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The Media Murder Two Police Officers


Criminal reporting and rabid politicians fuel anti-white hysteria.


December 19, 2014

There are 1.5 million fewer native-born Americans working now than in 2007.

After pressure from SPLC.

He has not yet decided whether Amy Pascal should be fired.

It shows two blacks pointing guns at a white officer’s head.

She was tired of the racial double standard.

Black challenger says Rahm Emanuel is trying to suppress black voters.

Rosie sees racism where Whoopi does not.

No jokes allowed.

Researchers claim virtual reality can reduce racial bias.

Annie with an afro.

December 18, 2014

Former fraud-prevention official expects “astronomical” fraud in amnesty applications.

Just 9 percent of students graduate in four years.

Feds may force police departments to adopt new training.

KMART is also leaving town, but insists it’s not because of the riots.

A glimpse inside the mind of a black woman.

He said his party would wants “fewer Moroccans” in the Netherlands.

Rich Europeans don’t want refugees living near them.

Some were pregnant.

Western clothing; African behavior.

Of those excavated, many have blonde or red hair.

December 17, 2014

Hispanic woman will head ICE.

Even still, ObamaCare is shrinking race gaps in health insurance coverage.

First couple are victims, just like all other blacks.

He hopes a payout will “bring closure” to Eric Garner’s family.

Activists wanted a “C” to be the lowest grade students could get this semester.

Sierra Club says Michael Brown and Eric Garner are “victims of injustice.”

Twenty second-graders urged drivers to “honk if you want justice.”

Blacks were waiting in line for tickets to buy shoes.

White boy made it clear he did not want to fight.

One of his demands was for delivery of a proper ISIS flag.

December 16, 2014

Judge says Obama’s action goes “beyond prosecutorial discretion.”

Republicans are still thirsty for cheap labor.

Each detainee will cost taxpayers $296 a day.

The US Hispanic population has risen 592 percent since 1970.

More possibilities for eugenics.

She claimed blacks attacked her and said it’s because she’s white.

He will pressure Sony execs to push for more diversity.

Mohammed Islam is not the precocious investor the media hoped.

Media outlets are doing their best to demonize the growing movement.

Some customers want white, British cabbies only.

December 15, 2014

Sharpton: “The only way you make roaches run, you got to cut the light on.”

Eric Garner was responsible for his own death.

The ship-wrecked New Republic was a racist rag all along.

There will be twice as many Hispanics as blacks.

He doesn’t like “Racist NYPD CRACKERS.”

Muslim gunman once said “Always, I stand behind my beliefs.”

Document says it’s OK to have sex with pre-pubescent slave girls.

Doc: When constituents bring up immigration, keep “moving the conversation on.”

Another British institution that’s “frightened of appearing racist.”