Discrimination Against Whites Still Legal

By Jared Taylor

Dear Mr. Trump

By Jared Taylor

Should Alt-Right Trolls Go Easy on the Trigger?

By Alexander Hart

2016 AR Conference Videos, Part II

By AR Staff

2016 AR Conference Videos, Part I

By AR Staff

June 24, 2016

Race is everything for the “wise Latina.”

The vote to leave the EU was a rejection of immigration and multiculturalism.

But still hopes Britain will be “a model of a multi racial, multi faith democracy.”

A fine-grained look at the rift between Leave and Remain.

Both countries are rejecting elite consensus.

Trump affirms “the sacred right of all free peoples” to self-determination.

Heather Mac Donald dismantles more liberal myths.

Detective: “From patrol to investigation, it’s almost an undoable job now.”

New data show non-white births outnumbered white births as early as 2013.

Government-mandated “diversity” is coming to Hillary Clinton’s wealthy new hometown.

“Conservatives” still blame black failure on poor teachers.

He says Council on American-Islamic Relations aims “to weaken Western Civilization.”

June 23, 2016

Majority says “diversity” is more important than equal protection.

Obama says the decision “takes us further from the country we aspire to be.”

Analyst: “The battle lines are drawn and the coalitions are formed.”

One-third of Americans now live in majority-minority counties.

Protesters still chanted “Murderer!” outside the courthouse.

Congressional candidate says a white supermajority used to be America’s strength.

Senators Sessions and Cruz prodded the DOJ for months for the data.

Why Diversity Programs Fail, Harvard Business Review


“The positive effects of diversity training rarely last beyond a day or two.”

Jose Maldonado had already fathered one child by his daughter.

June 22, 2016

Researchers say the trend began before Trump, but he capitalized on it.

73 percent of Republican voters think party leaders haven’t represented them.

48 percent of Americans support a temporary ban on Muslim immigration; 40 percent oppose.

Young Iraqi and Sudanese immigrants allegedly raped a five-year-old special-needs girl.

Time Warner, UPS, Ford . . .

The feds tried to deradicalize him in 2013.

Says tuition receipts will drop $30 million due to “grim” freshman enrollment.

A Muslim massacres homosexuals in Orlando. LGBTQ protesters blame Trump.

Users mustn’t be allowed to rent to whom they please.

The number of girls at risk of mutilation tripled from 2000 to 2013.

June 21, 2016

The 30,558 criminal illegals released in 2014 have committed 13,288 additional crimes.

He is in the country illegally after overstaying his visa.

Says she would not have been fired for her online comments if she were black.

“Lone wolves” have families and communities that help radicalize them.

Sentence includes 90 days in jail and an $82,000 fine.

. . . for their “activism” opposing “racism.”

He served on the House Appropriations Committee.

Migrants stopped traffic for hours and threw stones at stopped cars.

This year 3,500 migrants have drowned trying to get to Europe.

And they look just like the rape gangs in Rotherham, Rochdale, etc.

Muslims beat attendees with pipes for drinking during Ramadan.

June 20, 2016

He cites Israel as a model.

Even Obama has banned entry of certain groups.

Relentless logic from John Derbyshire.

Employers rely more on race if they aren’t allowed to see applicants’ criminal records.

Citizens voted in 2001 to keep the flag.

And now president announces “a host of new diversity initiatives.

Some people think parks are “white people’s preserves.” This must change.

That’s nearly one percent of the world’s population.

A mere photograph is “racist.”

Six dead, hundreds injured after school teachers riot.

June 17, 2016

She may be charged with 49 counts of murder.

DOJ: Lax enforcement policies may be the draw.

Agents arrested just 0.04 percent of the 500,000 visa overstayers last year.

87 percent of newsroom workers are white.

Twitter’s workforce has dropped to 0 percent black.

Hiring more whites would increase “diversity.”

Dr. Dyson is “calling for confrontation.”

College wants to hire 50 new non-white professors in the next four years.

Chair of PA Legislative Black Caucus: “That Confederate flag is a symbol of hate, murder and oppression.”

Seven percent believe violence is justified for the sake of spreading Islam.

The “bacha bereesh” shoot officers in their sleep.