wing woman, I’ll vote for Obama just to let him know that he needs to wrap up the white vote before wasting time on minority votes he’ll never get.
      Unfortunately, we still have a problem with the millions of clueless whites, starting with George Clooney.

      • Detroit_WASP

        If you think the Republican Party can exclude all minorities except women… are sadly mistaken and really don’t understand politics or what is happening to this country.   The days of the white male President and Vice President are pretty much OVER.   Pack your bags and move to Austria with David Duke. lol

        California, Detroit, East St. Louis.  All majority minority and all disasters….THAT is the future of America.

        Voting Barry back in for 4 mores years to punish Romney will only accelerate that process.

        When all of us white baby-boomers start dying off in the next decades, this country is going to take a HARD liberal left turn. 

        • mikejones91

          Not if I can help it old timer. The younger people are honestly starting to wake up and feel the hostility. I am 20, in a liberal weenie college and was raised by a mother who doesn’t have a “racist” bone in her body. I found “this”, all by myself. Which proves even more something is wrong here. I wasn’t brought up to be a “racist”. There are plenty of other young just like me starting to get the picture.

          • pc must go

             Thank you. I also was raised by standard, garden-variety liberals and center Democrats. And here I am, on Amren years later….

          • NM156

            You’ll be 21 soon, so here’s some advice: watch out for NAM’s (non-Asian minorities) at bars and clubs. They don’t fight fair, and the alcohol-fueled violence is hard and fast with them.

          • mikejones91

            You know its funny you mention this. I actually have a fake id so I get into bars in  Philly and I ALWAYS watch my back when “they” are around. I grew up around blacks my entire life, I know the deal. The first time I really noticed their sheer savagery/brutality was when I was 15. I had a black friend (go figure) and we both stayed home from school that day. At my high school, there is a 7 11 that all the “troublemakers”/smokers hang out at after school and me and this dude walked up there when school got out. We arrived and started saying whats up to people and this other black dude approached us and pretty much told the dude I was with the guy who has been “talkn sht” is here, he’s by himself.**Translated from Ebonics. So, the black guy I was with looked at me, and said hold his book bag. He walked up on the kid who had his back turned and tagged him right in the temple, intentionally. The kid was obviously phased and the attacker grappled him and slammed him to the concrete. He had timberland boots on and just went off on him. It was vicious. He was intentionally aiming for his temple and ears. His ears started to bleed. They were both black btw lol. Did I mention the guy I was with was 18, and the kid he attacked was 14? I had seen plenty of fights by 15 but never anything that barbaric. It was disgusting. All I could think about was how the hell do you do that to another human being? I still think about it. There was a bunch of ppl who filmed the attack too, it used to be on youtube. Which then eventually led to his arrest lol. Like I said, I was used to fighting but there was kind of an unspoken rule that when someone goes down, and they probably aren’t getting back up, you do NOT stomp their head. That’s how people die. TNB

          • XIXth

            Yep! Unfortunately, the days of young whites going out individually or in pairs or in thinking individually is rapidly disspearing. Young whites, who have any self-worth and respect for themselves, will very quickly realize that they must travel in groups, think in groups, and defend themselves in groups. Think how whites survive in South Africa, Rhodesia, and some areas of the South or the Mexican border.

        • XIXth

          I would rather the country accelerate the process into self-destruction while whites are still a majority and have people like yourself than have Romney delay the deceleration until whites are a minority and people like yourself have passed.  At any rate, the current system is so corrupt, anemic, degenerate, and un-American, its destruction will actually allow the historic American nation, to reconstruct itself out of the ruins.

      • Zorro

        Clooney needs to spend a month living in Compton or Detroit among those he loves.

  • Church_of_Jed More fodder to enrage Tim Wise and empower the next Teaching Tolerance fundraising campaign at $PLC.

    “Whenever the White Community gets some good news, the perversity of our crisis forces us to admit that our enemies take the same news as good, or better, for them. When White identity begins coalesing around a racial issue, such as crime or unfair privileges for Diversity, they can say ‘racism is once again rearing its ugly head.’ If a White leader lets slip a comment that shows he still has doubts about the value of Diversity, they can say, ‘we are shocked, saddened, and disappointed.’ If a majority of Whites vote for a White when they could have voted for a Diversity, they can say, ‘we’ve come far, but we still have much more work to do.’ Whatever we do in our own favor, we give them the favor of a cause of outrage for more mau mauing, ooking, and eeking fo’ mo’ dat free stuff frum Whitey. They know that if we exhibit any allegiance to our White privilege, they get to cha-ching the cash register, again and again. We do less for us and more for them every time we are true to ourselves.

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Why racism will be much bigger this time next year,” 2010

    • This is why White People must cut them off like the Cancer they are.  Let us not give them anything we don’t have to.  No more Acts of Kindness in any form.  I say give back what they’ve given to us which we all know all too well is nothing!

      • Church_of_Jed

        “We give them nothing but contempt in abundance.”

        -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Our obligations to the black community,” 2000

    • Anan7

       Where do you get all of these quotes?  I can’t find Rev. Jed DeValleyism anywhere on the internet.

      • Nor could I find any evidence of this guy. Just a bunch of quotes from amren in google!

        •  You both don’t get it.  Jed DeValleyism is a composite Reverend, and a state of mind.

  • If they didnt keep censoring black crime no one in their right mind would vote for him.

  • This average white guy isn’t voting for him…neither are most of his average white relatives.  Even the lefties in the family are on this fence with this guy.  He has totally converted a couple.  My uncle used to be ill with liberalism.  Now he sounds like Pat Buchanan… 

  • Johnny Reb

    The First Gay President is self-destructing faster than the corrupt media can prop him up.  I predict a few more gaffes, mis-speaks and more MOMs (Moochelle’s Outrageous Moments) before November.  

    You can lie about the unemployment rate and job creation all you want but when it comes time to vote, simple, blue-collar white people will remember that they heard on TV that the geeky, tall white guy invented the Olympics or something and made gazillions of dollars in business . . . meanwhile, the homosexual-loving black guy lied a lot, spent a lot of money for nothing and has a nosy wife who spends money on lavish trips while lecturing mothers about what their kids should eat.

    • They will have their gaffes due to the pressure they both have shown they cannot handle.  Think about all the  black people you have ever come across at the workplace who were under pressure and scrutiny.  We are bound to see more than a few emotional outbursts on the campaign trail.  The power of the internet will allow us to see all of them…

    • radical7

      Actually, Mike Hucakbee and several other conservatives support Michelle Obama on her message of healthy eating to young kids.

      •  Duh.  Who doesn’t support young kids and everyone else eating healthy?  It’s just that we know that her obsession with food has an ulterior agenda behind it.

      • ed91

         I like the comparison of hucklelibby to gomer pyles 1st cousin.

        he is the typical repub that I loath……..  but I don’t loath him as much as the jerkwads on the left.

  • Woody Woodpecker

    59 to 32 is not so good. It should be way higher than that.
    The only reason it is not higher is because of people enslaved to their unions.
    Many cops vote democrat, and for Hussein, out of fear for their benefits and pensions.
    Granted it is a valid concern, but most of us have had to take significant pay cuts over
    the last few years, so why should cops, firemen, teachers, and other government workers be immune?
    Time are tough, they need to sacrifice like the rest of us.

  • Mutant_Swarm

     “…why should cops, firemen, teachers, and other government workers be immune?”

    Because they run into burning buildings and save you and your loved ones. Because they stand in front of the room full of thugs and try to put a dent in their ignorance, and get assaulted for it. Because they get called to the flash robs and attempt to stop them, often times outnumbered.

    • I’m not going to disagree about the salaries, but unions will not budge on pensions and a myriad of other issue.  

      A lot of pork goes into education, police departments…etc…etc.  They don’t need to feel the pinch in their salaries, but do need some of their funding cut.  More with less….just like the private sector has had to do.   

      • Mutant_Swarm

         I just wish that the government would get out of the way of the private sector, and let them run their businesses profitably, thereby allowing everyone to be lifted up and start getting raises and bonuses again.

        And you’re right about the pork. California, for example, has the vitally important Department of Home Furnishings and the California Celery Commission. /sarcasm

        • Sounds like the gays have their own governments departments…

      • ed91

         I’d like to see the government out of education……..  they have failed.

      • The__Bobster

        They don’t have to budge on pensions. A lot of the Stimulus money went directly into them.

    • phoogy

      Most cops and fire fighters are pretty average in the virtue department. Teachers are below average.

  • I can’t bring myself to vote for Romney. I’ve been thinking about writing in either Jared Taylor or David Duke in November. That is if I even bother to vote. 

    • robinbishop34

      You need to vote against Obama regardless. Think of the Supreme Court.

      • Anan7

         Does voting “against” Obama mean voting for a White version of him?

        Romney is despicable.  It’s Ron Paul or a 3rd party for me.

        • Eagle_Eyed

           Ron Paul, the same guy who thinks drug laws are “racist” against blacks?

          No thank you.

          • Anan7

             I admit Ron Paul is not perfect.

            I do not like drug abuse, but the drug laws and enforcement thereof causes much more damage.  However, viewing blacks as the victims of these drug laws is nonsense.  These laws have kept many blacks off of the streets and prevented a great deal of damage and miscegenation they would have done otherwise.

            There is no candidate which represents my views entirely, but I would happily vote for Jared Taylor if he ran.  I may write him in, in fact.

            Romney on the other hand is/has:

            -antagonizing Russia
            -supporting amnesty
            -enacting the precursor of Obamacare
            -support of the assault weapons ban

            Romney is a White version of Obama, and if you vote for him, you’re only helping the anti-White cause.

          • NM156

            The “precursor to Obamacare”, i.e. state-level health insurance is not a bad idea. Both the free market and national administration of healthcare have big problems, which need no going-over here. However, one of my main objections to any govt.-sponsored or administered healthcare is the inevitability of a massive redistribution of healthcare funds to minorities.

    • JohnEngelman

      Vote for Jared Taylor. David Duke hates Jews. 

  • Hopefully the novelty of “making history and voting for the black guy” has worn off enough now, and people will actually look at the issues before casting their ballot in November.  Even then, the “White Guilt”  factor (a kind of “reverse Bradley effect” if you will) and the press pulling out all stops in their unconditional support for Obama will be a major obstancle in removing him from office.

  • Celestial_Time

    It’s a sad testament to the future of White America when the ‘Average White Guy Vote’ is still regarded as something to court for a year, just so the same power brokers can ram something up the ol’ keister for the next three.

    The country moves at almost the exact same downward spiral, no matter if it’s a Republican or Democrat in office. Do people ever actually pay attention, or do they just find some kind of solace in the fact that the person raping you for the next 4 years won’t be the same one that raped you the last 4?

    • I don’t know.  I’m not a huge fan of Romney, but I still think he’s marginally better than Obama.  Certainly I don’t feel his Supreme Court appointments would be as big a disaster as Obama’s have been.  Given that so much of our undoing in the last 50+ years  has been caused by bad court decisions, that is something you really need to look at.

      • Celestial_Time

         So Bush’s Patriot Act can be compared to Obama’s…?

        • The “patriot act” and the over-reaction to it amongst some circles has had no real effect.  Sorry, but I see that as a non-issue that is whipped up as a kind of scare tactic on both sides.

          As always name one way in which that awful, scary, world destroying “Patriot Act” has effected you personally in any way.

          • You don’t live here do ya?

            Try having your Right to be FREE from ILLEGAL SEARCH and SEIZURE  at literally every stinkin’ event (concerts, sports games, etc.), Court Houses and Airports you can name to name just a few things that have PERSONALLY AFFECTED US ALL.

            The Patriot Act is PURELY ILLEGAL.  If Third World wasn’t here, the “patriot act” would never have been needed to be “needed”.

            Pardon me please but nothing gets me going like clear Violations of My Constitution.  It’s like the Illegal Alien who magically spits out an “american”.  These Illegal Acts are Declarations of War.

            Now I’m sure people will kindly remind me of all the foiled plots but that doesn’t work for me.  Third World was not meant for America but because of it, My Rights are constantly Violated and I fight against it.  Violate the “rights” of the Third World and leave My Rights alone.

          • Actually, I do.  I’ve lived here most of my life.

            Most of the powers of the super scary “patriot Act”  are simply centralizations and clairifications of other statues that law enforcement have been using for many years.   I undestand the concerns (although I disagree with most of them) that some might have.  But I still feel it’s an over-blown concern caused by people both left and right whipping up fear.  Once again, I have never met anyone anywere who has actually run afoul of the law or was even adversly effected by it directly.

            But I suspect we will have to agree to disagree on that point.

            Make no mistake about it.  I was no fan of George W Bush and his neo-con regime.  They were almost as anti-White as Obama and company.  But the patriot act?  Come on…

          • Celestial_Time

            What exactly is a terrorist?

      • MikeofAges

         No more David Souterrrrrrs!

        • Remember all the ugly feminist B’s snidely calling him “gay” (he lives with his mutha!!!) til they realized,hey,he ‘s on our side. Like Emily LaTella,”Never mind!”

      • The Supreme Court rendered itself Illegal when it “decided” to give Birth to Illegality.  What meaning does Law hold when you allow an Illegal Alien to Birth a Legal Citizen?  For me, it means Law is Moot.
        “We” are also supposed to be Free from being forced to associate too as in no forced integration, minority hiring, etc.  but like the all the other Violations of our Rights, this too has long been forgotten by too many People. (not here of course)

        The New Deal is Illegal too.  Welfare (charity) is supposed to be volunteer based.  Taxation without Representation is Illegal.  Your Representatives are supposed to be for you, not for Welfare Recipients at your expense.

        • So a history of some bad decisions invalidates the whole instiution of the court? 
          See my post below about wild hyperbole.  I’m with you that this is a real problem, but that is not helpful.

          • Yes, it does.  I want our Founding Fathers’ to be Recognized and they say, if you’re that inept, that corrupt, you must be torn down and rebuilt with clear understanding what Law actually means and a clear definition of what qualifies one to hold such a Position of Great Power and Importance.

            Perversion of Law and Logic drives me Mad.

      • Celestial_Time

        So thinking someone “marginally better” is now a substitute for a factual account of an individual’s record and character?

        Two questions:

        1) Which Romney do you support?

        2) Do you actually believe that anything he says now can’t be bribed, coerced, or prodded into doing a complete 180?

        I hate to say it, but America might have some of the dumbest voters in the history of voting.

        Also, what court decisions are you talking about?

        • Eagle_Eyed

          “Do you actually believe that anything he says now can’t be bribed, coerced, or prodded into doing a complete 180?”

          This cuts both ways, however.  If whites conservatives keep the pressure on him, he can be prodded and coerced into ending all types of liberal welfare, affirmative action, and immigration policies.

          •  The Generic Republican is a political whore.  This is why I marginally preferred him to Gingrich and Santorum.  Romney’s FoPo advisers suggest that he is for invade the world invite the world, but unlike G & S, who are hard core unrepentant true believers, Romney can be talked out of it with the right political pressure.

          • Celestial_Time

            I really wish I could be that optimistic about White Conservatives being able to keep pressure on anything beyond jockeying for position in a political race.

            The only thing I can see happening if Romney is elected is that those same conservatives will find a way to excuse every jack-booted, draconian, “racial pandering” thing that comes out of his mouth.

            Bush was absolutely horrible, yet I didn’t see too much resistance from the mighty Conservatives during his Presidency. It was only after he was out of office that the moaning became louder; and that was only because it was a race to see who could give better lip service about not being like Bush. That’s really the only time the conservative base cares — right before an election, or when the “wrong” party is in office.

            Truth be told, I’d prefer Obama and his ability to incite racial animosity more than I would Romney and his ability to keep a lot of the sheep docile and deluded.

  • splitsing

    My biggest hope is that the flash mob ‘youth’ of America really give white folks hell this summer.  Hopefully it gets really hot and there isn’t much to do in the city and everyone in it gets a heaping spoonful of diversity–some hope and change.

    • Celestial_Time

      My biggest hope is that White people stop talking and waiting for someone to save them and start saving themselves.

      I wonder what kind of odds I could get for that?

    • ed91

       hopefully you will be in that mix too…………

      • Splitsing is right.  None of us like it but let’s be brutally honest here, alot of beatings are still needed.  The stupidity must be knocked out of people and if it must be via a beat down, well, hey now.

        Sir, we have a problem with our people.  They’re still making excuses and still trying to turn common occurrences into “isolated incidences” and we’re still not bombarding Congress and the Police Departments with demands that non-whites be charged with Hate Crime alongside the other charges like White People are.

        A good example to throw in  their face is the prison time given to the boys for doing absolutely nothing but hanging a dead coon from a tree but they went to Prison, Prison, not Jail, Prison for that.

      • splitsing

         If it meant more white people waking up to reality, I’d take a beating. 

    • Worse is better.   Lenin said that…but the origin in no way invalidates the truth of the statement.

      There is nothing like a good dose of reality to wake someone up.  An old cliche’ is that a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged.   Once again, there is alot of truth in this statement.  A surge in violent anti-White crime this year, and many predict, will wake alot more people up to the problem.

  • Yesterday, the women vote was key and the day before that, it was the hispanics and now, it’s White Men.  They don’t know who’s gonna tip it but I do.  Dead people, non-existent people and illegal aliens will tip it.

    The question should be:  Will anyone do anything about the Fraud this time or will they simply file suits to satisfy the people and then quietly let it be like they did last time?


    You have not been affected but I have and more than enough Americans have.  The White Grandmother who was Violated and the White Child who was Violated and me who was Violated and  the other Grandmother who was Violated and the other White Child who was Violated and all the other Americans who were Violated.

    This is not about “fear”, it’s about Violation of American Rights.

    I remember when you could go anywhere in the Airport except for in the Chute.  I remember when you could go in a Courthouse without passing through a metal detector and having your purse scanned.  I remember when you could walk right up to and touch The Liberty Bell.  I remember when you could sight-see and enter any building anywhere in America and NEVER have to be looked at, searched, or scanned by a bunch of Affirmative Action Flunkies and I remember when you could play around things like Water Towers and even walk up those winding stairs.

    This is not My America.  This is not America. She Died back on June 28th, 1836.  What you have now is nothing but a perverted version of her.

    • I almost missed your reply down here. ….

      Anyway, I see now.  You are not talking about the actual “patriot Act” law per say.  You are using it as a metaphor for a general erosion of civil liberties that you percieve to have occured in recent years rather than specificly addressing the allegded harm done by  that statute.  Fair enough.   But after all these years since it was first passed, I still have not found a single individual who can honestly state they have personally  been negatively effected  by that actual law.  So my point about the hysterics in regards to the assumed effects of the atual “Patriot Act” remains.

      Look, I’m with you here.  I’m one of the good guys.
      I’m 42 years old and have spent almost all of those years living here in the US.  The only exceptions being my overseas deployments in the military and the first few years of my life. (My mother moved us out of Africa in the early ’70s and I have no memory of my time there) This is not the country I grew up in, and much of the changes in that time have been for the worse.  The destructive effect of the rise of the cultural marxists, demographic damage done by the massive influx of primitives from the third world, the harm to the culture and our shared values by the social experiments of the far left,  and yes to some extent the loss of freedoms in recent years have transformed the country almost beyond recognition.   But wild hyperbole and the like is not helpful.

      I’ll allow you the last word on the matter.

      • I start anew because the “reply” button disappears.  To begin:

        I am talking about the Illegal Patriot Act.  The whole thing.  They do not have the “Right” to clamp down on Americans because some Third World Spawn attacked America.  You and I have very different definitions of our Founding Fathers’ Constitution and his meaning.  Let me say it this way:  Islam’s goal is Domination.  By hook , by crook, by violence or by death.  Does this sound like something that would be Welcomed in a Society based on Freedom?  You know it’s not.

        When “We” give up our Freedoms for “safety”, they win.  What did Ben say?  And to paraphrase  “Those who choose to give up Liberty in pursuit of Security deserve neither one”.  I stand by Ben. 

        alleged harm – it’s not “alleged” when your Constitutional Rights are being Violated for no other reason than you buying a ticket and entering the facility in order to put that purchased ticket to use.  No one has the Right to feel me up and go through my belongings because some muslims attacked America.  I will never accept this, what I call, a Treasonous Act forced upon Americans because of some Third World Aliens.

        I’m on your side too Sir but I will not agree with what I consider to be Violations.

      • Celestial_Time

        Courtesy of the ACLU:

        “The Patriot Act has been abused.  The ACLU detailed these abuses in a 10-page letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein, dated April 4, 2005.

        PETER CHASE is the Director of the Plainville Public Library and was formerly the Vice President of Library Connection Inc, a consortium of 26 Connecticut libraries. In 2005, the FBI used an NSL to demand library patron records from Library Connection and imposed a gag order on the librarians, prohibiting them from speaking to Congress during the debate about the reauthorization of the Patriot Act. Peter and his colleagues decided to challenge the NSL demand and gag. “The government was telling Congress that it didn’t use the Patriot Act against libraries and that no one’s rights had been violated. I felt that I just could not be part of this fraud being foisted on our nation.” Bizarrely, the FBI continued to enforce the gag order even after The New York Times revealed Library Connection’s identity. The librarians prevailed and the government ultimately withdrew the record demand and the gag order, permitting them to finally tell their story.

        BRANDON MAYFIELD is a Portland, Oregon resident who
        is a convert to Islam and an attorney. Mayfield was wrongly accused by
        the government of involvement in the Madrid bombing as a result of
        evidence, including mistaken fingerprint identification, that fell apart
        after the FBI re-examined its case following its arrest and detention
        on Mayfield on a material witness warrant. Former Attorney General
        Gonzales acknowledged before the Senate Judiciary Committee that Section
        218 of the Patriot Act was implicated in the secret search of
        Mayfield’s house. FBI admitted that it entered Mayfield’s house without a
        warrant based on criminal probable cause and copied four computer
        drives, digitally photographed sever documents, seized ten DNA samples
        and took approximately 335 digital photographs of Brandon Mayfield’s

        JOHN DOE, the President of an Internet Service Provider, is an NSL recipient who has been under an FBI gag order for more than four years. John Doe challenged the constitutionality of the NSL statute. Because of the gag order, the lawsuit was initially filed under seal, and even today the ACLU is prohibited from disclosing its client’s identity. The FBI continues to maintain the gag order even though the underlying investigation is more than four years old (and may well have ended), and even though the FBI abandoned its demand for records two years ago. In December of 2008, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled that the NSL statute’s gag provisions, as amended by Congress in 2006, violated the First Amendment.

        WANDA GUTHRIE, a volunteer with the Thomas Merton Center for Peace & Justice, an organization founded in 1972 to bring people from diverse philosophies and faiths together to work, through nonviolent efforts, for a more just and peaceful world, was monitored by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. “The government’s surveillance of the TMC events and gatherings which may include those of Roots for Peace is just horrible. Spying invades peoples’ privacy and sacred space when they are speaking out – and make no bones about it, when you’re speaking out for peace it is sacred space. For the FBI to monitor us as if we were terrorists is unconscionable.”

        BREWSTER KAHLE is the founder and digital librarian of the Internet Archive, a digital library. In November 2007, the FBI used an NSL to demand personal information about one of the Archive’s users. The NSL also included a gag order, prohibiting the Archive from revealing the existence of the letter. In April 2008, the FBI withdrew the unconstitutional NSL as part of the settlement of a lawsuit brought by the ACLU and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. “The free flow of information is at the heart of every library’s work. That’s why Congress passed a law limiting the FBI’s power to issue NSLs to America’s libraries. While it’s never easy standing up to the government – particularly when I was barred from discussing it with anyone – I knew I had to challenge something that was clearly wrong. I’m grateful that I am able now to talk about what happened to me, so that other libraries can learn how they can fight back from these overreaching demands.”

        KONSTANTY HORDYNSKI, a student at the University of California at Santa Cruz, was quite surprised to learn that he was in a Pentagon domestic threat database. “I didn’t protest with Students Against War to be threatening, or to be un-American, or to waste anyone’s time. I protested because it was a way I could stand up for what I believed was right. I knew that my actions were protected by the Constitution. Yet the government believes that the peaceful protest in which I took part is a “credible threat.” When lawfully standing up for my beliefs—standing up for what I think is right and just—is a “threat” to the government, something is wrong…”

        A number of other examples are also listed in the ACLU’s letter.  The Justice Department largely confirmed the substance of these examples in its response to the ACLU letter, dated April 26, 2005, while denying that the examples listed were “abuses.”  The Office of Inspector General of the Department of Justice is actively investigating the Brandon Mayfield case.

        *****The extent of Patriot Act abuse is still unknown because
        of excessive secrecy enshrouding its use.  For example, both special
        document FBI document snoop orders, called “national security letters,”
        (expanded by section 505 of the Patriot Act) and Foreign Intelligence
        Surveillance Act (FISA) document orders (expanded by section 215 of the
        Act), include permanent “gag” provisions.  These automatic secrecy
        orders prohibit recipients from telling anyone they have received the
        order or letter to produce documents that include their customers’
        private information*******”

  • JohnEngelman

    The Democrat Party is the party for blacks and Hispanics. The Republican Party is the party for rich people. The average white guy does not have much of a choice. 

    • JackKrak

      John, I know from your past posts that you’re a smart guy, but come on…..

      Please drop the “the Republican Party is the party for rich people” meme. Do you really think that any party in any democratic system can be successful at the ballot box by just being the party of the “rich”? And if the principles and platform of a party attract the rich, then so what? Is that a mark against them? And does that mean that the “average white guy” shouldn’t be attracted to them? What’s the alternative party – the party of the poor? Would that somehow be better or more noble or more attractive for the “average white guy”? Are you suggesting that the choice between joining the party of blacks & hispanics and joining the party of the rich is a tough one?

      Not for me, it isn’t.

      • JohnEngelman

        By one estimate 41 percent of the Bush tax cuts went to the richest one percent of the population. During the Bush years the standard of living for most Americans declined.
        Nevertheless, the rich prospered.
        Cutting taxes while starting two expensive wars Bush could not win was fiscally irresponsible. 

        • The__Bobster

          And the top 1% pay 40% of the taxes. What’s your point?

          • JohnEngelman

            Actually it is 38 percent, and that only covers federal taxes, ignoring flatter state and local taxes.
            Real after tax income for the richest one percent of the American population has increased dramatically since the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980. For white blue collar workers it has declined. 

          • NM156

            After selling out the entirety of American industry to China and lobbying for millions of immigrants both legal and illegal to come to the US to be their cheap-labor chumps, the rich need to be taxed at the 90% rate that they suffered with during the 1950s, when the US was paying off its war debt. The giant pile of dung that is the US economy belongs to them. They need to eat it. Credit default swaps and IPhone apps aren’t “creating wealth”.

        • holyflower

          “During the Bush years the standard of living for most Americans declined.”


          The standard of living had to decline.  “The Bush years” began just as the gargantuan, artificial Internet/tech stock bubble crashed.  The market crash was shortly followed by 9/11 with its huge costs to the economy.

          There followed by Bush’s expensive and wasteful attempts at nation-building on the other side of the world and his making sure Afghan girls could go to school. 

          Bush was an atrocious president. 

          “The Bush tax cuts” weren’t the reason.

    • The__Bobster

      These rich people, Yuan?

    • Jackryanvb

      Ridiculous nonsense. 

      The Republican party swept the state houses in the South and many parts of the Midwest by becoming the White party. Democrats in the South are the Black party – all Blacks, rich, middle class and very poor voted for Obama – including supposedly “Conservative” “Blacks” like Colin Powel.

      Blacks are the new “yellow dog Democrats”.

      Stop trying to over intellectualize politics in America. Stop trying to sell free market capitalism, Constitutionalism to Blacks, other non Whites – it just doesn’t work.

      Go with group, racial identity politics. Try to get more White populist candidates like Tancredo, Buchanan. Stop whining and be willing to tell White people what they want to hear. Don’t lie, just tell the various groups of White people what they want to hear.

      Old White people in Florida want to hear that you support Social Security and Medicare.
      White people in San Diego want to hear that you support strong funding for the US Navy.
      White people in Colorado Springs Colorado want to hear that you support strong funding for the US Air-force.
      White People in the South want to hear that you love NASCAR and 70s Southern Rock.
      White liberals want to hear that you support strong environmental activism and toleration for White gays.
      White Religious Right people want to hear that you don’t like Liberals in Hollywood and are strongly against gay marriage (just learn to talk in different ways to White liberals and White Religious Right people)
      Whites in military families want to hear that you “support the troops” so don’t go trying to teach THE TRUTH that every single US Military operation since the Mexican war were wastes.

  • The GOP is still playing soft. It has been making me disgusted for years. If it weren’t for these weekly (nightly?) flash mob attacks, Mitt would be in real trouble.

  • That’s me right there.  Someone mentioned Voting for Mr. Duke but I think I’m gonna write in Pastor Robb.  Either him or like he said, Mr. Taylor.

    I’d like to see both Men throw their hats in.  We all might just be pleasantly surprised at the outcome of such of a Nomination/Candidate and doubly pleased at either win.

    • Anan7

      Several times, I’ve made the point on this website that Whites should not vote for Romney because of his pro-Patriot Act views and lax immigration policy.

      It’s Ron Paul or a 3rd party for me, and I’m glad to see someone else on here has similar views.

      I’m not voting for a White version of Obama (whether Romney or Gingrich makes no difference to me).

    • Whirlwinder

      Stephanie, you have gotten fired up regarding this post. I like that you young folk are getting into the politics of today. I assume you are young because you use the words ‘a lot’ as one word, ‘alot’. That aside, Romney will not pull us back from the brink but he will stop the precipitous slide. To reverse the destruction of the nation, we need to rid ourselves of the socialists-marxist in power and chop off several bureaucratic havens-DOEnergy, DOEduc., EPA, etc, etc. Shutting down of SS and implementing a savings program for individuals and defunding many of the bureaucracies would do wonders to cut the spending. We need rational government, not one drunk on power and freewheeling spending.

    • anonymous_amren

      Is there  an American Third Position candidate?

    • Yes Stephanie,

      But what if Obama is genocidal?

  • TomIron361

    Forgettaboud this voting baloney. The only thing our young people have to think about is proper breathing, position, taking up trigger slack and keeping their sights at 6 o’clock bull. One round, One K*ll…

  • mikejones91

    Well I’m not religious at ALL. I will NOT vote for Obama.

  • The__Bobster

    Keep in mind that McCain was so anti-white himself,  he imported a black baby. 

    I believe it was a dark Hindu girl.

  • I face the same struggle.  White rights will not be served by Romney; the man who practices a bizarre religion and is in the back pocket of Netanyahu.

  • slobotnavich

    Salena Zito’s always been a pretty savvy commentator.  I suspect that if Obama’s numbers don’t improve and pretty quickly, Obama will withdraw due to a “health problem,” and be replaced on the ticket by Hillary.

    Look for an appearance by the old sickle-cell or the AIDS virus, the latter to demonstrate the Democrats’ solidarity with the gay community.

    • MikeofAges

       Barack cannot credibly withdraw. Not without a proven medical problem. If I had to invent one though, I would choose cardiac hypertrophy.

      • slobotnavich


      • ed91

        anemia and depression

        • MikeofAges

           How about just wanting a Medici* pizza?

          (*The Medici is a restaurant and coffeehouse which is a long-time Hyde Park institution. There is a second Medici near the campus of Illinois State University in Bloomington, Illinois, opened within recent years. If you were a true Hyde Parker, you would consider it well worthwhile to leave behind any major position just so you could hang out at the Medici.  The menu is very diversified including soup, sandwiches, burgers and Mediterranean-style dishes. Both I and one of my brothers worked there in the early days. Actually, I recommend the Medici highly. If any of you are ever in the neighborhood, try it. The neighborhood of Bloomington, Ill, that is to say.)

  • Whirlwinder

    Whites will survive if we reverse Ted Kennedys 1965 immigration law and start policing our borders. With millions of people coming into our country from all over the world, White folk will be a minority by 2050 or sooner. This will take work. We must rid ourselves of the socialist-marxist wonks in power to get the proper laws in place and the illegal aliens thrown out-and no more anchor babies, which are marginally legal anyway.

    • XIXth

      The only way to get rid of the socialist-marxist wonks in power is to get rid of the global corporatists who fund them. Thats a pretty high order. The only means by which that can be secured given demographic trends against the American nation, is something which is rapid, violent, and judicial. Such a thing can only be accomplished by a massive increase in courts focused solely on treason, subversion, and sedition. In other words, what this country needs is a kind of Post-War de-nazification campaign focused on the left, the corporate elite, and the racketeers now controlling the state.

      • MikeofAges

        Many of the things that have in the world since 1970 can be attributed to “Fourth Reich” activism. Consider, if nothing else, the reign of Waldheim as secretary general of the United Nations. After the defeat of Germanyin 1945, the surviving Nazis turned their attention to the idea of how to use the non-Western masses as a battering ram against the liberal democratic West. Worked pretty darn well, if you think about it.

  • mikejones91

    Thank you. One thing though lol–It seems a lot of the people in “our” community seem to exaggerate white women with black men. People just prefer their own kind sexually. Most of us anyway. I go to a big university that is about 30% black. On the weekends, I go to frat houses, bars, clubs, ect, to party and very rarely do I see interracial “hookups”. That’s just the way it is. For the white women who do choose black men, you can ALWAYS pick them out. They have a “look” to them. The way they dress, ect. ( times out of 10, they are completely gross. I was “debating” with this negro on Youtube the other day and he made a comment on a video of a young white girl stating she PREFERS white men. She made the video because she (along with many others) got the feeling that black men ASSUME ALL white women prefer them. I explained it to him very simply. “Look at Malin Akerman (Gorgeous Swedish Actress), She could have ANY man in the world. She could ruin a black mans 40 year marriage for a one night stand. Yet, she has ALWAYS chosen white men as partners. Why? Just like the MAJORITY of other white women, they just PREFER white men. Just like black women prefer black men, so on, and so forth.” People thinking ANY other way, just encourages the negros unfounded assumption. Sure, there are some white women who choose black men, but like I said before, we can ALL pick them out. Meaning they just have a “trashy” look to them. The kind of look that if they grew up in an area that was 99% white, they would be with the local Klansman. 9 times out of 10! 

  • anonymous_amren

    The planet’s climate will not survive until 2100 either, due to global warming. So even if we succeed, we’re still doomed. Unless we take urgent, massive, drastic action against both apocalypses. But people can’t even comprehend what’s needed, let alone actually do it. I’m beginning to despair.

    • MrGJG

      For a second I thought you were serious. I guess thats the definition of good satire. Bravo.

  •  Mike Jones 91 wrote:

    It seems a lot of the people in “our” community seem to exaggerate white women with black men.

    It’s called selection bias.

    You decide to buy a new car on Monday.  You go car shopping on Tuesday.  You but an obscure brand like a Saab on Wednesday.  As you’re driving your new Saab around town on Thursday, you noticed that every damned body is driving a Saab.

    We (our community) notice interracial relationships because we’re sensitive to them.

  • holyflower

    “The Illinois senator won 43 percent of white voters, 4 percentage points below Carter’s performance in 1976 and equal to what Bill Clinton won in the three-man race of 1996. Republican John McCain won 55 percent of the white vote.”  (“Exit polls: How Obama won,” By DAVID PAUL KUHN | 11/5/08,

  • What if Obama is actually anti-American?  You cannot have this view to hurt yourself without reverse.

    Time will not go backwards for 4 years.

    • MrGJG

      What if he’s Anti-American? We left if a long time ago. The man is a dyed-in-the-wool Marxist, probably Communist as well as a staunch follower of Black Liberation Theology. I never thought I’d see the day when an anti-American is running America. It’s the freaking Twilights Zone.

      • XIXth

        Its not the Twilight Zone. Its the South Africa and Rhodesia Zone………RIP

  • pc must go

    More whites are and will be returning to cities/urban living, just do the oil crisis alone. Suburbia and Mcmansions just aren’t feasible anymore in a world where gas costs $6 a gallon. They will return and see the cities their grandparents built are full of hostile third-worlders and illegal aliens who have been trained to hate them. This urban renewal/re-urbanization alone will wake them up.

  • pc must go

     I’ve heard Democratic Party officials warn that Obama’s re-election campaign is going to be so divisive, the country won’t be worth governing even if he wins (they were trying to get him to step down about 6 months ago, let someone else run)

  •  PC Must Go:

    You’re assuming all the jobs are in the central urban cores.  That’s generally not the case any more. 

  • MikeofAges

     But concentrated in the South. Outside the South, about 50/50.

  • MikeofAges

     Let’s change it to “crap heap of history”. Sounds more contemporary.

  • radical7

     Question Diversity wrote:

    “Duh.  Who doesn’t support young kids and everyone else eating healthy?  It’s just that we know that her obsession with food has an ulterior agenda behind it”

    Perhaps you can enlighten us as to what this “agenda” is?

  • XIXth

    I agree with guest on that as well. The worst thing Romney could do for his campaign is to alienate the alienated white class which is propelling his election chances. Sadly, we are talking about Romney. Worse we are talking about the GOP leadership. Far worse, we are talking about the GOP political consultants. Yep, Romney will blow it.

  • XIXth

    Don’t forget McCain has a long record of being a collaborationist. So of course he threw the election to a red.

  • XIXth

    The Sailer Strategy has been so obvious for so long, that the GOP’s unwillingness to use it suggests mobilizing the white vote is something the Republicans do not want to do…….