Powerball Winner Pedro Quezada Riches Will Be Cut Down by $29,000 in Past-Due Child Support, and Thousands More Per Year Could Be Claimed

Vera Chinese and Ginger Adams Otis, NY Daily News, March 28, 2013

He’s a big papi—and now it could cost him.

Rags-to-riches Powerball winner Pedro Quezada has five kids who could all cash in now that he’s a multimillionaire.

The former bodega owner—who scored $338 million with New Jersey’s largest jackpot win—already owes $29,000 in unpaid child support to an unnamed woman, state officials said Thursday.

Pedro Quezada

Pedro Quezada

It will be taken off the top of his Powerball payout before he gets a dime, along with 9% annual interest that has accrued on the 2009 charge.

Even though he’s now worth an estimated $152 million after taxes, his past-due child support payments won’t go up retroactively, said legal expert Bryan Salamone. But any future payments would almost certainly jump.


Quezada says he’s been married to his current wife, Ines Sanchez, for the past nine years.

His oldest son, Casiano, 23, and youngest daughter, 5, were in Passaic with him when he claimed his millions.

But three others—a 15-year-old boy, and girls aged 10 and 17—were in a different state.


New Jersey has no record of a divorce for Quezada—but does show a child custody claim from a woman who shared at least one child with him but never legally married him.



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  • JackKrak

    This is the guy who, after living in the U.S. – well, New Jersey, anyway – for 26 years showed up at the press conference with an interpreter and only spoke Spanish.
    “Hardworking” and “vibrant”, no doubt.

    • crystalevans

      Typical, after all these years, he never bothered to learn English. I wonder what is his immigration status is? I heard nothing about that.

      • Mogibs medats

        Never bothered to pay for its children either. This kind of garbage shouldn’t be in this country!

      • Remember that the media always AVOIDS immigration status……encouraged by the Obama Administration and the likes of Chunky Christie….

    • sbuffalonative

      Funny how their apologist tell us these people want to learn English.

    • Maybe he was so busy being “hardworking” and “vibrant” that he didn’t have time for those free English as a Second Language courses

  • MekongDelta69

    More Spanish ‘family values.’
    (I wonder if he’s even legal.)

    How long will the Dominican’s $150 million last?

    “Hmm… I’m gonna go with… Two years for a thousand, Alex.”

    • MikeofAges

      Maybe he won’t whine quite so much as some other people would about having to meet his family obligations. Maybe less than a reprobate white thug would. Hearing about what pro athletes and tycoons have to pay for their kids, he might be shelling out about $50K per brat per month. Then one day it will all stop. After they’re grown, he can indulge the kids if he wants, but mama won’t get anything. The ghetto annuity will run out.

  • IstvanIN

    3 kids by a woman he was never married to, and owes unpaid child support. I am sure that the “baby momma” was on welfare, FS, medicaid, Home Energy Assistance, and heavens knows what else, he owes NJ a lot more than 29K and should be forced to reimburse the state for all the public assistance she collected.

    On, and by the way, he is a black Hispanic. No more need be said.

    • The__Bobster

      Dominican mongrels are only slightly better than the Haitian purebreds they share the island with.

    • Aaron

      Please! There a re a plenty of White trash dead beat dads out there.

      • IstvanIN

        Oh yes, the percentage of dead white dads equals, in fact exceeds, the percentage of black dead beat sperm donors. Oh, and the moon is made out of Limburger.

    • Tom Brady Bunch

      He’s puerto rican which is JUST hispanic, you idiot. No more needed to be said.

      • IstvanIN

        1) You are the idiot.
        2) He is Dominican, not Puerto Rican.
        3) “Hispanic”, in today’s American English, can mean anyone, of any race or combination of races, who hails from, or whose forebears came from, a Latin American country or Spain. You can be a Chinese from Cuba and be considered Hispanic.
        4) Name calling just proves that you have a lower IQ than good old Pedro.

  • bigone4u

    What a disgusting reminder of how random life is and how little justice exists.

    • fakeemail

      Don’t be so optimistic. There is NO justice.

  • crystalevans

    Let’s put it this way. I think that there will be more baby mama’s coming out of the woodwork now. I mean he probably has kids that he forgot about and are owed child support. We haven’t heard the end of this story yet.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Even if he doesn’t have any more children, you can bet that every Dominican immigrant woman in New Jersey has heard about him and knows its only a matter of convincing the courts he’s her baby’s father to get her hands on some gibsmedat.

      I expect to see lots of paternity suits coming his way.

  • seapeamp

    Pedro Quezada now has Romney like money. I think we might be seeing the next GOP presidential candidate.

    Vote for Pedro, 2016!

  • The__Bobster

    This is the only way that Obongo’s Dreamers can contribute to the economy…..by shear luck.

    • guest

      sheer. We are so intelligent, our grammar is perfect, and we are so jealous.

  • Tom Iron

    Actually, the guy is done. He’ll end up badly.

  • MobyWhite

    Why do we have Dominicans in George Washington’s America anyway?

    And why are there so many Orientals here? I see them everywhere. They are quiet and polite, so they aren’t a nusiance, but they are everywhere. What’s their plan? Why are they here? What was wrong with their homelands? What will our homeland be like when their numbers increase and ours decrease?

    Can you feel that heat rising?

    • crystalevans

      Simple, They want a better life. There are many of them who are illegal but find jobs and send money home to China or South Korea. This is why they were sent here by their families.

      • The__Bobster

        No, at first they send money home. Then they send for their families. If they want a better life, they should make one at home.

      • Greg Thomas

        “The better life” argument. We are giving our country away to the entire third-world under the guise of those seeking a better life. Why should their quest for a better life make my life more miserable?

    • OnGuard

      Asians, fleeing Hong Kong when the British ceded their rule in 1999, immigrated to Vancouver, Canada. They bought whole blocks of apartments. The signs they put up were :For rent–to Asians ONLY”. That’s their plan; they see Western culture as dying and their long-lived culture will take it’s place in North America!

    • America First

      During the same newscast noting this , I heard about the 17 year old Brit (white kid) who became a millionaire for actually inventing something: http://www.voanews.com/content/british-youth-a-millionaire-with-cell-phone-application/1629130.html (Not that I have anything against gambling.) This Dominican (why not Dominican-American?) was being heralded as if he had actually accomplished something, and even some right-leaning radio commentators were giving him an “attaboy” as if were the result of hard work, determination, intellectual excellence, etc.

      In response to your comment about Dominicans and Orientals being everywhere, this past summer I had a strange experience traveling in Fort Lee, New Jersey, right across from NYC via the GW Bridge. I drove miles and miles not only without seeing a white person (other than my own family), but all business signs were either in Korean, Chinese or Spanish. The hotels, gas stations and donut shops were run by Indians (dot, not feather). As a hoot, my wife and I went into a fairly full-size supermarket, where EVERYTHING was written in Korean, signs, labels, etc. The only readable – to me – symbols were the numbers.

  • It’s probably the beginning of his worst nightmare. Oh well! Easy come, easy go.

    • Greg Thomas

      That would be sweet justice…

  • QueFah

    Deport this trash and Barry Soetoro with him

  • It’s pretty likely this guy is an illegal.

    The top tax in the Dominican Republic of 25% is for earnings over about $17,000.

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the Dominican Republic taxman came with his hand out for “theirs” the way the US does for it’s citizen’s money made out of the country.

    What would the US response be when another country came to America, to do to one of our beloved illegals, exactly what the US does to it citizens that are abroad?

    • Orqui

      If he was illegal I dont think he would go cash the ticket himself, he wouldve sent someone else. Common sense didnt make u think that?????. Hard working immigrant, like most us.

      • Go read VDare, or just trust me, illegals have it better than citizens when it comes to “rights”.

      • ms_anthro

        Go home while it’s still a voluntary choice.

        • guest

          You, my dear, are an idiot!

      • josh

        hard working? Or hardly working?

      • The__Bobster

        Your kind work hard until they find some way to get on the public dole.

        • Pote

          His first question was, will I lose my food stamps now?

      • Greg Thomas

        Illegal invaders have no fear of our laws or authority. They are defiant and militant. On top of that, they are ignorant. Didn’t you think of that!

        • guest

          Yes — but he is now standing on CASH!

  • fakeemail

    See, this guy is a prime example of hispanic demographic dominance. Even poor mexican fugly losers have five kids by multiple wives. How many kids does your average (or above average) white guy have? Does he even have a wife?

    • newscomments70

      It must be a cultural thing in hispanic countries. A former coworker of mine from the Phillipines had 20 brothers and sisters. He had six siblings from his parents and about 14 illegitimate siblings. His mother and father were married, but the father cheated. He just could not stop having sex and making babies. He could not use protection. His women would not say no nor use any contraception. No one controlled their impulses nor even attempted to be safe. They were all piss poor but brought a score of children into the world without delay. My friend told me about one of the baby mommas. She had six children and had to hike 2 miles every day with heavy water jugs…just to bring clean water to their shack. I replied, “if she cannot provide even clean running water, why did she have six kids? I can imagine one, everyone makes mistakes…but six???” He could not answer.

  • bubo

    Only idiots win a sum of money like that and want their name and picture splashed across TV screens. This guy is going to be inundated with scams, relatives and shakedown artists like you wouldn’t believe.

    • Greg Thomas

      One can only hope….

    • Lygeia

      In some states, they make the winners appear on tv. If you don’t do it, you can’t collect your winnings.

  • Mogibs medats

    Don’t pay for your kids. That is what the white people are for.

  • whiteuncleruckus

    He sure looks very happy to have the White Man’s money. That parasite dosen’t deserve a penny.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    Give it 2 – 3 years; he will be broke and will probably end up in a ditch somewhere. More than a few lottery winners have met an untimely end.

    If I were ever to win any substantial amount of money; I would talk with an attorney and a CPA to see how I could take the money and run with minimal public exposure.

    • ms_anthro

      In many states you can have your legal counsel empowered to collect it for you and it’s possible to stay completely anonymous. That’s what I would do.


    I’d like to know how much he spent on Lottery tickets each week?

    • guest

      What do you care? I’m sure everyone will be taken care of — kids, welfare given to the babies, taxes, any and all past obligations, and anything else he owes.

      Are you peeved that he still has more money than you?


  • Greg Thomas

    Diversity sucks!

  • Mote

    Laugh and critisize him all you want to BUT,
    You would love to be selling Escalades in his area

    • guest


    • Yonty

      Well at least when they collect to tax on jis winnings it will be his first time participating in the American Tax System?

  • This minority clown will be BROKE in short order—he’s likely TOO STUPID to know how to handle money…

    Just watch…..

  • MikeS

    Question: “How long will the Dominican’s $150 million last?”
    Answer: Longer than he will.

  • Lygeia

    Well, if white people would must buy lottery tickets…

  • StillModerated

    I do believe that with $338 million this lucky sod could buy the entire Dominican Republic.

  • Patrick Boyle

    I used to be a government financial officer in California. One day I went to an event in Sacramento for government mid-level bureaucrats. I sat a big table with perhaps a dozen other men who controlled the finances of agencies in California. The meeting was about the California Lottery.
    As we talked it became clear that none of us had ever actually purchased a lottery ticket. Not really surprising. The lottery was for the rubes, not people who could count past ten without taking off their shoes.
    At one time I had been a social worker. I knew that lotteries were a scourge for the poor. They frittered away their few funds on nonsense. Babies didn’t get milk. Mothers didn’t get groceries.
    I never believed in the benevolence of government after the California Lottery.

    • Nathanwartooth

      People actually support raising taxes on those who earn more than 250,000 a year more than people who win the lottery.

      Reason? They can see themselves potentially winning the lottery but never making 250,000 a year.

      Math wise the best way to buy lottery tickets is just buy ONE ticket for the lottery for your state. The winnings are typically 8 million+ and much better odds than buying a multi-state powerball like this.

  • IstvanIN

    He made a $30,000 payment today. The people of the NJ are still out who knows how much in public assistance.

  • Whirlwinder

    that money will be gone within 5 years.