Posted on November 25, 2019

Kirkegaard Reviews the State of Science on Race Differences

Steve Sailer, Unz, November 25, 2019

From Mankind Quarterly, a calm depiction of where the science stands in 2019 (compare to more popular summaries such as the recent Pseudoscience Explainer):


Race Differences: A Very Brief Review

Emil O. W. Kirkegaard
Ulster Institute for Social Research, London, UK

The nature of race differences, and even the mere “existence” of human races, continues to be a major source of controversy and confusion. This brief review summarizes the empirical evidence about race differences and the conceptual issues related to taxonomy, as well as practical implications for medicine and the social sciences. The review shows that human races are distinctive phenotypically and genotypically, the latter with regard to the frequencies of a very large number (millions) of alleles. Distributions of these traits are clinal rather than discrete, and human races are subject to continuous change across evolutionary time.

Key Words: Human races, Skin color, Allele frequencies, Genome-wide association studies, Admixture, Evolution</em