White Fratricide in Donbass

By Ivan Ivanovych

Josiah Tattnall: A White Man’s White Man

By Lawson Wellborn

The Decline of The American Conservative

By Linda Preston

Why Blacks Riot

By Jared Taylor

In South Africa, Black Hair Matters

By Dan Roodt

October 23, 2016

Lothrop Stoddard and The Rising Tide of Color.

October 22, 2016

Our favorite comments from last week.

Where Did “Cuckservative” Come From?, AR Commentary by Chris Roberts


Gregory Hood is at least its godfather.

October 21, 2016

Summoning the Ghost of Ralph Nader, Commentary by Hubert Collins


A different strategy for a Trump victory.

LA Mayor Garcetti: ‘“We are well past the tipping point–everywhere.”

MacArthur “genius grant” will help start “Racial Imaginary Institute.”

POC’s have “shared interests and common goals.”

Blacks from the neighborhood joined an attack on officers investigating a hit-and-run.

“It’s very much a message of empowerment to people of European heritage.”

She’s losing 44-56 percent in a theoretical matchup against Nicolas Sarkozy.

Up to 30,000 people could live in this all-white–and legal–South African community.

Free schooling and jobs will also help them fit into society.

19-year-old Moroccan rapes nonagenarian in alley.

October 20, 2016

James O’Keefe and Wikileaks drop bombshells on the DNC.

The Art of Racial Paralysis, Commentary by Jared Taylor


France cannot solve its race problem until it recognizes it has one.

Only bitterness and fear can explain why whites say things like, “I don’t want my community changed.”

This was reported in TIME magazine.

Find out which areas of your city were “redlined.”

Admission standards are “already about as low as you can go.”

Black students are three times more likely than whites to be charged with an offense.

Some owners admit “black lives matter” protests are sinking ratings.

The were “Black Lives Matter at School” rallies before class.

They are especially vulnerable to stomach and liver cancer.

Over the next six months, there will be key elections in Netherlands, France, Italy, and Germany.

Abos chant “black lives matter” and commit crime as revenge for a police shooting.

October 19, 2016

90 percent of illegals who claim a “credible fear” are released pending a hearing.

Rolling Stone profiles Richard Spencer.

Some college Republicans are mum about who they support.

And Hillary would make it worse.

It may have helped non-Africans adapt to new environments.

Obama offering “immigration relief” to illegals in parts of US hit by the hurricane.

The owner dodged taxes and hired mostly illegals.

Outside they called for communist revolution and trampled an American flag.

We shouldn’t differentiate between apples and lemons because both have seeds.

October 18, 2016

To 65 million.

Buchanan: Americans did not vote to become the “Third World country our descendants will inherit in 2042.”

The woman officer didn’t shoot the perp because she feared backlash.

It lasted 30 minutes before blacks got to work.

“They see America in a way that is no longer reflective of the reality of who we are.”

High school teacher was explaining how to “heal the racial divide.”

Another night in Detroit.

Crew was doing a documentary on the Calais “jungle.”

“All white girls are good for is sex.”

Some 2,500 “Europeans” are fighting for ISIS.

October 17, 2016

He could usher in the most conservative regime “in nearly a century.”

“Nazi Republicans leave town or else.”

“[W]e need to collect actual, accurate and complete information.”

96 percent of the money donated to the major presidential candidates went to Clinton.

Dozens gathered for a local meet-up in Michigan.

Border Patrol caught 400,000 illegals.

An increase of more than 40 percent.

Report claims blacks and Hispanics are “excluded from top colleges.”

Leaked letter describes a “massive problem.”

“Science . . . is a product of Western modernity and the whole thing should be scratched off.”

October 16, 2016

Black Insurrection, AR Classic Article


The plot to exterminate the people of Charleston.

October 15, 2016

Our favorite comments from last week.

October 14, 2016

Her spokesman claims the comments were about green energy.

He’s more concerned with fulfilling the agenda of his party’s donor class.

An academic view.

The flight attendant apologized several times, but “she will not get away with this.”

Some costumes “reinforce stereotypes of particular races, genders, cultures, or religions.”

In one state, the boards even “measure lip size, hair texture and nose width.”

Wilders still says he has “no regrets” about his comments on Moroccans.

They cheer “victory, victory” after sneaking in.

Niger’s president suggests population control to stem the flow.

The country let in near record numbers of immigrants last year.