Posted on January 1, 1999

O Tempora, O Mores! (January, 1999)

American Renaissance, January 1999

South African Farmers Face Terror Campaign

Black rule has been a nightmare for the farmers of South Africa. Since May, 1994, when Nelson Mandela’s government took power, there have been more than 2,000 attacks on farms resulting in 570 murders. During the first eight months of 1998 alone there were 590 attacks and 104 murders. Many of the victims died only after being raped and tortured for hours. A recent issue of the South African publication the Aida Parker Newsletter was entirely devoted to this campaign of terror that has gone virtually unreported in the United States.

Under white rule farmers were safe from violence, but in the changed psychological atmosphere of black rule they have become easy targets because many live in isolated areas. Farmers are now four times more likely to be killed than other South Africans — in a country whose post-apartheid crime wave has given it the highest murder and rape rates in the world.

The farmers who remain on the land are outraged by the attacks and by the government’s apparent lack of interest in stopping them. They suspect the killings may be part of a plan to drive whites off the land. As Aida Parker writes, “Is what we are seeing a coordinated, creeping land occupation, an Africanised quasi-nation-alisation . . . ?”

Theft is only a secondary motive in many of the killings. Sometimes the murderers take nothing at all, and even when they do take weapons or money they kill needlessly and viciously. In the somewhat tepid words of a National Intelligence Agency report, “in almost every case, the degree of violence inflicted upon the victims . . . was completely excessive and totally out of proportion with the objectives . . . The torture and rape of victims suggests that the attackers do not merely intend to kill the victims, but to inflict pain, humiliation and suffering.” It is common for bands of blacks to attack at nightfall and torture their victims until morning. Here are the details of the injuries of an Eastern Trans-vaal farmer who was tortured for six hours before he was finally killed:

  1. Hands tied behind the back with telephone wire
  2. Genitals burnt and kicked in
  3. Feet bound with a piece of clothing
  4. Finger and toenails extracted with hot pliers
  5. Ruptured spleen
  6. Weals on whole body — supposedly whip marks
  7. Burns on whole body — apparently applied with a hot poker
  8. Skull fractured and splintered at back
  9. Broken neck
  10. Skin burnt by hot coals on back

President Nelson Mandela says the killings are the random work of common criminals and dismisses outrage over the terror as the result of a “racist propaganda campaign.” The rest of the world seems to agree. As Miss Parker notes, “the outside world, in particular that ‘great citadel of democracy and freedom,’ the US, remains blind, deaf and dumb to what is happening here.” (SA’s Bloody Road to Ruin, Aida Parker Newsletter, Spring, 1998. Address: PO Box 91059, Auckland Park, 2006, South Africa)

Race and the Elections

The mid-term elections of last November only confirmed that as the American population changes, white voters cannot elect the candidates they want. For example, in New York, Republican Senator Alfonse D’Amato won the white vote, 51 to 48 percent, but Democrat Charles Schumer won the election with 86 percent of the black vote and 82 percent of the Hispanic vote. In the Senate race in California, Asian-American Matt Fong got two percent more of the white vote than his opponent but lost because Democrat Barbara Boxer got 85 percent of the black vote, 71 percent of the Hispanic vote and — surprisingly — 51 percent of the Asian vote.

In the Georgia governor’s race, Republican Guy Millner got more than 60 percent of the white vote but lost to Democrat Roy Barnes, who got 95 percent of the black vote. There were similar results in governors’ races in South Carolina and Alabama. GOP pollster Mark Mahe noted that “We probably got 60 percent of the white vote in the South. But if you’re getting only 7 or 8 percent of the black vote, it just makes it really, really, really difficult to move the numbers.”

Once the numbers move there is a price to pay. Alvin Holmes, a black Alabama state representative had this to say about his new Democratic governor, Donald Siegelman: “He received 97 percent of the black vote in Alabama. We don’t owe him anything. He owes us.” Mr. Holmes wants blacks appointed to at least one third of the new Cabinet posts.

There were probably many other races in which whites did not get the candidates they wanted. Nationwide, whites voted for Republicans by a margin of 57 percent to 43 percent, whereas blacks voted 89 percent Democratic and 11 percent Republican. Hispanics voted 63 percent Democrat and 37 percent Republican.

Non-whites consistently vote their racial interests but whites do not. Democrats knows this and, in some cases, made explicitly racial appeals. The Missouri Democratic Party paid for a radio advertisement directed at blacks that said, “When you don’t vote, you let another church explode. When you don’t vote, you allow another cross to burn.” Maryland Governor Parris Glendening’s ads painted his Republican opponent as a “racist” even though members of his own party denounced the so-called “evidence” as a lie. In Ft. Worth, Texas, people distributed fliers claiming that “Republicans are trying to intimidate African-American voters.” Even the White House said Republicans were trying to scare off blacks.

Republicans are too stupid and too cowardly to court their obvious constituency, which is whites. Instead, they are now fawning over new heroes, the Bush brothers. George, Jr. won reelection as governor of Texas with 47 percent of the Hispanic vote and Jeb won the Florida governor’s race with 58 percent. National Journal points out that if the Bushes are to be the new Republican model, the party “will have to abandon, or at least strongly suppress, any hard-line positions on immigration, civil rights and affirmative action.” No problem. George and Jeb Bush appear happy to do that if it will win non-white votes.

The interests of whites go by the boards at the national level, too. In the past two Presidential elections the Republican candidate won the majority of the white vote, but lost to William Clinton, who was the non-whites’ favorite.

School Days in Baltimore

Southern High School in Baltimore was recently profiled in the Baltimore Sun, as one of those schools that go unaccountably out of control. Just two years ago, city officials were praising it for reducing violence and dropout rates, but it is now back in the dumps.

Nearly every day, teachers clear the halls in what is essentially a prison routine. They shout “Lockdown! Lock-down!” and the 1,500 students run back to their classrooms before the doors are shut and bolted. Anyone still wandering the halls is supposed to be punished, but the criminals and trouble-makers have a safe haven: stairwells 5 and 6. The worst of the rowdies have taken them over and made them so dangerous even the police officers assigned to the school are afraid to go there.

Principal Darline Lyles, who presided over Southern’s relative improvement of a few years ago, has all but given up on the stairwells. “I’m sure there are streets in Baltimore you won’t walk down,” she says. “I ask my students not to go into Stairwells 5 and 6 for the same reasons. It’s about personal safety.” Even with no one in them the stairwells are dangerous. They are piled so high with trash, cigarette butts, and chicken bones that students easily loose their footing.

The rest of the school is not much better. The toilets are broken and overflowing, and the washrooms are strewn with garbage and used feminine hygiene products. Students smoke marijuana openly, boys grope girls with impunity, and roaches scurry across the floors. On the first day of school, when a girl complained that several boys had urinated on her, a teacher told her to clean herself up and go to lunch. Students also like to start little fires; several times a week someone has to put out a trash fire or douse a blazing bulletin board.

For years, Southern has been a battle ground for students who come from two different housing projects, Cherry Hill and Flag House. This year there have been fights every day since school began, and though the principal has suspended the most determined pugilists, girls have now taken to punching each other. The cafeteria is so chaotic — students like to heave full trays of food at each other and turn over trash barrels — that many people stay in class or eat in the library.

Principal Lyles is trying to improve things. The school recently doubled the number of police officers from three to six, and there are “safe school facilitators” who roam the halls trying to keep order. On October 12 Miss Lyles had a meetings for parents but they just ended up yelling at each other.

Miss Lyles concedes that the difference between the current chaos and what were said to be the good years is not all that great. “These problems aren’t new,” she says. “We deal with it all the time.” (Stephen Henderson and Joe Mathews, It’s a School, But the Aura is of Prison Chaos, Baltimore Sun, Oct. 30, 1998.)

Clintonesque Capers

It was recently reported that in May, 1997, President Clinton fired John Hicks, the American ambassador to the African nation of Eritrea, for sexual misconduct. Mr. Hicks, a career foreign service employee, was making crude sexual advances to two embassy secretaries. On one occasion, he slipped his hand under a woman’s underwear and fondled her. He told another that she was refusing his advances because he was black. The State Department turned over a report on Mr. Hicks to the Maryland U.S. Attorney’s Office for possible criminal prosecution but in the end, his case was handled “administratively.”

At the time President Clinton fired Mr. Hicks, he was under investigation for making similar advances to Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey, and was in the midst of a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky. (Jerry Seper, During Lewinsky Affair, Clinton Fired Envoy for Sex Misconduct, Washington Times, Oct. 30, 1998.)

Search for Equality Continues

There is a growing movement in New Zealand to grant apes certain “human” rights. The Great Ape Project of New Zealand has asked parliament to make special legal provisions for chimpanzees, bonobos (a species of African pygmy ape), gorillas and orangutans. According to David Penny, a theoretical biologist at Massey University in New Zealand, “There’s now a mountain of evidence that the great apes are as intelligent as young human children, and very similar in their emotional and cognitive development.” He adds that “they have self-awareness and theory-of-mind: hallmark traits which were once thought to separate humanity from all other species.” If passed, the new law would make it illegal for an owner to kill a great ape and would also outlaw invasive or painful experimentation. (Reuters, New Zealand Lobby Wants Human Rights for Apes, Oct. 30, 1998.)

Third Time’s the Charm

Barbara Coe and the California Coalition for Immigration Reform have once more been thwarted in their efforts to publicize the problems illegal immigration is causing their state. In May, the CCIR put up a giant, 10 foot by 40 foot billboard at the California/Arizona border, which read “Welcome to California, the Illegal Immigration State. Don’t Let This Happen to Your State.” The advertising took down the sign after Hispanic activists threatened to burn it.

In November, the CCIR put up another sign at the border, but it lasted only a week. The owner of the land under the billboard began to fear for the safety of his family because so many motorists were stopping to gawk at the sign. Miss Coe is determined to find another location. (2nd Anti-Immigration Billboard Removed, Los Angeles Times, Nov. 14, 1998.)

High-Tech Ethnic Cleansing

Israel is reported to be working on a biological weapon that would kill only Arabs. The weapon would use viruses and bacteria that alter the DNA in cells they attack, and would be based on micro-organisms that kill only cells with DNA that is unique to Arabs. The research program is said to be based at the biological institute in Nes Tziyona, the main research facility for Israel’s clandestine arsenal of chemical and biological weapons.

A scientist at Nes Tziyona said it was very hard to design an anti-Arab weapon because Jews and Arabs are both Semitic and therefore closely related. He claimed, however, that the program has “succeeded in pinpointing a particular characteristic in the genetic profile of certain Arab communities, particularly the Iraqi people.” Diseases could be spread by spraying organisms into the air or putting them in water supplies.

American Secretary of Defense William Cohen has said he has received reports that a number of countries are trying to develop biological weapons that are racially or ethnically specific. Senior Western intelligence sources have reportedly confirmed that Israel is one of those countries. Israel has denied the existence of the program. (Uzi Mah-naimi and Marie Colvin, Israel Planning ‘Ethnic’ Bomb as Saddam Caves In, Sunday Times (London), Nov. 15, 1998.)

Race and Government

Researchers at Harvard and the University of Chicago have sifted through mountains of data to decide which of the world’s governments are best and which are worst. They considered such things as per capita income, tax rates, measures of corruption, literacy, education, and infant mortality. They found that the best governments were, in descending order:

New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway, United Kingdom, Canada, Iceland, United States of America, Finland, Sweden, Australia.

The worst, in ascending order, were:

Zaire, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Haiti, Cameroon, Mali, Syrian Arab Republic, Indonesia, Niger, Algeria.

There is a certain very clear pattern here that, needless to say, escaped the attention of the savants. They wrestled with such issues as whether it made a difference if a country uses the Napoleonic code or whether Protestant countries are better run than Catholic. They did notice that government gets worse as you approach the equator, but Lopez de-Silanes of Harvard explains it this way: “In temperate zones, there is much less disease and the agriculture is much more productive.”

The great minds did hazard one bold conclusion: “[E]thno-linguistically heterogeneous” countries aren’t as well governed as homogeneous countries. explained that this is because ethnic groups can’t seem to stop fighting each other. (Richard Morin, Putting the Good in Good Government, Washington Post, Nov. 1, 1998, p. C5.)

Same People, Same Problems

Laurel Productions, a British television company, has found that blacks were overwhelmingly responsible for the 14 juvenile gang rapes that took place in Britain in 1996. In nine of the 14 cases, all the rapists were black, and there were black participants in four of the other five cases. Eighty-six percent of the juveniles charged were black; most but not all of the victims were also black.

Laurel Productions made a documentary about this, which provoked much whooping even before it was aired. Black newspapers editorialized about “sloppy journalism,” and demonstrations were planned. A few blacks welcomed the program as a way to call attention to the problems black girls face, but others used it to blame whites. One black broadcaster, Darcus Howe, explained that today’s black misbehavior can be traced to the brutalization of slaves on Caribbean sugar plantations. (Paul McCann and Kathy Marks, TV Gang Rape Documentary Angers Black Groups, Independent (London), Nov. 18, 1998.)

Louts Win at Columbia

Accuracy in Academia, a conservative organization affiliated with Accuracy in Media, signed a contract with Columbia to hold a conference on the campus over the weekend of November 13 and 14. Speakers were to include Ward Connerly, Dinesh D’Souza, and John Leo. Mr. Connerly, who led the campaign for the California ballot initiative to ban racial preferences, gave the keynote address on the 13th. This prompted a demonstration by about 100 students who demanded that Columbia cancel the rest of the conference. The University did as it was told, and Dinesh D’Souza and others spoke as best they could at nearby Morningside Park.

The demonstrators took great pride in having disrupted the conference and even followed it into the park, where they shouted down speakers. Some waved signs reading “Access Denied” and “We Win: Racists Not Allowed At Columbia.” One of the protesters, Adrienne Brown, expressed her satisfaction at seeing the conference move to a park “where homeless people sleep and piss.”

Accuracy in Academia plans to sue Columbia and to hold another conference there. (Columbia University Censors Conservative Conference,, Nov. 18, 1998.)

Hoaxer Convicted

A black woman has been convicted of trying to defraud United Parcel Service by means of a phony hate crime. Angela Jackson of St. Paul, Minnesota, sent 28 pieces of hate mail to herself and to black congressmen Bobby Rush and Jesse Jackson, Jr. She scrawled racial insults on the packages she received and then tried to collect $150,000 from UPS, claiming that “white supremacist” employees had vandalized her insured packages. On the witness stand she claimed that the charges against her were part of a “racist conspiracy.” (AP, Conviction in Phony Hate Mail Case, Nov. 21, 1998.)

Racial Health Differences

Life Expectancy: A white baby born in 1996 can expect to live for 76.8 years; the average black baby will live 70.2 years.

Infant Mortality: Of every 1,000 black babies born in 1995, 14.7 died in the first year; 6.1 of every 1,000 white babies did.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: 57.9 of every 100,000 white babies die in their sleep of this mysterious condition; for blacks, the figure is 137.5.

Cancer Deaths: The death rate for cancer among black men is about 50 percent higher than for white men.

Prostate Cancer: From 1990 to 1995, 230 out of 100,000 black men got prostate cancer, compared to 154 white men per 100,000.

Lung Cancer: Blacks as a group are 27 percent more likely than whites to die from it; blacks are 50 percent more likely to get it.

Stroke: Blacks are nearly twice as likely to die of a stroke, with 44.2 deaths per 100,000 as opposed to 24.5 for whites.

Heart Disease: Black death rates are 40 percent higher than whites. Deaths declined 20 percent overall from 1987 to 1995, but were down just 13 percent for blacks.

Hypertension: Between 1988 and 1994, 35 percent of black men ages 20 to 74 had high blood pressure, compared to 25 percent of white men.

Diabetes: Blacks are 70 percent more likely to get it than whites. Between 1980 and 1994, the number of cases among blacks rose 33 percent, three times the increase for whites.

AIDS: Blacks are 13 percent of the population but account for 43 percent of new AIDS cases and more than two thirds of new HIV infections. Black men are seven times more likely than whites to be infected with HIV; black women are 20 times more likely than white women. The number of newly-diagnosed AIDS cases fell by 13 percent among whites in 1996 — the first decline since the disease appeared — but there was no decline for blacks. (AP, Statistics on Racial Health Disparities, Nov. 27, 1998. Richard Morin, Blacks, AIDS and the War on Drugs, Washington Post, Nov. 29, 1998, p. C5.)

‘Vile Hypocrites’

In a recent column about inter-racial crime, Charley Reese of the Orlando Sentinel lets the facts speak for themselves:

If there is a race war going on, as some black intellectuals have contended, it is being waged by blacks against whites . . .

[In 1994] there were 100 rapes committed by whites against blacks but 20,204 rapes committed by blacks against whites. As for robberies, 7,031 involved a white perpetrator and a black victim while 167,924 robberies involved a black perpetrator and a white victim.

White assaults of blacks were 49,800, but black assaults of whites were 431,670. In the category of all violent crimes, only 55,301 involved white perpetrators and black victims; 572,458 violent crimes involved black perpetrators and white victims.

A history professor recently pointed out that the stabbing death of an 82-year-old Alexandria, LA, woman barely got mentioned in the news — despite the fact that the four black killers admitted that they chose her ‘because she was white.’ That’s not a hate crime? Why didn’t the president comment on that? How come the national television networks didn’t put that on the evening news, do specials and invite Rolodex experts to proclaim how ingrained black racism is against whites?

This huge disparity between white-on-black and black-on-white crime is the elephant at the tea party that both the press and the federal government pretend they can’t see. They are vile hypocrites.

(Charley Reese, Race War Will Continue Until We Can Talk About it Honestly, Orlando Sentinel, November 5, 1998.)

Perils of Tolerance

Ruth Sherman is a 27-year-old white third-grade teacher in Brooklyn, New York. She tried to “relate” to her mostly black and Hispanic pupils by having them read a “multi-cultural” children’s book praised by the New York Times. Nappy Hair is about a little girl with the “nappiest, fuzziest, the most screwed up, squeezed up, knotted up” hair. “Nappy” is a traditionally derogatory term for fuzzy African hair, but the author, a black woman named Carolivia Herron, says her book is “a wonderful celebration of nappy, African-American hair” and not at all anti-black. The students’ parents have a more traditionalist understanding of the word. In a meeting with Miss Sherman they shouted racial insults at her and threatened violence. The school superintendent removed her from the classroom and considered disciplining her.

The district decided no punishment was necessary, but Miss Sherman has asked for a transfer, saying she fears for her life and has nightmares about being threatened. She also regrets that her lesson in “tolerance” failed. “The poor children must be so confused right now,” she says. “Everything I tried to teach them about getting along and togetherness has been thrown out the window.” (Judie Glave, Teacher Removed for Book Choice, AP, Nov. 24, 1998. Judie Glave, Threatened Teacher Seeks Transfer, AP, Dec. 1, 1998.)

Dixie Rising

A history course at North Carolina’s Randolph Community College is causing a stir. It is taught by members of the local Sons of Confederate Veterans and is called “North Carolina’s Role in the War for Southern Independence.” The instructors teach that the war was not about slavery but about independence, and that over 30,000 blacks fought loyally for the South. They also assign readings from a series of 1930s interviews with ex-slaves, who generally had positive things to say about slavery.

“Civil rights” leaders are hopping mad but the instructors are not backing down. “We cannot allow political correctness to rewrite history or wipe out our heritage,” says Jack Perdue. “African-Americans celebrate Kwanzaa; Native Americans hold powwows. Everybody can celebrate their culture but we can’t.” (College Slavery Course Draws Fire, Las Vegas Sun, November 15, 1998.)

Another Nation of Immigrants

Germany’s new leftist government has announced it will change the country’s citizenship laws to permit foreigners born in Germany to become citizens. According to the current law, which was passed 85 years ago, German citizenship is based on blood rather than on place of birth.

Seven million foreigners — who account for nearly 10 percent of the population — now live in Germany. Of this number, two million are Turks. Many of them came to Germany during the economic boom of the 1960s. There are now many second-generation Turks but they are not automatically German citizens. Under current law they may apply for naturalization after they have lived in Germany for 15 years, and must renounce Turkish citizenship. Under the new law, anyone born in Germany would have automatic citizenship if one of the parents was a resident of Germany for at least 14 years. The law would also permit dual citizenship, which Turks want.

A representative of the Green party, which is the junior partner of Gerhard Schroeder’s Social Democrats, says the agreement “is a clear signal for integration. This government will recognize that Germany is a country of immigrants.” (Tony Czuczka, German Group Seeks Integration, AP, Oct. 14, 1998.)

Malcolm X Gets a Stamp

Malcolm X (Credit Image: © MediaDrum via ZUMA Press)

The Postal Service has announced a stamp in the black heritage series honoring Malcolm X. Roger Wilkins, a history professor at George Mason University and a specialist on the civil rights movement, says the Black Muslim who was killed in 1965 deserves the honor because he did so much to promote black pride. (Bill McAllister, Malcolm X Stamp Added to Series, Washington Post, Nov. 20, 1998, p. A27.)

More New Citizens?

Organized crime is an increasingly serious problem in Russia and Eastern Europe, and many gangsters have close connections with American criminals. Hungary, in particular, has become a mob playground, and the FBI has increased its presence there. One of the problems with prosecuting Hungarian gangsters is that the country does not have a witness protection program for informers who testify against their former friends. In America it is common to give cooperative ex-mobsters a new job and a new identity. The United States is considering opening its own program to chatty Hungarian criminals, who would get new identities and new lives in America in exchange for testimony. (Susan Milligan, US Weighs Asylum for Hungary Mob Cases, Boston Globe, Nov. 29, 1998.)

More Anti-Semitic

A study by the Anti-Defamation League claims blacks are four times more likely than whites to hold strong anti-Semitic views. Based on whether they agreed with statements like “Jews have too much power,” and “Jews are more loyal to Israel than America,” the ADL puts 34 percent of blacks but only nine percent of whites in the “most anti-Semitic” category. ADL director Abraham Foxman blames Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan: “The Farrakhan message of anti-Semitism is repeated and repeated and that strengthens and reaffirms these attitudes.” (AP, More Blacks Found To Be Antisemitic, Las Vegas Sun, November 23, 1998.)

Whatever it Takes

After five years of failing to narrow the test score gap between black and white students, the Omaha, Nebraska, School District now has a “black achievement plan” that should solve the problem. There was some debate about whether the plan should cover all students who do poorly but Omaha has decided to limit it to blacks. There will be all-day pre-school and kindergarten for black students, free transportation to school events for black parents, special teacher training, and a series of “black parents summits.” The city will also hire 50 new tutors to work only with blacks. Some parents worry that all this will suggest to students that blacks are inferior, but the plan’s administrator says it would be “educational malpractice” not to put it into practice. (Melissa Matczak, Blacks Stay Focus of Tutor Plan, Omaha World-Herald, November 10, 1998.)

Pay Before You Pump

Daron Hill, a black Chicago police officer, is suing Shell Oil Company because a local station made blacks pay before they pumped gas but let whites pay afterwards. The station had a memo to employees written in the Indian language of Urdu saying, “Do not release [gas pumps] for blacks. First get the money.” Station manager Shahid Hasan denies there was such a policy. “It is not true. We love to attend black people, and we respect them.” However, at a press conference to announce the suit, Mr. Hill played a video in which a white person paid after he pumped but Mr. Hill was waved into the station and told to prepay. Last year Mr. Hill sued Amoco for the same reason, and is reportedly planning a suit against a third company. (Leon Pitt, Gasoline Stations Accused of Bias, Chicago Sun-Times, September 17, 1998, p. 3.)