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July 7, 2015

Trump has made illegal immigration a central issue.

Says all the Republican candidates except Trump are “pussies.”

Head of agency says diversity is “absolutely critical to CIA’s success.”

Accusers now say they are vindicated.

58 percent of white-Asian adults think being multi-racial is an advantage.

Local news headline: “2 children injured in Papago crash.”

63 percent of Americans–but only 44 percent of blacks–own homes.

Bernie Sanders confuses guns with people.

Attacker gunned down European tourists for more than half an hour.

He lives in a free, million-dollar house and gets $75,000 a year in handouts.

July 6, 2015

The Central Inclusiveness Agency, Wall Street Journal

CIA will go all out to change its “culture” and promote non-whites.

There are over 100,000 African immigrants in Minnesota.

And those genes differ by race.

Unless the team changes its name.

“Group of youths” attacked police and bystanders.

Mexican criminal says he knew he would not be deported.

NASCAR has asked fans not to wave them.

Seattle area is still 62 percent white.

Poland, Ireland, Germany, South Africa, and US in the top 10 sending countries.

Even the prosecutor thinks that’s fine.

July 3, 2015

There will be no news today.

New DOJ Statistics on Race and Violent Crime


Numbers finally include Hispanics as an offender category.


July 2, 2015

75 percent of white Southerners say it is a symbol of pride, not “racism.”

Confederates aren’t the only ones under attack.

There are nearly 1,800 church fires every year.

Among Europeans, blue-eyed people are most prone to alcoholism.

94 percent of employees are white or Asian.

North Carolina newspaper publishes letter on white dispossession.

Another woman voluntarily gives up white privilege.

Coaches created a “racially hostile environment.”

H1-B Primer for Reporters, Center for Immigration Studies

Report on a program that is “abused with impunity.”

Black in Netherlands was put in choke hold and held down by white officers.

July 1, 2015

Hysteria about “black lives” should not be directed against whites.

Useful statistics on church fires.

More unsubstantiated claims of “racism.”

Signs referred to the KKK.

“The tenor of times has changed in America and in Birmingham.”

There will be no more reruns of the show.

Trump refuses to back down.

Under new rules, the problem is likely to get worse.

Flyers pointed out trends in US demographics.

UN says Europe is not doing enough.

June 30, 2015

Conservative judges are likely to side against the administration.

The Fischer case will be taken up again by the Court.

“I’m gonna tell you one thing, I ain’t sitting down; this’ll just make me walk taller.”

Race is not a mere “social construct.”

Dozens of teenagers stage a “smash mob.”

Half of students do not speak English at home.

Non-whites “feel culturally disconnected from the standard curriculum.”

Case involves miscegenation, trans-racial adoption, and a low-IQ thug.