The Triumph of 1970s Liberalism in a Graph

Steve Sailer, iSteve, October 5, 2012

In a gentrifying era when well-educated white people are heading downtown, you hear surprisingly little about America’s oldest and most academic big city, Boston.

You would think that Boston would be the Portland of the East, but it’s not quite. The ultimate success of gentrification is when the gentrifiers’ children can walk to their high scoring neighborhood public schools, but that isn’t close to happening in Boston because its public school system was systematically demolished in one of the hardest fought triumphs of the War on Racism.

One weakness with Boston gentrifying is that, legally, it’s a geographically tiny 17th Century city surrounded by conveniently close-in suburbs that don’t have to bus. So, it’s easy for young parents to say, forget it, I’m not bothering to try to fight for a good student body in my kid’s Boston school, we’ll just move a few miles to, say, Brookline. For example, Judge Arthur Garrity, who ordered the school busing in 1974, lived in nearby Wellesley, which is just as Seven Sistersy as it sounds and was, amazingly enough, immune from Garrity’s own busing order.

Now, 38 years later, the mayor of Boston wants to lift the curse of busing from his city. Will he succeed? It’s generally a bad idea to bet against well-educated white people conspiring over real estate. But, smart white people are also good at not having children. Perhaps the Hispanic Tidal Wave means it’s too late for Boston to recover from its 1970s WASP and lace-curtain Irish v. knock-upside-the-head Irish class war over public schools. From the NYT:

Nearly four decades after this city was convulsed by violence over court-ordered busing to desegregate its public schools, Boston is working to reduce its reliance on busing in a school system that is now made up largely of minority students.

Although court-ordered busing ended more than two decades ago, and only 13 percent of students in the public schools today are white, the school district buses 64 percent of its students in kindergarten through eighth grade to schools outside their immediate neighborhoods. The city tried twice in the last decade to change the system and failed both times.

In January, Mayor Thomas M. Menino asked school officials to come up with “a radically different plan” under which students would be assigned to schools as close to home as possible.

Boston’s 57,000-student school district is divided into three sprawling geographic zones. A racially blind computerized algorithm assigns students to schools anywhere within their zone. Many students go so far that transportation alone costs the city $80.4 million a year—about 9.4 percent of the school system’s operating budget, almost twice the national average.

But expense is not the only concern. Children who live on the same block often go to different schools. In the violence-torn Bowdoin-Geneva neighborhood of Dorchester, school officials said, 1,912 students attend 102 schools out of 128 schools in the entire district. These include high school students, who are not limited by zone. . . .

Recent scores show the Boston Public Schools lagging badly behind schools in the rest of the state.

Why would a school district that’s 79% NAM [Non-Asian Minority] lag behind the rest of this highly white high-scoring state? It’s a riddle wrapped inside a mystery inside an enigma. The best minds of the Harvard Graduate School of Education can’t solve it, so what hope does anybody have?

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  • Oil Can Harry

    When the black-robed tyrant Judge Garrity ordered busing in Boston he made sure to exclude his own well-off neighborhood along with other towns where the Kennedys and other limousine liberals dwelled.

    “Diversity for thee but not for me…”

    • newscomments70

      There were so many white rape victims because of forced bussing in Boston…both women and children. I knew some of them. Judge Garrity should have paid for this in his own blood. 

    • The late William Hungate, the Federal judge who forced inter-district deseg on St. Louis, lived in Lincoln County, Missouri, unaffected by his order.

      • Oil Can Harry

        What kills me is that seemingly none of the leftist loudmouths in the media found this the least bit hypocritical.

      • As you know, Barack Hussein Obama sends his girls to a private school named Sidwell Academy. You think he wants his girls to be statistics regarding sex crimes? And yet, he wants to war on the white suburbs.

        • That’s why Obama did everything he could to cancel the D.C. school voucher program.  He and Michelle are paying big money to send the daughters to Sidwell Friends, and a lot of left wing elites in that town are, too.  There’s no way they want their kids being hassled by some spaghetti-headed felons-in-waiting who are going to Sidwell Friends on a voucher.  Even the Obamas know the truth.

          • newscomments70

            No, they’re costing us $70,000 per year…and that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to their other frivolous charges, paid for by us.

  • Detroit_WASP

    It was pretty much the same story in Detroit.   I was there when the busing began and I saw my 98% white school turn into a 60%  black disaster.

    Suddenly we had police and security guards in the halls, scores dropped, discipline problems went up and white people began moving out.  By the time I got to high school my parents had to put me in a private school.  Nearly all of us went to private schools by then.

    My once beautiful neighborhood on the far east side, ironically called East English Village, is now all black, crime ridden and in severe decay.  Many houses are gone… Burned down.  When whites are upside down on their house, they stay or give it back to the bank.  When blacks are upside down, they burn the house down and collect the insurance.  

    Ironically again, blacks are the reason they lose value on their homes.  When a neighborhood turns black, values go down.  This is one of the major factors blacks cannot gain wealth.  Your home is generally your biggest and best investment.   Blacks cannot gain wealth in their homes because THEY DESTROY HOME VALUES.  If it weren’t so sad it would be comical. 

    • ‘When whites are upside down on their house, they stay or give it back to the bank. When blacks are upside down, they burn the house down and collect the insurance.’

      By ‘upside down’ I gather you mean in negative equity? Is it common for houses to be insured for more than their market value in the US, then? Or is it that they’re likely to have lost their value since 2008, but would likely be insured for their value prior to the economic slump?

      • Detroit_WASP

        Most houses are over-insured.  Mine is, and I live in the burbs.

        Yes, blacks end up with a home they owe more on that what it is worth.   They burn them down and collect the insurance.  That is one of the major reasons so many houses are gone in the city.  

      • Whirlwinder

        Gary, the insurance companies insure a dwelling for the replacement cost and so market value has very little input into insurance value.

    • haroldcrews

      Destroit-WASP, integration has contributed to the impoverishment of whites.  As you rightly say a home is a major if not the major source of savings for a family.  When blacks and Hispanics move into what was formerly a white neighborhood the property values decline.  This wipes out the savings of many white families.  

      There really ought to be studies done to show how integration has contributed to the economic decline of the United States in general and whites in particular.

      • Detroit_WASP

        Absolutely,  I figure my family alone has lost over $400.000 in property values on various homes myself and family members have owned. 

        Were it not for blacks we could live in the neighborhood I grew up in and send our kids to my old school.  However, that is impossible because of blacks.    Who do I complain to so that I can get my reparations????

  • jedsrael

    The main cause of plummeting White birth rates is that the expense of raising children includes private schools.  White just can’t afford Whiteness anymore, so we are dwindling. 

    (An now, formerly lily White private schools have caught the voodoo Diversity-mania and give free tuition to bantu zulu mau maus because they bring enriching Diveristy and capacity to erase White privilege when they date our White cheerleaders.)

    Whoever was behind the push to integrate the schools knew what they were doing to the Gentile race, and they were thinking in terms of generations, not just decades…  One more generation, and they have total victory.

    We sat down and got what we deserved.

    • ‘to the Gentile race’

      Do you mean the White race? Surely it should be gentile races?

      • IstvanIN

         I think we know what she meant: white gentiles.

    • seapeamp

       jedsrael is referring to the on-going program of White geNOcide. 
      Anti-Whites say there should be no White Countries.
      Anti-Whites say there should be no White Towns.
      Anti-Whites say there should be no White Neighborhoods.
      Anti-Whites say there should be no White Schools.
      Anti-Whites say there should be no White Classes.
      Anti-Whites say there should be no White Sports.
      Anti-Whites say there should be no White Businesses.
      Anti-Whites say there should be no White Churches.
      Anti-Whites say there should be no White Anything.
      Anti-Whites say there should be no Whites.

      No one is flooding Africa with millions of non-Africans.
      No one is flooding Asia with millions of non-Asians.
      The anti-Whites certainly knew what they were doing… it’s White geNOcide!

  • Defiant White

    QUOTE:  “Why would a school district that’s 79% NAM [Non-Asian Minority] lag behind the rest of this highly white high-scoring state?”

    LOL . . . you’re kidding right?

    Yeah, I’m sure it’s a rhetorical question.  The chart shows why loud and clear:  77% negro, mexican, puerto rican and who-knows-what . . .

     At least the Asian kids can kung-fu their way to Algebra class.  But what a hell-hole that must be for those 13% whites.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    Keep in mind that some of the 13% is ephemeral.  There is at least one very good public high school in Boston, Boston Latin High School (they might actually still teach Latin there), and some people have their kids use a Boston address (usually of a relative) to claim residence, take the exam, and get a relatively good public high school education.  Those who happen to live in Boston but aren’t Boston Latin material use a similar trick, using a relative’s address somewhere near but outside the city, like Revere or Winthrop, claim that as residence, then go to school there to avoid school busing.

    As others have commented, the real impetus behind busing was always to attack whites.  Supposedly it’s been attributed to Alinsky the definition of an integrated neighborhood:  a neighborhood between the time the first black family moves in and the last white family moves out.  It’s not like South Boston High was such a beautiful institution that blacks had to fight to get into it.  It was just safer, and whiter, and therefore more functional.

  • Puggg

    Who is Dapper O’Neil?

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      Ah, you gotta miss the Dap!  His solution to street crime?  A handgun to plug the muggers, and he used it at least twice, if I recall right.  Now that’s a Democrat one could support!

      • Puggg

        He was technically a Democrat because he had to be to win elections in Boston.  But I’m sure he didn’t vote Democrat in most elections.

  • Ulick

    When a potentially deadly virus like Ebola breaks out the best thing to do is to quarantine it to an isolated location.  It may be “unfair” for those without Ebola to be trapped in the quarantined section, but it’s done for the best for all to prevent the disease from spreading and potentially hurting a far greater number nd potentilly everyone.

    Blacks are like Ebola in education.  A few black students may move into an unaffected area without the virus spreading, but when enough black students move into a school the virus of disruptive classrooms, dangerous hallways, and slowed down teaching spreads and eventually contaminates the whole school.  If you were to quarantine the virus, however, to say an all black school — then that quarantined area will be highly contaminated, but the rest for society will be free from the virus and majority of students and schools will then be uncontaminated.

  • MerlinV

    Looks like the Hispanics are giving blacks a little taste of what whites got in the 70s.

    • newscomments70

      They don’t use federal troops either…they do it themselves.

  • JohnEngelman

    KPFA is a left wing radio station broadcast from Berkeley, California. 
    Years ago on that station Gore Vidal said, “Busing is the liberal’s Vietnam. It is not working.”

  • JohnEngelman

    I attended integrated junior and senior high schools, but few blacks attended those schools. They were not bused. They lived in the area. That is the only way school integration can work. 

    • haroldcrews

      I went to a high school that was 30% or more black.  Which meant that I didn’t have to study and went to university unprepared for the course work.  I also came out inoculated against egalitarianism.

  • Most right-libertarians are opposed to voucher programs, mainly because of establishment-of-religion concerns or worries that government qua government would interfere in private schools using vouchers as the power hook.  We oppose them because they’re deseg by any other means.

    The only kind of right-libertarians soi distant that support vouchers are Beltway Libertarian outfits like Cato that are just only slightly more libertarian than the typical elected Republican politician.

  • Detroit_WASP

    I wonder that myself.  A lot of it has to do with union loyalty.   Whites involved in unions are almost always Democrats.  I think they put up with the blacks to stay loyal to the union.   

  • What we need is no public school funding at all.

    Contrary to what these liberals (and some right wingers) think, education is not a right. If the parents can’t pay or the child is not gifted enough for a scholarship then its time to consider planning a profession to pursue. Believe it or not this will be better for the lower class minorities. Instead of believing the lie that they can achieve anything a nice dose of realism will help them realize that school isn’t for them and they can plan accordingly. 

  • IstvanIN

     229 with 2 blacks.

  • Whirlwinder

    I went to school in the 50’s at Cypress-Fairbanks, Texas and there were 70 people in my graduating class. This was the era of Brown V Board-no blacks. There was no such thing as “diversity”. If somebody flunked a grade, they took that year over. If you misbehaved, one of the coaches gave you swats with a sawed-in-half baseball bat. And we caught hell when we got home because of our infractions at school. As a result, there was not too much mischief at school. School was a serious business and most kids went on to college and did very well. Scroll to 2012. There are 110,000 kids in the school district now. 50% Mexican. Many blacks. All kinds of social issues. The school district travels to Mexico in search of bi-lingual teachers-what a travesty. Busing is de regueur. Education in America has reached a point that would make any progressive proud. Social science has replaced the study of history, womens issues have replaced home economics and sports has been placed upon a pedestal. I weep now for the children coming out of the public schools as they do not have the tools needed to make their way in a very complex world.

    • newscomments70

      I would love to visit your 50’s version of Cypress-Fairbanks. It sounds like a great place with decent people. The “new and improved” version of your city sounds like a third world hell hole…similar to the rest of the U.S. 

  • I remember reading in one of the local papers, when Boston’s schools were hit with that busing order, Swimmer Ted went to confront angry parents, trying to get them to support the busing order. However, they were having none of it. A man snapped at Swimmer Ted, with this question:

    “Why don’t you send your one-legged kid on a bus to Roxbury?”

    Swimmer Ted had a son (Ted Jr.) whose leg had to be amputated due to bone cancer, I believe. Roxbury, is, of couse, a coal-black neighborhood in Boston.

  • NM156

    The subprime explosion and scattered-site housing, in your case, would be the most likely explanations, both of which began in earnest in the mid ’90s.