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Cesar Chavez–the Saint Unmasked

A new, critical biography tells all.

Review by Jared Taylor

Immigrant mothers more likely to stay home with children.

More evidence of Hispanic “family values.”

But that doesn’t stop John Boehner from calling straight talk “hateful language.”

Government study finds that deportation is spreading HIV south of the border.

Th sooner we are replaced the better.

Many Hispanics aren’t “culturally comfortable” sending children to pre-school.

Mexican Catholics mix indigenous religiosity with Christianity.

Republicans are deluding themselves.

Family life among the amnesty eligible.

How long will the Dominican’s $150 million last?

Family values south of the border.

More Hispanic family values.

“[G]ender is no bar when it comes to crimes of robbery and murder . . . .”

Charles Murray puts the lie to the “Hispanics are naturally conservative” nonsense.

How Well Do Hispanics Assimilate?

Survey data paint an ambiguous portrait.


Mr. Ramirez says his dead grandmother told him to do it.

And the rise of the Hispanic underclass.

Hispanics will save America.

Though Hispanics are only 13 percent of the CT’s population.

Anthony Garcia is a sick man.

By no measure do Hispanics have “strong family values.”

This is how they do it back home in Mexico.

Carlos Rico says God made him do it.

Why didn’t she come forward sooner?

Hispanic boy’s family background is truly shocking.

Suspect had been accepted to several Ivy League colleges.

More Hispanic family values.

That these areas have high black and Hispanic populations “is not a coincidence.”

Remarks About Mexico Spark Bar Brawl, Beating, Daily Press (Victorville, Calif.)

Debate, Mexican style.

Dousing for diesel.

A fine example of Hispanic family values.

Illegal immigrant gets 60 years for violent crime spree in Virginia and Maryland.

Apparently Americans export illegal fighting cocks to Mexico.

Illegal thought Hispanic teenager should be speaking Spanish rather than English.

Hispanics supplying black market for horse meat.

Only 6 percent of teen-age births are to whites.

Santeria comes to Philadelphia.

More than half of all Hispanic girls get pregnant before they are 20.

Just teaching them the family profession.

Illegal who bartered his 14-year-old for cash and beer to be deported after brief jail sentence.

Hispanic woman posed as immigration officer to kidnap baby.

Man who “bought” child bride will be deported, too.

Father Accused of Selling Daughter for Beer, KSBW-TV (Salinas, California)

Dad and girl’s “husband” both illegals and face deportation.

Mayor Villaraigosa on accused knife killer: “He’s a great kid, a good boy.”

Not the sort of behavior usually found in political families.

Pro-immigration protestors shouldn’t be expected to pay subway fares.

Maybe women shouldn’t have babies in foreign countries.

Mexicans wishing to avoid execution probably shouldn’t murder people in Texas.

By no measure do Hispanics have “strong family values.”