How Well Do Hispanics Assimilate?

Thomas Jackson, American Renaissance, September 29, 2012

Survey data paint an ambiguous portrait.

There are more than 50 million Hispanics in the United States and they make up about 16.5 percent of the population. The Census Bureau predicts that by 2050 there will be 133 million Hispanics, who will be 30 percent of the population. How well do Hispanics assimilate?


One way to measure this is to ask Hispanics themselves. Half of them say they are “typical Americans,” while the rest say they are “very different from typical Americans.” The graph below, taken from a 2011 Pew Hispanic Center study, shows which groups are most likely to say they are “typical.”  Being born in the United States and speaking English makes Hispanics more likely to say they are “typical,” but over one quarter of “third and higher generation” Hispanics still say they are “very different” from typical Americans. (Most of the graphs used in this article list their source. To read the original report, please see the sources and links at the end of this article. Clicking on some graphs will lead to the source.)

How Hispanics think of themselves is an indicator of assimilation.  As the table below shows, more than half of Hispanics identify with their parents’ nationality—Mexican or Guatemalan, for example—and only 21 percent call themselves “Americans.”

A more fine-grained but older study of what Hispanics call themselves found a large difference between foreign-born and American-born Hispanics, with 46 percent of American-born Hispanics calling themselves “Americans.”

The same study found some variation by country of origin in how Hispanics think of themselves, with Puerto Ricans and Cubans most likely to call themselves “Americans.” The majority of Cubans immigrated shortly after the Castro revolution in 1959, so they have been here a long time. Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States, and Puerto Ricans travel on United States passports. Still, only about a quarter of both groups call themselves “Americans.”

Of course, the Hispanic group that matters most is Mexicans, who account for 63 percent of US Hispanics. Puerto Ricans are 9.2 percent of all Hispanics and Cubans are only 3.5 percent.

The Census Bureau considers Hispanics a non-racial, linguistic/cultural group whose members can be of any race. However, most Hispanics don’t like the racial categories—white, black, Asian—available to them. The graph below shows that 56 percent think their race should be “Hispanic.” The American government, most notably when it collects crime statistics, considers Hispanics to be white, but only 20 percent of Hispanics consider themselves white.

As the next table shows, Hispanics from different countries vary in how many consider themselves white. More than half of Cubans but only 12 percent of Dominicans say they are white. Seventeen percent of Mexicans, the largest group, say they are white.

Unlike the European ethnics who came to the United States from Italy or Hungary, for example, Hispanics do not want to give up their language. Fully 95 percent say it is very important (75 percent) or somewhat important (20 percent) for future generations of Hispanics to speak Spanish. This is not an expression of a desire to be “typical Americans.”

Hispanics do not immigrate because they want to be like Americans or because they seek “political freedom” or “participatory democracy.” Fifty-five percent say they came for economic reasons and 24 percent to join relatives. No fewer than 87 percent of Hispanics say they can get ahead better in the United States than in their home countries.


Hispanics are doing better here than back home despite what they see as widespread anti-Hispanic bias. As the graph below indicates, fully 82 percent think they have to fight discrimination to get ahead. Substantial numbers of blacks and whites appear to agree.

Interestingly, as the next graph shows, no fewer than 83 percent of Hispanics say that Hispanics discriminate against each other, but they would presumably say that discrimination from whites is a greater problem.

The longer Hispanics are here and the more “American” they become, the more likely they are to say they face discrimination. Perhaps this is not surprising. Detecting discrimination is a finely honed skill in the United States, and those who claim to have suffered from it are rewarded, whereas back home in Mexico or El Salvador they would be ignored. Thus, we see from the graph below that native-born Hispanics are more aware of discrimination than the foreign-born, as are those who speak better English than Spanish.

The next table shows that the more education they have had and the more money they make, the more likely Hispanics are to say they have suffered from or know about cases of discrimination. Recognizing discrimination seems to be part of becoming increasingly “American.”

Likewise, younger Hispanics are better at detecting discrimination than their elders. Fifty-two percent of 18- to 29-year-olds say they have been treated disrespectfully because they are Hispanic but only 28 percent of those 55 and older make that claim.


It is well known that Hispanics are politically more liberal than whites, but the generational dynamic is an interesting one. Because many Hispanics come from countries where citizens are said to fear and dislike their government, it would not be surprising if Hispanic immigrants brought a mistrust of government with them. This is not the case. As the graph below shows, no fewer than 81 percent of first-generation Hispanics want bigger government and more services, with that percentage decreasing with every generation.  The “more services” part of it is no doubt an important reason for immigrating.

As Hispanics make more money and pay more taxes, they become more like other Americans in their desire for smaller government. However, even third-generation Hispanics are 17 percent more likely than what this table calls the “general population” to want big government and more handouts. The “general population” includes blacks, who also want government services, so the distance between Hispanics and whites is even greater.

Many Hispanics describe themselves as “liberal.”

In this case, US-born Hispanics are more “liberal” than immigrants. This probably reflects the fact that even though when they start paying taxes they become less enthusiastic about paying for handouts, their views on other things change. A 2002 study found that most immigrant Hispanics oppose homosexuality, divorce, and abortion, and believe that the husband should have the final say in the family. US-born Hispanics absorb more liberal positions on these questions.

The graph below shows the political affiliations of people of different races. Over the last 12 years, the percentage of whites who call themselves Republicans has dropped from 35 to 32 percent, while the percentage who self-identify as Democrats has fallen from 30 to 26 percent. There are now more white “independents” than anything else. Republicans are in a hopeless position with blacks, and are not much better off with Hispanics, only 11 percent of whom identify as Republicans.

One indication of the politics of Hispanics is the people they consider to be their leaders. Aside from celebrities, the prominent Hispanics most familiar to Hispanics are Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor (67 percent of Hispanics have heard of her), Spanish-language television anchorman Jorge Ramos (59 percent), and Los Angeles mayor and former MEChA member Antonio Villaraigosa (44 percent).  Among the 67 percent who have heard of Miss Sotomayor, 68 percent consider her a leader, which means that 46 percent (67 percent x 68 percent) of Hispanics consider her a leader of their people. Perhaps her view that “wise Latinas” make better decisions than white men adds to her appeal. A Supreme Court justice is supposed to interpret the Constitution, not be a leader of a racial or ethnic group.

Television personality Jorge Ramos, an unapologetic Hispanic chauvinist, is the number-two leader of American Hispanics. In a 2004 book about the United States he wrote, “We are everywhere, and there is no occupation or activity in this country that escapes our influence. This century is ours.”

General Attitudes 

For a group that has taken the trouble to immigrate—sometimes at considerable risk—Hispanics are strangely fatalistic. The table below shows that more than half of foreign-born Hispanics think there is no point in planning for the future because they have no control over it. As they spend more time in the United States, they become less fatalistic, but do not catch up with whites.

Hispanics show the same fatalism about the reasons people are poor. As the table below shows, whites are split as to whether the problem is lack of effort or bad circumstances, but twice as many Hispanics blame circumstances rather than lack of effort (“DK” means “don’t know”). There are other interesting splits, with white women much more likely than white men to blame circumstances, and there is an even greater split between Democrats and Republicans.

The next set of graphs shows that in some important respects Hispanics think like blacks. They have faith in government, and believe it should guarantee food and shelter for everyone. Like blacks, they are also solidly in favor of racial preferences in favor of themselves (at 59 percent, they are just behind blacks at 62 percent), whereas only 22 percent of whites support preferences. It would be interesting to know why they believe immigrants should receive preferences over natives.

The next table shows how attitudes towards racial preferences have changed in recent years. Democrats have shifted towards them with Republicans moving against them. Forty-four percent of white  Democrats now favor racial preferences that discriminate against their own children.

The next table shows that Hispanics overwhelmingly disagree with the idea that immigrants threaten traditional American values while conservative Republicans are most worried about the threat to values. The more Americans are exposed to higher education, the more favorably they view immigration.

Hispanics tend to come from countries where people do not trust each other. Such countries are said to lack “social capital,” and anything that requires cooperation is more difficult than in countries where there is more trust. As the graphs below show, the more time they spend in the United States, the more they begin to trust people in general, but even after the third generation, 15 percent fewer Hispanics than other Americans (which includes blacks) say that most people can be trusted. Because there is so much Hispanic immigration, foreign-born Hispanic adults outnumber the US-born: In 2008, the figures were 53 percent and 47 percent.

Immigration is keeping the Hispanic population foreign. As the pie charts below indicate, in 1980, 57 percent of Hispanic children were born in the US of American-born parents (third-generation children). By 2007, there had been so much Hispanic immigration  and so much child-bearing by immigrants that 52 percent of Hispanic children were born of immigrant parents (second generation children) and another 11 percent had been born outside the United States (first generation children). Children of US-born parents were a minority of 37 percent.

“Assimilation” can be bad for Hispanics: US-born Hispanics have worse health habits than immigrants, and do not live as long. Those born in America are fatter, smoke and drink more, and take more drugs. The longer immigrant Hispanics live in America, the more their behavior and mortality rates begin to resemble US-born Hispanics.

Likewise, the longer Hispanics live in the United States, the more likely they are to have children out of wedlock. Children of immigrant Hispanics have a 69 percent chance of living with both parents, whereas the children of US-born Hispanics have only a 52 percent chance.

One measure of assimilation is the rate of intermarriage with people of other races. As the graph below shows, more than a quarter of marriages by Hispanics involve a non-Hispanic partner.

With intermarriage rates at just under 10 percent, whites are the group least likely to marry outside their race, but the pie chart below shows that white/Hispanic marriages are the most common kind of mixed marriage.

Hispanic rates of poverty, crime, disease, illegitimacy, welfare use, school failure, etc. are beyond the scope of this article, but are covered in some detail elsewhere. On the basis of attitudes alone, however, it is clear that Hispanics differ considerably from whites. It should also be clear that Hispanics are not and are never likely to be enthusiastic Republicans. It is a delusion to think that they are somehow “naturally conservative,” and are simply waiting for “outreach.” Poor Hispanics of the kind who immigrate are natural Democrats, and unless the Republicans can slash immigration levels, 2012 may be the last chance they have to elect a President.

Ordinary Republicans may recognize this. As the graph below shows, dissatisfaction with their party is at near record levels. Democrats are not very happy with their party either, but they do not show the same sharp negative trend.

The current Republican presidential campaign has concentrated almost exclusively on the economy, with hardly any criticism of mass immigration or racial preferences. These are crucial questions for whites, who are the backbone of the party, but Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are too afraid of charges of “racism” and too busy with Hispanic “outreach” to mention them, apart from vague promises to “fix a broken system,” secure the border, and increase legal immigration.

This is especially contemptible, because a campaign about the economy and unemployment cannot logically ignore immigration. Sending home millions of illegal immigrants would create jobs for Americans. Racial preferences are especially unfair when so many young people do not have jobs, but the candidates dare not say so.

Hispanics arrive as obvious recruits for the Democratic Party. Most cannot vote but their children can. As they remain here generation after generation, some of their attitudes change, but not in ways that make them less naturally Democratic. The United States is flirting with another amnesty that will only encourage more Hispanic immigrants. Even without an amnesty immigrants will continue to come unless our country takes firm action. If there really are 133 million Hispanics in the United States by mid century they will be defining what it means to be American. It will no longer make sense even to ask how well Hispanics assimilate; they will be setting the standards to which the rest of us must conform.

Primary Sources:

Pew Research Center 2012 Values Survey

Pew Hispanic Center/Kaiser Family Foundation National Survey of Latinos, December 2002

Pew Hispanic Center, 2011 National Survey of Latinos


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Thomas Jackson
Thomas Jackson lives in Virginia and has been writing for American Renaissance for more than 20 years.
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  • JackKrak

    I was watching the Ryder Cup on tv as I read this. Nice, attractive whites on the tees & in the gallery on a beautiful course on a perfect day. Tens of thousands of well-behaved fans having a great time without the need for too much of a visible serurity presence. The rules of decorum and restrained behavior being (mostly) observed & when it’s over later today I’m sure there will be an orderly, incident-free emptying out of the course and parking lot.

    This article brought me crashing back down to Earth, I must say. In the future, Ryder Cups & a long list of other events will be like Renaissance Fairs – we understand in the abstract that life used to be like that,  but it’s mostly just an amusing curiosity of a long gone age.

  • D. K.

    Most of these poll questions were so poorly conceived,  and then so poorly phrased, that even if the polls were sampled with absolute precision–  a laughable conceit– the results would give you little but ambiguous data from which to draw meaningful conclusions. When a person says that he does not see himself as a typical American, for instance, is he actually making a statement about his own particular racial/ethnic identity, or is he, rather, saying that he is simply a better individual than most other Americans? When one does not believe that individual effort is the crucial variable in our lives, as opposed to our own respective circumstances, does that clearly show a cultural fatalism, and a lack of personal responsibility, or rather a high degree of knowledge about genuine intelligence research, and an understanding that you cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, no matter how hard you try? I could go on all day, about most of these poll questions, in a similar vein….

  • Ore_NM

    It’s really not a question of “Hispanic” or of particular nationalities.

    The short answer is the White ones tend to do just fine.

    • JohnEngelman

      Orientals do even better, on the average. 

      • newscomments70

        Then, with the exception of Japan and Singapore, why are their countries third world hell holes? 

        • JohnEngelman

          I would not say that of South Korea and Taiwan. Communist China out competes the United States economically while buying up our national debt. 

          Also, I was speaking mainly of Orientals in the United States. They usually perform well in the class room and on the job.

          • newscomments70

            South Korea isn’t as bad as neighboring North Korea and China, but I’ve seeen that it is dirty, over-crowded, and full of shanty towns. They have a booming auto industry, which I admire…but like the rest of Asia, their technology is copied from the West.  

          • JohnEngelman

            Hundreds of studies on millions of people show a threeway pattern. IQ tests are often made to have an average score of 100, with a “normal” range from 85 to 115. Whites average from 100 to 103. Orientals in Asia and the U.S. tend to have higher scores, about 106, even though IQ tests were made for use in the Euro-American culture.
            – Professor J. Philippe Rushton
            Professor Rushton has spoken at American Renaissance conferences. 

          • IstvanIN

             Most of Asia is way behind Europe and America in terms of civilization.  Most of Asia is not Japan or Singapore.  South Korea could catch up to Japan in the long run.  Most of Asia will not.  And most Orientals who comes to America do not miraculously turn into “Japanese-Americans” but rather continue on as backward Cambodians, Burmese, etc.  The Chinese remain different as well.  Besides, why should we be overrun by any other group?

          • JohnEngelman

            When I refer to Orientals I mean Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Tibetans, and Mongolians. Tibetans and Mongolians are not migrating here in great numbers, so I do not know what they are like.
            Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and Vietnamese usually behave and perform well in this country. That is why I want them to be welcome here. 
            As I have pointed out before, the only Americans with the right to complain about “race displacement” are American Indians. Those who come here legally and become American citizens have every right to stay here. I have known many Orientals. I have always liked them. 

      • orientals ? Did someone say orientals ?

        That’s strange, I thought this article was about Hispanics.  You know like some Whites are as Ore_NM pointed out.

        Well thank you John. We’re all refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view.
        (I don’t know what’s his problem, but I’ll bet it’s hard to pronounce !)

  • ViktorNN

    As a middle aged white Californian, this study confirms some of what I’ve seen in my life but doesn’t get at what I think we’re likely to see in the future.

    The hispanics I grew up with had a distinct racial/ethnic identity, but were definitely “American.” They were different from the migrant workers who worked in the fields, they had been here generations, they were as much a part of the fabric of California as my family who came to the state in the early 20th Century.

    But over the past 20+ years ago things have changed dramatically. The most recent wave of immigration – much of it illegal – has brought in an entirely different group of hispanics, and their kids are much different from the kids I grew up with.

    First of all and most importantly, the difference is in the sheer numbers. There are large swaths of Los Angeles which are almost indistinguishable from a large city in Mexico. LA is majority hispanic, or close to it, and most of those hispanics have been in the country for one generation or less. There is no pressure from the larger society for these immigrants to assimilate because there is no larger society. They’ve simply moved in and replaced the larger society. This explains in part why so many hispanic kids keep doing so bad in school – they aren’t learning English because they live their day to day lives in what’s essentially a Mexican city within the US. 

    Assimilation only happens when there’s pressure by a larger group on a smaller group to change. That’s not happening. Actually, the reverse is happening. This very large foreign culture is changing the culture of the host nation.

    That’s the sad thing about the large scale illegal immigration that’s happened over the past 30 years. It will fundamentally change the character of this country. No one voted for it to happen. Most people wouldn’t have wanted the US to become “hispanicized” if it had been put to a vote. But it happened to us anyway, against the will of the majority.

    Instead of assimilation, the future of this country is “hispanicization.” If it were only about more types of spicy food or some new ways to swear, it wouldn’t be so bad. Unfortunately, if you want to know what “hispanicization” means you only have to look at the countries they run – the countries they’re fleeing from. The US is about to become a lot more like those countries, and a lot less like the European countries we’ve resembled up to now.

    It’s very sad. The cheap illegal labor wasn’t worth it.

    • A lesson we should have learned from importing Sub Sahara Africans….long ago.

      Look where that got us.

    • mutt3003

      Come to the suburbs of Miami. There isn’t even an attempt to learn English.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Mexicans, “Hispanics,” “Latinos” or whatever one chooses to call them do not assimilate to traditional, White American culture because, after all, they’re not White. They don’t have the IQs that Whites have. They don’t have the love of education that Whites possess – and all the gang-infested cities and barrios of Los Angeles County proves this. The once beautiful L.A. County and San Gabriel Valley has, in far too many places, turned into sewer with a massive Mexican-indian population spread about as far as the eye can see. It’s really simple folks: Mexicans always bring with them high crime rates, a deeply entrenched gang culture, religious superstition, serious alcoholism and, among other things, a foreign, third-world culture that is at odds with a White, European or American tradition.   

    Mexicans want all the benefits that America offers – and who can blame them? But as for truly assimilating, forget it! They want a first-world salary while still retaining their third-world culture and mentality.

    As harsh as it may sound, Mexicans are not good for America and especially for White Americans. We need to move beyond our somewhat sympathetic vision of these people as hard-working and family-oriented – and see them for what they really are: Invaders in our land with no intention of ever assimilating – and – a people destined to replace the White population if current trends continue (which appears to be the case).

    Thus, every time a White politican tries to appeal to the Mexican masses for their vote, he engages in political futility. He also alienates many Whites who instinctively know that Mexicans are working hard to replace the White population.

    • Debian

      Huh? Define white? Germans and Italians are hardcore drug users, rapist, and pedophiles. The Irish are drunks. The only reason the USA is going down the drain is because of people like you, who are in total denial. It is easy to blame others for your personal failures.

  • JohnEngelman

    Luck and talent matter. I know Hispanics who work longer hours than Bill Gates ever did. 

    • robinbishop34

       Lot of whites too.

      • JohnEngelman

        That is true. It is even true of a lot of blacks. 

    • mutt3003

      Working longer hours doing brainless manual labor cannot be compared to fewer hours performing STEM work. Luck has nothing to do with it. Education does. 

      • JohnEngelman

        What matters is IQ. That is why Orientals and Jews do so well in the Untied States.   

  • JohnEngelman

    My father and his parents were born in the United States. Nevertheless, Dad spoke German as a child, and did not learn English until he went to school. 

  • This is one of these situations where one can’t have a clear-cut answer. Just, I’ll try:

    * the basic thing is that most Hispanics are not White. They are Mestizos, or you can give them whatever name you want- Indios, White- Native American biracials,… They cannot assimilate like European peoples (Germans, French, Italians, Ukrainians, …, or like definitely White South Americans like most Argentinians or  Uruguayans). They CAN lose their language & become linguistically assimilated, but they will be a distinct group, like Black Americans. The same goes for Asians. IQ is not of any importance re this question. Different phenotype- different ethno-subcultural identity. Anyway, White Americans will always know the difference.

    * White Hispanics can be assimilated & become Americans of Mexican/Bolivian… extraction. But, “thanks” to affirmative action & similar brilliant ideas, some White Hispanics will remain perpetual foreigners- although they don’t give a hoot about Mestizos or other mixed-race people who speak Spanish as primary language. People like Ramos are not irredentist Hispanic nationalists, but parasites, cynical leeches. White idealists like Simon Bolivar, who would have liked to build one nation from all Spanish speaking countries in North, Central & South America don’t exist anymore.

    * there are two (or three) impediments to assimilation:

    1. different race
    2. steady influx of Hispanic newcomers & sheer numbers combined with technical possibility for retaining language-cultural identity (TV, ..)
    3. US policy of pandering, combined with generous welfare

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    Moderator please fix the title of this article.

    • Moderators do not have control over website content or story selection. But I did pick up on the error and have notified someone who can fix it.

  • itdoesnotmatter

    No, I do not see assimilation on a large scale; on the contrary, in California, there is increasing alienation, hostility to the concept of self-identification as a patriotic American, and, much dependency on public services.
    As an Emergency Room clinician, I see hundreds of individuals from the Southern continent every month. 
    Our E.R. services are swamped with Latin Americans who present with an entitlement attitude expecting red carpet treatment though they are indigent, often illegal, [benefit  receiving legals the same], non-English speaking demanding of interpreter services, and unwilling to sign on with PMDs who accept indigent or Medicaid patients, preferring our over-burdened E.R.
     They present with unknown medical histories, no inoculations, many test
    sero-positive for various forms of hepatitis, carry blood-borne parasitic diseases, treatment resistive TB,  other expensive systemic diseases requiring long term treatment, including renal dialysis.
    Assimilation for free services? Yes.
    Assimilation for identification as loyal Americans? No.

    • I’ve always said we should have an ICE substation in every emergency room. We will
      not refuse emergency treatment, but if they are illegal, they will be going
      home once stabilized.

  • Specifically, what Hispanic are you referring to?  (Fix your title.)

  • IstvanIN

     My American-born grandfather spoke Hungarian.  When his mother tried to
    enroll in him in school she was told bring him back when he speaks
    English.  He did, and she did.  He learned English from his older
    sisters and the older boys in the neighborhood.  He was American, and so
    is my extended family.  These people will never be American.  Unlike
    Hungarians, who are culturally, religiously and racially European and
    therefore more than capable of assimilating into Anglo-American culture,
    most Hispanics are more like blacks, they are the other and will never
    assimilate but will merely bring us down.  Or worse.

  • IstvanIN

     My American-born grandfather spoke Hungarian.  When his mother tried to
    enroll in him in school she was told bring him back when he speaks
    English.  He did, and she did.  He learned English from his older
    sisters and the older boys in the neighborhood.  He was American, and so
    is my extended family.  These people will never be American.  Unlike
    Hungarians, who are culturally, religiously and racially European and
    therefore more than capable of assimilating into Anglo-American culture,
    most Hispanics are more like blacks, they are the other and will never
    assimilate but will merely bring us down.

    • do you believe this of all hispanics or only non-white hispanics?

  • MissBonnie123

    What is interesting is that in the Pew Hispanic Center survey of 2002 a majority of Whites surveyed claimed that racial discrimination against Hispanics was a problem. Yet in another survey only 22% of Whites stated that they were for racial preferences. It is odd because you would think that if White people in general really believed Hispanics were discriminated against, then they would want to “even the playing field” for the Hispanics, which of course could never be done in reality because we are not equal to each other in intelligence and aptitudes.

    As for Hispanics’ feelings that they are discriminated against, what else is new? This certainly makes it more uncomfortable for us Whites in dealing with Hispanics because we must watch every word we articulate because anything we say could be interpreted as racism against them. This could get us in a heap of trouble.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    Maybe we can assimilate hispanics, but not before we have an immigration moratorium for something like at least 40 years, including closing the Mexican border off.  We also have to stop affirmative action in all its forms so that checking the box loses its luster, and it does not pay to maintain one’s separate identity.  We also need to end bilingual education and bilingual ballots, and enforce once again the requirement that a naturalized citizen can speak English.  Yeah, I don’t think they’re going to assimilate any time soon.

  • Yes, it is and our MSM and politicians are joyous over the prospects. Anyone of course
    who dare oppose this transformation via colonization is vilified as a
    “hateful racist.”

  • This is a Hispanic topic & I couldn’t resist the temptation- the story is hilarious:

  • bluffcreek1967

    I completely agree with you, and you’ve made some outstanding suggestions. But with all due respect, your message for Mitt Romney is sort of like listening to a little child tell a group of adults how people should treat each other and how they can make the world a better place. The adults listen politely and nod their heads in agreement because, after all, the little child is correct. But none of the adults have any real intention of taking seriously the child’s message. The adults, more or less, humor the kid but his ethical suggestions have no effect on them in the real world in which they live.  

    In the same way, it would be nice if Romney implemented all the things you said, but he won’t because he’s not race-conscious. He doesn’t yet understand the danger that Whites face once they are replaced by Mexicans and every other third-world group. He will do very little that is substantive to counter illegal immigration and, he will more than likely, provide a mass amnesty for all the Mexicans who are already here.  

    Whites must not make the mistake of looking at Romney as some kind of ‘Great White Hope’ because he’s not. If elected, he will improve our economic slide perhaps; he will make some sound decisions but, for the most part, he will maintain the status-quo. That’s because Romney is a big-government Republican and his entire mindset is framed to view the government as the ‘provider’ and ‘helper’ of its citizens.

    This doesn’t deny that Romney is a decent, family man. He is an intelligent man and, appearently, quite a good businessman (depending on your view). But he’s no hero to Whites. I will vote for him because he’s the better choice than the current empty suit (empty chair?) in the White House, but that’s about it. He will likely slow down our demise, but he will not bring us back to the foundational principles of our Founders.

    Finally, even if Romney did speak out in favor of Whites and White immigration, he would be accused of ‘racism’ by not merely the Left, but also by the Right! He would be chastised by Republicans for not seeing himself as the President of  ‘all Americans, regardless of race.’ Republicans would bend over backwards to verbally slap Romney in order to prove to liberals that the GOP is ‘all-inclusive.’


    Guess what? The United Nations defines genocide as ANYTHING
    creating conditions which over the long run will make it impossible for a people
    to preserve its distinct identity. These things include mass immigration,
    promoting miscegenation, and the propaganda of White guilt. Genocide does not
    have to be PHYSICAL destruction. Read the LEGAL definition of genocide.
    Genocide includes MENTAL harm. Like everyone is saying, anti-racist is a
    codeword for anti-White.

    • MissBonnie123

      That’s why people on Amren need to head over to Bob Whitaker’s website and learn about the words and phrases necessary to use against our enemies.

      The liberals/progressives have been winning their war against White America not because they are correct or they have morals on their side but because they know how to use words and phrases that emotionally provoke Americans.

      We need to start doing the same and fast!

  • Bobby

    Mr. Engelman, seems quite unconcerned about allowing millions upon millions of Chinese into a nation that has China as its main competitor for world power. I suppose there isn’t the possiblity of any fifth columnists functioning quite easily with a policy like his. Sure about that sir? But then again, if European-Americans have no claim at all in complaining about who comes here, after they largely created this nation, C’est la vie, huh Mr. Engelman?

  •  No, you missed the point. They gave country of origin racial graphs only for more numerous immigrants (Puerto Rico, Salvador, Mexico, Colombia,..). Argentinian-Americans were simply lumped together with others in “South American” group. Not enough immigrants from Argentina, that is.

  • MissBonnie123

    I don’t understand why my comment was deleted. Was there something wrong with the link?

    • Because we already know that anti-racist is code for anti-white, and we already know where we need to go if we want to become one of the many people repeating the “mantra.” But AR is not the place for repeating “mantras.” That one, or any one.

  • I’m an European & I know Argentinian means white. I can understand your annoyance, but the text was correct- they didn’t mention explicitly Argentinians as White simply because of numbers.

    And from my experience, most AR regulars know that Argentinians are white. The debate is mostly over Puerto Ricans & partly Mexicans.

  • Ben D.

    I meant “too” not “to”. 

  • Brownie

    I cannot believe you people are in such denial. When the big one hits, Twinkies, cockroaches and “Hispanics” will be the only survivors. Now, that’s assimilation!

  • Debian

    I’m one of those ‘white hispanics” the media likes to call me. To everyone’s surprise, Hispanics assimilate faster than any other race. I find it absurd of how the Non-Hispanics here tend to negatively evaluate Hispanics like if they actually know them. Like any group, Hispanics have a social class of their own. They assimilate well and they don’t really care much about what the media portrays them as. In the USA, people call themselves White to hide their former Nationalities. This is especially true with all Germans, Irish, and Italians. Most of them have assimilated in to subgroups of ultra-nationalist who are anti-government and more than likely, these people will probably commit treason against the US govt. The USA is slowly becoming a Third World Country. This is because the lazy cultures of German, Irish, and Italian whites came to the USA with an entitle attitude, meaning they want everything for free just because they are “white”. Many people cry amnesty when it comes to Hispanic immigration. The Germans, Irish, and Italians have quickly forgotten where they came from. These subcultures of Europeans came illegally to the USA through Ellis Island. To make it even worst, in the early 1940s, the Displacement Act of 1948 brought in millions of Germans, Jews, and other people from Europe. The INS nor the State Department controlled the “green cards” distribution, it was the Displacement commission. The green cards were given out to anyone who had relatives in the USA. Do I consider myself an American? Absolutely! As American, I will continue to tell people where they came from. Ethnocentrism is amusing and most non-Hispanics live in a bubble of fear.

  • Myra Esoteric

    Uh, Hispanics assimilate way better than we do (I’m Chinese). I would say a lot of them are almost totally assimilated, outside of whites talking smack about them here at AmRen. When I went to a forum where people were joining rock bands, I saw tons of Hispanic and black faces but I was the only Asian.

    I understand this is a racist site, so you guys are probably a bit ignorant. But bad news, Asians are worse for your community cohesion lol. Hispanics are really your best bet because they at least enjoy white youth culture.

    First of all, blacks and Hispanics drink alcohol and go clubbing as their main social activity just like whites. Chinese and Indians who consider themselves ladies and gentlemen do not party heavily. Note how the main Asian rockers like Steve Aoki and the guy from Journey are neither Chinese nor Indian.

    I almost never see rebellious Chinese or Indians older than college. I’ve seen Asians wear a Slayer shirt or put their hair in cornrows for 1 year in college, secretly get a tattoo, and then go back to J. Crew when they become an investment banker. College for us is like rumspringa for the Amish. But I actually know black and Hispanic women who are professional punk gothic models. They are lifers. People stare at me when I talk to goths especially if said goth is a Hispanic guy.

    People in Latin America listen to tons of rock and metal, as well as other aspects of American pop culture. They join rock bands and go like, surfing or something. They fit in with the same Western trends, even some non Chinese Asians like Japanese do.

  • Ron Davis

    The only “Spanish” people in the world are from Spain….all others are half breeds.

  • AmeRican*51*Luis Arroyo

    Naturally would put themselves above the Japanese. However when The US faced Japan in WW2, The Americans encounterered a fully modern first world adversary that had invaded china.

  • AmeRican*51*Luis Arroyo

    Puerto Ricans on the island are overwhelmingly Mediterranean whites of Valencian,Andalusian, and Canarian regions of Spain. We have heavy imigration from Ireland,Germany,Corsica (then a part of Italy) hence our current Governor Padilla,US congressman commissioner Pierluisi is another one. Surnames like Ferrer,Isern, Kiernan, Bithorn, Power, Giralt, Cole,Biaggi,Benedetto/i, DeLuca, Gote, Kholl, Stachl,Meyer, Cohen are all over the island.
    But Youd never know unless you read the island newspapers because the US stateside Puerto Rican community is dominated by an urban establisment of racially black and mulatto “civil rights leaders” pushing a “brown Nuyorican” agenda.