Posted on August 1, 2011

The Breivik Killings — Is the “Climate of Hate” Campaign Working in Europe?

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, August 1, 2011

In the wake of Anders Breivik’s murderous rampage in Norway on July 22, there has been a frantic hunt for motives. The goal is simple: Find a motive you can link to someone you don’t like, and then hold him indirectly responsible for the bloodshed.

Lefties do this every time a white man commits political violence. When Timothy McVeigh blew up the Murrah Building in 1995, they tried to blame a “climate of hate” stirred up by conservative talk radio. When Jared Loughner went on a killing spree earlier this year they tried to blame “right-wing rhetoric.”

The “climate of hate” campaign is in full swing again, helped greatly by Mr. Breivik’s long manifesto about his motives and influences. Mr. Breivik clearly doesn’t like Muslim immigration into Europe. He cited many sensible people and politicians as influences, and the open-borders people wasted no time in pouncing on them. “Europe’s Far Right Parties Go on the Defensive,” read the headline of a July 28 Wall Street Journal article that gets right to the point:

Europe’s anti-immigrant parties . . . use rhetoric very similar to Mr. Breivik’s. Those parallels have exposed the movements to accusations that they have fostered a political environment that encourages intolerance that can spill into violence.

“When you repeat these theories over and over again, crazy people get ideas,” said Mehmet Koksal, a Belgian-Turkish political analyst.

A “Belgian-Turkish political analyst” certainly ought to know.

The New York Times rolled out Marc Sageman, terrorism expert and former CIA spook, to complain about Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch and the Gates of Vienna, both of which keep a sharp eye on what Muslims are up to. “This rhetoric,” Mr. Sageman fretted, “is not cost-free.”

The message is clear: People must write more kindly about Islam. Some at the Times and the Journal may even wish the United States had European-style “hate speech” laws so that Jihad Watch and Gates of Vienna could be shut down.

Of course, when the 33rd Muslim is arrested for mayhem or attempted mayhem, the reaction is the opposite: We mustn’t see patterns, mustn’t draw conclusions, mustn’t doubt the wisdom of welcoming more of these wonderful, peaceful people into the West.

Unfortunately, at least in Europe, the “climate of hate” campaign seems to be working. Some of the sensible people Mr. Breivik quoted are repudiating him, not just for what he did but for agreeing with them. Geert Wilders, who has campaigned in Holland against Muslim immigration, called Mr. Breivik “a lonely, ill-adjusted idiot” and said he was “repulsed” that Mr. Breivik had mentioned him in the manifesto. The Norwegian blogger who goes under the name Fjordman and writes insightful articles on the threat of Islam said he “intensely dislike[d]” being mentioned by Mr. Breivik.

The Progress Party, which opposes Muslim immigration, is also back peddling. “It is painful to know that he [Mr. Breivik] has been a member,” said a spokesman. Top leaders held a “crisis meeting” to discuss “how to adjust campaign rhetoric” in light of the killings.

This is completely wrong. Mr. Wilders and Fjordman should have said: “Of course he agreed with me; it’s because I’m right. And of course I condemn his horrible act of violence.” The Progress Party should have said: “Mr. Breivik was a member because our vision of Norway is best for the country.” Even to consider changing its campaign message is to suggest they have been saying something wrong.

The Left would never make mistakes like that. Let us imagine that a global-warming nut walked into the headquarters of an oil company and shot the place up. Would Al Gore stop promoting his book? Would the New York Times apologize for the “climate of hate” its editorials had stirred up? Not a chance. The Unabomber’s killings never gave environmentalists a second thought.

What if a homosexual activist shot a state governor because he vetoed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage? Would the people who promote homosexual marriage worry about “how to adjust their campaign rhetoric”? Hardly.

Mr. Breivik was a Freemason and an ardent Zionist. No one is asking Freemasons and Zionists to reexamine their beliefs.

Someone can snap in the name of any controversial issue. That does not mean the people he agrees with are wrong, or are responsible for what he does. Leftists understand this perfectly when a fellow lefty jumps the tracks, but conveniently fail to understand it when they think a murderer supports ideas they don’t like.

Islam is a terrible threat to Europe, and those who oppose it are fighting for the survival of their civilization. They must not slacken their efforts because of Anders Breivik. He is a heartless mass murderer who would deserve the death penalty if Norway still had it. But he is still right about Muslim immigration.

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  1. John Engelman says:

    Those who oppose Islamic immigration have legitimate concerns. Discouraging responsible commentators from expressing those concerns will merely assure that the concerns will be expressed by more extreme commentators, who will recommend more extreme responses to the immigration.

    Immigration is an issue that deserves to be debated candidly without the constraints of political correctness.

  2. Legal Ph.D. says:

    Yes he IS right about Muslim immigration. They have a plan, which they deny to your face but laugh about behind your back (“Smile to your enemy’s face, but HATE him behind his back” – from the Holy Koran). Their plan is to take over all of Western civilization and force the population to accept Islam. They don’t care who they kill to bring about their aims. Breivik could not be more correct in his views in re Islam. BUT – he was dead wrong to go murder a bunch of unarmed and defenseless people. That is something we’d expect from Muslims, not from civilized white people. I don’t want to stoop to the Muslim level in order to defeat them. I want to defeat them from the high road, as we have always defeated every enemy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Breivik Killings—Is the “Climate of Hate” Campaign Working in Europe?

    More news stories on Islam in Europe/Asia

    Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, August 01, 2011

    “Mr. Breivik was a Freemason and an ardent Zionist. No one is asking Freemasons and Zionists to reexamine their beliefs.”

    I spent some time since the even responding to posters on CNN articles concerning the event in Norway. Fareed Zakaria posted an editorial about Knights Templar and the events that got lots of postings with plenty of posters blaming Freemasonry and Jews, and not just for Beivik’s spree, but for everything from the Islamization of Europe to the New World Order, with Da Vinci Code like rationales and proofs. So yes, people are “asking” Freemasons and Zionists to examine themselves by similarly putting them on the defensive because they all have nationalism and patriotism in common.

    I would like to point out a few things quickly.

    First, I have seen no proof that Breivik was ever a Freemason, but even if he was, FM is chiefly a charitable org that is interested in the Western mystical traditions with Christianity as a strong central focus. They also are traditionally patriotic to whatever nation the lodge is located in. Disreputable and unlawful conduct gets one expelled very quickly. So if he was a mason, he isn’t anymore. Next, Freemasonry was responsible for the historical event of the establishment of The United States of America. Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, even LaFayette as well as many other FF’s were Freemasons and borrowed heavily on FM for the principles of The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. Next, as he is a nationalist, I find it difficult to believe that Breivik was a Zionist except that he might have seen the similarity of the plight of Norway and Europle to the plight of Israel in a general way. More Europeans are probably noticing as well. Europe IS becoming comparable to Israel in their common issues with declared intentions of Muslims to take over. However, European nationalist (such as Le Pen) are traditionally anti-Jewish. Because of this and more, I have to question how Mr. Taylor justifies his language in his above written statement, because the Left is not missing one item in its gleeful campaign to include any even marginally nationalist connection, imagined or not.

  4. Question Diversity says:

    Officially, the authorities in Norway don’t have a precise motive for what he did. We know what the nut likes and doesn’t like, and both lists are long. Jared Taylor mentions his pathological friendliness toward that ethnorepatriationist movement whose name starts with a Z, and that alludes to his support for the associated ethnostate that starts with I, ironic because he is apparently not at all Jewish. It could be that he mowed down all those teenage children of Labor Party members on Utoya Island because the Norwegian Labor Party was opposed to I, J and Z issues and in support of that region’s P-word lumpenproletariat than any of their pro-Muslim policies.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Breivik was a Freemason and an ardent Zionist. No one is asking Freemasons and Zionists to reexamine their beliefs.


    So true. It is ONLY when a White person will not accept the PC dogma of “diversity is our strength” or a multiracial “paradise” in their own lands that we have to reexamine our beliefs. Just look at how Jared Taylor, Stormfront, or any other WHITE defender site is vilified and made out to be the most evil people on earth. The ADL/SPLC, the Tim Wise’s of the world, will make sure of that.

  6. highduke says:

    Breivik’s punishment will be a very cushy Scandinavian prison with tenis courts like the one Austrian incest dungeon dad Jozef Fritzl is serving time in. We’re supposed to believe that a guy whose heroes are pacifists would go on a massacre? Agent Breivik, son of a Norwegian leftist diplomat in the UK completed his mission to smear the Right on behalf of S.Arabia, the West’s oil sugar-daddy.

  7. ehunt says:

    I would point out that the Breivik event should not be compared to the hundreds of equally murderous Muslim attacks that preceeded it. Something new has happened. A definite and clear

    boundary has been passed. For the first time we see a white

    European pushed to into the same nihlilstic urge to destroy

    that Muslims seem to naturally occupy at all times. One of the first things we notice about Breivik is that he not some

    gibbering schizophrenic like Jared Loughner…preaching that the world will be saved if good sentence grammar prevails. No, Breiviks thoughts are logical, cogent and rooted in the reality of what is happening to white European civilization. All of Breiviks thinking is lucid and it leads him to blind rage and

    the urge to destroy. The white man whose civilization is infinitely superior has been driven into a corner from which all of white civilizations resources are impotent and he can only lash out. How has this come about? MultiCulturalism the insane cult of the Far Left brought all of this to pass..bringing into contact two groups that have should have at all cost been kept apart..Islam and the West that have 1500 years of warfare between them. The Left does not have a single real argument to defend alone has brought this to pass. If the Left

    had an ounce of would be deeply concerned. After tormenting conservatives with petty fault finding for decades..and crying wolf, they have driven us to the breaking point, faced with oblivion the tormented animal has turned on them and will not be contained. More Breiviks will appear. But what did the

    psychopathic children of MultiCulturalism expect? That the most intelligent creative group in human history would go docile to into extinction? As details seep in we find that the “children”

    of Utoya Island were not so “innocent” after all. A summer camp

    of 20 somethings where Socialist International and the Islamic Fatah party met to plot the future destruction of the West, Breiviks rage wasnt without focus.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I can see the headline now. . . “Breivik right about Muslim immigration”. Except that ignoring Jared Taylor is more effective, apparently.

  9. sbuffalonative says:

    I agree that the right has gone overboard completely distancing themselves from Mr. Breivik’s message and that the left doesn’t backdown when one of their own is exposed for their actions and rhetoric (Tim Wise and Al Sharpton come to mind).

    However, I’ve been surprised at how quickly this story has cooled down. I expected it to inflame the left.

    I suspect the reason it hasn’t is because it was quickly discovered that Mr. Breivik was a zealous supporter of Israel. As such, the left couldn’t tar him as a neo-Nazi. I believe the left is still trying to find a way to exploit this rampage but they’re stymied by Breivik’s support for Israel.

    I would suggest that whenever Mr. Breivik is discussed, include the phrase “pro-Israel” or “pro-Israeli” supporter. That will knock the wind out of their sails and shut down the discussion.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Poster #1 says..

    FM is chiefly a charitable org that is interested in the Western mystical traditions with Christianity as a strong central focus.


    Not according to this, it isn’t.

    Freemasonry is not Christian. If it’s not Christian, but it is a religion (which Masons have confirmed above), then it by definition conflicts with Christianity. Thus, logically, one can’t simultaneously be a Christian and a Mason.

    “Freemasonry is not Christianity … it admits men of every creed within its hospitable bosom….”An Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, by Albert G. Mackey, 1921, pp. 618-619.

    “[Masonry] … sees in Moses … in Confucius and Zoroaster, in Jesus of Nazareth, and in [Mohammed] great teachers of morality and eminent reformers….” Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, by Albert Pike, Washington D.C., 1958, pp. 277, 525.

    Other Freemasonry vs. Christianity problems:

    The secrets of Masonry are protected by the most vile of blood oaths, every one of which is an offense to Jesus.

    The name and nature of the Masonic deity is an offense to the one true God. It is taught in the Royal Arch degree that Masonry draws its teachings and powers from three great teachers and Gods. The combined deity is represented as a three-headed god, whose name is JoaBulOn, which stands for Jehovah, Baal, and Osiris. Every time Masons pronounce that name in the Masonic prayer of worship, they have defiled the Holy name of God.

    In the Shrine, the initiate swears a terrible binding oath in the name of “Allah, the God of our Fathers.” Mohammed was a false prophet and Allah is a god who has destroyed nation after nation of his followers. The red Fez itself was originally a badge of honor worn only by a Muslim who had actually killed a Christian and dipped his cap in the martyr’s blood.

    At the Apron lecture, the Mason is told that the lambskin apron will be his covering at the great white throne judgment of God. The prayer and dedicatory sounds great, but there is only one Great white throne judgment and it is the judgment of the damned (Rev. 20:11).

    The Lodge promises godhood through the Lodge, the usurping of Christ’s Melchizedek Priesthood, the Holy communion of the dead, drinking wine from the carved out top of a human skull, etc.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you 100%! These rightists should not have backed down so quickly. They were cowardly to do so and it won’t save them any face with the left anyway.

    Also, I find it insane for the left to be lecturing us on “hate”. Was it not the left who turned Western morals upside down, instituted relativism, and villified traditional Christians? Now they want to tell us not to hate. Well here’s my reply: “Hate, like fear, is an emotion given to us by our Creator (or evolution). They motivate us to take action for survival. Though all emotions must be controlled, they are not all necessarily to be shunned all the time. Stop trying to police our thoughts!”

  12. Anonymous says:

    The liberal media response was predictable, but the question is how effective will it be. In pre-internet times, maligned groups had only small circulation magazines, snail mail, and personal contact to respond. Thus the liberals controlled mass communications, and therefore controlled the discussion and the defamation. Today, the internet allows the victims to respond as massively as the liberals. In fact, today the mass media are mainly liberals entertaining other liberals.

    In the two instances cited, the liberals got great mileage from the Timothy McVeigh incident, when the internet was relatively small. The liberals got much less in the Jared Loughner incident, and it wasn’t because they didn’t try. The internet allowed the truth to be disseminated.

  13. William says:

    On August 1 Wilders already felt confident enough to counter the accusations of the left concerning the Oslo attacks in an interview with Telegraaf: “If a Muslim is committing an act of terror, the left says it is not the fault of Islam. But if a deranged madman commits an attack in Norway, PVV is suddenly blamed.”

  14. Conrad says:

    I like this article very much. There’s no reason for our side to back down all of the time. It’s these Leftists that are trying to commit genocide against us.

    “The message is clear: People must write more kindly about Islam.” The message is clear: People must write more unkindly about those that write more kindly about Islam.


    I refuse to engage in the illogical act of attacking Mr. Anders Behring Breivik. A more useful action would be to point out to the Socialist and other anti-whites the nature of their crimes against us, which in turn provoked Mr. Anders Behring Breivik into his action.

    What is it about those that are now attacking Mr. Breivik that prevents them from understanding the nature of the crime of genocide? Why is it so hard for these individuals to point out to the Socialists that it is their actions, directed against our race and culture that brought all of this about? It is not hard at all. Just start pointing out to the Socialists that their act of worldwide genocide against our race will provoke these sort of acts directed at them.

    What is it about the word genocide that our leaders do not understand? Mr. Breivik killed less than one hundred of them but the Socialist intends to kill one hundred million of us and completely erase our culture and people. See this RT news clip.

    So people are starting to agree with what I am saying above.

  15. Harumphty Dumpty says:

    1 — Anonymous wrote at 6:05 PM on August 1:

    Fareed Zakaria posted an editorial about Knights Templar and the events that got lots of postings with plenty of posters blaming Freemasonry and Jews…So yes, people are ‘asking’ Freemasons and Zionists to examine themselves…

    As you say, the POSTS to that article raised questions about freemasonry and Jews, but did Zakaria’s article itself raise those issues?

    I just searched the article I suspect you read:

    I got a return of zero mention of freemasonry, jews, or zionism in the article itself! (But 44 mentions of Jews in the comments…I must go back and read those!)

    Jared Taylor wrote, “No one is asking Freemasons and Zionists to reexamine their beliefs.”

    I feel sure that Jared was referring to the mavens of the media rather than to subversives in the comments sections of media.

    We who post comments in the mainstream media are definitely managed, but of course we’re not managed anywhere nearly as tightly as those who write news articles and opinion pieces for the media.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I disagree with Mr Taylor on what these European nationalists should be saying vis-a-vis Mr Breivik. They should say something like the following: “the tyranny of multiculturalism itself is what drove the evidently disturbed Breivik to this abominable act. The multiculturalist elite is to blame for preventing patriots from defending their nation in a peaceful manner, halting and reversing the immigration invasion though the democratic process.”

  17. Len says:

    I have not heard of a Masonic Lodge giving Anders B Membership . From his essay I see he bought his outfit on line . I assume he was not chosen by the FM’s. He chose himself ,this is not permitted by the Mason’s.

    He killed his kinfolk and so I assume he was working for our enemy , the Muslims. Same for the OKC crowd , they worked for the Muslims.

    He was a perfect patsy. And of course , the people he killed were kin who worshipped the Muslims. This tale is full of Knots.

    I say he is a heartless fool and fop. I say he is working for whoever wished to see the end of White Europe. I bet we will never find out who financed this dog.

  18. CDE says:

    The Asian Leftist that terrorized the Discover channel by threatening to set off a bomb last year was inspired by Al Gore. Did Al Gore backtrack? Did Al Gore apologize? Did Al Gore agree to pull his propaganda film? No, no, and no.

  19. sshadow says:

    A thoughtful and well reasoned tract by Mr Taylor. He avoids defiance for his own reasons. I suspect that many here will feel less constrained. The left has far more reason to be walking on eggshells than any here do. The left MSM routinely ignores the thousands of black on white murders and rapes each year, far surpassing the Norway event. By supporting and covering up mayhem of their favorite little pets, they become enablers of beatings, rapes, and worse. Their incredible control of the MSM caused the murder of a little white boy in Texas by a blow torch of a black woman to never see the light of day. If because it is too inflammatory, then they should have covered up Breivik also. Of course neither would be right. The truth should emerge. A false sense of security has a very high cost.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, because, apparently, people aren’t thinking this through:

    Breivik is a psych case, like David Berkowitz, squeeky Fromm, etc.

    You don’t defend lunatics, or defend yourself against their actions.

    What a delusional man with several personality disorders does, should NEVER, EVER

    cause any of us to flinch. Nuts and people who are extremely narcicistic, will do as they please.

    What has this to do with the price of tea in china?

    The MSM craps out meaningless stories all day long, 24X7, 365, for as long as people watch.

    Idiots can not be dissuaded from delusion.



    MOVE ON.

  21. Western Man says:

    Excellent comments by Jared Taylor. The White European West is in dire straits, everywhere under siege, and has no homelands left to speak of where we can even speak freely; so jettisoning that crippling guilt is an absolute prerequisite to survival.

    But even as things stand, I don’t believe that the events in Norway will have any lasting effects on right-wing and anti-immigrant Europeans. Murderous Muslims and Traitorous Lefties are just so hyperactive, so unwilling to leave well enough (by them) alone, that their own words and actions will keep the rage and motivation alive. Most predictions of long-term effects are more reflective of wishful thinking on the part

    of the floundering EU elites that a real long-term concern for us.

    Also, by the way — as was noted by one poster here — Europe is indeed, incredibly, coming to resemble Israel in terms of its Muslim problem. Geert Wilders of Holland is referred to by some of his Muslim enemies as “the blond Zionist” (incidentally he is also very pro-American, full of admiration for the Founding Fathers, which most Europeans — certainly outside of Britain — are not). But Christian Zionism is of long standing — since the mid-19th century. General Dayan was trained in night commando warfare (1930s) by the British colonial officer Orde Charles Wingate, who was a devout Christian. Interestingly enough, many of the key figures in Zionism’s early history — especially a few military pioneers from Russia — were very atypical Jews. And many “Subbotnik” ethnic Russians settled as farmers in Galilee; the late Gen. Rafael Eitan was partially of that stock. Zionism also had as one of its declared goals to recreate a farmer/warrier type — its pioneers despised typical Jewish diaspora life. And perhaps for that reason, there is a growing rift between leftist Jews and Israel.

  22. s says:

    A single hard voice from Jerusalem.

    It is indirectly a great warning against the pest and plague of appeasement. If you touch it, you wake the hope of terrorists.

  23. patthemick says:

    I really don’t know why they don’t blame Breiviks attack on the left and the open borders crowd. It seems if they moved even an iota on restricting the Islamisation of Europe the shooter might have just gone about his life and never have shot anyone. The political levers of power just ignore the common person and plow along with the invasions. Why would we continue to simply march with posters and flags if doing so achieves nothing but get you on a list as a potential radical?

    I think Breiviks simply a John Brown type that harbingers a future violent backlash from the citizens.

  24. Anonymous says:

    21 — s wrote at 8:55 AM on August 2:

    A single hard voice from Jerusalem.

    It is indirectly a great warning against the pest and plague of appeasement. If you touch it, you wake the hope of terrorists.As a Norwegian following the events in Oslo on the 22nd from Ramallah and later in the week Tel Aviv, I find Israeli reactions interesting.


    I tend to agree with this comment on that link you provided.

    “Your conjecture that many Europeans “accept” terrorism against Israelis or Americans are numbers picked from your own imagination. Show me some hard facts supporting that conjecture. As one of many who have actually been to Utøya, holding lectures and discussing politics, I can assure you terrorism and violence against civilians, of any kind, has an extremely low standing among kids like those at Utøya and among Norwegians in general.

    I think you must be conflating support of armed resistance to occupation with terrorism. What is what in Israel and Palestine is an interesting discussion point, but lending support to Palestinian demands is not intellectually or factually equivalent to supporting terrorism. If you believe the two are equivalent, I think you must be bamboozled by your own rhetorics.”

  25. highduke says:

    The failure of anyone credible on the mainstream right or the racially conscious elite minority to call this a government conspiracy (see Post #6) will send us back to the late 90s. Poland just rejected Russia’s claim that the infamous plane crash was an accident not an assassination. Leftist revolutionaries kill for their cause. Muslims sacrificed their own civilians for martyrdom & blamed the deaths on others in Kosovo & Bosnia. Agent Breivik is an actor, a caricature to make fools of us all.

  26. NAVY says:

    Cultural Marxists in Norway penetrated the Labor Party causing the other parties to yield.

    Anders responded with Teutonic force to break a stranglehold, that, coupled with immigration, and unreported crime, forced the Norwegian people to breed, feed, and process themselves outward.

    The arrogance of the Labor Party inclined Muslims to rape and sometimes murder Norwegians to the point the Labor Party believed it was o.k.

    The lesson to be learned here is that killing people is never right.

    The high regard the world places on human life is symbolic of the freedom we hold dear for our fellow men.

    As human beings learning to become, we must hold steadfast to the principle of life and liberty less we meet our fate togeather.

  27. WASP says:

    Anders Brivek is nuts. What he did was wrong. He is as loony as those Black Panthers that tried to intimidate voters when Barrack Obama ran for President. But not everything he thought and said in his manifesto was nuts.

    The term manifesto rubs me the wrong way. it seems to have gotten a negative connotation over the years.

    It seems that only crazy white men are capable of penning a “manifesto”.

    Manifesto conjures up images of a social misfit writing down his crazy thoughts that may or may not have some small basis in reality. When I see the word “manifesto” I picture a white guy in his basement or 8×10 shed in the Rocky Mountains angrily scribbling down his confused and “hateful thoughts”.

    I say “hateful thoughts” because I believe that not all of what these crazy people are saying is hateful or crazy. For instance, where I live 80% of the black children are born out of wedlock. If a white person points out that fact and all of the social ills that go along with fatherless children, that white person stands a good chance of being called “hateful” or a “racist”. Doesn’t matter that it is true, or these fatherless children end up on welfare, in special education classes, drop out of school altogether, and then finally prison and soak up hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars EACH in various aid, legal costs or incarceration costs. If you call these people, lazy, dumb, low IQ, unproductive, or burdens to society, YOU, not they are called bad. And nothing of substance is ever done to change the situation.

    Conversely, I was watching a silly television show about Mormons called “Sister Wives”. This program chronicles the plural marriage of a white, religious, intact family where the father is present and financiancally supports his wives and children. The children from this family will likely grow up to be productive, tax paying citizens that produce resources instead of just consuming them. These people are labeled sick, backward, religious nuts, stupid, rednecks and the law in Utah is actively pursuing legal action to get them to stop what they are doing because it is WRONG! Huh????

    I often ask myself how we got to this point of BACKWARD tolerance and acceptance where right is wrong and wrong is right; up is down and in is out. How did we get to this state of mind? I’ll tell you how. A public relations campaign over the past 50 years has succeeded in selling acceptance, tolerance and egalitarian views as being “smart”, “open minded” and “progressive”. People want to be viewed as smart and open minded, so they go along with it. People who don’t go along are labeled as dumb or intolerant.

    So, whenever a person, generally with conservative viewpoints, starts writing down thoughts like these, it is labeled a “manifesto” and called hate speech by the pseudo intellectual liberal and open minded among us.

    I know a group of white men who didn’t like the way they were being treated by those in charge. They got together and wrote a “manifesto”. The people in charge didn’t like the manifesto, also know as The Declaration of Independence and it turned into a shooting war. Violence is wrong… except at those times when it is right. Yes, that is a politically incorrect statement that also happens to be true. All countries and peoples use violence when they think it is necessary. And yes, if the Declaration of Independence were written today, it would be called a manifesto.

    Again, Anders Brivek is nuts and what he did was wrong but not everything he says is wrong. He just went about it the wrong way.

    But with that said, I sometimes wonder if we have all become too civilized, tolerant, and open-minded and kind for our own good and where will all this lead? At what point do you take up arms and fight back? Don’t wait as long as the poor Jews did or you/we will find ourselves in a similar situation. Does that sound nuts to you? I hope not.

    PS This is not a manifesto! lol

  28. Anonymous says:

    15 — Harumphty Dumpty wrote at 9:47 PM on August 1:

    1 — Anonymous wrote at 6:05 PM on August 1:

    “Fareed Zakaria posted an editorial about Knights Templar and the events that got lots of postings with plenty of posters blaming Freemasonry and Jews…So yes, people are ‘asking’ Freemasons and Zionists to examine themselves…

    As you say, the POSTS to that article raised questions about freemasonry and Jews, but did Zakaria’s article itself raise those issues? ” …..etc.

    I suppose your post is in defense of Mr. Taylor’s language in the statement I challenged?

    Well, I appreciate the work that Mr. Taylor does, but exploiting a crevasse in order to make the point that both itens ARE in the discussion was my purpose, certainly not to challenge Mr. Taylor in general or disqualify his essay.

    Mr Zakaria is clever enough to know that his really short and superficial article would garner all sorts of comments. I simply held that up as evidence that Zionism and FM do get pressured. One poster here has come back at me with an attack on FM because of his own misinterpretations of it. Zionism is a complex issue, but I think that it is possible that much like the Apartheid SA government had been making treaties with and training with the Israeli Army, once having been virulently anti-Semitic, they had come to recognize the similarity of plight and practical sense overcame traditional bias.

  29. Anonymous says:

    24 — Anonymous wrote at 11:09 AM on August 2:

    21 — s wrote at 8:55 AM on August 2:

    “I think you must be conflating support of armed resistance to occupation with terrorism. What is what in Israel and Palestine is an interesting discussion point, but lending support to Palestinian demands is not intellectually or factually equivalent to supporting terrorism. If you believe the two are equivalent, I think you must be bamboozled by your own rhetorics.”

    Who’s bamboozling who?

    I would like to remind you and all readers here that it was the PLO led by Yassar Arafat that attacked, took hostage, and killed Israeli Olympic atheltes in Munich at the 1972 Olympics, spreading the Palestinian war against Israel to Europe. Increases in Muslim populations in countries like France in the past 20 years have seen an increase in attacks against Jews there, causing many to leave. I still have not heard a Palestinian led government accept the existence of Israel or the right for it to exist, yet.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I don’t agree with Highduke or Poster #6 concerning the idea of Breivik as an agent of the Left. This smacks of unsupported conspiracy theorizing.

    This morning I see that Breivik has requested a Japanese psychiatrist because, “The Japanese understand the culture and notion of honor,….”

    Breivik is very clever. He is playing his hand as best he thinks he can. Calling attention to Japanese racial and ethnic honor might cause some of the mainstream journalists and pundits to notice that Japan limits immigration strictly and does not encourage Japanese marrying outside of their race, along with other obviously nationalistic and “racist” practices not allowed in the West. But Japan probably doesn’t want to be mentioned in the same sentence with him, either.

    Your going to have to stretch the notion of Leftist agent quite a bit to fit that in.

    As everyone, I do not support killing anyone to achieve any aim, at least as an offensive political action. It only hurts the cause as Breivik’s actions have done. But calling him crazy and writing him off at that is an error.

  31. Der Nonkonformist says:

    Len, Norwegian and German freemason chapters equally agreed that he was a member and publicly asked for forgiveness for his actions under their name.

    In any case, to get a more European view of this whole thing, non-apologetic at that, take a read at an article published on our website:

    It’s in German, but with the Internet available, I am sure that you will have no problem locating a proper translation too.

  32. Anonymous says:

    What if, what if, what if. The point is that environmentalists DON’T shoot up oil companies, and gay activists DON’T assassinate politicians who vote against their rights. The evidence on the ground, rather than your hypothetical babble, makes the point.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Motive is not merely a matter of inner individual “push” factors but of broader social-political “pull” factors. When a vacuum of leadership re such issues as immigation is cultivated, it should be no surprise that a lone loony might sprout up within such a cowardly political default.

  34. s says:

    I have never seen or heard any of the norwegian labor partys representants support terrorism. But i have never ever seen that palestinian terrorism have made them back off an inch from supporting their cause. They gave Yassir the Nobel prize. They were first and foremost in supporting Hamas!! And they continues to throw their billions after them. Sorry but the double speak becomes too visible. And as peace negotiators they should remember that their clients do evaluate what they see and hear, and suddenly trust may turn to distrust.

    They have shown the world that terrorism helps the terrorists cause.

  35. Anonymous says:

    “I suspect the reason it hasn’t is because it was quickly discovered that Mr. Breivik was a zealous supporter of Israel. As such, the left couldn’t tar him as a neo-Nazi. I believe the left is still trying to find a way to exploit this rampage but they’re stymied by Breivik’s support for Israel.”

    Last week’s edition of the Los Angeles Jewish Journal which claims to be the largest circulation Jewish newspaper in the country had on its cover a statement that Breivik was a neo-nazi in 3 inch high letters.

    The story was the usual junk about Breivik was an evil White blonde northern European nazi and all Jews must beware of such people. Muslims are our brothers and we must beware of the evil northern Europeans and White Christian Americans rather than the Muslims who want to destroy Israel.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Poster # 27

    ” It has been pointed out by some FM scholars that the Pope’s miter is a copy of an Egyptian priest’s headdress. ”

    The Pope and Bishops miters are copies of Persian royalty headdresses. A Persian religion, zororastrianism was a sort of precursor of Christianity. There is a great deal of zorastrianism in Christianity.

    The major reason everyone in Europe went after the Templars was their control of the finances of both countries and individuals.

    Their interest rates ranged from 400 to 500 percent with monstrous balloon payments. By the time Philip the Fair criminalized the Templars they had taken physical control of the national treasury of France.

    Their 500 percent interest and other financial fraud practices allowed them to seize innumerable castles and productive lands from the nobility of all Europe. By the time the end came everyone was up in arms against them. Think Bernie Madoff on a grand scale, or the mortgage crisis, or the American great depression caused by stock market fraud and financial manipulators.

    There are stories that they actually discovered Mexico, kept it a secret and brought back gold and silver from the Mexican mines.

    Philip the Fair wanted to get the national treasury back in the hands of the national government, not a group of usurers and financial market manipulators.

    I have nothing against masons, but the truth is that their persecution was caused by their financial frauds and interest rates.

  37. Anonymous says:

    “What if, what if, what if. The point is that environmentalists DON’T shoot up oil companies”

    Have you ever heard of eco terrorism?