Posted on January 31, 2008

Loiterers’ Minor Infractions Targeted in Va.

Hank Silverberg, WTOP Radio (Washington, D.C.) January 31, 2008

WOODBRIDGE, Va.—Any morning along Route 1 in Woodbridge, dozens of workers gather at convenience stores, waiting for a job that day.

Now Prince William County plans to target those loitering day laborers, but not for loitering.

Responding to complaints about laborers—some of whom may be illegal—the county will take aim at loiterers who commit other crimes, such as public urination, littering and public drinking.

An arrest for a minor crime allows police to ask the laborers their immigration status.


A similar attempt to crackdown on workers in Herndon failed because of a legal challenge.

Stewart says Prince William County will use Herndon’s experience as a guide.