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The Real Obama

January 15, 2017
F. Roger Devlin reviews "America’s Half-Blood Prince" by Steve Sailer.

Racial Ratios

March 23, 2016
Steve Sailer discusses the 2016 update to "The Color of Crime."

Obama and The Bell Curve

October 1, 2014
The book, published 20 years ago, was really about the rise of a cognitive elite.

Race of the Amish

June 4, 2014
This genetically isolated group has grown from 200 to 200,000.

Dress for Bias

January 2, 2013
Crazy settlement to aggrieved black man finally thrown out after eight years.

It’s Race, Stupid

November 7, 2008
The election was largely a racial headcount; except for whites.

La Raza’s Lapdogs

June 22, 2007
Immigration debate illustrates what is wrong with American political discourse.

Fragmented Future

February 2, 2007
"The diverse" possess mounting power to punish dissenters.