Posted on September 1, 2002

O Tempora, O Mores! (September, 2002)

American Renaissance, September 2002

It Must Have Been Love

Tammy Wilkerson, who is white, had a mulatto baby as a teenager. By 1988, when she met a black man named Raphael Holiday, she was 22 years old, and had two mulatto daughters by two different blacks. She started living with Mr. Holiday, and soon had a third child. The entire family moved into a log cabin in rural Madison County, Texas, that belonged to her parents who lived nearby. A high-school dropout, Miss Wilkerson worked at the International House of Pancakes and supported her children much help from her parents. Mr. Holiday was usually unemployed.

Once, when Miss Wilkerson’s eldest daughter, seven-year-old Tierra, was out sick from school, Miss Wilkerson came home to find the crotch of the girl’s underwear soaked with blood. Tierra would not explain why she was bleeding, but told a nurse who examined her that “something had happened” while she was with Mr. Holiday. Miss Wilkerson threw Mr. Holiday out of the house and cooperated with authorities in bringing rape charges against him, but occasionally let him visit his daughter. Mr. Holiday was furious about the rape charges, and once got violent with Miss Wilkerson and threatened to kill her.

On Sept. 5, 2000, he showed up at the log cabin dressed in black and armed with a pistol. Miss Holiday, who had seen someone approaching the cabin, telephoned her mother, and fled for help. Her mother soon arrived, and Mr. Holiday forced her at gunpoint to pour gasoline all around the cabin. While she was in a back room, he set fire to the cabin as the three girls huddled in terror on a sofa. Flames quickly engulfed the room, and Miss Wilkerson’s mother was unable to rescue the children. She escaped through a back window while Mr. Holiday left the cabin, but the three children died.

Mr. Holiday went to trial for murder in 2002, nearly two years after the killings. By then Miss Wilkerson had married Eric O’Bryant (race unspecified), and had a young son. At one point, during a break in the trial, Mr. O’Bryant threatened to kill Mr. Holiday, and was still in jail in June, when Mr. Holiday was sentenced to death.

There are no reports on reactions from any of the black grandparents of the three girls who died in the fire, but their white grandparents plan to build a memorial at the cabin site. “We want to put an angel out there for the girls,” says Miss Wilkerson’s mother. “They’re angels now, and the Lord is with them.” [Colleen Kavanaugh, Still Trying to Cope With Horror, Bryan-College Station Eagle (Bryan, Texas), June 23, 2002.]

Dangerous Immigrants

Two years ago, a man from Hong Kong who was living in Crofton, Maryland, decided to make medicinal soup for his ailing sister. The main ingredient was to be a fish called the northern snakehead, which he used to eat back home. He ordered two live fish from an Asian market in New York, but by the time they arrived, his sister had recovered. He kept the snakeheads in a tank for a while, but they got so big they ate as many as 12 goldfish a day. He decided to release them into a neighborhood pond so he would have a handy nearby supply if his sister got sick again.

Snakeheads are ravenous predators with lots of large, saw-toothed teeth, and native American fish are not match for them. They can eat up all the local blue gills, large-mouthed bass, pickerels, and everything else, and actually set out overland on their strong pectoral fins in search of new ponds to conquer. If they stay moist, they can survive several days out of water, breathing with primitive lung-like gills. By the time the Crofton snakeheads were discovered, they had pretty much cleaned out their first pond and seemed likely to head for another nearby or even hike over to the Little Patuxent River, which flows into the Chesapeake Bay. Maryland wildlife officials worry that snakeheads will take over all East Coast freshwater waterways if they are not stopped quickly. They are considering poisoning or dynamiting all the fish in the Crofton pond to kill them before they move on.

The Hong Kong man who released the fish says he is sorry. He says he didn’t know it was against the law to turn loose immigrant wildlife. [Anita Huslin, Snakeheads’ Luck Put Pond in Soup, Washington Post, July 12, 2002, p. A1.]

Jackson Turns Black

Pop singer Michael Jackson has been turning white for years. Relaxers straightened his afro, surgery slimmed his African nose, and a disease called vitiligo (he claims) bleached his skin. Eventually all his friends were either white or had fur, and in his song “Black or White” he crooned “I’m not going to spend my life being a color.”

Mr. Jackson has suddenly turned black — at least rhetorically. He now spends time with presidential hopeful Al Sharpton and lawyer Johnnie Cochran. What seems to have prompted this fade to black is a dispute with Sony Records, whose chairman Tommy Mottola he calls “very, very, very devilish” and a “racist” who should “go back to hell.” Mr. Jackson used to be a regular at Mr. Mottola’s birthday parties, and has one of the most generous recording contracts in the industry (he gets half the take, while most stars get no more than 24 percent). It seems that Mr. Jackson wants to goad Sony into breaking its contract with him. This way he could walk away with his library of master recordings and keep the royalties all to himself.

In his zeal to play the oppressed black man he has even upstaged the old pros. Told of Mr. Jackson’s blast against the Sony chairman, Al Sharpton was nonplussed: “I’ve known Tommy for 15 or 20 years and never once have I known him to say or do anything . . . racist.” [Donna Britt, Jackson Taking the Glove Off for Own Gain, Washington Post, July 12, 2002, p. B1.]

Sex and Money

Evidence continues to emerge about Dwight York, the founder and leader of the Georgia-based Nuwaubian Nation of Moors. Although police had their eye on him for years, it appears that it was his own son who finally called the FBI and convinced others to testify against the self-proclaimed god. The son, whose name has been withheld, broke with his father when he learned Mr. York was having sex with the son’s 14-year-old girlfriend. Some of the witnesses who are now building the government’s case against him are a daughter whom he expelled from the Nuwaubian community because she refused to have sex with him, and a woman he threw out while she was pregnant with her third child by Mr. York.

His disillusioned acolytes now agree that Mr. York never believed any of the shifting Islamic/Egyptian/Indian mumbo jumbo he preached to his followers. A daughter says he once told her only a fool would believe those things, and that he posed as a god only to get sex and money.

It worked. Mr. York completely controlled the lives of his 150 or so followers, having sex with any woman or child he liked, and giving orders as to who could have sex with whom and how often. He explained that only 144,000 people were going to heaven, and that he would choose them. One girl says he told her that having sex with him would put her on the list. Mr. York’s children and their various mothers estimate he has at least 100 illegitimate children.

Former Nuwaubs explain they sincerely believed Mr. York was a god, turning over their money to him, and obeying him in all things. In 1993, he paid about $1 million for his Georgia ranch, and lived luxuriously while fellow Nuwaubs made do with run-down trailers.

Although Mr. York’s religious teachings changed frequently, his racial views did not. He hated whites, and called them as devils. The Southern Poverty Law Center officially lists the Nuwaubs as a hate group. Bob Moser of the center helpfully explains that they are “a mirror image of white hate groups.” [Bill Osinski, Cult Leader Ignored His Own Rules, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, July 7, 2002.]

Universal Problem

We have reported several times on the spate of Lebanese gang rapes of white women in Australia (September and October 2001, and August 2002). An Australian newspaper has finally managed to point out the obvious: that no matter how desperately the media and even the justice system have tried to ignore it, the rapists deliberately sought out whites to degrade them. Miranda Devine writes in The Sun-Herald:

In August [2001], when Judge Megan Latham handed out laughably lenient sentences to three men in one gang rape case, which were later more than doubled on appeal, she made a special point of debunking the race link: ‘There is no evidence before me of any racial element in the commission of these offences,’ she said. ‘There is nothing said or done by the offenders which provides the slightest basis for imputing to them some discrimination in terms of the nationality of their victims.’

Miss Devine points out that one of the women complained that her victim’s statement had been “censored” of all references to the racial motivation of her attackers. The woman is convinced her five-hour gang-rape was racially motivated. Why else, she wants to know, would her attackers have told her “you deserve it because you’re an Australian.”? Other Lebanese rapists have called victims “Aussie pig,” and boasted “I’m going to fuck you Leb style.” Miss Divine concludes:

“These were racist crimes. They were hate crimes. The rapists chose their victims on the basis of race. That fact is crucial to this story. If the perpetrators had been Anglo-Celtic Australians, the furor would have been enormous. No newspaper would have left out that fact and you can bet the guilt and shame would have been spread far and wide.” [Miranda Divine, Racist Rapes: Finally the Truth Comes Out, Sun-Herald, July 14, 2002.]

Good First Step

Austria has just passed new legislation that requires immigrants to study German or face deportation. Anyone who arrived in the country after January 1, 1998, will have to take 100 hours of instruction if he is not already fluent. Participants will pay one half the cost of the course. If, after three years, they have not taken the 100 hours, they will be fined, lose their residence permits, and be deported. The requirement is only to study German, not to reach a specified level of proficiency.

Members of the nationalist Freedom Party, which supported the legislation, have also proposed that immigrants of an age to receive social security be paid at the level they would receive in their home country rather than at the Austrian level, and that asylees be made to express their gratitude to Austria by cleaning streets. [Barbara Miller, Learn German or You’re Out, Austria Tells Immigrants, Independent (London), July 10, 2002.]

Sick Situation

Sometimes it is best for illegal immigrants to get hurt on their way into the United States. If the Border Patrol picks them up and keeps them in custody while they get treatment, the INS has to pick up the medical bill, so instead, the Border Patrol prefers to drop them off at local hospitals, which are then stuck with the tab. Often the indigent illegal is discharged after treatment and continues on his illegal way. Some hospital administrators say they call the INS when they are about to release an illegal, but nobody comes.

What happened when two van loads of illegals got into a smash near Sahuarita, Arizona, in March is entirely typical. The INS dropped off 40 injured Mexicans at Tucson hospitals. Ten got treatment — and then disappeared. [Tim Steller, Illegal Crossers Simply Walk Out of Hospitals, Arizona Daily Star, April 20, 2002.]

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) estimates that medical costs for illegal aliens cost American hospitals $3.4 billion every year. The burden is especially great on hospitals in border areas, many of which are struggling to stay in business. Even a few congressmen realize something is wrong. Rep. Mark Foley (R-Florida), complains that “hospitals are inundated with thousands of illegal immigrants seeking medical care.” He warns of “the parasitic effects on our health care system,” and says America “should not be burdened because of the failure of a foreign nation to maintain responsibility for its people.” He is now asking the Government Accounting Office to make recommendations on possible solutions to the problem. [Jessica Cantelon, Congressman Says Hospitals Burdened by “Parasitic Effects’ of Illegal Immigration, CNS News, July 15, 2002.]

Another Sick Situation

Half the 30,000 newly-registered nurses in Britain last year were foreign. Ten years ago, foreigners accounted for only a tenth of new registrations. According to the Department of Health, the nurses are tested for professional competence, but not for ability to speak English. Recently, a top surgeon at one of London’s leading hospitals had to stop an operation because the attending nurses — all foreign — could not understand him. David Nunn of Guy’s and St. Thomas’s Hospitals needed a particular instrument to complete a procedure but when he asked the nurses for it he was met with what he calls “a selection of bemused reactions.” Needless to say, because he stopped the operation, his superiors have not accused him of “racism,” and are threatening disciplinary action. [Richard Eden, Surgeon Halts Operation Over Foreign Nurses’ Poor English, Telegraph (London), July 22, 2002.]

To the Dogs

Terell Green, race unspecified, is from Carville, Louisiana. On May 3, Mr. Green decided to hold up a Baton Rouge pizza delivery driver with a crowbar. As Mr. Green drove off with the loot, the driver noted his license plate number. About 15 minutes later, the 20-year-old Mr. Green reappeared on the streets of Baton Rouge accompanied by his son, a 1½-year-old toddler. He took a woman’s purse and threatened her with the crowbar when she struggled. She, too, got a good description of the getaway car.

That evening, a police officer located Mr. Green and the car, but Mr. Green drove away rather than submit to arrest. He lost control and crashed, and continued on foot up an embankment, carrying his son. Pursuing officers loosed a police dog named Rebel. When Mr. Green looked back and saw Rebel gaining on him, he threw the toddler at the dog. The dog ignored the boy — who suffered a cut lip when he hit the ground — and went on to capture the fugitive. Mr. Green has been booked for two counts of armed robbery and for endangering a juvenile. [Police: Suspect Threw Son at Dog, Advocate (Baton Rouge), May 7, 2002.]