$2.44M Fed Study: ‘Deportation and Loneliness’ Led Former Illegals to Use Drugs, Whores

Curtis Houck, CNS News, July 1, 2013

An ongoing federally funded research project that has cost taxpayers $2.44 million has concluded, among other things, that “deportation and loneliness” led former illegal aliens in Tijuana, Mexico to use drugs and patronize prostitutes.

Researchers working on the project—“Safer Sex Intervention for Male Clients of Female Sex Workers in Tijuana, Mexico”–did one-hour interviews with 30 men from both the United States and Mexico who patronized prostitutes in Tijuana’s Zona Roja.

The researchers paid the men $20 a piece “to describe and reflect upon their experiences purchasing sex” from prostitutes and answer questions that “explored clients’ motivations for seeking commercial sex, their condom use, perceived STI and HIV risk, and narratives on how socio-cultural and structural factors influence sexual and drug using behaviors.”

“Although deportees were not a specific recruitment target, almost all of the Mexican-born participants had been deported to Tijuana from the U.S., leading to separation from partners and families who remained al otro lado (‘on the other side’),” said an article the researchers published in the April 2011 issue of Social Science and Medicine.

“Most participants described how deportation and loneliness led to visiting FSWs [female sex workers] and using drugs simultaneously,” the researchers wrote. “Heavy drug use and unprotected sex were seen by some as inextricably linked responses to a lack of social support.”


Some of the men interviewed said it had been easier not to patronize prostitutes when they were living in the United States.

“Men who had lived in the U.S. perceived that different sexual behaviors and greater economic opportunities in the U.S. resulted in lower HIV risks there compared to Tijuana,” the researchers wrote. “For example, clients discussed how living in the U.S. was more likely to facilitate legitimate employment, reduced drug use, and stable intimate relationships.”


The project, funded by the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute on Drug Abuse, is run by researchers at the University of California-San Diego, under the direction of Psychiatry Professor Thomas L. Patterson. Over the past five years, NIDA has granted a total of $2,440,150 to the “Safer Sex Intervention for Male Clients of Female Sex Workers in Tijuana, Mexico” project. In 2010, NIDA gave him $608,748; in 2011, it gave him $588,588; in 2012, it gave him $586,764; and in 2013, it gave him two installments of $96,100 and $559,950.

A description of the project on the NIH website explains its purpose.

“This study proposes to test a brief, one-hour counseling intervention with male clients in Tijuana, Mexico, to reduce their rates of unprotected sex (i.e., sex without a condom) with FSWs as well as their rates of infection with HIV and STIs,” says the description. “Finding an effective intervention for this population is important given the rising rates of HIV infection in Tijuana (as documented in earlier studies) and the large numbers of people crossing the border in both directions, many of them specifically to purchase sex from FSWs in Tijuana.”

Among their conclusions, the researchers found that “intensified border enforcement” has increased the HIV risk in Mexico, and that Mexican border communities need programs that provide health services and “economic and social support” to deportees.

“Internationally, migration, deportation, and social isolation have been linked to elevated HIV risk,” the researchers wrote. “We argue that these are consequences of wider geopolitical forces, such as U.S. immigration policies and enforcement actions.”

“We believe that intensified border enforcement and increased deportations, which have occurred in response to this movement, have had serious mental and physical consequences that have perhaps been overlooked,” said the researchers.


CNSNews.com contacted Dr. Patterson several times by e-mail and telephone to ask about the progress of his research and how its use of taxpayer money is justified, but Dr. Patterson did not respond.

CNSNews.com also asked the National Institutes of Health (NIH) about the most recent grant made to the project in the current fiscal year.

“This is a diversity training supplement to an existing grant,” NIH responded in an email. “It is designed to prepare behavioral scientists, especially racial/ethnic minorities, to conduct research in the areas of drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, and crime. NIH research addresses the full spectrum of human health across all populations of Americans. Behavioral research will continue to be an important area of research supported by NIH. Only by developing effective prevention and treatment strategies for health-injuring behaviors such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, drug abuse, unprotected sex, can we reduce the disease burden in the U.S. and thus, enhance health and lengthen life, which is the mission of the NIH.”

The NIH-funded researchers published a second journal article in the May 2011 edition of Health Place. For this study, they surveyed 400 men who patronized prostitutes in Tijuana and did “qualitative interviews” with 30 of them, who were paid $20 a piece for the interviews.


The researchers published a third article in Epidemiology and Prevention in August 2012. For this article, they surveyed 383 men who patronized prostitutes in Tijuana to compare “‘bridgers’ (clients who had unprotected sex with FSWs and with a wife or steady partner) with men who did not.”  Here they concluded: “Sensation-seeking clients who use drugs during sex and coerce FSWs into unprotected sex may be less responsive to standard risk reduction interventions.”


In an article published in the May 2013 edition of AIDS Behavior, the researchers discussed a survey they did of 375 men from San Diego and Tijuana who patronized prostitutes in Tijuana.

“Consistent with our hypothesis, we found that among clients who reported having sex with FSWs in a bar/cantina, more intoxication of alcohol during sex was associated with more unprotected sex; this relationship was not found among clients who did not report having sex in a bar/cantina.”

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  • MekongDelta69

    For $10 (the price of lunch), I could have done a ‘study’ with a solution to the above problem:

    Don’t jump over our damn fence in the first place.

  • Spartacus

    “I’m in my motel room thinking, ‘what am I gonna do the rest of the
    night?’” said the prostitute patron. “These girls come to mind that I
    can have sex with for a small amount of money, so I do.”


    You tried reading a book ? Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot, that would be “acting white”…

  • Puggg

    Of course they would find a way to make this our fault for our “border enforcement” (whatever that’s supposed to mean anymore). That we might every once in awhile enforce immigration law is supposed to be the cause of so many Mexican men being unable to keep it in their pants.

  • Luca

    More politically correct drivel. So…lonely men away from home seek out prostitutes..who knew?

    Not one mention of HIV being caused by homosexual acts and shared needles. These “lonely men” have likely spent time in prison and when in an alcohol/drug stupor probably revert back to their homosexual tendencies and also share needles.

    But let’s not dwell on that, let’s think of more ways to spend American taxes on studies that end up with a politically correct hypothesis.

    • jane johnson

      So this is the way “natural conservatives” behave? Who knew?

      • Let’s not forget the “family values” that so impressed Shrubya!

        • WR_the_realist

          Hispanics have a 50% illegitimacy rate. But they pop out kids like nobody’s business, so the Stupid Party says they have family values.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    *head hits desk*

  • guest

    Many Mexicans are also “gay”…Did this article fail to mention this on PURPOSE? ..The first “gay” couple in our area last week to “wed” was a Mexican “gay” man….

    • Jefferson

      Mexican men keep it on the down low just like the Brothas.

      • The way they see it, it isn’t “gay” if you’re the one on top. One of the Mexicans I met in Denver County Jail’s Building 11 voluntarily transferred to another unit across from us in order to “get with” a shemale Mexican he’d been talking with across the rec area fence.

    • The__Bobster

      Most Latino voters are more likely to vote for a political party providing them with benefits than to vote for a party on moral principles.

      Besides—as Steve Sailer recently noted—the gay movement is already very strong in Mexico, and getting stronger.

      Mexico City now has “gay marriage”. And it’s been approved by the Mexican Supreme Court, which declared that all 31 states in Mexico must recognize same-sex marriages performed in Mexico City (the Federal District). That means that legally, same-sex “marriage” is actually on a stronger footing in Mexico than in the U.S. (For now—liberal judges in the U.S. will no doubt eventually claim that the U.S. Constitution’s Article IV, Section I, the “Full Faith and Credit clause”, requires all states to accept some states’ “gay marriage” laws.)

      There’s already been plenty of gay agenda brainwashing in Mexico. When I was teaching there some years ago, a group of students asked me my views on the topic. (They brought it up, not me). When I said I didn’t believe in “gay marriage”, a student declared that I was “homophobic”.

      • Bossman

        In much of Latin America, they use the English word “gay” to describe their homosexuals. Homosexuals and their life styles are more alien to them. That is why they use the English word to describe them.

  • bigone4u

    Typical worthless academic study designed to excuse minority disease, crime, and dysfunction. There is absolutely no value to this research. It won’t change a thing, other than the professor will win a libtard research award. I saw so much of this at the university when I was employed. It made me sick then as it does now.

  • …. “deportation and loneliness” led former illegal aliens in Tijuana, Mexico to use drugs and patronize prostitutes.

    What was their excuse for using prostitutes in the US when they were here and “not lonely”?

  • The__Bobster

    “Most participants described how deportation and loneliness led to visiting FSWs [female sex workers] and using drugs simultaneously,” the researchers wrote.“

    My conclusion is that recent deportees had more money in their pockets to purchase drugs and sexual services.

    • Erasmus

      Maybe that’s the American dream for illegal Mexicans: To be rich enough to buy all the drugs and hookers you could ever want.

  • WR_the_realist

    So is this why we mustn’t deport illegal aliens? So they won’t get lonely and go to hookers? This is the current state of academic research?

    • JackKrak

      Right now, somewhere in the belly of the beast, someone is signing off on a study to investigate why white males react with such “hate” and “hostility” to learning about the kind of government “investment” described in the article.

  • JDInSanDiego

    $2.4 MILLION to figure out why Mexicans go to prostitutes? Because they’re Mexicans, that’s why. Its also why they’re three times more likely to commit murder. A friend once asked me why they cut off heads. I said, “Because they’re Indians. That’s what they do.”

    They paid the “Juans” 20 bucks to participate in this earth shattering study? How much ya want to bet they used that 20 on a prostitute and not a Mother’s Day gift?

  • Tinfoil A22hat

    So our tax dollars are being spent on interventions for non-citizens. NIH states their research is to benefit all Americans. How does that justify spending money on illegals? Isn’t there some agency to report misuse of these federal grants?

    If illegals truly were not the chosen targets for this intervention, why is so much –or, really all– of the outcome focused upon the issues related to illegal “immigration” And HIV risk?

    Transparent frauds, one and all, and for being such they are not punished but rewarded
    with hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars.

    This is not the same country that I grew up in. Happy effing 4th.

  • Erasmus

    “It’s Saturday night. I’m alone and I’m bored. I know! I’ll get stoned and hire a hooker! There’s nothing else to do.”

    Yup, that sounds like family values to me.
    (sarcasm off)

  • Tinfoil A22hat

    If that’s the case, then they should focus on how illegals spread their disease on this side of the border, and how to keep our own “citizens” from contracting disease from the illegals. There’s no need for epidemiology when the cause is obvious. And there’s no need for government funded interventions when the solution is obvious. Don’t let the damned illegals over the border in the first place. Problem solved.

  • Bossman

    Open borders and open prostitution would truly spell freedom. But humanity is not ready for that.

    • The__Bobster

      I hope you don’t represent humanity.


    This is not the most bizarro study ever paid for by the government. Years ago, Senator William Proxmire used to give the Golden Fleece Award to the most ridiculous things the government paid for. One of the more memorable ones: A study by the Justice Dept. to determine why prisoners want to escape.

    • This is the same federal government that ordered M-151 jeeps cut into four parts rather than allowing them to be sold to the US public who had paid for them in the first place.

      • SFLBIB

        This type of incident has occurred before, and I understand the reason the government does this is that it is not allowed to compete with private business. There are exceptions, however, since the military is allowed to auction off its surplus junk. I say “junk” because that’s what it is … not worth the cost of hauling it off. I went to several previews and never returned for the actual sales. Perhaps that is the criterion for allowing the government to “compete” with private business. Maybe there is someone else out there who can add to this.

        • The problem is that they aren’t competing with private business, because it was private business that made the vehicles that later became surplus in the first place. In the case of the M-151, it was Ford that produced them, so your choice if you were in the market for a small 4X4 and were allowed to buy an M-151 would really be either Ford or Chrysler’s Jeep division (if you wanted a CJ instead). If you picked an M-551, the army would be acting only as an intermediary, just as if you had bought a used vehicle from either an individual, a dealer, or a corporate fleet. Even if they aren’t always in such hot shape when the army is done with them, I imagine someone could make a reasonable living refurbishing and reselling surplus vehicles. Cutting them up – just like spending $2 million to find out why illegal aliens like drugs and hookers – seems a criminal waste of our money.

          • SFLBIB

            When I was in the Air Force, I met a civilian who had been in the Army and tried to buy a surplus GI watch at the end of the war. The Army refused to sell them to anyone, and they laid them all out and drove a tank over them. There used to be a lot of war surplus stores around when I was a kid. Not any more. Maybe that’s why. They certainly haven’t run out of wars.

            I agree with you that it is a waste, but the way business looks at it, for each vehicle re-sold to the public by the government is one less vehicle sold by a private, used vehicle dealer, and business has a lot of political influence. Personally, I think it is the same mentality as the one that thinks a natural disaster stimulates the economy by providing jobs for re-building.

          • I think in the M-551’s case, the gripe was that it was heaps better than either the M-38 that preceded it or the early CJs. It had four-wheel independent suspension and coilovers instead of solid axles and leaf springs. It also had a unitary body, which allowed a bit more room inside. There was a bit of a rollover problem, but that is normal for this sort of vehicle; the army eventually fitted rollover protection. Vehicles like the Suzuki Samurai and Mitsubishi Monterowere notorious for rollovers (the ultra-short wheelbase made handling twitchy), but the DoT approved them for US road use without any fuss.

  • Yes, but this involves African’ts who also have other untreated STDs that leave open sores on the genitals.

  • mobilebay

    Hi Bobby,
    I’m an American of such “long” standing, I’m almost petrified! Probably been around longer than most Amren posters and have a deep love of this nation. I think It’s in my genes, passed down from that 15-year old patriot in the South Carolina Militia who stood up to the Red Coats. Surely I can stand against the invasion from the south. I don’t have a musket, but letters, faxes and phone calls will have to do in today’s world. And, yes, articles like the one above make my head want to explode.

  • Puggg

    I thought all these Mexicans had strong family values that didn’t stop at the Rio Grande and that they were all natural conservatives.

  • Let’s see: they’re working under the table, so are not paying the income taxes that support this kind of nonsense-study. They won’t carry medical insurance, and so have been bankrupting our hospitals, they impose a horrible burden on our criminal justice system, they receive quite a few – though not all – taxpayer-funded handouts, but we’re collectively expected to feel sorry for the poor greasers, even though they have enough money for booze, drugs and hookers.

    • MadMike

      Agreed Mike, It amazes me the way our government wastes our tax dollars…

  • Note that the report called for “services” and “effective intervention”. Despite this being a problem among Mexicans on Mexican territory, I’ll be you can easily guess who will be expected for these “services” and “intervention”: white American taxpayers.

  • Mexicans are big on comic books. This probably explains their sophisticated aerospace, microelectronics and biomedical industries.


    I live in AZ. What are “the White 1:15”? Never seen this term.