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July 26, 2016

Trump was right.

He told Telemundo that Republicans will back amnesty under Paul Ryan.

100,000 Central American “refugees” have already crossed the border illegally this year.

He foresaw the divide between cosmopolitans and nationalists.

Some anchor babies weren’t getting the “benefits to which they are entitled.”

James Edwards was admitted to the GOP convention as a member of the press.

Black teenagers took what they wanted.

Jihadists slit a priest’s throat and took nuns hostage during mass.

It takes them through the “no-go zones” occupied by blacks after apartheid.

July 25, 2016

“The gravitational center of the Republican Party is white nationalism.”

Fences work.

“Trump’s speech was a bold and important shift in the prevailing discourse about policing and crime.”

Behavioral genetics gives the lie to blank slate fantasy.

They “rejoiced” at news of the Bastille Day attack in Nice.

It’s based in China.

Vowed Germans “won’t be able to sleep peacefully anymore.”

She was pregnant.

Interior minister: “How is it possible for society to prevent these attacks?”

But prosecutors say there are “no grounds for allegations of terrorism.”

July 22, 2016

“I am with you, I will fight for you, and I will win for you.”

Munich police say the gunmen have an “Islamist background.”

“There is no real America. You don’t own it.”

They were previously released due to a California law protecting illegals.

Says he demands “respect for the rights and heritage of European-Americans.”

He’s charged with “22 counts of kidnapping, rape, and related charges.”

“I eat pigs, I don’t eat with them.”

Funding will depend in part on parks’ efforts to convince non-whites to visit.

Chinese will use gene-editing technique to treat previously incurable lung cancer.

He has HIV, but villagers think sleeping with him is a “cleansing” ritual.

July 21, 2016

Wilders says Trump is part of the “Patriotic Spring” sweeping Europe.

White people are bad–again!

The SPLC arbitrates.

Studies show police are less likely to shoot blacks than whites in similar situations.

He’ll craft the company a “world-class anti-discrimination policy.”

Police also say the perp developed the plot months in advance.

A water fight turned into London’s “city’s worst bout of violence since the 2011 riots.”

Most of the victims are immigrants, but 43 were born in the UK.

He has a “blueprint” for making Africa thrive.

July 20, 2016

They discuss white identity, slavery, and the future of US racial politics.

A VDARE tweet appeared on a marquee.

James Comey calls the increasing percentage of whites in the FBI a “crisis.”

“Diverse” law schools won’t guarantee 75 percent of graduates will pass the bar.

Professor says that’s the intention of our education system.

Just 9 percent think race relations have improved.

Race is more important than business for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Administration wants another chance at executive amnesty.

Casting a black woman as a valkyrie is somehow not “cultural appropriation.”

Nice is a popular destination for Muslims.

July 19, 2016

The congressman fought back against gloating about white decline.

Just 18 of 2,473 GOP delegates are black.