Race and Drug Arrests: Another Big Lie

By Jared Taylor
Pastor Ken Johnson

Match Made in Heaven?

By Nancy Jennings

Teach for America Splits the Multiculti Left

By Jane Weir

Eric Holder: Even Worse Than You Thought

By Jared Taylor

The Left Contradicts Itself on Race

By Hubert Collins

February 26, 2015

A pickup artist gets it wrong.

Ties to American Renaissance are dragged out again.

Most popular speaker snubbed without explanation.

This is the kind of column that keeps Ann Coulter out of CPAC.

They’d be able to get tax benefits for the past four years.

He’s upset that feds didn’t prosecute George Zimmerman.

But the victim was white, so few have heard of him.

Saying a perp is black promotes negative stereotypes.

Two tweets and you’re out.

He called the Civil Rights Act “the nigger bill” when he was with Southerners.

His family is rich and he graduated from the University of Westminster.

They also blew up a library of 10,000 books and more than 700 rare manuscripts.

February 25, 2015

Senate Republicans want to leave stopping amnesty to the courts.

Deportations of criminals are down 43 percent since 2012.

Kazakhi and Uzbeki immigrants also had plans to kill Obama and bomb Coney Island.

Black man kills his white wife after an argument.

But “Hollywood is not progressing at the same rate as America is diversifying.”

Only 40 percent of congregants say “yes.”

And this man is a police commissioner?

She is also legally blind.

It’s actually one in four.

. . . by which he meant rampant corruption and drug trafficking.

February 24, 2015

Two-year investigation finds no evidence of “hate.”

Eric Holder comes up short.

James O’Keefe strikes again.

To get into top schools, they have to get higher test scores than any other race.

A tribute to Sam Francis.

In one year, nearly 50 percent of blacks students were suspended in Michael Brown’s school district.

In one study, even blacks were more likely to give privileges to whites.

Barnard College gets its priorities in order.

Black activist: “This is going to be a very, very challenging time in our community.”

She “has a problem with Negroes.”

“The death sentence was issued after his apostasy was proved.”

February 23, 2015

Learning about “unearned skin privilege” is a “21st-century skill.”

Will spend state money to send 500 agents to help guard the border.

Black media group wants to shake down Al Sharpton.

The Founders considered Islam an example of despotism.

Extremism is caused when “people spew hatred towards others.”

43% of Democrats say Obama should ignore court rulings.

They’re “flummoxed or alienated by the medical system.”

Chinese cop killed a black man. Race complicates everything.

He has been elected ethnic vice chair of the Michigan party.

One “insensitive” forwarded message sinks white candidate.

February 20, 2015

The government was to begin accepting amnesty applications this week.

Americans have the right to know their genetic profiles.

Rough justice wasn’t limited to the South. No mention of whites who were lynched.

Intelligence official says Arabs “don’t see black Africans as equivalent to them.”

500 Muslims pay their respects.

British Muslim: “Sharia law is on its way. On our streets we will implement it.”

They wrote “Willenhall is black so fuck off.”

Risk will increase “as politicians turn to witchcraft to enhance their prospects.”

No more “white-rumped swifts.”

Chinese etiquette schools teach Asians how to behave like whites.

February 19, 2015

Muslims who call it “un-Islamic” have “a cotton-candy view of their own religion.”

If department does not change its practices to eliminate “racism.”

More good sense from Jason Riley.

HuffPost tries to defend disparate impact.

Straight talk about race and IQ is the kiss of death.

He talked candidly about blacks in his district.

. . . and a white president granted them amnesty?

12 of them were living in the United States.

She performed a procedure involving silicone and Krazy Glue.

It is an ethical obligation.

Suggests that blacks cannot be authentic representatives of Italy.

February 18, 2015

Even if it does not overturn executive amnesty, it may delay it by months.

Tells Republicans: “This will come back to haunt you.”

Government doles out millions to increase number of non-white farmers.

Highway Patrol commander: “We made that decision to choose life over property.”

But it would just be “in the low thousands.”

Father killed while supervising children.

More Muslim violence.

Mall businesses say management is afraid of being labeled “racist.”

Advice for a white job-seeker.

They would all go at once in hundreds of boats.

February 17, 2015

Texas attorney general calls it a “victory for the rule of law in America.”

It’s lengthy.

He points out that disarming young non-whites would reduce crime.

ID information for NYC illegals would be destroyed if a conservative takes office.

“As science teachers, we have to take an active role in undoing the bias in our society.”

LA Times says the program displaces American workers.

Shame, CNS News


New book says blacks are to blame for their own shortcomings.

Novel explores racial identity through a mixed-race relationship.

Once Hispanics starved. Now they’re fat.

Charlie got what he deserved.