Brawl at High School Looks More Like a Prison Riot

LiveLeak, January 26, 2012

Police were called to Dekaney High School in northwest Harris County Friday after a brawl broke out in the cafeteria.

Spring ISD officials said the fight started between four students. But cell phone video clearly shows a chaotic scene with a lot more than four students involved.

Students who were in the lunchroom at the time said it was more like a riot.

“All these people came and just started hitting everybody,” said Maya Rodriguez, a student. “After a while, I got hit and everybody just started fighting. So I hit back . . . ”

Students were jumping on tables, yelling and throwing things.

“They had a riot at B lunch and it got outrageous,” said Everiel Johnson, a student. “They started throwing milk. Innocent people were getting hit for no reason.”


Dekaney students and parents say they’re fed up with the problems at the school and they don’t think it’s safe.

“We feel like this is getting out of control, way out of control,” said one mom who didn’t want to show her face. “And we just don’t know, as parents, what to do or who to talk to.”

The woman said her son was jumped in a Dekaney hallway on Thursday. {snip}


[Editor’s Note: More videos are available at the original article. Dekaney High School is 62 percent black, 31 percent Hispanic, and 3 percent white.]


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  • Anonymous

    We didn’t listen to the founding fathers.  We didn’t pay attention to Zimbabwe.  Now it is happening to us.  An atomic bomb would be a kinder ending than what is happening now.

  • Anonymous

    its funny to watch blacks in a group they seem to for no reason just start randomly beating each other. its shocking but i cant help but laugh. possibly the constant pummeling of each others skulls from an early age renders them incapable of intelligent, inventive  or creative thought they probably suffer mild brain damage like cassius clay. its as if they hold a certain pride in lowering themselves their culture and everything they represent to the lowest common denominator. cultural rot

  • Anonymous

    Third world, here we come!

  • Anonymous

    We must take pride in America.

    What is stopping us from mass deportations?

    I’m sure Angola could benefit from the diversity far more than New York or Pennsylvania.

  • Anonymous

    We must take pride in America. We cannot let this sort of behavior contaminate our educational system, indeed our very continent.

    What is stopping us from mass deportations?

    I’m sure Angola could benefit from the diversity far more than New York or Pennsylvania.

  • “They started throwing milk. Innocent people were getting hit for no reason.”

    Worse than that, innocent milk got spilled.  There’s a lot of use crying over spilled milk, for what it costs these days.

  • Anonymous

    Attention to all white, school-age children. If you are punched, and you punch back, be prepared to be called a racist. It comes with the territory.

    • Better would be, take your Children out of these Third World Hell Holes.

      being called a “racist” – I Welcome it.  I mean this.  I am so sick and tired of all this nonsense about evil, evil, my God, evil “white man” and when the White Man ain’t around, just, “white”.  They mean White Ladies and that’s what they mean by “white”.

      There’s a reason why non-whites call White People anything and everything but Sugar.

      “racist” – According to Webster, a “racist” is me.  It is nothing more than a person who just happens to believe their own Ethnic Stock is Superior and yes, I believe White People are Superior and I believe so because they are.  Show me one, just one, one group who’s Done More or Contributed More than The White Man.

      being called racist – Respond with:  ‘Tis Not my Obligation to Like, Love, Accept nor Respect you and NOWHERE in MY Constitution does it say so.  Now Go Away little Fly.

      being hit – “We”, We, We have to Demand our Own.  White People actually do Have Rights.  “We” and We just didn’t come from nowhere.  We have Lands that we’re Rightfully Entitled to dammit! (“We” = American, We is European and We is all of us)

  • Anonymous

    I know for sure I live in a different world today.  A hundred years ago, when I was in school, we marched in line to all our classes, couldn’t talk in class, respected our teachers and each other, sat with our hands folded and feet flat on the floor and paid attention. You know what? There were no fights and we learned as we were expected to. I realize it was a parochial school, but we had no drop outs, no failures, nor any fights and we all turned out to be pretty decent citizens.

  • The Editor’s Note is all you need to know.  I will never stop advocating for Segregation.  I see no other way to get along.

    I mean, People will always fight but not so much when they’re just among their own save for the non-whites that is but really, after all the Lives Lost be they literally or through Victimization, money spent and time wasted on non-whites, it’s time to be just Be Honest with each other and go our separate ways..

  • Anonymous

    yet another moronic liberal gets beaten by a black mob yelling racial slurs in philly  BUT HE DOES NOT THINK ITS ABOUT RACE

    • You’ll note by his surname, that this guy is a Jew. Jews are the most vociferous advocates for multiculturalism and gun control.

      This Jew is lucky he didn’t get his head stove in by the Bantus. If he did, he’d blame it on gentiles. Heck, he’s probably blaming gentiles what happened anyway.

  • Oil Can Harry

    This wasn’t a prison riot.

    Just a riot by future prison inmates.

  • Anonymous

    It reminds me of the good old riots that happened at my high school in the early 70’s, blacks would use their metal hair picks to fix their hair and stab whites at lunchtime.
     I remember the picture being way more clear though then……

    • Anonymous

      I remember when I was in high school in the ’70’s there was a race riot that started with a black boy and white boy getting into a fight. The blacks wreaked havoc. Went home and retrieved or called thier older brothers, sisters, friends who showed up at the school. They were out in front of the school, on the roof, swarming in the parking lot, ect. The city cops were called. Two local tv stations showed up with cameras. It was unbelieveable. My girlfriends and I went home in a friends car. When I got home and told my mom why I was home early she didn’t believe me. I said “wait ’till the 6:00 news comes on, you’ll see it!” Well lo and behold, the story never made it to air. I was shocked at the time that they didn’t air the story. I’m not shocked now.

  • Anonymous

    The school is three percent white??? I know it’s a bit off-topic here, but I shudder to think about what passes for “education” there.

    • Anonymous

      Everyone of them would have to be a wigger to survive I imagine. Minding your own business while going about getting a good education, dressing normally in middle-class clothes, listening to Beethoven while studying, and acting like a normal socialized person would certainly provoke the feral beast so to speak. 

  • Anonymous

    Zone, you are correct, as was Dr Pierce……..alas, we’re not supposed to ‘see’ his wisdom here………

    • Bebe

      Agree. I will wager most Whites have never heard of him or read his books. Too bad. Everything he predicted has come to pass.

  • Starnorth24

    Hey but the school did win a Texas football state championship! Weez bee champs!

  • Welcome to Thunderdome America. We should make a pact on this site. The first one to hit the lottery will build a private school and provide private buses for people in the big cities. If I win the lottery I would start a group like the Guardian Angels to help our people. I used to work in a video store, here is your homework assignment for this week. Watch the following movies and take notes. {Death Wish, 1,2 and 4.} Walking Tall, Red Dawn and {The Road Warrior }movies. Stay sober and stay strong! 

  • Parents want this school shut down:

    Bad idea.  All it will do is distribute Dekaney’s violent non-learning blacks and Hispanics to other schools.

  • Anonymous

    Whites and Orientals get along fine. It is the blacks and Hispanics who cause problems. 

  • Anonymous

    Liberals sometimes complain that inner city schools are run like prisons. This is because many of the students in those schools are criminals. If those criminals could be transferred to real prisons, it would be possible to educate those who remain. 

    • Marcy Fleming

      That would mean sending the whole school to prison. Government indoctrination is not ‘education.’

  • Bardon Kaldian

    I still go- sometimes- to the African-American part of the Topix forum. Enlightening experience. Now & then I write a sentence or two, but very rarely. I mostly read. This forum is a map of Blacks’ mind (apart from a few White frustrated provocateurs).


    * write about sex about 70-80% of the time. Dating with other races – primarily, but not exclusively Whites- is the main topic. Hispanics, Asians, Arabs,..

    * there is a strong hatred between Black males & Black females, females berating males about IR (interracial) relationships, about thug culture & Black male low education level. Generally, Blacks are obsessed with Whites. Black male attitude branches into two dominant discourses:

    a) Blacks are physically superior, but Whites are cunning and “cold blooded”. Whites are Devil.
    b) Blacks – males- are still uncle Toms & White man’s mental slaves, bootlickers & servants

    Black female attitudes:

    a) Black men are guilty for decay of Black family due to their obsession with White women
    b) Black men are essentially sissies and White men are “real” men
    c) miscegenation with White men is desirable- if possible

    Dating & sex – not family- threads dominate, overwhelmingly

    * recent rape & murder of abducted White women was cheered at, with only one Black participant strongly protesting-anyway, he’s the one frequently at odds with most Black posters re most topics

    * the Black crime theme is always …. a taboo. It has been raised a few times, but always died out, peacefully, since Blacks ignored it.

    * the same with thug subculture in Black majority schools. Black females constantly attack Black men for their educational inferiority & lack of interest in anything “mental”.

    * music & other non-sexual stuff account for ca. 5-10% of threads.

    * Blacks idolize their celebrities (Beyonce, Alicia Keys (sp ?), Will Smith,..). For them- they are demi-gods. Idols. Seal- Klum thread is ca. 2,500 posts long, and still growing.

    * generally, Blacks hate biracials (White-Black mixture). Some are more accepting, but generally, they viscerally hate “mutts”.

    * with regard to this video- Blacks both hate Hispanics & would like to date them.

    * the Blacks’ permanent obsession is skin color. They describe, in boring details, nuances of their color.  Also- they have a difficulty in grasping that Whites’ are more sensitive about facial features-preferably quasi-European- than about skin.

    At the end, they think it’s all a vast White conspiracy. First part of conspiracy was to prevent miscegenation. The second part- they think- is encouraging it, since this would erase Black race by “whitening”- a politics molded after Brazilian race ideologies.

    Wherever you turn, White devil is scheming, destroying, exploiting, …..

  • Marcy Fleming

    Exactly ! Engelman believes with the late network stinker David Brinkley that everyone is entitled to HIS opinion.