Posted on July 21, 2011

VISTA: Deputy Allegedly Attacked by Crowd While Trying to Issue Ticket

Morgan Cook, North County Times, July 19, 2011

Seven people were arrested and one person was shocked with a stun gun Tuesday morning after a disruptive crowd tried to prevent a deputy from citing a man for a traffic violation, authorities said.


The driver, who was later identified as Ismael Martinez, 51, did not have a license, and neither did his passenger, Francisco Martinez, Sgt. Mike Arens said.

The driver began calling people to come to the scene while the deputy was ticketing him, Duffy said. The driver refused to stop calling people and struck the deputy on the hand, he said.

The deputy was arresting the driver when the passenger got out of the car and attacked the deputy, Arens said. The three struggled.

A tow truck driver who was standing nearby jumped into the fight to help the deputy, Duffy and Arens said. The deputy used his stun gun to shock the passenger during the struggle.


A few minutes later, about 25 people showed up in response to the driver’s earlier phone call, Arens said. Most of them were men and appeared to be the driver’s relatives.


Raul Martinez, 25; Alfredo Martinez, 27; Jorge Martinez, 20; Fernando Martinez, 26; and Aldo Martinez, 22, were arrested on suspicion of crimes including refusing to disperse, inciting a riot, assaulting a peace officer and criminal threats, Arens said.


11 responses to “VISTA: Deputy Allegedly Attacked by Crowd While Trying to Issue Ticket”

  1. Jeddermann. says:

    This is no mere traffic offense. That offender calling persons to gather and resist arrest constitutes a racketeering conspiracy. Two or more persons conspiring to commit a crime. Resist arrest and refuse a ticket, violence against a police officer. That cop is lucky he is alive.

    Check out the immigration status too!

  2. RJS says:

    Welcome to our future. This will become more and more common.

    Non-whites continue to become more embolded while law enforement will continue to be “sensitized” and held under a microscope for every encounter with these troublesome non-whites.

    I cringe when I think about just the next ten years. Things are really starting to come apart and this process is not linear; rather this process is accelerating rapidly.

    There are more and more areas in the US where I cannot fathom why a white man would want to work in law enforcement.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What do we expect?

    Most Whites are too brainwashed, weak-willed, and downright stupid to put a complete stop to the nonwhite INVASION of our land. Most seem to welcome them all.

    How many times has a WN been called names for pointing out the obvious FROM idiots of his own race? I rest my case.

  4. True Blue says:

    “Check out the immigration status too!”

    The paper claims that ‘most are US citizens’; not because they prooved it, but because only two were being detained by ICE.

    “The other jailed suspects were not detained as suspected illegal immigrants, but were being held in lieu of bail, according to jail records”

    Knowing that in CA, you practically need to have ILLEGAL tattooed on your body before you are even allowed to be suspected by the police, much less Asked….

  5. Anonymous says:

    A similar incident happened in Montreal, Canada.

    When two officers attempted to arrest a Latino male in a public park, they were swarmed by his friends and relatives.

    The cops had to shoot to kill.

  6. Brian Jones says:

    a disruptive crowd tried to prevent a deputy from citing a man for a traffic violation, authorities said.

    Blatant disregard for the rule of law and thuggish behavior, just like in old Mexico. Is this the type of state we wish to live in? Or are we already there, as this scenario begins to be commonly played out?

    Hispanics are feeling more powerful against Whites as they begin to outnumber us everywhere. Who here said whites will get along ‘just fine’ once blacks are eliminated and Hispanics are in the majority?

    Soon, starting in the Southwest, law enforcement agents will be majority Hispanic as will judges, politicians and those who vote. White America and its rule of law will cease to exist along with White Americans who will be legislated against and then ethnically cleansed out of majority Hispanic lands without a prayer of compensation or redress. The US will descend into anarchy, tyranny and violence, just like in old Mexico, never to return.

  7. Anonymous says:

    #2RJS, you are so right.

    This is the future. The America destroyers bring in millions of violent, rock- stupid Mestizos, and just let them act as they normally do. Is there ANY proof that the government has tried to stop them so far? Of course not.

    Then, when the browns and blacks have created enough mayhem, the government puts an Iron boot down hard on EVERYBODY…yet mysteriously, whites first…oops!

    Because whites are the only ones who can put up a fight. Browns are born into entropy, and always die like flies. They can’t tie their shoes, and their revolutions and uprisings are childish, if very bloody affairs. They kill, and die, but achieve nothing, because they’re stupid.

    A small handful of talented whites, on the other hand, can literally change world history. Big money and their marxist/ one world government friends know that.

  8. WHC says:

    RJC: I agree and it is already happening. There are large zones in communities across the country where no white person dares to venture. Soon, law enforcement will not enter these areas either. It has already happened in France where police, fire and emergency squads no longer enter Muslim dominated areas. It’s just too dangerous. Our future does not look bright.

  9. Mr.White says:

    This behavior shouldn’t surprise anyone! This is how these invading, third-world mestizos behave. They have zero respect for this country, our laws, or authority figures. When offended, these volatile and hostile invaders attack, using a pack mentality. Our government continues to embolden these criminal invaders, through constants pandering and a refusal to enforce our immigration laws against them. Such efforts have not been lost on these ignorant invaders. This ignorance, combined with their brazen and arrogant attitude is a dangerous mixture.

    This government has exempted illegal invading Hispanics from immigration law in this country. Police officers are do not even dare to ask these invaders for identification, much less what country they are from! When an agency dares enforce local law against these criminals, all hell breaks lose.

    Time is running out folks. If this issue is not addressed, it will be too late to stop this invasion. There will simply be too many anchor babies and Hispanics in positions of power whose first loyalty is to Mexico and their invading La Raza.

  10. Anonymous says:

    We have to start with the WHITEST states. Start putting purple spots on every sign. This means – WHITES ONLY. NO EXCEPTIONS. And have the social network to call and rouse a gang with baseball bats if its violated. Then we have to take back a state. And pass laws in that state of ZERO tolerance for illegals and STOP the welfare programs. NO SECTION 8 HOUSING. Cut public housing back to the bare minimum. While this will be hard on whites… the poor whites will have to live in mestizo states for the short term until things get fixed. Finally after enough states have been reclaimed, we can either break away or reclaim the government. Or just declare bloody war

  11. Anonymous says:

    what happens when 100 show up instead of 25. What happens when 1000 show up? time to leave america or flee to white only states.