Report: Feds Weigh Hate Crime Charge in Trayvon Martin Death

Melanie Eversley, USA Today, May 15, 2012


Update at 12:10 p.m. ET: The state of Florida has made public its documents that lay out the case against Zimmerman, USA TODAY’s Marison Bello reports.

The 8 pages of documents include witnesses who were interviewed. The names of many witnesses were withheld, including those who called 911 the night of the shooting. The documents also list Sanford police officers, paramedics and others interviewed or involved in gathering evidence.

While the police reports, videotapes and other documents were released to Zimmerman’s attorney, there were not released to the public.

Original post: George Zimmerman, the volunteer neighborhood watchman from Florida charged in the killing of unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin, could face federal hate crime charges, WFTV reports.

Zimmerman profiled and stalked Martin before allegedly shooting and killing him Feb. 26, state prosecutors have said, so the FBI is looking into charging Zimmerman with a hate crime, the television station reports.


If Zimmerman is convicted of the second-degree murder charge, he could face life in prison, but a hate crime charge could mean he would face the death penalty, WFTV reports.

FBI representatives are interviewing residents of Zimmerman’s neighorhood in Sanford, Fla., looking for evidence of a hate crime, according to WFTV.



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  • Detroit_WASP

    They will charge him with a hate crime only after he’s found not guilty on all the other charges.  This will be an attempt to stop blacks from burning cities all over the US. 

    The question is….will the “White Hispanics” raise hell when Holder and Obama try to railroad Zimmerman AGAIN.

    • Major

      So long as the media insists on using “white” before hispanic…will certainly doom Zimmerman from expecting expect any support or loyalty from his chicano bro’s.

      And just what would the latinos bring to the table anyway? They detest whites. Matter of fact even if his name ended in a “z” rather than begin with it ( unless it was Zapata ) the “white” adjective will stick….and they’ll stick it to him.

      I’m sure that collectively under their breath they’re saying some very un PC and not so nice things about…MR. ZIMMERMAN.

      • I think you’re painting with an awfully broad brush when you say Latinos “detest Whites.” For one thing, a large percentage of the Latinos in Florida are White themselves — the sons, daughters and grandchildren of White middle-class Cubans who fled Castro’s regime starting in the early 1960s.

         Of course, most of the Mexican Latinos are at least partly Indian, and Latinos from the Dominican Republic are mulattos; I’d say you’re a lot closer to being right when it comes to THOSE Latinos.

  • razorrare

    Hatecrime? Zimmerman is Black according to Black’s  one drop rule–he had an afro-peruvian grandmother.

    Recently saw an expose on dateline or some station similiar where two hispanics got in a fight whereas one of them stabbed the other 12 twelve times with a knife til he died.He was aquitted on  the stand your ground law…result should be the same for Zimmerman.

  • Church_of_Jed

    “Instead of considering the actual evidence of George Zimmerman’s defense, they will charge him with a hate crime and convict him, because of the strong message they can send to the White Community. Whites must not be allowed to think that they have any legitimate interests that they can defend through the Stand Your Ground law. If Whites believe they should protect themselves under a law signed by a White governor, they will feel entitled to their unearned White privilege. Whites who think in terms of ‘their ground’ are prejudiced in their own favor, discriminate against vibrant and enriching Diversity, and would prefer ‘their ground’ to be segregated from ‘the other’ with borders, boundries, and barriers. Through convicting Mr. Zimmerman, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Ben Jealous, Eric Holder, and Barak Hussein Obama can force Whites to begin embracing Diversity with openness, inclusivity, and tolerance.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “We don’t pray for Treyvon’s fambly because we don’t want to pay the trademark royalty, and we don’t want his name spoken in the same sanctuary where we consecrate the body and blood of Jesus White Christ,” 2012

  • TomIron361

    As the saying goes, “You can idict a ham sandwich.” I don’t think holder and his pals will risk it. They’ve got a whole lot on their plate already.

  • What “evidence” are the feds looking for that will “prove” that this was a hate crime??? That Zimmerman ever used the N-word? That he ever complained about some other minorities, or a black in particular? Or complained about minorities/blacks in general? That he visited AmRen???

    I thought only his mindset/intentions at the time of the incident are relevant and since there weren’t any other witnesses, esp before the shots were fired, what are the feds looking for???

    They have the 9-1-1 tapes.

    • anonymous_amren

      There’s no trace on my computer, or my ISP’s, or on Amren itself, or anywhere on the internet, of me posting on AmRen. I use TOR (The Onion Router) to post here. As long as I keep my mouth shut (which is the hard part, I admit) nobody will know.

      I can’t guarantee that the US government doesn’t have a backdoor for TOR though, so it’s still not 100%. But it’s as secure as I can make it. We need to take precautions, because this regime wants our heads.

  • Mahound

    In other words, whites must allow themselves to get robbed, raped, beaten and even killed. Otherwise they are Haters.

    • If the accused witch survived the drowning, she was guilty and executed …

  • The feds are full of chit. The man had a broken nose and lacerations to the back of his head. Im 56, it would not have gotten that far. “Im was infear for my life, I shot him to stop him, and I want to see a lawyer.”

    • Ronald


      Apparently the corrupt Government “justice” system has established the legal principle that, if a White is attacked by a violent “Black” he has no defense under the “law” if he fights back, and unless he is killed.


  • This will set a pretty horrifying precedent (as if one were needed) that ANY offense committed against a black is automatically a hate crime.   Seriously, accidentally giving a black person the wrong amount of change will be considered a hate crime.

    • sarah stein

       It’s horrifying because after a white man has defended himself,  he will still go to jail.  He has nothing to lose.  In for a penny,  in for a pound. 

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse


    Kill someone in cold blood for any or no reason, get life in prison.

     Kill someone because you hold- or simply while holding- a politically unacceptable thought, get executed.

    I wonder how long it will take for the thought to be outlawed without the accompanying violent act?


    If Obama cannot prove anything in one charge then he will try something else.  With Obama the Federal Government is determined to Crucify people on Obama’s Kill List.  How can a Hispanic hate a black.  I never knew Congress passed a Hate Crime Law.   If they did than all of us are guilty of Hate and will be Crucified.  Will the Interstate Highway System be used to line of the crosses of people Obama wants Crucified?

  • Johnny Reb

    No way they charge this guy with a hate crime.  The fed may “thoroughly investigate” to fool ignorant blacks into thinking a prosecution is coming, but there’s no evidence to support “hate” was involved.  (In fact, there’s plenty of evidence to support the exact opposite.)

    Besides, by this time Zimmerman is exonerated, the European Union will have collapsed, the dollar will have crashed, most of the eastern United States will be smoldering ruins and starving blacks will be filling FEMA concentration camps.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Love your albums, BTW.

  • phoogy

    The minority occupation federal government plays dirty.

  • Bergeron

    It is tragic, shameful, and extremely dangerous that our citizenry has allowed the Law to become corrupted to this extent. The difference between life and death is now actually and demonstrably dependent upon your opinions being correct in the eyes of the state. This is madness.   

    • Bergeron

       Since the principle is already in place, how much longer will it be before no underlying crime is required? I mean, if they can add 5 years to your sentence because of “hate” at this point, why not go ahead and simply sentence you to 5 years in prison, or maybe in a re-education camp, if it can be proved that you have “hatred” in your heart? It’s been done before… 

  • THIS is why the federal “hate crimes” law never should have been permitted to pass. 

    As I have said many times, before they are going to try to do a jucial lynching on Zimmerman.   While I do suspect that he will eventually be aquited of the State murder charges, he’s probably going to end up being lynched by the feds.

    I think the best Zimmerman can hope for at this point is Obama to loose the election, at which time hopefully Romney will replace Holder with a decent human being who will not pursue trumped up charges against him. 

    • Oh, if Romney wins the election (which I devoutly hope), Holder will be gone like snow in July, all right. And don’t forget, it’s one thing for the feds to file “hate crimes charges,” but it’s another to get a conviction on them.

      • This is from an Attorney.

        What are the chances for a “Not Guilty” verdict if a federally charged criminal defendant takes the case to trial?
        Statistically not very good. Currently federal prosecutors tout above a 95% conviction rate. This is primarily due to the fact that most cases never make it to trial. Most defendants end up taking a plea bargain rather then risk a potentially much greater prison sentence which could be dealt them if they actual went to trial and lost. Another factor is the empowerment and impunity given to both investigating authorities and prosecutors, along with an interesting trial maneuver called “Jury Instructions”. Jury instructions are basically parameters that the judge provides the jury which can greatly affect the outcome of a verdict.
        Lets say you where being charged with a federal crime which could send you to prison for 10 years if you lost at trial, and you are being offered a 3 year prison sentence if you accept a plea bargain. If you believed you we’re innocent would you still take your case to trial knowing that if by chance you lose, you may have to serve a 10 year prison sentence? Currently within the Federal prison system, you will server at least 85% of that time.

        If they file charges, he’s screwed.

  • slobotnavich

    This beggars belief.  Some white guy is attacked by a black, who’s on top of him and punching away, and somehow he’s motivated by hate to pull his pistol and shoot his assailant.

    Now it’s a hate crime to defend yourself against a murderous assailant.

    Well, it’s good to know that if I’m being violently attacked or my wife’s being raped by a black that I can’t respond with “excessive force,” which, I suppose, means defending myself in any way that may caue injury to my attacker.

  • sbuffalonative

    “Zimmerman profiled and stalked Martin before allegedly shooting and killing him…”

    Shouldn’t that read: Zimmerman ALLEGEDLY profiled and stalked Martin? Why does allegedly only apply to the shooting (which actually happened and has been admitted to) but not to  what also happened before?

    According to the evidence so far, Mr. Zimmerman profiled what he thought was a criminal; he profiled what he thought was criminal behavior of a suspicious person. It was the 911 operator who prodded Mr. Zimmerman as to the race/ethnicity of Mr. Martin.

    Considering Mr. Zimmermans’ ethnic/racial background and familial relationships, it’s going to difficult proving racial motivation though it appears they’re going to try.

  • bubo

    This is nothing more than setting the groundwork for government approved double jeopardy after he is rightly acquitted.    

    Just like the last time, it won’t stop the black riots.  

    • sbuffalonative

      There are a number of motivations behind this. Trying to placate blacks. Trying to intimidate ‘racists’. The government flexing their muscles. And, as you noted, laying the groundwork for the tried and true method of by-passing double-jeopardy, the old ‘civil rights’ prosecution.

      The case is going to be tough to prove. They’re going to go after him with everything they have in the hopes that he’s convicted of something.

      He’ll likely be convicted for something but it won’t satisfy blacks. They will settle for nothing less than a good-ol’ fashion lynchin’ and when they don’t get it, lock your doors, stay off the streets, and be ready to fire.

      • xxxtonygunsxxx

         even if zimmer gets found guilty and gets the death penalty in the most gruesome way and is tossed into a paupers grave blacks will still be losers. they know it and the world knows it.

  • Hunter Morrow

    A hate crime charge is bogus. There wasn’t even a crime committed. 

  • It’s obvious that Eric Holder’s black racist Department of “Justice” is determined to crucify George Zimmerman, by hook or by crook. The “hate crime” laws were passed mainly so that the liberal-leaning feds could pounce on any White person who is acquitted of injuring or killing a black while defending himself, and prosecute that person with what amounts to double jeopardy.

    Of course, the medical report that reveals Zimmerman received two black eyes, a broken nose, cuts to the back of his head and a back injury appears to support his story to police, that he was attacked by Martin while he was walking back to his vehicle, and only fired the fatal shot because he feared for his life. But, if even one black is allowed on the jury, that person in all probability will vote for conviction, no matter what the testimony and evidence, and it takes only one contrary vote to hang a jury. Then the state will face a quandary: Seek a re-trial, and anger the majority of Whites who believe Zimmerman is being railroaded; or drop the charges, and risk almost certain black riots.


    • Sherman_McCoy

      I’m voting for the riots.  

  • It would probably take an all-black jury to convict, but it would take only one black juror to cause a hung jury. I’d hate to be that prosecutor then.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    O’Mara wouldn’t comment on the autopsy evidence, but WFTV legal analyst Bill
    Sheaffer said it’s better for the defense than it is for the prosecution.

    WFTV has learned that the medical examiner found two injuries on Martin’s
    body: The fatal gunshot wound and broken skin on his knuckles.

    When you compare Trayvon’s non-fatal injury with Zimmerman’s bloody head
    wounds, the autopsy evidence is better for the defense, Sheaffer said.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    the FBI is looking into charging Zimmerman with a hate crime

    Since when does the FBI charge anyone with anything?

    The whole 0bama regime is a Hate Crime. This an effort by a corrupt, fascist, administration to try and re-direct focus and attention away from their dismal record and failures.

    Everything I ever needed to know about the FBI I learned from their actions at Ruby Ridge, and the ATF, also a branch of the DOJ, at Waco, where Clinton and Reno had the Branch Davidians and all their children burned to death.

    Federal hate crimes, as signed by the 0bama regime, are based not on the 14th Amendment but on the Commerce Clause and are unconstitutional. Homosexuals have been added as a federally protected class and there is no longer a requirement that hate crimes be tied to Civil Rights violations.  
    This is to put all Whites on notice: Any White protecting himself or his loved ones against murderous blacks will be charged with a Hate Crime.

    I wish Zim had fled to somewhere like Samoa when he had the chance,  where he could’ve given 0bama, holder, et al. the middle finger.


    • Ruby Ridge.  Dennis Jordison, My Vietnam Veteran Friend is her First Cousin.  They used up Dennis and then Murdered his Cousin.  And People call this thing America.

      Waco – Oh Yes Ma’am.  Murdering White Children in the most Painful and Grotesque Manner possible is Permitted but Hate Crime Levied against Non-Whites is Impossible and all of this by the very Government “We” Fund.

      I say Americans need to Secede.  If you can stand it, stop working, move to the Woods and wait.  Time is Near.

  • ViktorNN

    The race politics here are stark and obvious. This is purely the result of having a black Attorney General who is looking for payback and who wants to look good in front of other blacks and non-whites.

    It’s sickening, but expected. Actually, the most sickening part will be the spectacle of watching white liberals convince themselves that this kind of naked, racial politicking is okay when blacks do it. Suicidal idiots.

  • radical7

    I don’t know about the death penalty, but he should do at least 20-25 years for brutally murdering a young man who was going about his business simply because the young man’s race. Zimmerman engaged in an appaling and vicious type of racism . 

    • Flagged for trolling once again.

      I was really hoping they banned this clown. 

      Flag this guy on sight and regardless of content, folks.

      • Raddy’s not that bad.  I’ve read worse from some other’s who are Welcome here.  At least Rad doesn’t pretend to be on our side and for that, I commend him.

        • anonymous_amren

          You shouldn’t commend him for openly supporting our extermination.

      • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

        I don’t know. R7 does a magnificent job of making our enemies look like the blithering nonsensical fools they are. So much so, that I sometimes wonder if he’s actually a Race Realist- maybe even a regular poster under another handle- whose goal is to do exactly that.

      • anonymous_amren

        I forgot we could flag posts. I’m in favor of banning radical7, so I’ll be flagging his mindless offensive gibberish. But since he’s here, I’ll address his points (if you can call them that).

        “…brutally murdering a young man who was going about his business…” going about his business of beating a hispanic neighbourhood watch man who was on the ground calling for help.

        “…simply because [of] the young man’s race…” by that logic he’d have to shoot himself and his own family and friends, and the neighbours he became a neighbourhood watch captain to protect. He has black and hispanic ancestry and considers himself the same as them. He’s also a complete bleeding-heart liberal who bends over backwards for black people.

        “…Zimmerman engaged in an appalling and vicious type of racism.” Don’t get me wrong, I love appalling and viscious types of racism, and if Zimmerman had engaged in them, I would be applauding him for it. But Zimmerman called the police, and spoke to Trayvon, on account of him being a stranger sneaking around behind the houses like a burglar (which he has since been proven to be), and acting like he was on drugs (he has since been proven to be a drug dealer). Which you’d know if you listened to his call to the police. Unfortunately Zimmerman didn’t spot that Trayvon was also a violent thug who beat people up (which he has since been proven to have done to other people), and Zimmerman ended up getting his head bashed against the ground.

        Establishment7 is entertaining, and harmless. This is why I don’t remove most of his posts. — Moderator

    • Sherman_McCoy

      As opposed to your appalling and vicious type of stupidity?  (And your spelling isn’t especially good, either).

      • mikejones91

        I have no words for his comment. Sheep, nothing more, much, MUCH less. Zimmerman opened an Allstate office with a black friend of his. Sounds like a regular Klansman to me. The worst type of racist!

    • And your Proof Lies where?

      Death Penalty – I’m against it.  First, because of the Innocent and secondly because, if revenge is what yer after, let ’em rot.  Death is a way out but Living is Hell.

    • mikejones91

      you realize Zimmerman opened an ALLSTATE office with a black friend of his. He is also part black. Your an idiotic sheep who wishes Zimmerman was completely white so you can apologize to your many black friends. IF your a racist, your NOT gonna go into business with a negro. Hell, I am NOT racist and I still wouldn’t go into business with a black person. What does that tell you? Get back to class. 

    • You are but a cartoon that plays in the background with only children to watch while adults discuss serious matters in the next room.

    • Berkeley Redneck

      What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Were you at the scene? Were you there? From what I have read, I think Zimmerman’s lawyer could make a very strong case against the charge of ‘murder.’ You’re pre-judging Zimmerman; you are, literally, ‘prejudiced.’ 

  • TomIron361


    Interesting viewpoint. I especially like – “young man who was going about his business.” We probably lost the next coming of Dr. Werner Von Braun I’m sure. C’mon pal, get a grip on yourself.

  • OldAtlantic

    The purpose of the prosecutors is to discredit prosecution itself.  That would leave us on our own to defend against diversity.  Which leads back to Zimmerman.  A vicious circle indeed.

  • Hispanic

    You are darn right. I can’t stand them and am sick of being lumped together with them. They are beneath me. In technical terms, i’m a mestizo. I may have lost the race lottery, but at least I didn’t end up last. 

    • anonymous_amren

      Looks like you won the common-sense lottery though, so congratulations.

      Although technically, black people didn’t come last either. There are always Aborigines, for example.

  • slobotnavich

    This beggars belief.  Zimmerman’s assailant was on top of him punching away, and even suffered damage to his knuckles in the process, and Zimmerman’s being charged with murder??!!

    Just how much punishment is a victim supposed to take before responding with deadly force? How could Zimmerman retreat?  His attacker was sitting on him. 

    I wonder what Zimmerman might have been charged with if he managed to get on top of his attacker and killed him by banging his head on the pavement.

  • sbuffalonative

    Most police forces, the FBI, and media outlets have connections to the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League. The SPLC and and ADL provide training and resources to law enforcement on how to recognize, report, and prosecute ‘hate crimes’ allegedly committed by whites.

    If you ever get the opportunity to confront the police or the media about a ‘hate crime’, be sure to grill them on any association they have with the SPLC or the ADL.

    • anonymous_amren

      The ADL isn’t that bad. I’m surprised the SPLC hasn’t listed the ADL as an anti-black hate group, because in many ways they are (by liberal standards).

      •  I’m surprised the ADL and SPLC aren’t yet engaged in full frontal warfare.  They’re chasing after the same dollars from the same donors, which don’t have the coin they used to have thanks to Madoff.  I thought the whole Guenter Lewy affair would spark an open civil war between the two, but it has not yet materialized.

      • anarchyst

        Both the ADL and $PLC employ the “double standard” and promote one-sided “hate crime legislation that specifically denies whites “rights” under these same laws.
        All one has to do is look at the types of people who run these organizations . . . you will have your answer . . .

  • Try taking a course in Spanish.  Then you will know what they think of you.  You would be amazed at what they openly say, assuming you’re just a stupid guero who only speaks English.

    • newscomments70

      I studied Spanish for several years in school. I used to be pretty good. Mexican Spanish is often fragmented. It is full of slang and incorrect grammar. They know that  some of us learn Spanish in high school, from nannies, etc. They deliberately speak fast and unclear so that we cannot understand. 2nd generation U.S. Hispanics rarely speak Spanish, believe it or not. 

      As a young person, I studied Spanish with a lot of effort because I liked the language and culture. I couldn’t have learned it if I didn’t actually like it. My only other choice was French, which I found unappealing. I had Hispanic friends, acquaintances and coworkers. I even had a Mexican professor in college, who was great. He was competent, decent, generous, and acted more like a friend.  I would practice  Spanish with these people, socialize with them, etc. It was always a good feeling. They were not hateful or two-faced.

      As I got older, I realized how many Hispanic people were extremely hateful toward whites. All you have to do is look on the internet at comments posted. The extreme racial hatred against whites is shocking. You hear things like, “I’m going to take over your country, rape your mother and sister”, etc. Imagine every extreme profanity that exists. These unholy people love to insult mothers for some reason. After understanding the agendas of La Raza, Azltan, and the like, my eyes were opened. I don’t speak Spanish anymore, nor do I watch any Spanish media. I have a handful of Mexican acquaintances due to proximity. These people are probably fine, but my guard is always up. Everyone, including whites, are brainwashed to hate whites. The trust and love I used to have is dead. 

  • Eagle_Eyed

     Perhaps, but the enemy of my enemy…

  • The FBI, once a proud national asset in crime fighting and in the pursuit of those that would conduct espionage, has fallen so low that it has now become a danger to the Republic. From the participation of the HRT in sharpshooting innocent civilians holding their baby to the knowledge of the pretend president being an illegal candidate for office and beyond, how much do we fear from the secret police? The People’s Ministry of Internal Affairs or NKVD would feel right at home with this political correctness concept of white people cannot defend themselves. If the local state prosecutor cannot carve you up enough, the secret police will. Many here have conjectured that all of this behavior, including the election of the pretend president himself, are well coordinated to entice citizens into a race war. A race war that will be just enough of a calamity to tighten the grip the state has on the citizen, i.e. emergency control over food, gasoline, guns and ammo. Perhaps that would best be said as Martial Law. It is a sad day indeed that we find such an inglorious end to such a glorious country.

  • radical7

     Mike Jones stated:

    “you realize Zimmerman opened an ALLSTATE office with a black friend of his. He is also part black. Your an idiotic sheep who wishes Zimmerman was completely white so you can apologize to your many black friends. IF your a racist, your NOT gonna go into business with a negro. Hell, I am NOT racist and I still wouldn’t go into business with a black person. What does that tell you? Get back to class. ”

    Just because a non-Black person is friends with a Black person does not mean they are free of racial bias or hatred. The “some of my best friends are Black ” defense is commonly used by bigots in an effort to dispel any assumptions from others that they are indeed racist. In fact, I woud argue that many of you posters make similar claims in an effort to deny your racism and in some cases, sexism. You obviously have some “learning” to do yourself. 

    • Berkeley Redneck

      “In fact, I woud argue that many of you posters make similar claims in an effort to deny your racism…”
      No offense, but have you been paying attention? Are you familiar with the content of this site and the audience it attracts? I certainly would fit many definitions of ‘racist,’ — a term with little real meaning, to be sure — and I have no problem with that. 

    • mikejones91

      Nope, I have NO real black friends. I have black acquaintances but not friends. Does it not go without saying he is probably NOT a racist, based simply on the Allstate deal? You wish.

  • radical7

    One rule should be to stop engaging  in systematic and systemic racism against people of color.

    • mikejones91

      Please explain this racism for us all. Have you read “Race and Free Markets”?  Or watched Karl Bodeckers “Lets have a conversation about race”? Are you black, or just a sad, sad, white man? You blacks/idiotic whites throw around the most ENORMOUS claims and emphasize on their severity by using phrases like “systematic racism”. So please, give us examples. I think of it like this—Any racism that any one individual encounters, is the result of ANOTHER INDIVIDUAL. (99% of the time). Racism isn’t this entity/conspiracy/plan/ that white people have creatively constructed, although we are VERY creative. As you know.(Speaking of creativity. I am write music, rock/pop/alternative type stuff. It’s not “hate rock” either. If your into that type of music, please take a listen! Racism is the result of an INDIVIDUALS prejudice against those they feel have wronged them. That or they just don’t like them because of past behavior. Sound familiar? Example–Your in traffic and your behind 2 other cars. A white man lets the first 2 cars out. (the drivers are white). When you pull up, he gives you a dirty look, laughs and pulls in front of you. He is OBVIOUSLY a RACIST!! Now this of course means the overwhelming majority of whites are just downright racist! Wrong, as usual! Racism is the result of individual action. Just like the 91% of interracial crime that is committed by blacks, attacking whites, is just that, individual action. INDIVIDUAL RACISM. Influenced/fueled by idiots like you/Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson/ECT. Think of their words/your comments as the soundtrack to black on white resentment AKA HATE CRIMES! Then think of rap music as the soundtrack to the “Urban Youths'” anti-social/violent behavior. Let my message sink in, and maybe you’ll come around buddy. Good day. Oh yeah about my music. Fast forward to 20 seconds in and enjoy!!! One more thing…If you are black–I always get a kick out of blacks trying to “debate”/verbally attack whites on issues of race via the internet/computers. The black man spewing his hatred for the white man on a device the white man created. You know what I say to them? You hate white people? Sell your car, xbox, PC,MAC, pretty much everything you love. I for one have stopped using peanut butter, so as not to cause a conflict of interest!

  • Frank

    This is Holder’s insurance card against a finding of Not Guilty in the state trial.

  • anonymous_amren

    I wish I shared your confidence, but I think they are still probably Democrat members.

  • It is time to realize how brainwashed the left-wing zombies are.  They have been trained to turn on their own race, to turn on their own kind.

    Try it sometime, get a liberal to call you a racist.  They will think that you are now justified to be beaten or killed. 
    Anti-racist punks on the left are really just anti-white.

    Self-hating whites are our worst enemy.

  • ageofknowledge

    I’m confused because this wasn’t a hate crime. This was a zealous neighborhood watch individual trying to keep his area free of crime. I understand there has to be a trial because someone died in the ensuing melee; however, how in the world did it ever get twisted into a “hate crime”? I don’t get it.

    • anarchyst

      There does not have to be a trial . . . self-defense is a basic right . . . it is the threat of riots and civil unrest by blacks that is fueling the “lynching” of Mr. Zimmerman . . .

  • So are the Whites of NYC waking up??  They are the most powerful Whites, I sure hope they have stopped their paternalistic race pandering.

  • Space4jan

    If this becomes a State Show Trial, can the Kremlin afford to lose?
    Go down this road, and AmRen bloggers will be arrested as accessories after the “fact” and “race hate deniers”.

  • Michael C. Scott

    Holder will pursue it for two reasons: (1) because it fits with his racist, anti-white agenda he has already displayed, and (2) because the federal government has effectively unlimited resources with which to bankrupt and then incarcerate guys like Zimmerman.

  • MikeofAges

    You might want to know about Marissa Alexander. Alexander, 31, is a black woman in Florida who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot to scare off her violent husband. The prosecutor – Angela Corey. The same prosecutor who is prosecuting George Zimmerman.

    The story here is that the husband went off the rails when he found out that she had told her ex about the new child she had just had with the current husband. There are more details, of course, but I can’t help but think that if she had just shot the guy she would be a free woman today. Apparently, Corey convinced the jury that she acted out of “anger” rather than in self-defense and that she endangered her children in the process.

    With the Trayvon Martin case on the table, I imagine this case presents black activists with a problem. How can they say she innocent and still call for the prosecution of Zimmerman?

  • Doc Holliday

    The urban thugs were empowered now that one of their own is in The White House.   Part of me wants to vote against Obama as a backlash to all the black-on-white crimes.

  • anarchyst

    One has to understand the defective pathology of the black man . . . in order to understand the Trayvon vs. Zimmerman “situation”.
    Young Trayvon felt “disrespected” when asked about his “business” while he was “casing” houses for possible burglary. In order for Trayvon to regain his “honor” and “respect”, his defective black pathology REQUIRED him to attack Zimmerman in the only way blacks know how . . . attacking him from behind as Zimmerman was returning to his vehicle.
    Zimmerman is INNOCENT and should be released without further delay . . . true justice demands this (despite blacks and white traitors cry for punishment) . . .

  • Anonymous

    If whites were killing blacks left and right all the time back then, wouldn’t the blacks all be dead today?  Do you really think white men with large families and coming home from a backbreaking job while having to do manual chores when they got home really had the energy to go out and harm people?  Do you really think they said, “Hey, Ralph.  Do you wanna grab a beer and kill some negroes tonight?  I don’t got anything going on except churning butter, washing clothes, milking the cows, hunting deer for dinner tomorrow, helping my kids with their homework, you know.”

  • Church_of_Jed

    Patter Recognition Theology

    Can you recognize the pattern?

    NYTimes headlines today-

    Whites Now Account for Under Half of Births in U.S.

    The Census Bureau has made it official: Non-Hispanic white births are no longer a majority in the United States, a tipping point that has implications for politics, the economy and a nation’s identity.

    JPMorgan’s Trading Loss Is Said to Rise at Least 50%
    Hedge funds and other investors taking advantage of JPMorgan Chase’s distress have fueled faster deterioration in the underlying credit market positions held by the bank.

    D.E.A. Agents Join Honduran Police in 2 Jungle Firefights

    By CHARLIE SAVAGE and THOM SHANKER The Central American country is a growing focus of American efforts aimed at drug cartels that have sought to use its ungoverned spaces

  •  America has an air tight extradition treaty with Peru. Not the country to go to.