Posted on April 7, 2020

Chicago Confirmed Case Rates by Neighborhood

Steve Sailer, Unz Review, April 6, 2020

iSteve commenter t writes:

OT COVID-19 rate by ZIP Code from the city of Chicago

COVID-19 In Chicago

The highest rate of any are West Ridge where there is a large Hasidic population. Otherwise the hardest hit areas are all black; on the south side the nicer areas in the far south are harder than the poor areas (60643 has a median income of $59,000 compared $20k in 60621) on the west the highest rates are in 60612 right next to many of the city’s large hospitals.

I’m guessing perhaps this is hitting blacks hardest (or at least earliest) who have pretty good jobs at airports, hospitals, driving buses and the like. (In general, this disease tends to have initially spread, to the surprise of just about everybody, from the more respectable to the less respectable.)

In suburbs wealthy areas on the North Shore have been hit hard, in the city lakefront and Milwaukee corridor areas have fairly low rates.

Hispanic areas have the lowest rates.

City employee zips like 60655, 60638, 60634, 60630, and 60646 have rates that are fairly low but higher than white middle class suburbs.

Overall citywide rate per 100,000

Black 233
White 94.1
Asian 70.1
Hispanic 61.5

In other news the Mayor got a haircut today after weeks of scolding everyone on social distancing.