CBS analyst Doug Gottlieb got coverage of the NCAA tournament’s Sweet 16 off to an awkward start last night as he joked that he was there to bring the ‘white man’s perspective’ to the network’s pregame show.

Gottlieb made the remark during a pregame segment before the Marquette-Miami game on a panel with Greg Gumbel, Greg Anthony, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley–who are all black.

Sitting in the middle, Gottlieb said: ‘I don’t know why you guys ask me, I’m just here to bring diversity to this set, give kind of the white man’s perspective,’ he said during the show.

Fellow analyst Greg Anthony made a face after Gottlieb’s awkward comment and Kenny Smith said he had ‘jumped right into it.’

The remark raised the ire of some basketball fans on Twitter, who branded Gottlieb’s quip ‘awkward’ and ‘racist.’

At one point, Gottlieb addressed one of his critics directly, saying: ‘It is called a joke.’

Perhaps the harshest rebuke came from ESPN football analyst and former NFL player Mark May, who tweeted that Gottlieb should be ‘canned’ from CBS for what he said.

May posted: ‘That type of comment is ment (sic) for a bar not a national stage.Nice job Gottlieb I hope all the kids 12 and under didn’t hear it!’

But as the night wore on, Gottlieb received a show of support from one of his co-analysts, former NBA star Charles Barkley – who trashed Gottlieb’s detractors.


Gottlieb was still on set Thursday night and unavailable for comment, but issued a statement through CBS.

‘It was not a smart thing to say and I apologize,’ he said.


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  • For the record, we know where some of you are going to drag this conversation.

    Don’t go there. You’ve been warned.

    • Hunter Morrow

      Warned for what? Noting that GOTTLIEB doesn’t sound like a White surname.

      Don’t worry. They look White to me!

    • So CAL Snowman

      Can i have next week’s lotto numbers too?

      • The__Bobster

        If I win, the state won’t be coming after me for back child support.

    • A Balanced Perspective


      I’m not entirely sure what it is you’re referring to…

      Can you at least give us a hint…?

      • Daisy

        I wouldn’t mind one either…

      • brengunn

        I have no idea, either. Hmmm….

    • Hunter Morrow

      2 likes. I guess there are 2 “You Know Whats” hanging around. Probably the mods!

    • Guest

      What do you mean? Drag the conversation where? I am serious. What do you mean?

    • ATBOTL

      Yes, commissar.

  • JackKrak

    Just about every show in every genre of television that uses talking heads on air has the token “Black voice”, there to discuss his/her blackness and how his/her being black allows him/her to tackle issues from a unique perspective, informed by various aspects of his/her blackness. This is so standard as to be expected ( MSNBC’s primetime lineup excluded, but they get a pass).

    Whites are not allowed to suggest they might have their own take on anything, even something so utterly frivolous as basketball.

  • bigone4u

    The white perspective on everything is unwelcome in the new Amerika. Whether the topic be sports, immigration, crime, education, or anything else, the powers that be will punish the white person who even jokingly purports to speak from a white perspective. If a black comedian had appeared on the panel and said, “I’ze gonna gives ya da n*gga way a lookin at dis,” the liberal press would be celebrating his cleverness and comedic brilliance. As he was the token white on an otherwise all black panel, I fail to see why a white man would need to apologize for being white, yet he did. I can’t blame him for wanting to keep his job, but at some point a white person needs to stand up and loudly say, “Screw big brother and his thought police. And I g-d well refuse to apologize.”

  • Michael Ryan

    well after watching it i had to admit it seemed awkward and dumb not really funny. what i dont get is why anyones interested in watching sports at all its like a 96% black thing who cares it would be more fun watching segregated teams fight it out even if we got our asses kicked.

    • So CAL Snowman

      The NHL is still pure as the driven snow and a quality product to boot.

  • Felix_M

    Gottlieb? With a name like that he doesn’t bring much new perspective to the table at all.

    • Hunter Morrow

      I give this 45 minutes. It is how long mine lasted.


      Did somebody even imply something negative about jews? DELETE DELETE DELETE

      Pre-emptive censorship is great, isn’t it?


    • The__Bobster

      He doesn’t represent me. All “White” sportscasters are libtards who worship Bantus.

      • Xanthippe2

        Exactly. The chance of a major media network (Fox included) hiring someone who even has a remote possiblity of being pro-White is about zero. These folks are vetted even more carefully than major political canidates. Mr. whatever his name was just needs a remedial course on being a comic.

  • Archer Andover

    Kosher (U) observations only, please.

    • The__Bobster

      Yes, we’ve been warned.

  • SargeInCharge

    If people are allowed to hear that there is a white perspective in sports, then they could get the crazy idea that there is a white perspective in politics, in society, in general. The “elites” and Liberals have to nip that “racist” bud before it blossoms because, as the elites and Liberals have told us, we’re all the same. How can there be a white perspective if whites are the exact same as blacks and Hispanics? The mere idea of a white perspective is ludicrous and racist.

    • George White

      Yeah…but LaRaza has the brown perspective, and the ADL has the Jewish perspective…see, whites don’t even EXIST.

    • They seem to be getting vicious lately over stupid things

      Could it be that they are getting scared that too many white people are waking up to the royal screwjob they have been getting for so long (at least 50 years)?

      • ms_anthro

        This is my guess. They’re starting to panic. Whites are waking up and they’re scared.

        Good. They should be scared.

        • Tom Iron

          Here’s what they’re really scared of. We can really shoot and they know it. One round, one hit type of shooting. No spraying bullets everywhere like a jerk.

        • Thor Bonham

          Oh how I wish and hope but, I see no evidence of this … Whites are ALWAYS apologizing and no other whites come to their defense ..

          • ms_anthro

            Do you not spend time here? We’re defending each other. It’s a start. We are all the beginning, every one of us.

      • ATBOTL

        No, not at all. They are not getting scared, quite the opposite. They are emboldened and are setting a new higher bar of PC. Every time whites apologize and receive no support from other whites, it’s a sign of submission that leads to more aggressive behavior from the anti-whites.

  • Apologize,people asking for apologing are the ray-sis,stand up white america!!

  • The problem is he is a white sportscaster. Blacks want this job to be exclusively black, just as they feel coaching jobs should be exclusively black.

  • sbuffalonative

    ‘I don’t know why you guys ask me, I’m just here to bring diversity to this set, give kind of the white man’s perspective,’ he said during the show.
    In jest there is truth. Only we’re not allowed to joke about some matters because those kind of jokes also reveal social facts.
    Blacks know they can control us with ‘outrage’. They control us by setting the agenda and we have to jump through their hoops.

    • brengunn

      I bet it’s whites who do most of the whining about it.

  • brengunn

    I honestly don’t know how that cold be described as ‘racist’. I guess it’s just another example of how that word has lost all meaning due to repetitive overuse.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      I think the term “racist” now actually means “Yeah, we believe in freedom of association, as long as you belive in the same association as we do!”

      Apparently, a white who only wishes to associate with other whites is not included under “freedom of association”.

  • thoughtcrime

    Controlled opposition. He’s a tribe member and thus does not represent the “white perspective”.

  • whiteuncleruckus

    They don’t like White people making racial jokes. Try repeating a chris rock joke about race and see what happens. One time I jokingly called a black guy a honkey, thinking it might be funny to call him the racial slur for Whites. He said if other people weren’t around, he would have [email protected]#%&d me up. I shouldn’t have said it and I no longer joke around with blacks. They just can’t handle it.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      I don’t think anyone but whites can take a joke, much less real criticism.

      I’m used to being hated. But if you make a jab at me, and I make a jab back, and we both can laugh, then maybe we can get along in a sort of way. I don’t mind that, and it isn’t new to me. But if you jab me, and then get mad when I jab you back, well then.

      I hope I’ve shown that much on these fora. Show me an example where I slipped, I can only say “mea culpa” on the weak-ass excuse of maybe being drunk.

      I may not have a lot of “friends”, but that’s because I don’t go looking for them. friends are like cats – they come to you. You don’t have to look for them.

    • Thor Bonham

      Why even bother with blacks ? What good can come of it ?

  • Reginald

    I do believe that he meant for his comment to be a joke, but it was still an insensitive remark to make.

    • Greg Thomas

      Yeah…because blacks are so sensitive about these matters when it’s a White man adding diversity.

    • Milton Keeney

      “Insensitive” toward who and how? And even if it is somehow “insensitive,” so what?
      Leonard Pitts tell white people to “Cry me a river” regarding the outrage over the gang rape, torture, and murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome was “insensitive” but I didn’t see one goddamn black voice lifted to condemn him.

      • Reginald

        Oh please! How many Whites have told Blacks to “get over slavery” one of the most brutal, inhumane, psychologically degrading institutions known to mankind?

        • Greg Thomas

          Blacks do need to “get over slavery!” How many blacks alive today were held in slavery? You act as if blacks have the market cornered on slavery. Besides, but for slavery, you and your kin would still be slumming it in Africa, instead of this country. If it’s so brutal in this country, blacks are welcomed to go back to their beloved homeland any time they like. How come we never see them exercise that option.

        • FourFooted_Messiah

          If Blacks want to bitch about slavery, they should go complain to the Muslim Arabs.

        • TheAntidote

          Was American slavery as psychologically degrading as the Hutu massacres or the death penalties for married sex Shaka Zulu imposed? Was American slavery as inhumane and brutal as the cannibal pens of West Africa or the haram castrations performed by the Africans for the Arabs?

        • PesachPatriot

          I managed to get over the holocaust somehow…my grandparents went through some stuff that was a lot worse than eating fried chicken and picking cotton in south carolina…It didn’t happen to me, so I don’t complain and whine about something that happened before I was born, bad stuff happened to everyone at some point in history….The native amerindians had it far worse than imported african slaves but I have yet to hear a single news report about comanche indians rampaging through wal-mart shooting arrows at employees or scalping the customers. The urban american community acts like slavery ended last week…no black american alive today has ever been a slave and no white american alive today has ever owned a slave….no one has held you in chains for 150 years…feel free to leave at any time if you are unhappy here. You’ll love the living conditions in Liberia, Zimbabwe or Haiti

      • When it’s about race—blacks ALWAYS defend their own–even when their race perpetrates violence against Whites.

        More and more Whites are starting to ‘wake up’ to see that these White-hating black liberals have no desire for equality—but, for retribution, payback and punishment for misdeeds that NO ONE alive today has suffered.

        The race war IS coming….

  • IKantunderstand

    Wow, let’s see, Whites were responsible for electricity, television, cameras, microphones, setting up networks, and, wait for it…. basketball. So nice we are allowed to participate, in even a small way. Maybe Gottlieb should have played the Red Sea pedestrian card.

    • Red Sea pedestrian card!!! Classic!

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Best thing is, it was a white from British North America (early Canada, before the multiculti crap thing) living in a former British colony who invented basketball.

      Not some black guy, which I expect to be the new mythology.

  • hammersmith

    The bubbles you are seeing in the water…indicate we have reached the boiling point?

  • Sloppo

    I’m pretty sure there will never be anyone on the Communist News Network that will bring this white man’s perspective.

  • mobilebay

    Are whites not allowed to express opinions about sports anymore? Blacks seem to be as jumpy as Hispanics when they think they’ve been insulted. How about we pull all white funding and participation at sports where blacks prevail? Then they’d be yelling about that. No pleasing these people.

  • Yeah, this is just more p.c. crap. You can’t make a joke, can’t make a relevant comment if you are white anymore. If one of the black commentators had said, “Who says white men can’t jump,” nothing would have been said about it. Censorship, plain and simple.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Say that white men can’t jump, get no response at all.

      Say that black men CAN jump ( a _complimentary_ stereotype), then watch the tears flow.

  • Hunter Morrow

    This website MUST ADDRESS why every other race and ethnicity is mocked and vilified but jews get treated with kid gloves and ominous warnings about pre-emptive censorship if you joke about a plainly obvious jew saying he is giving the “White perspective.” We’d all be having a big laugh if hispanic NFL player Tony Gonzales was commenting on college bowl games and giving the “White perspective” right?

  • Ralph

    I avoid most sports that are overwhelmingly Black. I do enjoy watching boxing and the great White boxers coming out of Eastern Europe now.

    Speaking of which: In boxing a Black, a White will have the greatest probability of knocking the Black out with right and left hooks to the neck below the it’s a Black weak spot.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      That weak spot occurs in all races and species. It affects the carotid arteries/veins, and is ALWAYS a tender spot. Every predator knows this. That’s why we go for the throat, don’tchaseethatVern?

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    “Awkward and racist”. Yeah, like when blacks complained about being tokens in shows.

  • Viking_61

    Another thing to remember is that the all-black NBA is a dying industry. Indy, Detroit, Minnesota, Memphis, and many other teams have near-empty stadiums every time they have a home game. This is a recent phenomena in the last couple years. Something is happening, and the elites know it.

  • Dave4088

    If this was coverage of a golf or hockey game and a black commentator stated that he was voicing the black perspective he would be hailed as courageous and a civil rights hero for challenging white domination of those two sports. Obama would invite him to the White House and he would become an instant darling of the lamestream media.

    Since NCAA basketball is 75% black then that is considered diverse in the upside down, illogical world of cultural Marxist Amerika. However, if a sport or organization is 75% white then that connotes discrimination and white skin privilege which must be remedied by government intervention.

  • Joe Sewell

    Com’on people, stop apologizing for the truth.

  • Bobby

    He offered an apology”, “he was fprced to apologize”, “he realized the error of his ways'”, “he was asked to step down”, “He shouldn’t have”…..
    Isn’t it sickening? This is the ever subtle workings of the humanism that is in reality, a controling force on individual opinions, ideas, even casual remarks, a humanism post WW11, that was supposed to free us and make us better human beings. The question is never asked however, better human beings “according to who”, and for what purpose? Just to be “better” human beings, or to be better slaves?

  • Jenkem Huffington

    Just another 3 minutes of media time that they can talk about ANYTHING besides the two spoonbills who shot that baby or a thousand other black atrocities.
    Please, people, throw away your electric niggerlover (TV), and stop giving money to the black-worshiping “sports” industry. Seriously, why are grown men so impressed by a bunch of trained apes chasing around a ball?

    • Thor Bonham

      Although I think most of us agree with your message but on a site like amren there are better ways to say it … This site is a serious site and we probably shouldn’t use the terms you used here .. There are sites like chimpout, Irateirishman ect. ect, where you can freely talk how you want .. Just one mans opinion, don’t take offense ..

  • RHG

    Moral of the story: White guys aren’t even allowed to joke around anymore, plus I don’t recall Mark May speaking up when former ESPN analyst Robert Parker was basically calling Robert Griffin III a “sellout” for dating white woman and possibly being a Republican.

  • I cannot watch the clip (which says it is unavailable at this time) but like other people here have said, “many a true word is said in jest”.

    How sad it has become that any show in America is presented by several blacks and a “token” white.

    Even worse is that even though 4 out of 5 on the show are black, the White man is further castigated and chastised for daring to even mention something about it. I have not seen the clip, but the entire premise of It is particularly humiliating.

    If four out of the five were Whites, no doubt the “diversity” people would be wanting to change the composition pretty fast, such as shoving in a Hispanic or “Asian” or whoever they can find. But when it comes to “diversity” – the quota is fine as long as they are all black and anything other than White.

    As is (depressingly) usual in this kind of situation, it seems the White guy has now grovelled and apologised for the “remarks”, hoping it will all blow over.

    Perhaps he is not actually remotely racially aware/conscious and therefore would be incapable of defending his ground, so silence and apology would be the natural way for them to flee the heat – but although it is easy for me to say from a distance (and without my well paid job on the line), if the guy does have any insight to what the situation is, he could have and perhaps should have found a middle way out of this without having to go “cap in hand” to the race hustlers.

    In Britain it gets tiresome how many people beg, bow, scrape, apologise, or otherwise distance themselves from anything they might have said that are in the interests of Whites.

    If the comments they made were justified and debatable – and they all refused to back down – I think we would be in a much healthier position than we are in today.

    People see these over-reactions and fear the flurry of abuse if they say anything remotely true or anti-the established order, so they self-censor and keep their heads down, leading to the rest of us feeling that we are alone in our thoughts.

    Perhaps there are better examples than this particular case though.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Isn’t that funny? All this time we’ve been told that whites aren’t “allowed” to make jokes about blacks because one race may not make a joke about another race. Now here is a white (I’m assuming he’s white) making a joke about his own race and — wonder of wonders! — he’s not allowed to do that either! The reality is that whites are simply not allowed to notice race one way or the other (after all, that might lead to them noticing they’re becoming a minority) while nonwhites can notice and talk about race all they like. Got it?