Neighbors Say Quintuple Shooting on MLK Blvd. Is ‘Embarrassing’

Paul Murphy, WWLTV (New Orleans), January 21, 2013

Five teenagers were shot in the Central City neighborhood of New Orleans shortly after Monday’s Martin Luther King Day parade moved passed the area.

Police spent the afternoon collecting evidence and shell casings outside a grocery at Martin Luther King and LaSalle.

Investigators say shortly after 1 p.m., a late model, white, two-door sedan drove past the store, and a gunman opened fire on a group teenagers standing on the corner in front of the store.

“So far we know of five injuries,” said NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas. “We do not expect that any of those injuries are fatal at this time.”

The shooting is more than a little unsettling for neighbors who witnessed the crime. Many of them were still outside enjoying the day after watching the parade which passed by within a half hour of the shooting.


The significance of this shooting on Martin Luther King Day on Martin Luther King Boulevard is not lost on people who live in this Central City neighborhood.

“I just think that’s so sad for them to be doing that, shooting and killing on Martin Luther King Day,” said [Tanile] Legendre. “It’s embarrassing to the community.”



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  • JackKrak

    I’m sure they are embarrassed – I mean, other cities had WAY more than five wounded on MLK day.
    You’re slipping, New Orleans…….

    • bigone4u

      They’re holding back for the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks. Two teams filled with thugs and a thuggish city will make for a fun Super Bowl weekend of mayhem. NO has a chance to set a new Super Bowl week record for shootings, murders, robbery, and beatings. Go NO, go, go, go!

  • SintiriNikos

    Embarrassed. Not outraged. And it would be OK if it happened on a day other than the Sainted Martin Looter Kayng’s holiday.

    I think this will be a regular occurrence, because these mobs can’t control themselves in celebration any more than they can in protest. When a future civilization sifts through the ashes of ours, they will assume these were annual sacrificial acts to our God, MLK Jr.

  • Tim

    I think it was in Albuquerque that I raced up MLK Blvd. going the wrong way after dark toward an off ramp. My spouse shrieked, “Are you insane?!?” And I told her it was the quickest way I could see to get off it.

  • Not surprising. Just a group of Negroes showing their true colors.

  • The reason blacks insist on having MLK JR Day, black history month, Juneteenth, etc is because they tell us celebrating black history will raise black self-esteem and prevent incidents like this one.

    Yet another multicultural theory fails.

    • The__Bobster

      Damn, after that all-day burrhead fest on NBC yesterday, I now have to look forward to Mudflap Hysteria Mumph.

      When the MSM kiss darkie butt, they even use tongue.

    • Svigor

      The idea that blacks lack self-esteem is the sort of stupid liberal projection* we need to eradicate.

      *(liberal whites assume blacks have low self-esteem because they’d have low self-esteem if they behaved like blacks)

      Besides, black self-esteem has nothing to do with behavior. Wake up a doctor or a serial murderer, it doesn’t matter, because it’s inherent and biological, not based on any sort of introspection.

  • Longing4abetterworld

    This news bursts my bubble. I was all excited because 900,000 people were celebrating MLK & Obama in DC, and not one person got shot!! 😉

    • OlderWoman

      Don’t believe that. None was reported. I’d imagine TNB occurred during the inauguration. It isn’t possible with black crowds that numberous not to have at least one shooting, or mugging or perhaps a rape. Certainly there were drinking parties to celebrate.

      • jfly1222

        Hey OlderWoman Is that TNB the same as philly cops call tns

        • OlderWoman

          Don’t know. Can’t figure out what the ‘s’ means in tns.

        • I know what TNB means. It’s often used on another, more politically incorrect site that I love!

  • IstvanIN

    “I just think that’s so sad for them to be doing that, shooting and killing on Martin Luther King Day,” said [Tanile] Legendre. “It’s embarrassing to the community that five people were injured but none killed. What happened to marksmanship?”

    The full quote.

  • Ulick

    “I just think that’s so sad for them to be doing that, shooting and killing on Martin Luther King Day,”

    Implied in the quote is that shooting and killing isn’t that sad on any other day because it’s par for the course in that community. Basically she’s asking for a one day moratorium on business as usual.

    • shattered

      I doubt that’s going to happen because mass audience events present rare
      opportunities for criminals, gangmembers, etc… to locate enemies that would otherwise not
      present themselves.

      • Brian

        I’d feel infinitely safer among thousands of responsible Whites with loaded assault rifles, than with a dozen sons of Obama.

        You KNOW which event is more likely to result in brawls, stabbing or gunfire.

  • The__Bobster

    “So far we know of five injuries,” said NOPD Superintendent Ronal
    Serpas. “We do not expect that any of those injuries are fatal at this

    Must’ve been all head shots. That’s not a vital area and it’s pretty much bulletproof.

  • OlderWoman

    They feel embarrassed. But do they care about the people who were shot? Seems they care more about appearances than they do about endangering people. As for Ronal Serpas, he was in Nashville. Wonder what his history is there? Was he corrupt?

    • Pearl

      We joke that he decided to take up crime fighting after someone stole his “d”.

  • So CAL Snowman

    I love how they are “embarrassed” and not outraged and angry. It really is all about IMAGE over substance with these people. They are embarrassed that these youfs made the community look bad. They are not ANGRY that this type of behavior is typical of their kind and one of the main reasons they are poor and looked down upon by White society.

    • Ulick

      That’s a big part of the reaason why the high black murder rate won’t get solved. Whites are afriad to mention it out of fear of being called racist, and most blacks don’t want to mention it because they are afraid if they draw attention to it everyone will think that this is how blacks act. As a result, very few people say anything and the problem grows.

      • Luis

        Paisan, That IS how Bantus act, whether in Baltimore, Haiti, Jamaica, Congo – Leopoldville or Zimbabwe.

  • C_C_Conrad

    It wasn’t any different back in 1965 either, so what’s the fuss?


    Jack’s War

  • They jus’ tryin’ to keep i’ real.

  • Lewis33

    You mean this wasn’t done by a carload of Robe wearing, beer swilling whites? Shocked I tell you…These holligans need to watch their Hollywood movies next time and get it right.

  • Guest

    The truth is that parades and mass audience events present rare opportunities in the ghettos to locate enemies that would otherwise not present themselves.

  • Svigor

    Haha, my first Amren scoop! 😀

  • PesachPatriot

    I wonder if this shooting can be blamed on Andrew Jackson…he violently fought the british in that city centuries ago, these poor misunderstood youths were simply acting like the guy on the 20 dollar bill…I envy the older posters who got to see this city before it got wrecked.

    • bigone4u

      Grew up there from 1951; left in 1978 and never looked back. I date the de facto black takeover to the early 70s. One of my profs was held up at gunpoint in his own driveway in broad daylight. Lucky to be alive he was.

      • PesachPatriot

        I’m glad you got to enjoy it for a little while. Its terrible what happened to your professor. One of my favorite johnny cash songs is the city of new orleans…When I was a boy I loved to read the history of that city on dark nights in the middle of cold snowy northern winters. The old black and white photographs looked so beautiful and romantic…Then I was riveted to the news during hurricane katrina and saw the barbarism and the breakdown of civilization…the BP oil spill didn’t help things either…I still hope to bring my daughter there one day to see the French Quarter and Jackson Square and some of the old cemeteries.

  • IKantunderstand

    Tanile, according to you, Blacks being shot on the so-called MLK holiday is “embarrassing to the community”. That’s it? That, is the sum total of what is embarrassing to the Black community? There you have it folks in the old proverbial nutshell. This is why, the country which used to be ours, is swirling ’round the toilet bowl on its way to being flushed. (By, I might add, White developed indoor plumbing).

  • bigone4u

    Drive by shootings such as described are the mark of real cowards. In the ante-bellum white South men of honor settled their differences in duels. Too bad dueling is illegal today because I have a score or two I would like to settle with honor.

  • Fire Eater

    I can top this story. A dreadlocked, gold-toofed dude named MARTIN LUTHER KING was arrested MONDAY in Jacksonville for lighting up three others of his type wif an AK 47, one dead. Check out his mugshot!

  • rebelcelt

    Is there a street anywhere in the U.S.A. named after King that isn’t a high crime area?

    • StillModerated

      If they rename all the streets to Exalted Cyclops Dr. or Imperial Wizard Ave., do you think crime would decrease?

  • StillModerated

    They were protesting about what to eat; muffalettas or po’ boys. Church’s Fried Chicken 3 blocks away was simply too far to knuckle-drag.

  • Seek

    What’s “embarrassing” is not just that five shootings happened on a New Orleans street named after Martin Luther King Jr. It’s that every major American city has at least one throughfare or facility named after him. One thing this latest mindless outrage isn’t, though, is surprising. A street named after King says everything you need to know about the danger level of the surrounding neighborhood — high danger.