John Derbyshire Wonders: Is HBD Over?

John Derbyshire, VDARE, January 9, 2013

I see that the blogger Half Sigma says he has given up posting about HBD—“human biodiversity,” otherwise known as H-BD, H-Bd, hbd, h-bd, etc.(He has also moved to a new blog with a rather attractive layout.) There have been some thoughtful reader reactions, notably this one:

I believe that the taboo against HBD will last indefinitely. As the scientific evidence mounts ever more so in favor of HBD, the taboos against speaking about it only seem to grow stronger . . .

Perhaps I had better explain a bit about HBD.

Back in 1999, Steve Sailer launched an invitation-only email discussion group under, for the airing of facts and opinions about human biodiversity—which is to say, those (individual) differences between human beings and (statistical) differences between human populations that have biological causes in whole or part. I was an invitee.

Some of the members of the HBD group were heavily-credentialed academics in the human sciences. Others, like me, were literary or journalistic types with an expressed interest in the field.There was a good range of attitudes and opinions in the group, with representatives from, to use the classification I sketched out in Chapter 7 of We Are Doomed, the Religionists, the Culturists, and the Biologians; though Culturists and Religionists tended to drop off from the group—or in the case of View From The Right’s quarrelsome Lawrence Auster, be forced off it—as time went on. Anyway, I learned a lot from our discussions.

(I see the HBD group is still active, though much decayed.I haven’t posted anything myself in ages. Posting activity maxed in the early 2000s, with a peak of 1,638 posts in June of 2002.)

It would be gratifying to report that the reason for the decline in interest is that, whereas 14 years ago HBD was a taboo topic that could only be aired on a private group like that, it is now so commonly accepted that there is no need for such strategies.

It would be gratifying, but wrong—twice wrong, in fact.

For one thing, groups like this have a natural life cycle as members get tired of hearing each other’s voices. Depressingly few of us have a decade-long stream of new and interesting things to say.I count myself a contentedly married man; yet I recall that when we were first wed, my wife and I discussed metaphysics and medieval Chinese poetry, while now our conversation centers on such topics as whether or not I remembered to put out the garbage.

In the second place, HBD is, if anything, even more of a taboo topic now than it was in 1999. I have documented elsewhere the fact that the late 1990s were a brief Golden Age of openness in writing about HBD. Peter Brimelow calls it an “interglacial”—a brief warm period in the middle of an Ice Age.

This is not what we—we, the participants in the HBD discussion group—anticipated. We thought that the publication and widespread discussion of books like The Bell Curve (1994) and The Nurture Assumption (1998) heralded the fact that the entire Ice Age was drawing to a close.

Some of us anticipated even more than that. A brilliant young geneticist on the group was wont to tell us that pathways from definite regions of the human genome to characteristics of behavior, intelligence, and personality would soon be uncovered. This would place human thoughts and actions indisputably in the biological realm.

“Soon” I recall as meaning the next five or ten years, i.e. round about now.

Ah, the optimism of youth! Those pathways turned out to be overgrown with thorny tangles of weak causality and feedback loops, and often to lead, when uncovered at last, into dead ends, circles, and inexplicable forks. As I wrote a couple of years ago:

The ultimate objective of all the research is to link as much of the phenome [that is, the collection of observable characteristics of an organism] as possible to the genome. That is going to be immensely difficult. The gene-phene link is certainly not one-one, nor even one-many; it is many-many. Even quite ordinary phenes—height, for example—are influenced by large numbers of genes. Contrariwise, a single genetic abnormality can cause (for example) both sickle-cell anemia and resistance to malaria.

It’s not that there has been no progress.There has been much, and there will be more. But progress is achingly slow, though, for reasons not hard to fathom.

Science earned its laurels between the mid-17th and the mid-20th centuries, bringing us understanding of systems with a small number of variables and short causal pathways:celestial mechanics,electromagnetismpharmacology. Now we are applying scientific method to systems of a higher order of complexity: climate, the genome, the brain.

It’s going to take a while.

But more important, especially in this supremely un-PC area, is the power with which the human mind resists science. When the boffins deliver some irresistible amenity—a drug, a plane, a light switch—there is grudging acceptance that the underlying principles must have some epistemic content. In other cases, nobody much is convinced. Forty-six percent of Americans deny the truth of evolution.

The collective death-wish that seized the European-derived civilizations sometime in the second half of the 20th century has hardened from mere wish to near-fanatical determination. The dogma of utopian egalitarianism, that has been used to justify the opening of white nations (with a very few exceptions) to mass immigration from regions with very different civilizational attainment, or none, waxes stronger by the hour.

And so the ice-sheets return and spread.

The flourish of HBD books and talk in the years around 2000 was, to switch metaphors, early growth from seeds too soon planted. Had the shoots been nourished by a healthy stream of scientific results, they might have grown strong enough to crack and split the asphalt of intellectual orthodoxy. But as things turned out, the maintenance crew has had no difficulty smothering the growth.

Even the few small triumphs of HBD—triumphs, I mean, of general acceptance by cognitive elites—have had an ambiguous quality about them.

For example, Freudian psychoanalysis (defined by Nabokov as people’s belief “that all mental woes can be cured by a daily application of old Greek myths to their private parts”), which was radically nurturist in its “explanations” of human personality development, is now defunct, thanks to developments in pharmacology.

But, while this anti-nurturist victory has diminished the quantity of nonsense in the world, like one of Robert E. Lee’s battles it has not been followed by any significant occupation of enemy territory. In the applied human sciences pure “blank slate” nurturism is still entrenched.  Educationists, for example, insist that given the right environment, any child can do anything. In criminology, even the boldest of conservative writers tell us that illegitimacy and fatherlessness are the root causes, as if those factors themselves were uncaused.

Likewise the acceptance by our cog-elites that homosexuality is innate, not learned. In theory, this is a triumph of biologism. But in practice it has brought no wider acceptance of HBD ideas, and happily coexists in the public orthodoxy with a furious denial of any innate component to, for example, race differences in behavior.

Dogmatic ideologies do not require logical consistency. To believe that human nature is infinitely plastic, while simultaneously believing that key aspects of it are stamped in the genome, is no stretch for someone determined to be a right-thinking citizen.

Which reminds me: Perhaps the least persuasive paragraph in Jonathan Marks’ deeply unpersuasive 1995 book Human Biodiversity: Genes, Race, and History is the one that concludes the section headed THE GENETIC BASIS OF SEXUAL DEVIANCE. Google Books omits the first sentence and a half, but the rest is here (expand to full page) and gives the essential meaning. Or rather doesn’t: Try for yourself if you can make any sense of it.

Oddly, considering the way biologians took up the HBD banner, Marks’ book was an attempt, made as the interglacial period got going, to quell any claims that human nature might havesomething to do with biology.It was an exceptionally well-informed book of its type, but Marks couldn’t keep his own inner convictions out of sight—the conviction, for instance, that all efforts to biologize the human sciences are motivated by a hunger for power:

The science of humans is simply political and value-laden in ways that the science of, say, fruitflies is not; for who would use science to degrade or oppress fruitflies?

Elsewhere Marks quoted approvingly from the biologist Lancelot Hogben (1895-1975), reinforcing his approval by telling us that Hogben was “an English Marxist.” This is not even accurate: Hogben seems to have abjured Marxism once the enthusiasms of his youth had faded.  He was certainly a strong Leftist, though, and if still with us would be a fierce HBD-denier— a Marks-ist, but not a Marxist.

So the wheel turns. Almost twenty years after its publication, Marks’ Human Biodiversitystill in print, would fit comfortably into any university anthropology course curriculum i.e. anti-science Applied Cultural Marxism. That late-1990s “interglacial” might as well not have happened.

Perhaps Half Sigma’s reader is right: The taboo against HBD—in the Sailerian, not the Marksist sense—has legs, and will be with us for some time yet.

Truth, however, though often tardy, is a tireless enemy.I have speculated elsewhere that race realism might make a surprising, and even regrettable, breakthrough.

And, as Half Sigma’s reader also notes, the taboo on HBD is not universal among scientifically advanced nations. Others, above all China, will press forward where we fear to tread.

That the new understandings they deliver will be uniformly pleasing to the likes of Jonathan Marks, is highly improbable.

We premature HBD-itarians will then have the glum satisfaction of saying we told you so.

I wish I could say we will enjoy it.

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  • WmarkW

    HBD, whether the term is used explicitly or not, will come back REAL fast if Eric Holder starts to implement his idiotic ideas about Affirmative Action:

    “Affirmative action has been an issue since segregation practices,” he declared. “The question is not when does it end, but when does it begin. . . . When do people of color truly get the benefits to which they are entitled?”

    Labeling a guarantee of equal results an “entitlement,” will wake up a lot of lukewarm Obama semi-supporters.

    • Eric “my people” Holder is a very dangerous, albeit stupid, man. He does mean what he says though. He has a mission to right past grievances and so on.Think ‘Social Justice’. Have you ever seen his face. He has the face of an ugly inner-city nugget with little more to offer than some little african despot. It’s frightening that a once great nation such as the United States has some one like him in our government. What are these current elite up to I wonder by putting someone like him into government. Are they that stupid or just plain madd? I mean we can all become like Detroit, but when enough decent people get hurt and the very rude, rude awakening a lot of white people must necessarily now face, change will then occur. But at what cost. Clearly having the likes of an Eric Holder, one who I believe has all the african savagery in his hot little bean head, may want to hold on to all the power he can fester. He’s gross. Look at him. Look at his job title. He would love nothing more than to push black and brown faces down every white persons throat, even at the cost of a great nation he has no clue on. Has anyone ever seen Piers Morgan on CNN on gun control debates. Try it sometime, it’s painful. A lot of white people may be in the camp of Piers today, but will be stunned to see someone like Eric, if given the chance, to physically castrate and disempower someone like Piers just for fun and cruelty. Piers of course does not know this yet. He’s the kind of guy who fights against people having the right to defend themselves. My oh my oh my, what are these elite up to now.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Take-away quote:

    “The collective death-wish that seized the European-derived civilizations sometime in the second half of the 20th century has hardened from mere wish to near-fanatical determination. The dogma of utopian egalitarianism, that has been used to justify the opening of white nations (with a very few exceptions) to mass immigration from regions with very different civilizational attainment, or none, waxes stronger by the hour.” (“John Derbyshire Wonders: Is HBD Over?” By John Derbyshire on January 9, 2013)


    America and the West’s “collective death-wish” is, more precisely, the embrace of egalitarianism in the 50s — manifesting itself first in the “civil rights movement” (Brown vs. Board of Education, the Civil Rights Act of 1964) and in the Hart-Cellar Immigration Act of 1965 opening the U. S. to transfer of peoples from all over the globe according to the principle of “family reunification” — resulting in “chain migration” of extended families.

    Where the West’s abiding faith in egalitarianism take it?

    “Egalitarianism leads to democracy; democracy leads to socialism; socialism leads to economic destruction; and democratic socialism in multicultural societies leads to death and democide.” (1) (HANS-HERMANN HOPPE, Austrian school economist, libertarian political philosopher, emeritus professor of economics, University of Nevada, distinguished fellow, the Ludwig von Mises Institute, author of “Democracy: The God That Failed”)

    (1) “Democide is a term revived and redefined by the political scientist R. J. Rummel as ‘the murder of any person or people by a government . . .'” (Wikipedia)

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      Also on the egalitarianism > democracy > socialism > economic destruction > democide theme:

      “Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide. ”

      John Adams (1735 – 1826), Letter, April 15, 1814

  • dukem1

    Two thumbs up for “cognitive elite” and “educationist.”
    RIP Richard Mitchell.

  • fenway23

    I would say the brief period of race realism started with the publication of The Bell Curve back in 1994. It started to wane in 2000 when it was asserted at the White House unveiling of the rough draft of the Human genome that there was no scientific or biological basis for race at all. Left-wing pundits took these pronouncements and ran with them; in the early 2000s we were subjected to a barrage of media tripe about the alleged non-existance of race in publications like Scientific American and Discover and in PBS’ 2003 propagnda piece “Race, the power of an illusion.” The MSM’s obsession with promoting racial ignorance has only intensified since Obama came to power with attemptes to banish previously acceptable personalities like Pat Buchanan.

    • StillModerated

      Oddly enough, I know a couple of scientists who work at Human Genome in Gaithersburg, and the genes tell a lot. However, if the government — in general, or the White House in particular, issues a “pronouncement,” then spell it P-R-O-P-A-G-A-N-D-A.

      • Joseph

        “White House announces initiative to push HHS funding of breakthrough research coming out of the Human Genome Project demonstrating differential racial/genetic basis for mental disorders and violent propensities.”

        Whoa…what a crazy dream I just had!

    • JohnEngelman

      The failure of No Child Left Behind gives public credibility to The Bell Curve and similar books. The findings of the human genome project gives scientific credibility to those books.

      I do not see how the illusion that genetic differences between individuals and races are irrelevant can be maintained indefinitely.

      • anonymous

        The fact white people who publicly speak ill of political correctness or who publicly make racial comments (and not anti-white/white guilt comments) get fired or harassed or threatened with violence illustrates that their critics know the unPC white men are correct and they are scared that the information will be accepted. Much like in the Middle Ages when Copernicus and Galileo challenged the Church’s views on astronomy. It was the same reaction and hate he had to endure at the time that prowhite race realists face today.

        • fenway23

          It does seem like we are living in a new Dark Age. But unlike the old one, there is widespread literacy amongst the populace and a wealth of information about race differences on the web for all to read about. Even twenty years ago before the Interent it was high-near impossible for the average man to get ahold of any race realist literture- Except maybe by subscibing via mail to AmRen or going to a library (in embarrassment) trying to see if they had any books by someone like A. Jensen.

        • JohnEngelman


          What you say is true. Nevertheless blacks alone would not be able to maintain the thought control of political correctness. I wonder why so many powerful whites want to suppress a public, candid debate over the biological reasons for racial differences.

          If, as the guardians of political correctness like to pretend, the evidence was one sided in favor of intrinsic racial equality, they would patiently and calmly marshall the evidence the way they do when arguing in favor of evolution or man made global warming.

          Instead they present arguments against the ideas of John Derbyshire, Jared Taylor, J. Philippe Rushton, Arthur Jensen, Charles Murray and others could be used as reading material for a college course on logical fallacies.

          Why is it that so many white people want to believe something that is clearly not true, and that many of them secretly doubt?

          • Luca

            Easy one John: POWER. If the liberal elites were to side with commonsense and science they would be abandoning the illusion/myth and dissolving the victim status they’ve assigned to blacks/browns. They are intellectually our equals and only victims of racism, and as such, the liberals are here to protect them and redistribute wealth in return for votes. Liberals in academia, media and politics are indoctrinating the youth with myths for generations now that minorities are held back by skin color, racism, white privilege etc and it is being corrected through reward and punishment. If you don’t hire the PC person for the job, or rent to the PC family, or give the PC answer on the exam, you are punished. Even if the indoctrinating has not sunk in and they doubt the propaganda, they fear being ostracized. Like the “Good German” afraid to speak out against the Nazi pogrom against the Jews in the 30’s and 40’s..

          • JohnEngelman

            One gets political power by getting in front of popular causes. The civil rights movement has not been a popular cause since the black ghetto riots began in Harlem in 1964. The Democratic Party lost its dominance of American politics when it became closely associated with the defense of black interests.

          • Luca

            Giving people money, telling them they were oppressed, that nothing is their fault, that they are victims and will get special treatment has been “a popular cause” with single women, non-Whites, homosexuals, labor unions, and non-Christians for close to 50 years now. We are seeing the beginning of a one-party system unless they choose a highly unpopular candidate. Therefore, the Democratic party has not lost it’s dominance. It’s been a back and forth up until now but we pretty much crossed the Rubicon last November.

          • Joseph


        • Joseph

          Exactly; the deniers stand around refusing to look through the telescope.

          • JohnEngelman

            The Roman Catholic prosecutors of Galileo told him that they had read his writings, reproduced his experiments, and agreed with him. They also said that if his findings became widely known many Roman Catholics would lose their faith.

            The Roman Catholic Church was vulnerable at the time because it accepted the theology of St. Thomas Aquinas as the absolute truth. St. Thomas Aquinas believed in the astronomy of Ptolemy, who believed that the earth is the center of the universe. That is the view of the universe articulated by Dante’s Divine Comedy.

            I think most of the defenders of political correctness know that race realism is true, but they fear the political implications if it becomes widely known.

  • mutt3003

    I’ve been reading Derbyshire for many years – Taki, vdare, etc. Always well written and intelligent enough that even a colored person would and should come away a believer.

    • Cannot Tell

      As a colored person and race realist, I heartily agree.

      • Nathanwartooth

        I really hate the new term “people of color” since it’s just a way to try to ally all non Whites together against Whites.

        You aren’t a “colored person” you are a specific race. Don’t let liberals tell you what to call yourself.

        • America First

          It’s not a new term. It has been used to promote solidarity of all nonwhite races (in opposition to white people) since the early sixties.

          • mistermark123

            Really? Is that why South Africa classified some people as “Coloured” under apartheid?

            There’s nothing wrong with the word. In my opinion, most American “blacks” aren’t really black; they’re colored.

            It’s interesting that you say “don’t let liberals tell you what to call yourself”, yet you seem to want to do that very thing.

          • America First

            “Coloured” in pre-ANC South Africa meant mixed race. “People of color in 1950s and 1960s America, and elsewhere, meant anyone who wasn’t white. It was a standard position of anti-colonialists and young blacks in the late 1960s in particular to promote their belief that ALL non-whites would form a worldwide alliance to destroy America, and by extension, the white man. (See Frantz Fanon, and Malcolm X, for example.) I heard this myself from black students, who gleefully talked about the defeat or destruction of the U.S. by China and Russia, while the “people of color” would stand by and cheer.of

        • Cannot Tell

          I’m black and of Nigerian descent, to be more specific. Your comment and the responses it garnered were thought-provoking. I have no desire to build a coalition of non-whites to wage war on whites. I’ll be more selective about my words from here on out.

  • wattylersrevolt

    John Derbyshire
    Greedy Cheating Class White Liberals…the kind that infest the town you live in…are inciting violence against Red State Native Born White Americans these days…via Hollywood Blockbusters such as Machete and Django Unchained. For the past two years, there have been nearly one hundred violent racial attacks on Native Born White Americans..including the raping of several Native Born White American Wives-Mothers in front of their husbands and children. I visted Skyline Highway in the bucolic Shenandoah a year ago in October:I was a racial every viewing station I heard no English spoken..but lots of korean,hindi,urdu and your wife’s native language. I have a brother and a first cousin who live in Huntington. Both are disgusted by the takeover of the Greenbelt hiking trails in your town by the Koreans…they both won’t even hike on the Greenbelt trail there anymore with their kids because it’s too depressing…the asians are no doubt looking North of Albany to Lake George..the entry point to the largest State-National Park in my America…for more living- breeding space. I am told that the chinese invaders have taken over Target Rock, and are turning it into a dump…the Fish and Wildlife Agency have had put a large dumpster down by the beach..right near Sean Hannity’s Mansion which has a foundation of one million corpes of Iraqi and Afghani children and their mothers….begging your wifes’ people to please put their garbage in the dumpster…lots of beverage cartons with chinese writing. I know lots of Native Born White American Engineers…all of them despise the Asians in the can not believe what they say about your wifes’ people and asians in general. No doubt, your wifes’ people will get around to transforming my adopted home of Appalachia into a scene from BladeRunner.
    You..possibly Comrade Jared..want Native Born White Americans to have a knockdown debate with gang raping black youth..and absolutely predatory asians in my America about the finer points of IQ psychometrics? I think this what you want. Reality check:Millions of Native Born White Americans understand at a visceral-organic-violent gut level that they don’t want to be around blacks,hispancs and asians. They don’t need permission from the Mad Calibrators in the HBD Movement..their academic counterparts…for permission to rebel against race-replacement at the hands of hostile post-1965 nonwhites. Millions of Native Born White already know the truth about who is our racial kind..and who isn’t in their guts. The HBD Movement is 100 percent….irrelevant to the only issue that matters:race-replacement.
    The HBD is just not tactically relevant.
    Pat Buchannan
    Richard Nixon was a war criminal..should have been hung for war crimes at the Hague…and he was also a very Liberal race-replacement enthusiast..why do you think the late English transvestite and foreigner Alex Cockburn had a soft spot in his heart for the slimy Nixon? …he got the asian invasion of my America going…which inflicted extreme economic terror on thousands of Native Born White American Engineers and their families. You Pat..disgust me!!! The immigration moratorium you push is a backdoor for more asian immigration in the future..and you know it and I know it…and the immigration moratorium is an absolutely essential component of the HBD mad calibrators policy wonk policy recommendations.
    Good riddance to the HBD asianpile movement.

  • Steve778

    I actually think the rot had already set in by the fifties and sixties. I would trace it back to World War One which gave nationalism a bad name.

    • StillModerated

      Die-hard paleos would grant you the 1850s and 1860s!

    • Patrick

      WW2 gave nationalism a bad name, no one even talks about WW1

      • anonymous

        Well, it gave white nationalism a bad name. They equate any white person who is proud of being white to wanting to hang blacks or march millions of people off to ovens. They don’t equate blacks or Hispanics talking about killing whites or “expelling them” from their racial homelands with evil or depravity.

      • Andy

        No one does now, but before World War II it was a much bigger deal, and was seen as the result of nationalism.

      • Steve778 is right. It started with WWII and even before.

  • ViktorNN

    It’s too bad that among our super-wealthy there aren’t any philanthropists willing to fund an advanced research start up based on advancing HBD knowledge. I’m sure that after awhile the fruits of such research could result in applied technologies that would make such a research institute self-supporting.

    What the hell – what we need is an “alternative” network of colleges training not just scientists but academics and professionals in all areas. The underlying goals being the pursuit of Truth and belief in Western Civilization.

    • Andy

      This is exactly what we need; unfortunately, we would need a certain percentage of the population to support such goals for them to survive. They would have to be credentialed, and none of the current credentialing agencies would do so, so enough people and businesses would have to take the word of an alternative credentialing agency to make it possible for graduates to find employment. I think our best bet in the short term is to work at converting some current colleges into truth-seeking institutions, with the hope that they’ll turn out enough truth-seeking people to change the way the country’s going.

    • Joseph

      People who think that way either are not allowed to get super-wealthy OR once they get there, they use the divisive/diversity system to maintain their status as super wealthy.

  • Derbyshire is a very wise man. He’s probably right about this. But it makes little difference to me; I’ll continue to fight for the truth until the day I die – even afterwards.

    • wattylersrevolt

      So you want to be irrelevant to the fundamental issue facing millions of Native Born White Americans which is race-repacement. By the way, where do you stand on the asian immigrant-asian geneline in America issue?

      • Perhaps I should have written, “It makes little difference to the way I speak out and assert my opinion.” But no, of course I don’t want to be irrelevant. As for Asians in America, I’m against large-scale non-white immigration of any kind, including Asians.

        • wattylersrevolt

          Glad to see that we are on the same page Comrade Reuben. Reuben, you do understand that hitting on the head our fellow Native Born White Americans with a blizzard of mulitple regression analysis will induce the shutdown of the frontal lobes which are already overloaded with “cultural” sewage? Right?

          If you work in LA or NYC , all you have to do is look outside the window by your cubicle and behold the spectacle of pregnant four foot high Mixtecs with two infant mixtec pygmies in the stroller. People get it immediately in the gut about HBD. It is a very stunning experience for these people who have have told me their experiences with HBD.
          True story:I used to go to the Clear Water Hudson River Festival in Westchester over on a Saturday Morning from Port Jervis(Native Born White American Heritage Quiz Time:I lived only a mile way from one of the greatest Engineers,Mathematicians, and Logicans that ever lived…can you folks out there tell me his name?…I am sure Comrade Derbyshire knows his name(hint:his last name was not Singh,Chung,Chan,Wong or Patel). There was this Jewish Guy named Paul who had a table at the Festival. He was ferocious in his opposition to all nonwhite immigration. He could really engage the White Liberals who stopped by in a deep conversation about the link between nonwhite immigration..never once mentioned anything about Rushton and Murray…just showed lots of photos..before and after…forest replaced by condos and mcmansions…and photos of who moved in…lots of asians..lots of japs. The asian invaders in Westchester County caused a baby boom in Westchester County during the late 90’s. He would show a zerox of the NYT article about who was causing the baby boom in West Chester County. He told me that Pete Seeger was well aware of what he was doing.

  • LHathaway

    I disagree with this long passage, where the author pretty much says. . . I’m taking a very convoluted, long, vague, genteel time, to proclaim that I’m a racist. . .

    Human rights, dignity, breathing room lol. and ‘white survival’, for these concepts to become accepted and brought to the marketplace of the world and to become reality, this depends on the acceptance of the idea of the equality and equivalency of the worlds races. White survive does not depend on whites being different, and ‘superior’, indeed, this is what is killing us, the arguments for white survival depend on whites being equally worthy of human right and equally worthy of dignity.

    • Andy

      The problem is that people have mixed up equality before God with equality in every pursuit. Race does not make one individual more worthy than another, but average racial differences do exist. Pretending otherwise will not make them go away; it will make people resent each other more as lower-achieving races assume that the higher-achieving races dislike them and are purposely keeping them down, and the higher-achieving races are penalized in the school and workplace and accused of injustices and ill-will toward the lower-achieving races.

      • Nathanwartooth

        Also since just about every race achieves things a little bit differently, there will always be a race that comes out on top when there are multiple races inside of one country.

        Then comes the resentment, conspiracy theories and violence between those races.

        It just makes a case that all races should be allowed to have their own countries.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      But what if it turns out, as it appears, that “the equality and equivalency of the worlds races” is just wishful thinking, not grounded in reality. Should we still pretend that the same proportions of each race get PhD degrees in math? Become world chess grandmasters? Win the sprints in the Olympic Games? Make up the NBA?

  • potato78

    “Americans die younger and have more illnesses and accidents on
    average than people in other high-income countries—even wealthier,
    insured, college-educated Americans, a report said Wednesday.

    The study by the federally sponsored National Research Council and
    Institute of Medicine found the U.S. near the bottom of 17 affluent
    countries for life expectancy, with high rates of obesity and diabetes,
    heart disease, chronic lung disease and arthritis, as well as infant
    mortality, injuries, homicides, teen pregnancy, drug deaths and sexually
    transmitted diseases.’

    • kjh64

      What they refuse to take into account is race. Yes, more Americans dies younger etc. on average, have higher infant mortality rates. Why? You have the young Black males shooting each, Black women using drugs etc. while pregnant and not going to the doctor when pregnant t(despite the fact that they can get it free on medicaid). Blacks who eat fatty foods. You have Mexican women who walk across the border just before they deliver who have higher infant mortality rates. These are included as “Americans”. Blacks/Mexicans have high teen pregnancy rates. Also, more Whites are killed by Blacks/Browns in crimes or car accidents. If you just included Whites, the numbers would fall far more in line with the rest of the developed world. The only exception is there is more obesity among American Whites so it would still be higher but not nearly as much.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Actually, what is very likely over…hopefully over…are endless asperger type obsessions with mulitiple regression analysis. What is not over is gut level-visceral-organic reaction to the fact that nonwhites are not our kind. At a time when it is one minute before midnight before race-replacement it is monumentally foolish to sidetrack a discussion of the deliberate policy of Greedy Cheating Class White Liberal Elites to race-replace Native Born White Americans across America with high fetility nonwhites.
    The HBD crowd gave us such awfull things as Pat Buchannan’s-worshiper of the slimy and creepy Nixon who initiated the asian invasion of America-most recent book which was a dud..and it was a dud because the HBD enthusiasts were the braintrust to his book. Buchannan’s policy recommendation:an immigration moratorium… and then crank up legal immigration and get the whole race-replacement process started again-only this time let in the right kind of legal immigrants. And who might these right kind of immigrants be? The ones that score high on IQ tests…the Asians!!! of course. Asians get to continue to wage their nasty “little” race war against the Native Born White American Majority and finnish the job.
    The alternative to HBD mad calibrationism:go after the asian invaders in our America. HBD enthusiasm will always prevent this from happening.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Hint:name ryhmes with fierce and influenced both Noam Chomsky and Bertrand Russell.

  • LHathaway

    “average racial differences do exist”

    What you say is true. You could certainly have a good time poking fun at those who deny any differences exist or who deny all existence of race (with the exception of white racism), or as I have done, poke fun at those (who are more likely to inhabit this website) who claim that race is everything. Personally, although I can bring myself to admit to differences in the races, and can believe there is (some) truth to the ideas found in the book the bell curve, personally, I believe culture is much more important than race – at least in regards to how you would want to improve your society. Of course, that makes me a racist too! Anything other than the idea that white (male) oppression is the true root of all evil in the world (past present and future) is being ‘insensitive’. That’s just the warm up. It’s all part of the fight against ‘racism’. Our own friend Noah no doubt has discovered this himself.

  • LHathaway

    Perhaps there’s a place (the great white intelligence {at least proportedly greater than that of some races) should receive news coverage (as this great scientific evidence is uncovered), and perhaps there is a place where the ‘great achievements of those of the white race’ are noted; perhaps these revelations are the only way women of color will want to keep with white men, and perhaps white men need some kind of a boost like this too. . to keep many of them from turning out gay, who knows? but I really think there needs to be a place whites (or those concerned about the legitimate grievances of white) can go to have these issues discussed. That place doesn’t seem to exist. For people of color (even as they rail against all this discrimination and institutional racism) that place is everywhere.

  • Marc B.

    Research in Evolutionary Biology and Psychology as well as genetic research mostly validate the hypothesis of most HBD opinions. Case studies of twins separated at birth practically nail the coffin shut on the Tabla Rasa theory.