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Alan Colmes talks American history, white identity, and the Alt-Right with Jared Taylor.

Jared Taylor: “We are heretics of the state religion, and the state religion is one of relentless egalitarianism.”

Jared Taylor: “We have thoughtful things to say about problems for which the prevailing orthodoxy has no solutions.”

What Is the Alt-Right?


Do Donald Trump and Breitbart.com make the cut?


Jared Taylor live on NPR with Norman Ornstein, Robert P. Jones, and Rosie Gray.

Who Is Pepe, Really?, Daily Caller

Why conservatism failed and “white identity politics” is on the rise.

Dave Weigel dares quote the subjects of Clinton’s speech.

MSNBC reads at length from AR-issued press release.

Tweet analysis “complicates the easy dismissal of alt-righters as disenfranchised, neckbeard teens.”

The Guardian profiles Jared Taylor.

Jared Taylor: “We weren’t counting on Hillary for being so generous in sharing the spotlight with us.”

Dave Weigel and Matthew Continetti discuss the Alt Right.

Jared Taylor on NPR to discuss the Alt Right.

Leftists bemoan the “racist” origins of our National Parks.

Hillary Clinton and the Alt Right

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Hillary Clinton tries to tie the “Alt Right” to Donald Trump.


These videos help explain.

Milo Yiannopoulos and Cathy Young debate the Alt Right on BBC Radio.

“The alt-right is . . . using the language of the Internet far better than anyone else in politics.”

Washington Post’s “guide to the basics.”

Jared Taylor is interviewed for “Special Report with Bret Baier.”

“We intend to call out this ‘alt-right’ shift and the divisive and dystopian vision . . . .”

The Guardian gets it (mostly) right.

They say the NAACP is “one of the most racist groups in America.”

Wall Street Journal takes an honest look at the “youthful, anti-establishment” movement.

Ben Shapiro goes hysterical in the Washington Post.

Jonah Goldberg thinks a nation is a territory, not a people.

National Review says whites have legitimate political interests.

Racism is now seen not as a “systemic” issue but a personal affliction.

Black Metal Ethno-Nationalism, AR Classic Article

Waging culture war.

Young Trump supporter says he’s “pretty down with Western civilization.”

Conservatism failed, and the alt-right is filling the void.

James Edwards was admitted to the GOP convention as a member of the press.

“The gravitational center of the Republican Party is white nationalism.”

Says he demands “respect for the rights and heritage of European-Americans.”

They discuss white identity, slavery, and the future of US racial politics.

VICE’s attempt to understand white consciousness.

His name has become a talisman for white identity.

Both #WhiteInventions and #WhitePrivilegeMeans were trending on Twitter this week.

The Irreplaceable Gregory Hood


The first volume of essays by a great dissident writer.


Stefan Molyneux interviews Jared Taylor about crime and race differences.

VICE finally reports on the AR conference.

Five people were stabbed in a clash between “anti-fascists” and the Traditionalist Worker Party.

Congressional candidate says a white supermajority used to be America’s strength.

Should Alt-Right Trolls Go Easy on the Trigger?


Our goal should be winning converts.


2016 AR Conference Videos, Part II


Dan Roodt, Ruuben Kaalep, RamZPaul, Anke Van dermeersch, and Sam Dickson.


High energy and confidence at AmRen 2016.

2016 AR Conference Videos, Part I


James Edwards, Peter Brimelow, Fernando Cortés, Filip Dewinter, and Jared Taylor.


Even as liberals embrace it.

Half the participants were first-time attendees.

The Federalist: Self-defense is to be expected.