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The Ben Carson Money Machine


Making millions from white guilt.


October 6, 2015

Fastest growing languages are Arabic and Urdu.

Trump’s supporters look a lot like those of Pat Buchanan, Ross Perot, and George Wallace.

Deportations down 42 percent since 2012.

Jared Taylor asks a panel of immigration experts.

Murders are up 52 percent from last year.

Band wants to register its name: The Slants.

“Immigration to my country harms me, it harms my family, it harms my people.”

They’ve destroyed several millennia-old buildings in the historic city.

To do otherwise would be “stingy towards people of other faiths.”

The truth might hurt their campaign for a “borderless word.”

October 5, 2015

The Great Replacement, Special to AR News

What the think tanks think about 50 years of non-white immigration.

The interview Mr. Gaffney sent down the memory hole.

President Johnson said the law would “not affect the lives of millions.”

Justice or Else!, Justice or Else

Louis Farrakhan invites you to an October 10 rally on the DC mall.

More useless paperwork for the police.

They want to stop what they call “an invasion.”

Young black patients have double the white rate of recurrence.

More attacks in the US but more casualties in Europe.

Projection is from a classified internal report.

He allegedly referred to foreigners as “livestock,” “junk,” and “scum.”

Some distant relative of the PM was a slave owner.

I am Black–and a Race Realist


Why I changed and what it means for me.


October 2, 2015

Non-white shooter supposedly had “white supremacist leanings.”

“Culture clash” may pit players against each other.

Cincinnati councilman: “People are going to have to do business a different way.”

It featured no blacks.

In Wisconsin, 13 percent of black men are in jail–twice the national average.

25,000 rally against “Islamic flooding.”

They attacked each other with iron bars and furniture.

She insists she said nothing wrong.

Zimbabwe’s economy is in shambles and Mugabe’s party may even force him out.

Rejected asylum seeker stabbed a police officer.

October 1, 2015

Open Letter to Frank Gaffney, Special to AR News

Don’t let your enemies limit the debate.

More than 50 women have now come forward.

They were filming a project on why Houston is a great place to live.

Says he’s putting Syrian refugees to the US “on notice.”

Student: “Who is going to get offended? Speedy Gonzales?”

An injured pregnant student kicked a pregnant ambulance attendant who was treating her.

They probably won’t escape from our prisons.

The prophetic novelist on the “refugee” crisis.

PM says raising the country’s birth rate is more important than accepting immigrants.

Refugees in many states are afforded less space than that required for dogs.

Vice-chancellor says the “20 articles of our constitution are what shape our culture.”

What Happened to the Warrior’s Ethic?


Yankees respected Confederates. Why must we despise them today?


September 30, 2015

Of the 250 “Americans” who have joined the fighting.

His populist approach has captivated the country.

With no fear of deportation, younger illegals have grown bold.

He had accidentally bumped into one of them inside the restaurant.

“I don’t feel like seeing France becoming Muslim.”