Passenger in Center City Cab Attack Comes Forward

Stephanie Farr, Philly, January 30, 2012

The passenger of a taxi who was attacked at random by a group of teens in Center City this weekend has apparently come forward, writing about his experience today in The Daily Pennsylvanian.

Brian Goldman, a senior at Penn who says he was the passenger in the cab Saturday night, says he was punched through the open window of the cab, seemingly without provocation, and that there were as many as 15 teens in the offending group.

Police said yesterday that a cabbie and his passenger were attacked by a group of three teens at 15th and Chestnut streets around 8:30 p.m. Saturday in Center City. During the attack, according to police, three black teens—two 17-year-olds and a 15-year-old—shouted racial slurs at the white passenger.

The passenger ran off at some point and the cabbie was able to scare the teens away with a tire iron, police said. Luckily, officers were able to catch the three teens and have charged them as juveniles with aggravated assault and related offenses.


Meanwhile, when I arrived to work today, my email inbox was filled with people who wanted to know if these three black teens would be charged with a hate crime. {snip}

I called police this morning to ask if there were any updates in the case and to see if the teens would be charged with a hate crime. Because the passenger hadn’t been identified, police said they could not charge the teens with a hate crime or with any crime against that passenger. They charged the kids with assaulting the driver.

Not once does Goldman mention race in his column. His ire is directed not toward the young offenders or their skin color but to the dozens of bystanders who witnessed the attack and did nothing.

“People got out of their cars to watch. The Wendy’s right across the street from us was filled with spectators eager to catch the bloody battle,” he wrote. “When I realized we were not going to receive help from the passersby, I did the only thing that seemed reasonable. I heeded the Forrest Gump adage and ran—towards 16th Street.”


Brian Goldman

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  • Anonymous

    One infers that the onlookers were black as well, although Mr. Goldman is silent on this point.

    One wonders why the gang decided to attack Mr. Goldman; surely there were other cars which had stopped at that particular traffic light.  Let me suggest a reason: Mr. Goldman looked like an accomplished, intelligent white man, who at that moment was not situationally aware.  Pow!

    One paragraph in Mr. Goldman’s superbly written article is remarkable:

    “I have never felt such discomfort, having people around witness violence
    and not come to your defense, or in this case, simply dial 911. And
    there were dozens and dozens, of these clones — eyes attuned but
    morality scathed.”  Morality scathed?  Food for thought.

    • Anonymous
      • Anonymous

        Watched the vid.  All I can say is wow.  Detroit news outlets would NEVER mention the racial aspect of this attack. 

        We have not had any large scale racial problems in Detroit for a long while.  Just the the typical laundry list of whites being picked off one at a time.   I counted 16 black on white, Asian or Arabic murders in MI in 2011.  Many Asian and Arabic store owners are assaulted or murdered here each year.  Whites are killed when they are in the wrong place at the wrong time in the city. 

        There was one white guy who killed a black girl in 2011 and that was probably unusual.  I’d wager that in a typical year no blacks are murdered by whites in MI.  

        Of course I am sad to see our great country go to pot, but the sick part of me wonders how all this will come to a head.  How will it all end?   I was flipping through the TV channels yesterday and came across a movie called “Idiocracy” and that comedy film seemed pretty accurate. lol   God help us.

  • Anonymous

    Goldman never mentioned race is his column?

    How very urbane of him.  Maybe the NY Times will hire him now!  He’s just the type they are looking for.

    • Anonymous

      i think people should keep in mind that the majority of these blacks are high on a variety of drugs most if not all of the time, and drinking so they have even less  control over their behavior and they are even more paranoid and irrational.

    • Even if he was armed he would still be outnumbered after running out of ammo, he would need an extra clip and be a good close range shot.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, I disagree.  I’m sure you have seen videos of large urban crowds who suddenly hear a gun shot.   They scatter without even missing a beat.  They don’t even pause as white crowds do to say “was that a car back-firing or a firecracker?” ….nope, they instantly run and take cover because they are used to it.    I doubt any of those kids had a gun or they would have used it. 

        It is a sad situation when we have to talk about shooting teen-age kids in self defense.   I hope things get better but I don’t see how.      

  • Anonymous

    “Not once does Goldman mention race in his column”

    If he did the article would never have been printed. If you read the comments sections, the white proles in Philly get it. The rich white students/profs at Penn and Temple are the ones making excuses for the blacks and calling the white people who complain “racist.”

  • Anonymous

    where i live since winter started blacks have taken to going everywhere wearing a skimask even if its only 50 degrees. its always reassuring to see groups of blacks walking down the road with ski masks on. on the contrary this summer when it hit 95 ddegrees blacks walk around in hoodies. always comforting to see black in hoodies

  • This is the result of 62 years of ONE PARTY rule. You have a school superintendent who is fired paid a million in severance pay and collects  unemployment insurance to boot. Then there’s the city council woman who rips off the taxpayers  for half a mil and remains in office.Then there is the police Commish – dumb as a box of rocks whose contract is renewed after a year of racially based attacks against Asians and Euro Americans. Welcome to Mad Max territory and Tina Turner left.

    • A classic example of a Kleptocracy if there ever was one!

    • I disagree.  It’s not a result of so many years of one PARTY rule, it’s the result of so many years of one RACE rule.

  • With 15 attackers listed you would have to carry an extra clip if you want to go to phillly, luckly PA is a castle law state. All the ones in the article saying he shouldn’t have run, even if he was armed and fired off a full clip he would still be outnumbered. The fight started with a sucker punch so even with 15-1 odds blacks still need to sucker punch.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    “The passenger of a taxi who was attacked at random by a group of teens in Center City.”

    The barbarians are IN the gate.

    A “group of teens?”  

    Were they Amish or Quakers?  Or maybe it was Richie Cunningham or Wally Cleaver?

    These attacks will increase in number and intensity because they are not being condemned by the media, 0bama or holder (because they’re HIS people and he APPROVES).  You’re not allowed to have YOUR people, it’s strictly forbidden, Whites banding together are Nazis.

    Soon, someone is going to “Go Goetz” — and be prosecuted, held up as an example of White Extremism.  If he’s acquitted, he will owe his life savings to an attorney.

    Maybe if we bused these “teens” to your children’s school the problem would be solved?


  • Anonymous

    I have such mixed emotions on this story. On the one hand, I can understand Mr. Goldman’s frustration that no one would help them out by lending a hand or not calling 911, BUT by his own admission he did the exact same thing to the cab driver. He left the guy there to defend himself, and didn’t bother to call 911 either. So does he really have cause to complain about others?

    On the other hand, it really irks me that he didn’t mention race in his story, despite the media reporting racial slurs. I’ve said before, if there is no righteous outrage and anger from the increasingly obvious racial attacks from the victims, nothing will change for us. Seriously, what is it going to take for the White people in Philly to make a stand?

    • Anonymous

      He left the guy there to defend himself, and didn’t bother to call 911 either.

      Yes, I thought exactly the same thing. If one reads his original account it is apparent that this guy is REALLY CLUELESS!  He is in the back of a cab stopped at a light with the windows rolled down when there is a mob of  15+ youths standing near the vehicle.

      Then when he gets punched through the window what does he do? He gets OUT OF THE CAB and goes over to TALK to the attackers about what happened! When he approaches his attackers he is surprised, yet again, when the beat down continues!

      Now he is busy blaming everyone else for his own utter stupidity. The cab driver really went above and beyond when he got out to help this fool.

  • “Not once does Goldman mention race in his column. His ire is directed not toward the young offenders or their skin color but to the dozens of bystanders who witnessed the attack and did nothing.”

    Why isn’t his “ire” directed at the “young offenders?” I guess it’s easier to blame innocent bystandards who were probably afraid for their lives, rather than the BLACK thugs who attached you because you are White.

    One day these black racists are going to pick the wrong “victim” and things will turn out much different for them.

  • I suppose if you were confronted by a dozen hostile enrichers, you would stand and fight to the death.  Well you go ahead and do that.  People with common sense know when to run; it’s the first law of self-defense.

  • Anonymous

    Goldman later denies the attackers made any racial slurs and also says:

    “I felt very lucky immediately afterward,” he said. “I know it’s been a lot worse for other people.”

    “This is my very personal opinion, but I think in general race is a very easy culprit for a lot of issues and a lot of violence,” he said. “Sometimes, it is the culprit behind it, however in this case I feel that it was pure, unmitigated violence.

    “In my column, I didn’t want race to overshadow the greater issues of mobs and violence.”

  • Anonymous

    A great resource  to keep track of black on white crime is New Nation News:

  • I’m not defending his stupidity in that regard.  All I’m saying is that we shouldn’t be so quick to judge somebody as a coward unless we’ve been in a similar situation and acted valiantly.  Even so, sometimes the best course of action is to run away.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, the violence is spreading across the nation, but it seems Philly’s White population is getting it pretty hard here lately, and the most often. Of course, with the media’s determination to cover up such black on White assaults, who really knows for sure how bad it is everywhere else?

  • Anonymous

    And when the victim is a white woman it’s just an ordinary assault.  Except when the white woman is a white man, then it’s a hate crime!

  • Beloved Comrade


    Decades of Democratic rule have created a mini welfare/warfare state. There have been 32 murders committed in 27 days. When you enter the city limits you are greeted by this sign.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Why would anyone offer to shake the hand of anyone who had just said to them:  get your stupid, ignorant a** up out of my studio!

    Then he launched into a 16-minute argument filled with curse words

    Is the FCC looking into fining the radio station?   Has the radio station suspended him?   Oh, that’s right!  He’s black and doesn’t have to follow the law.  

    But, he should be brought up on charges for threatening violence — for threatening many times to “axe” Charlotte Bergmann.

    I heard MSNBC has a contract ready for him.