Nurse Arrested for Allegedly Having Sex with Corpse

Kellan Connor, KTLA 5, January 22, 2013

A male nurse at the Sherman Oaks Hospital has been arrested for allegedly having sex with a corpse.

Alejandro Razo, 61, was arrested on Sunday on a state Health and Safety Code violation after being caught by security guards, police said.


The L.A. County coroner will perform an autopsy on the body, police said. The findings could determine if more charges will be filed.


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  • JackKrak

    Sexually assaulting dead people that Americans won’t sexually assault, no doubt……..

    • Even corpses aren’t safe from these perverts, or are the corpses in his native land just not good enough?

      • IstvanIN

        The corpses in their native land are usually in pieces.

        • So be sure to never buy tacos at the taco stand. They’re cheap for a good reason.

  • Some Guy

    That is definitely one job this American doesn’t want to do!

  • rudy

    It has nothing to do with race or values, necrophilia is found across all races and ethnicities. The only difference is that blacks and Hispanics get caught more often due to their low average intelligence.

    • Ulick

      Yeah, I think it’s unfair to hang this one on “Hispanic family values”. There are many issues and crimes where blacks and Hispanics have such high rates that you can say that issue or crime is endemic in those communities and can be attributed to the values or genes of those communities. Necrophilia is so rare, though, that it doesn’t qualify as one of those issues like violent crime, illegitimacy, etc.

      • The__Bobster

        It’s hard to pinpoint how rare it really is. The evidence is usually buried before it’s discovered.

        • IstvanIN

          The FBI says that victims are reluctant to report the crime.

          • No one wants the world to know that granny was rogered only days before being buried.

    • The__Bobster

      Bull, the darkies also rape and impregnate unconscious women. They get caught due to DNA evidence.

      • Skincognito

        Agreed. Blacks rape the sexually inactive elderly, Asian Muslims rape the sexually immature young, and Mestizos rape donkeys and, apparently, corpses. It’s an Aztec thing, you wouldn’t understand.

        • OlderWoman

          A well-known artist in LA placed on exhibit at MOCA his submission…he traveled to Tijuana with a witness and coupled with a corpse. Too bad I can’t remember his name. This was in 1998 when I saw the documentation. He was a White artist.

          • Skincognito

            This “artist” sounds as “White” as Howie Levey/Anton LaVey. Sexual degenerates come in all hues however. It just seems like White Christians generally respond with the appropriate level of moral revulsion, while other folks and creeds thumb their noses at our traditional values.
            Ex: Some Whites participate in dog-fighting, but most find it reprehensible. On the other hand, many blacks and browns participate in dog-fighting, but many more consider humane treatment of domestic animals a “White thing.” Totally anectdotal example, by the way, but my point remains that so-called universal morality only applies to us. We shouldn’t expect much from racial aliens, their ostensible Christianity notwithstanding.

          • Cherry Bomb

            Prove it.

          • Boston

            The “artist” you are speaking of is John Duncan whose “work” is called BLIND DATE. It was on May 14 of 1980 that he first performed it in Los Angeles. He said he did it to torture himself. There were no pictures allowed in the Mexican morgue where he supposedly did the deed, so he played a recording of his sex act at DTLA as part of a two month festival of performance art called Public Spirit that traveled around the city.

      • P.J. Martin

        White men have been the biggest group of rapists throughout history, especially southern White men.

        • bigone4u

          I assume you are referring to white DNA present in American blacks. The Jews and Yankees owned the slave ships and I suspect that much of the miscegnation occurred outside the southern plantations. And I suspect you are using the feminist definition of rape, which basically makes all men rapists. Furthermore, there is no data on the history of rape in Africa. Thus your comment is a FAIL.

        • Cherry Bomb

          Prove it.

  • SintiriNikos

    Just doing the necrophilia that Americans won’t do.

    • And charging a lot less to do it.

      Celebrate diversity! *gag*

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Guess he couldn’t find work at a nursing home.

    • IstvanIN

      Looking for love in all the wrong places.

  • my profiling skills need some work, I was sure this was going to be a black.

  • IstvanIN

    Was the sex consensual?

    • The__Bobster

      The corpse didn’t say no.

      • Daisy

        Silence does not equal consent.

        • IstvanIN

          With a corpse what does constitute consent?

        • whitepony87

          I don’t care what you guys say, that corpse was asking for it.

        • NM156

          Does death equal consent?

        • Luis

          Baseball commissioner Bud Selig does this to Jackie Robinson every year, and expects everyone else to do likewise.

  • The__Bobster

    Obviously, there was an error in translation. The invader’s boss told him to take off and have a cold, stiff one.

  • ZB

    I don’t know what it is, but there’s usually something……..about male nurses.

    • Bob

      Most male nurses are homosexuals.

      • IstvanIN

        Not all. Was this one having sex with a male corpse?

      • Dean

        Nonsnese. Are all female police officers lesbians?

        • Bob

          You don’t know much about male nurses, do you? And my experience has been that overweight unattractive female cops are almost always lesbians.

          You should get out more.

          • whitepony87

            Well it certainly wouldn’t be my first career choice, and it certainly isn’t a traditional profession for men in America, but there are probably millions of them in America today. My uncle is 46 years old and he decided to go back to school to get a nursing degree. He has a wife and four kids and I seriously doubt he is going back to school to meet men, drink martinis, and live a deviant lifestyle.

          • Patricia


        • Luis

          Not all, but I’d estimate at least 75% are lesbians. ESPECIALLY the Bantu and mestizo ones.

      • NM156

        ..or Filipinos.

      • ZB

        I honestly didn’t know what exactly is different about them, but that would explain the “off”. Thanks, Bob.

    • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading


    • skara_brae

      Like Gaylord Focker.

  • Lygeia

    Aztec family values . . .

  • OlderWoman

    Some blacks enjoy necrophilia. Some have been arrested in the last year.

  • PesachPatriot

    I wonder which extreme metal band will be writing a song about this incident….stomach churning…A society which cannot respect the elderly or the deceased is in serious trouble. A 61 year old is definitely old enough to know better.

  • Liam

    The fact is that Whites (White males in particular) are FAR MORE likely than any other racial demographic to engage in necrophilia, pedophilia, sodomy and other associated forms of sexual activity.

    • Cherry Bomb

      Prove it.

    • William Allingham

      I have to disagree with you, unfortunately most of the “demonization” of whites comes from Eurocentrism and ignorance because you only hear the evils of your people you tend to think that they don’t exist in other cultures, only people specialized in the subject writing for other experts know that, for example pedophilia is very widespread in mexico and even the high numbers of known cases are just a fraction of the whole situation (for cultural reasons men in mexico are more likely to deny having been abused by another male, giving more importance to “machismo” than to their health or justice)

      addictions are very pervasive in LA and in the majority of cases, incest and infantile sexual abuse are involved.

      the main difference in the USA and western countries is that those situations are so unacceptable that they become news and action is taken but in LA where is more widespread, nothing happens to the perpetrators and a denial veil is put, giving more free license to this behaviors.

      Western societies aren’t perfect but when you realize that less successful ones have worse problems which you didn’t even imagine, then you start to value what you have unlike the spoiled child that is given everything and belittles the value of things.

    • mirax

      Not really. Blacks have the highest percentage of homosexuals and whites the lowest, so it’s sound to assume that it’s the same way for all other sexual deviations.

      • Liam

        The fact is that there are many more White Gay men than there are Black or Hispanic men.

    • veritas_lux_mea

      Liam my boy, what are you basing this on? Blacks are 7.5x more likely to have chlamydia than whites, 17x (!) more likely to have gonorrhea, and 6.7x more likely to have syphilis. Black males have 7.6 times the AIDS rate as White males, and black women have almost 20 times the HIV rate as White women.

  • Greg Thomas

    Seriously, mexicans will **** anything, literally.

  • IKantunderstand

    Sheesh, you guys here at Amren, are so, I don’t know, regressive. Repressed, even. It’s already o.k. to abort your baby, as long as you don’t shoot a child who managed to survive pregnancy. Sodomy is absolutely fine! So is girl on girl stuff. Soon, pedophilia will be fine, (sorry Jerry Sandusky, you were too far ahead of your time). Sex with animals? (O.K., as long as it is consensual). So, seriously, sex with dead people? What’s the problem? Now, what I really want to know, was it homosexual necrophilia? Oh, wait, never mind. It was probably also consensual, you know, ouija board sex. Or, maybe it was “Magic Eight Ball” consensual sex. OMG, I am being so racially insensitive, what do illegal alien Mexicans use to confer with the dead? Hah! And some of you probably thought we had sunk as far as we could. You wait, amigos, you ain’t seen nothing, yet.

  • William Allingham

    This is an exemplar display of Hispanic Narcissism, when mexicans engage in sex they are simply masturbating themselves with another body, because they are uncooperative by nature, men in mexico are valued according to the number of women they deceived and the number of men they harmed, and all of this reminds me of something I found that i wanted to share with you, it fits perfectly with Hispanics profile;

    Joan Lachkar describes the phenomenon of cross-cultural narcissism thus:[35]

    The cross-cultural narcissist brings to his new country a certain amount of nationalistic pride, which he holds onto relentlessly. He refuses to adapt and will go to great lengths to maintain his sense of special identity. Cross-cultural narcissists often hook up with borderline (suicidal!) women, who tend to idealize and be mesmerized by men from another culture.

    • bigone4u

      Thank you. Had not heard of the term cross cultural narcissim, but living in an area that is 80 percent Mexican it explains a lot.

    • NM156

      Nah, white necrophilia rates probably aren’t much different from minority rates. Those white high school boys from Wisconsin who dug up their hot classmate, killed in a motorcycle accident, to f**k it at least chose a sexy corpse. These Mexican necros seek their prey at old people’s homes.

  • bigone4u

    In the Marxist university classroom, there is an emphasis on “community”: the gay community, the lesbian community, the black community, the Hispanic community, ad nauseum. We can now define another community for the Marxist profs to defend: the necrophilia community. After all, necrophilia is just another sexual orientation, isn’t it? Why is the white establishment persecuting yet another minority group. You whites should feel guilty about your bigotry. You must accept necrophilia as normal.
    My conclusion: America has unfortunately become filled with vermin: necrophiliacs, pedophiles, Marxist profs, and all the other usual suspects. Time to break out the rat poison I would say.

  • rightrightright
  • Timtom

    I think this is an allegory for Hispanics screwing the dead corpse of the US.
    Don’t turn your nose up you know I’m right.

  • whitepony87

    61 years old? A lot of men this age can’t even perform for a woman. I wonder if he used any performance enhancing drugs to get this goal accomplished?

  • Luca

    I remember the story that a cop found an illegal mestizo in the local park committing sodomy on his male dog. When the officer tried to stop him he said “What’s the problem? It’s my dog.”

    • whitepony87

      Is it possible that he was just pulling a Ceasar Milan?
      Maybe he was just trying to establish dominance?

  • Oh, you guys didn’t hear…..forbidding sex with the dead is racist.

  • David Ashton

    When are our “sexual minorities” going to include those who like felching dead under-age animals? When there are Democratic votes in it.

  • Richard from Vancouver

    Los Angeles, CA, June 1, 2022: Thousands of supporters and activists marched today in the first Necrophilia Pride Parade. A special tribute was made to Alejandro Razo, a necrophiliac who was unjustly sent to prison for his sexual preferences just a decade ago. The Necrophilia Pride Parade may one day rival the Gay Pride Parade for supporters and participants.

  • Johnny Clay

    Could he not find any underage girls to have sex with?

  • Howard W. Campbell

    Sam Kinison did a bit about this many years ago. I guess there is more diversity of necrophiliacs than in the 1980’s.