How Will Babies Named Jesus Save the Economy?

Charles Garcia, CNN, January 29, 2012

Editor’s note: Charles Garcia is the CEO of Garcia Trujillo, a business focused on the Hispanic market, and the author of “Leadership Lessons of the White House Fellows.” A native of the Republic of Panama, he now lives in Florida. Watch Garcia on Friday in the 9 a.m. hour on CNN Newsroom.

For the last 20 years, what name is always in the top 100 most popular baby names given to boys in the United States? Jesus (pronounced hey-seus). And among 4,500 boys’ names in England in 2009, what was the No. 1 most popular baby name? Mohammed. In Brussels? Mohammed. Oslo? Mohammed. Amsterdam? Mohammed. And what do babies and their names have to do with the global economy? Everything.

The currency of the future is babies, because babies grow up to be taxpaying workers. Let’s do Demography 101, which is basically the study of baby-making. Demographers have a fancy term called “total fertility rate,” which measures the average number of babies a woman has over her childbearing years.

The magic number you need to remember is 2.1. This is the average number of babies a country needs to remain at equilibrium. {snip} A rich powerful country needs lots of babies to project geopolitical power and increase its productivity. If you won’t multiply, who will fight your wars? Who will pay Social Security to support grandpa? Who do you think will start the next Facebook, Amazon or Google?

The U.S. total fertility rate is at 2.09, and at that level we just replace our population. That’s not good. But wait a minute, why do we keep growing? Simple: immigration.

Our favorable immigration policy and liberal treatment of the millions of people working without legal documents means our population will grow from 312 million today to 439 million in 2050. Hispanic babies, 83 million of them, will account for 65% of that growth.  This is where the total fertility rate comes into play again, 2.84 for Hispanics, but only 1.84 and trending much lower for non-Hispanic whites who will only add 4 million babies to the melting pot. Keep in mind that those Hispanic babies born here to Mitt Romney’s “self-deportation” candidates are all red-blooded American citizens—our future Navy SEALs, entrepreneurs, middle-class working Americans and maybe even a president.

Demography will shape the geopolitics of the two largest economies of the 21st century: the United States and the European Union. They will maintain their status as world powers principally through immigration.

{snip} Europe is dying as its nations run out of babies. Three-quarters of Europeans live in societies with fertility rates below 1.5. In the 14th century, the bubonic plague wiped out 75 million people; and in the 21st century, a larger number will be lost in Europe through demographic suicide.

Europe’s demographic meltdown means it has to turn to immigrants for its workforce, and the vacuum is being filled by Muslims. From 1990 to 2010, the Muslim population of Europe grew from 30 million to 44 million. It will reach 58 million by 2030 and 10 European countries will be more than 10% Muslim.


Without baby Mohammeds, Europe will die. {snip}

The United States faces its own evolving relationship with immigrants, one that is defined by widely contrasting views as to how they should be integrated into society—or not. {snip}

Hispanics are every bit as American as anyone else—they are white, brown and black. They are self-reliant with strong family values and highly religious. For 92% of Hispanics, God is an active force in their daily lives: 66% are Catholic, 25% are Evangelical Christians and 1% are Jewish or other denominations. {snip}


The sustainable competitive advantage of America over any other country is that we do immigration best. No one can touch our capacity to integrate and assimilate people from all cultures. It keeps us young, strong and dynamic.

The benefits of immigration are often taken for granted.  Immigrants work hard. They form strong families. They live longer. They set up businesses. They spend money and pay taxes. They take care of children so parents can work. And the number of immigrants on welfare is far lower than anti-immigration advocates would have us believe.

As the arrows fly about immigration reform, legislators and voters alike can either accept immigrants, of all faiths, as the incontrovertible engines for economic growth they are—or we can fight the future and the facts and shoot ourselves in the foot instead.


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  • Joe Walker

    Of course they will save America! Look at all the great things that they have done for Mexico and the rest of Latin America!

    • Oil Can Harry

      Exactly. How can Hispanics “save” America and Muslims “save” Europe when they can’t even save the Third World dumps they came from? 

      • Exactly!
        They come here illegally and all of a sudden became saviors, whereby the La
        Razas squatting in our country insist America cannot survive without
        their illegal presence! How did America
        ever survive without 20 million illegal invading mestizos!

  • Anonymous

    Rather than a program to stabalize poor white families, or make sure all legal citizens that can work have jobs, the solution is to replace them with people from cultures that have no record of success.  The conceit is that somehow, the American system will magically turn them into big successes.  As with the European case, these arguments fly in the face of statistics.  These people are from parasitic cultures and they only know how to live others.  Hispanics as Navy Seals – oh yeah, I can imagine that!  Most of them can’t tie their shoes by eighteen years of age.

  • Anonymous

    The whole idea that the economy can only be sustained by an ever increasing population is insane. Even if everyone were the same race do we really want a country of 400, 500, 700 million people. NJ is unlivable at 8 1/2 million. An economy that grows through gains in efficiency or even a steady state economy with a decent life for all is better than what we have.

  • Ron

    Garcia shows what an idiot he is at the very beginning as he is quoted:

    “The currency of the future is babies, because babies grow up to be taxpaying workers.”

    He shows his mentality of being a communist, thinking that future human beings are there for the state (taypaying).  But then Raul in the future is going to be a Navy Seal.  Yeah right. By then there will not be a United States of America. 

    Teacher I know in Texas tells me his Mexican students all have the inability to even read a clock with Roman numerals and have to rely on electronic digital displays. And they speak a Roman based language, Spanish. 

    What a joke this author and article is.  If he is any indication of the Hispanic best and brightest which apparently he is, he just disproved the whole premise of his article by showing what a fool he is because he is nothing but a communist.  I get tired of seeing these types essentially celebrating the demise of Anglos. 

  • Anonymous

    Without baby Mohammeds, Europe will die.

    This is absolutely insane.   More like, because of baby Mohammeds, Europe will die.  

    What is it that these leftists have in their brain that such an absurd statement can filter through?   

    • Ron

      This idiot author ought to read that the Dutch just banned burquas! So much for these Mohammedans.  Hopefully the next step will be repatriation.

  • Anonymous

    I remember Jack Kemp saying this garbage years ago.  Hispanics are going to save this country, according to him.

  • Anonymous

    The “Charles Garcia” column reveals more about CNN than it does about what U. S. immigration policy means for America.   But Garcia’s remark, “The currency of the future is babies” does — inadvertently — capture our sad reality.  For the U. S., our nation, our homeland, is doing everthing in its power to debase that “currency.” 

    U. S. immigration policy, for example,  is all about importing a permanent, expanding underclass from Latin America (See “Importing Poverty” by Washington Post economics columnist Robert J. Samuelson).   U. S. welfare, housing, healthcare and education policies are about rewarding procreation by the least responsible and least able with a profusion of subsidies and aid programs, and about punishing procreation by the most responsible and most able — with taxation, with forced use of dumbed-down government schools, and with neighborhood-blighting Section 8 and other subsidized housing.

    If the “currency of the future” is babies, the U. S. will face devaluation, decline and, ultimately. dissolution. 

  • our future Navy SEALs, entrepreneurs, middle-class working Americans and maybe even a president.

    I can grok the “President” part, but the “future Navy SEAL” part won’t come to pass unless they drastically lower the standards.  Even in today’s military with sizable black and Hispanic contingents in the ranks, the SEALs are practically a whitopia.

  • Anonymous

    John Derbyshire cites the following list published by Duke Univ in 2008, of the top countries of origin for patent applications by immigrant non-citizens from 1999-2008:

    China (including Taiwan), India, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Russia,
    Korea, Japan, Australia, Italy, Israel, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain,
    Sweden, Turkey, Ireland, Greece, and Iran

    Let’s see… a quarter of the foriegn-born are Mexican, and almost half from Latin America.

  • Good ol’CNN. Having an Hispanic give us a lesson on why inundating the US with Hispanics is good for us.  They don’t even seem capable of offering us solid arguments anymore.

    Sheesh I think the Communist Pravda would have done a better job than this fool.

  • Anonymous

    The 14th amendment does not give citizenship to children born of people not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.  See Wong Kim Ark vs US

  • Anonymous

    And do I understand that these people who’ve broken into our country, drained our social and natural resources, have the highest drop out rate, bring a criminal mindset,  trash our borders, overcrowd our schools, emergency rooms and prisons, would never truly assimilate, undercut wages, commit every crime in the book, really are equipped to take over this country? In a very short time, our country would resemble the third worlds they came from.  

  • Another La Raza touting the so-called “benefits” of their invasion being perpetrated
    against us. They expect us to sit back and thank them for the favor they are
    doing us by colonizing this country. Only the most arrogant and ignorant would
    have the gumption to make such a claim.

  • crystal evans

    How can Mohammads save Europe? The bulk of Muslim immigrants are uneducated, unable to assimilate to European culture and the countries that they live in have issues with such things as forced marriages and honor killings that are not part of mainstream culture.

  • Complete Garbage.

    hispanics are hispanics, muslims are mudlims and Third World Spawn is just Third World Spawn. and No amount of American Red, WHITE and Blue Money (Taxes paid by WHITE Americans) will ever change that.

    Everything non-whites have, everything, is because of The White Man and that’s just the Fact.

  • Anonymous

    Without baby Mohammeds, Europe will die.

    Europe has had dramatic loses in population before and has always recovered. Leave them and their money alone they will have children.

    They can’t afford to have children if their money is being expropriated to pay for the children of immigrants.

    The welfare state is fueling the demise of Europe.

  • Anonymous

    This is the same old economic dogma that the neoliberal elites have been pumping out for decades now.

    Here are the problems with the dogma:

    1) Who is replacing who matters. Does anyone think that replacing a white European population with a mestizo Mexican population will produce the exact same culture, the exact same way of life? Importing large numbers of Mexicans into the US will over the long run just reproduce Mexico-like conditions in the US. That’s all. If you put this idea up for a referendum, guess what most Americans would say?

    2) These dogmatists love to push the myth that depopulation is a horrible, horrible thing. Note the way Trujillo talks gleefully about Europe “dying.”

    Actually, depopulation is the future of humanity. There may already be more humans on the planet than the planet can bear in the long run. The oceans are rapidly dying off. There is a limit to how much oil there is. If every person alive were to live a Western-style lifestyle (the goal of all these immigrants) then  it’s inarguable that the planet certainly could not sustain that level of resource consumption.

    The advanced countries can easily adjust to slowly downsizing populations. The much bigger issue is how to get developing countries to stop growing their numbers so quickly. They must, or nature will step in and see to it that they do. Depopulation of the developing world that he comes from is what Trujillo should be concerned with. We don’t need his advice on demographics, thank you very much.

    3) The US and Europe are currently in an economic crisis, with very high levels of unemployment. The last thing our countries need are more immigrants. Especially uneducated and thus less productive immigrants. There’s no shame in our lower middle class folks going back to work as builders, landscapers, small shopkeepers, restaurant workers. And it’s an outright crime to import computer programmers, for example, rather than, if necessary, heavily subsidize and create incentives for creating homegrown engineers from our youth in our own countries. Also, we could do with a sustained period of tighter labor markets. It would raise the standard of living (look at the 1950’s for example).

    Advocating more immigration during these times is simply dim-witted. Trujillo is either dim-witted himself, or more likely, he’s just regurgitating the same low-wage, high-profit, and damn-the-consequences stuff he picked up from the usual mainstream business news sources.

    We all know where to file this article!

  • Anonymous

    What is always missing from these ‘analyses’ is the fact that children are just as unproductive as old folk and make use of taxpayer funded schools and colleges, and these days probably don’t start earning until their into their twenties – which is a longer time period of economic inactivity than most retirees actually live out.
    Plus the fact that during their working lives old folk have not only paid a great deal of tax, but a large portio of their productive wealth has been amortized as fixed capacity – something the young haven’t done yet.
     An ever increasing population is in the long run just as disasterous (the only difference it collapse spectacularly with much death and suffering) as a declining one.Raising children in an advanced society costs (or should cost) parents a great deal of money.Simply not spending that cash on kids and transferring it to a pension fund should take care of the supposed ‘funding gap’ of an older society.

  • Ron

    Haha, just about every minority that I’ve ever known takes it as a given, that the state will always be there, there-go the ever increasing need for more “taxpayers”. Modern day Leviathan. 

    It’s like these people are born with Marxist ideology somehow tattooed in their genetics.   Never mind that their ideology is anathema to the Constitution, it defies all common sense and rational thought.  Yet this continues to be imported, Constitutional government will be completely dead, hanging by threads now.

  • “For the last 20 years, what name is always in the top 100 most popular baby names given to boys in the United States? Jesus (pronounced hey-seus).”  Now they are trying to tell us how to pronounce Jesus.  Why are we mandated to pronounce Jesus as if you are speaking spanish.    I thought Jesus was African and not Hispanic.    

    • That reminds me. Have you
      ever had the displeasure of listening to a hispanic news anchor? Generally, it
      happens with females, but the males are not above it either. They speak perfect
      English, with no accent whatsoever, until they pronounce their name.  Then suddenly the accent becomes so thick, she
      sounds as if she has been transported back to some East
      Los Angeles barrio. It leaves you shaking your head and asking, where
      did that come from!

      No matter how much they
      claim to assimilate, that la raza pride is always just below the surface….

  • Anonymous

    Immigrant groups are not of equal value. We do not benefit from influxes of people who are incapable of creating civilized communities in their native countries, and who are characterized there and here by low IQs, high crime rates, and perhaps a tendency to engage in terrorism. 
    Nevertheless, even if immigration was limited to those with triple digit IQs and no felony convictions there would be problems. 
    More immigrants mean more people. More people mean more consumers and more job applicants. By the law of supply and demand this means higher prices, lower wages, and higher profits. The high rate of legal and illegal immigration is a leading reason for the growing income gap.
    The relationship between population and living standard can be expressed with the following equation:
    (natural resources x level of technology) / population = standard of living 
    The only people who really benefit from a high rate of third world immigration are employers of low skilled labor and those with jobs in the criminal justice system. 

  • The currency of Hispanic babies is a net negative.

    They are the race group most likely to be teen parents. They are the race group most likely to flunk out of high school, even to the second and third generation. They commit all manners of crime at rates many multiples higher than Whites. For instance, a Hispanic is some 19 times more likely to be in a gang than the current most numerous race in America, White. Hispanics are substantially more likely to be paid under the table or be illegally in America. They are several times more likely to use a welfare program than a White.

    15 percent of the country is already Hispanic in some way by blood so just how has that worked for the welfare rolls, the employment rate, tax receipts, crime numbers and the like? It has been disastrous.

    Look at articles about the states where this is already the case, Texas and California. These are disasters, as any demographer can tell you. The mestizos are dragging the states down. Blacks and Hispanics are already the majority of the youth and young workers, or near enough as to be it. They are a permanent underclass of bastard children high school dropouts.

  • Also, it must be said, this….

    1950: Fewer than 4 million Hispanics
    2010 Census: Over 50 million

    So, how about that currency, huh? What are the next 40 or 50 million supposed to do that is so great if the first 50 million were such a failures?

    What an asinine argument. Even within our own lifetimes this argument has been refuted just by experience.

  • I have yet to hear any European (Eastern or Western) tv personality revert to his/her mother tongue when pronouncing their own name while delivering the news. Perhaps they have been “anglicized?”

    It might not be so bad if it were merely about some hispanic expressing his/her pride in their ethnic roots when pronouncing their name. However, the perception appears to be substantially more, especially considering we are being forced to endure millions
    of their invading la raza; who continue to trounce our immigration laws, not to mention sovereignty.

    I suppose I’m somewhat more sensitive to their subtle (and not so subtle) efforts at hispanisation. I also suppose I’ll have to live with the knowledge you find my position “unreasonable.”