New Orleans Curfew Data: 93 Percent of Curfew Arrestees Are Black

Ramon Antonio Vargas, NOLA, March 28, 2013

New Orleans officials this week released data that show almost 93 percent of the 7,748 children stopped for curfew violations in the city between 2009 and 2012 were African-American. {snip}

The new data also indicate that African-American boys who are stopped for curfew violations are more likely to be transported to the Orleans Parish Curfew Center, as opposed to being released on the scene. Critics of NOPD contend the numbers validate their concerns that the department has been engaging in racial profiling with some of its practices, curfew enforcement being one of them.


Danatus King, head of the local NAACP and an increasingly vocal critic of the NOPD, added that the numbers behind curfew enforcement in New Orleans are especially worrisome to him in the wake of a recent directive from a police lieutenant that called on cops to stop people on bicycles in “the hood.”

“It’s indicative of a policy of racial profiling,” King said.


Another NOPD practice–the “stop-and-frisk” policy–has been the target of heated criticisms about racial profiling of late. Two public meetings were held on the topic this week on the heels of reports from the offices of the Inspector General and Independent Police Monitor–one finding that flawed and incomplete record-keeping on the stops made it impossible to determine whether NOPD officers were racially profiling citizens, and the other finding that the department failed to adequately train officers on racial and other profiling.


{snip} The city’s latest data show there were a total of 1,416 curfew arrests in 2009; 1,838 in 2010; 2,453 in 2011; and 2,041 in 2012.

Of all the minors caught for curfew violations those four years, 5,099 of them were black boys, and 2,098 were black girls. In that same time frame, NOPD arrested 525 white children–313 boys and 212 girls–or 6.8 percent of the total.

The 26 remaining curfew stops involved 19 Hispanic boys and seven Hispanic girls–about 0.4 percent of the total.

Of New Orleans’ 361,000 residents, 60.2 percent are African-American; 33 percent are white; 5.2 percent are Hispanic; 2.9 percent are Asian; and the rest are of other races, according to the Census Bureau.


About 48.6 percent of African-American boys stopped for curfew violations between 2009 and 2012 were taken to the Orleans Parish Curfew Center to await pick-up by a parent or guardian. Hispanic boys were taken to the curfew center at the next highest rate – approximately 47.4 percent – although they were detained in very small numbers overall.

White, black and Hispanic girls went to the curfew center at rates of 47.3, 45.7 and 42.9 percent, respectively. At 39.6 percent, white boys were the least likely to be taken to the curfew center.


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  • This seems in direct contrast with the DOJ and Eric Holder’s policy of letting blacks off without prosecution.I think he will get involved here and maybe he should in this case.

  • walt

    They’re gonna have to start bringing in white boys who havent done their homework, bathed, eaten dinner, and are not in bed with the lights off by 8:30 pm sharp for those numbers to even out.

  • I can’t imagine any white man who would be satisfied living under laws meant to control blacks.

  • I bet the New Orleans curfew was enacted precisely at the behest of some black reverend worried about “the streets being too dangerous at night.”

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  • bigone4u

    New Orleans thrives on white tourists who visit for it’s cultural diversity and vibrancy. The crime rate is high enough as it is to make any thinking person avoid the place, but without curfews and racial profiling, the white tourists would be mowed down like bowling pins. Let’s hope that if the liberals do their best to make the City That Care Forgot be the city that forgot to care, then it’s the liberal tourists who lose their wallets and their lives in the process.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      I think people visit for it’s unique style and festive attitude. Diversity as we know it has been the death of this once great Southern city. Western-European diversity in French and Southern American influences but the regular, or “vulgar” version of diversity has been a sad reality for The Big Sleazy.

      Yes that is funny that Liberal minded people are better targets. They probably will pretend they are okay with going into or parking in a bad area for fear of sounding judgmental and also find the idea of having anything along to protect themselves as bigoted in some weird way that they can only be made to buy.

      Few things give me a better laugh then hearing a Liberal learn the hard way.

  • Hunter Morrow

    Black kumoonitee “leaders” agitated for this and now they cry that the race that breaks all the laws is getting punished for breaking the newly minted law. You just can’t win with these boat anchors of civilization, can you?

  • SargeInCharge

    New Orleans Curfew Truth: The curfew is in place because 99% of New Orleans’ “teen” crimes were from blacks.

    • The__Bobster

      And once again, YT has to suffer in the name of “fairness”.

  • MekongDelta69

    Tell Danatus King (head of the local NAACP) to give Ray Nagin a call and cry him a river. Maybe Ray can send over one of those buses he never used to evacuate blacks during Katrina, and then blamed it on ‘racism.’

    Btw, ‘Danatus,’ if EVERYBODY in the ‘hood is BLACK, then you CAN’T ‘racially profile.’
    (I’d explain it to him, but you need an IQ of at least 80 to get it.)

    • BonusGift

      So true, yet so beyond their mental and emotional grasp. Every time I read or hear about ‘racial profiling’ I think of the basic statistical and genetic reality and just want to throw my hands up at the insanity of the supposed conversation/debate. The need to always cry and claim victim status even when committing a crime, or in this case breaking a self-imposed curfew, is so tiring that it makes it so clear that sending them all to sub-Sahara Africa is really the only solution.

      • I racially profile all the time. What’s the big deal?

        • betsy

          most everyone does, even the sappy liberal white women that are overly friendly to black men? that’s profiling too

          • brengunn

            Great observation, Betsy! I had never thought of that.

          • Derelictus

            True, it’s all part of the suicidal altruism thing that Whites have (which is admirable, in a way…trying to be fair to everyone etc…but also very naive and stupid, and should NOT be the basis for reasonable public policy or basic social interactions in this imperfect world of ours).

          • MBlanc46

            Everyone with an ounce of sense does.

      • Anon

        Don’t kid yourself….the only viable solution is extermination. And that isn’t what you think it is. White people need to radically separate from blacks. It is not enough to simply segregate. Segregation is what we have now….almost all people of all races live in racially homogenous neighborhoods with more or less clearly defined borders. As can easily be seen looking at demographic maps like this one:

        Would it really matter if the border was an ocean and a continent instead of a street, county or state? Not really. The same basic problem remains. Blacks are incompatible with what is called civilization (but what is really nothing more than white culture). Other races can contribute to white culture but cannot originate it. But blacks actively and aggressively turn white culture into something monstrous. Hand a black man a tool of white culture (a gun for example) and you don’t get a cop, you get a spree killer. That is very much the bottom line.

        Radical separation is what is needed. That amounts to no contact. No trade (when was “trade” with blacks ever more than us handing stuff to them for little to no return). No exceptions. And since almost the entire black population of the world is so dependent on whites for food, the result will be extermination for 99% of them. Radical means that as they die off by the billions, anyone who so much as suggests we interfere, gets a swift hanging.

        The result, probably within only a few decades, would be a 99% reduction of the world’s population of blacks with the remaining 1% living their stone age existence as they were only a few hundred years ago before the white man took it upon ourselves to uplift them. That was probably the most cruel act in all of human history. Because the outcome, although delayed for generations, is inevitable. It is actually the true source of the “white man’s burden”. Nobody really believes the lies and BS about “raycism”. What haunts the nightmares of white people is the inevitable consequences of our attempt to being civilization to blacks…..a legacy of evil and death with a pretty clear long term outcome. Eventually, it WILL happen and whites will have to live with the shame of it. That’s just the way it is. No denial, psychological games or fantasies will protect us then.

        A thousand years from now, if they don’t die out, blacks will be living that same stone age existence. Only the protected environments they inhabit will have giant fences around them, armed guards at the perimeter, and bronze plaques informing out descendents about the great evil that the world endured by pretending they were “just like us” only a different color.

    • The__Bobster

      In NYC, the eggplants and the Pardos say the stop-and-frisk cops are razzist profilers, even though a lot of the cops are the same color as they are, and Whites commit far less than 5% of the crimes.

      • Daisy

        I heard a black woman complain, the infamous New School stalker, that her black father was pushed on the hood of his Mercedes Benz in his mansion’s driveway…by two black cops…in a city run by Marion Barry and a whopping black majority. Yet she said the color of the officers didn’t matter; it was ‘racist,’ and she was determined to make a short film about it. I still had hope for humanity back then and imagined a showing of this at some pretentious lefty film festival, with the audience throwing eggs and tomatoes at the screen, or conversely, with them congratulating her brilliance in spoofing the left. How naive I was.

        • DudeWheresMyCountry?

          It was racist; Black racist. She outsmarted herself.

        • Derelictus

          Maybe it was light-skin black on dark-skin black ‘racism’ (or the other way around, don’t know what ‘shade’ of Black your New School nutso friend was).

          • Daisy

            She wasn’t my friend – we’d only hung out to work on a set and then once after class. An acquaintance really. Her delusion was that any black man pinned on the hood of the car by cops is a victim of ‘racism’ no matter how dark or light he or the black cops are. Another irony is she’d complained that her stepfather had sexually abused her, so you’d think she’d appreciate the cops pinning him even mistakenly.

        • StillModerated

          What color was the hood of the Mercedes?

    • Where is New Orleans finding enough resident curfew-violating young white men to begin with? Sure, NO is 33% white in terms of everyone, but its curfew age population, presumably U-18 or U-17, is way less than 33% white.

    • zimmercool

      DOZENS of white citizens attacked beaten sat night chicago in black mob attacks policeman assaulted on horse. look on youtube whites hospitalized.

  • White parents know better than to let their kids run around New Orleans after dark.
    White kids know better than to run around New Orleans after dark.

    Of New Orleans’ 361,000 residents, 60.2 percent are African-American; 33 percent are white; 5.2 percent are Hispanic; 2.9 percent are Asian; and the rest are of other races, according to the Census Bureau.

    21.3% of New Orleans is under 18, I am going to assume the population distribution is not 60.2 percent African-American, 33 percent white, and 5.2 percent Hispanic, as white with kids move to suburbs. So this would also have an impact on the “disparity”.

    • brengunn

      White, black and Hispanic girls went to the curfew center at rates of 47.3, 45.7 and 42.9 percent, respectively.

      That is the interesting statistic here, the police are least likely to leave young white girls out at night. You could say they know better!

      • Daisy

        I find it very hard to believe that white girls needed corralling at higher rate than blacks and hispanics, especially blacks. I wonder if there’s some agenda behind this.

        • Prostitutes? The kind of white girls that date blacks?

          • Daisy

            See above.

        • brengunn

          It’s not that they’re corralling them because they are up to no good, they’re bringing them back and calling their parents to protect them. Totally logical, really.

          • Daisy

            Just a little research revealed that the actual number of white girls ‘arrested’ or confronted by the cops, as opposed to the rate of ‘corralling’ them back to the curfew center, is extremely small compared to the number of black girls. So I guess the white girls either aren’t breaking curfew much or are far more often ‘legally’ at large; various activities are excepted from the curfew. The disparity seems fairly comparable between white and black boys.

            I’d be afraid for any white kids roaming around the French Quarter at night but especially for the girls, so maybe you’re right and it’s good the few miscreants are forced out of the environment.

          • I suspect that the NOPD actually overdetained white youths, just to have some whites to log as having violated the curfew. With curfew laws, cops have some wiggle room of discretion, and therefore I think that ceteris paribus, they are being lenient when it comes to blacks but strict and literal when it comes to whites. Even then, they still wind up with 93% of curfew detainees being black. If the enforcement was fair and the discretion factor equal, it might be 99% of those detained are black.
            If you are a young white person reading this, my warning to you is that you better be purer than Caesar’s wife and the wind driven snow in your behavior. There are a lot of cops in a lot of places who are looking for any wee little excuse to arrest young whites, simply because the diversity nuts complain that the cops arrest too many young blacks and Hispanics. They need white arrests at least to kinda-sorta even out the stats and at least to show that they will arrest young whites, as sacrificial lambs to the NAACP-MALDEF kooks.

  • two packs secure

    at least blacks undergo lots of abortions and also kill each other at high rates so there is a bright side and i am thankful for that

  • Dis article ray-sis

  • MobyWhite

    I see so many blacks out late night, and almost only blacks, I’ve decided they are allergic to sunlight. You know, “painful legacy of slavey” all all that.

    The are also allergic to work and marriage. You know, “stop act’n white all up en heeah,” etc.

    • Johnny Clay

      One advantage of being black is that you get to walk the streets at night.

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        As long as they don’t open their eyes fully and / or smile, they will compromise their West African cloaking device.

        • Johnny Clay

          LOL!!! You bad!!

      • watling

        The black British comedian Lenny Henry once did a routine in which he describes visiting New York for the first time.

        He’d been told that after dark all the muggers there are black. Anyway he was walking along the street alone there late at night and suddenly realised how vulnerable he was, despite being tall and imposing.

        He happened to notice a group of white people up ahead so he started running to catch up with them, reasoning on safety in numbers. They became aware of a large black man running towards them so they started running too to get away. The faster he ran to try and catch up the faster they ran to get away.

  • brengunn

    Why was this curfew enacted? Are curfews popular in America?

    • Puggg

      Supposedly, this and all similar curfews (they’re mostly features of heavily black cities) are put in place as a way to deter black crime. Really, I think they’re just cop outs from politicians who are too afraid to talk about race. Really, you can only enforce curfews on those under a certain age. Are we to think that only people under 17 or 18 are the only ones committing crime after a certain hour in these heavily black cities? Truth is, most of the black crime in black cities is at the hands of people above the curfew age.

      • Daisy

        So it’s written as a law or policy, that under 18 yr olds can be held to a curfew? That still seems overbearingly Big Brother-ish although obviously necessary.

        • betsy

          if parents can’t control their kids then it can be necessary for someone to try to do it. They are supposed to get up and go to school you know.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          The punishments are not normally very strict. One friend’s 16 year-old son was already on probation for simple (non-criminal) trespassing 14 years ago when he was picked up for violating curfew and being a minor in possession of alcohol. The curfew case probably wouldn’t have violated his probation, but the alcohol charge sure did; he spent about eight weeks that summer in a juvenile boot camp in Pueblo. I think the curfew enforcement is intended mainly to keep the kids out of more serious trouble and to keep them from being victimized by the nastier varieties of adult.

    • Daisy

      I’ve never even heard of them, so I think not.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        We’ve had them in every US city in which I’ve lived.

  • Daisy

    I don’t like the idea of curfews. It seems like a fascist police state kind of policy. How is this legal?

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I like them. Minors have no business being outside their homes late on school nights, unless they are travelling home from after-school jobs. I suspect the reason blacks are less likely to be released on the scene is because they are not caught walking home from work, and have no valid explanation whatsoever for their being out. They’re just out to steal, vandalize property, rob folks and otherwise cause trouble.

    • guest

      So what? People have to be responsible for their animals (it’s the law); if their dogs have to be leashed to be outside, theeennn………

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      I wouldn’t support curfews in a homogeneous white country. But as the non-white population increases (especially the black population) more and more measures like this are going to become necessary to keep a lid on minority violence.

      Every black teen picked up off the street at night is another woman who doesn’t get raped, another house that doesn’t get broken into, etc.

      Small government is only possible among whites.

      • watling

        “Small government is only possible among whites” should be one of the quotes of the century. Very well put.

    • Alexandra

      Why do you think the powers that be permit blacks to be here instead of sending them home? So they have an excuse to have curfews, cameras, all this security, and the like. And of course in the name of “fairness” we whites need to be watched too.
      At least, that’s my opinion.

      • Daisy

        Very good angle to take on this. Sometime we lose sight of the forest for the trees.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Lots of new cameras and warning signs about the cameras in downtown Colorado Springs. All over the place.

        It’s 10 miles away, and I’m almost never there, but it still seemed full of homeless men – black drug addicts and white alcoholics – on March 27. I think I’ll stay up north here.

        I haven’t been farther outside than the mailbox and flying Ariadne’s RC pterodactyl with her since then.

    • robinbishop34

      I believe they only apply to those under 16.

      • Daisy

        I recognize the pragmatic aspect for minors or even under-16 yr olds. I just get nervous about the police state telling us where we can be. On another article under this date a liberal criticizes whites for having a white friend network! I’d hate to think that white kids could be somehow ‘criminalized’ just for hanging out together. Once I was simply talking right outside a bar in downtown Manhattan to a blonde female friend and a black bouncer went berserk on us for nothing. We had been ironically trading stories in a very quiet tone some distance away, about black harassment of us as whites; she’d been recently ticketed for simply walking her bike in a neighborhood by a black cop in Brooklyn.

        Our white friends in the bar reported that they’d been harassed by the same two black bouncers earlier that night. In a black run city like New Orleans you never know how the white kids will get treated when there’s some policy allowing forced dispersement. I’m going to look up what time the curfew is but I’ll say that any big government policy will get used to subvert white fraternization and rights, regardless of whether it’s inherently anti-white.

        • robinbishop34

          I get your drift, believe me.

    • MBlanc46

      They can do it for minors.

  • MikeS

    They need to have the curfew set at an hour or two before sunset, that way they’re sure to get a hell of a lot more.

  • LHathaway

    “Of New Orleans’ 361,000 residents, 60.2 percent are African-American; 33 percent are white; 5.2 percent are Hispanic; 2.9 percent are Asian; and the rest are of other races”

    I’d be curious to see the demographics for residents who are 15 years of age. . .

  • watling

    There was a case here in the UK in 2006 of a black 15 year-old kid being murdered in a Manchester park. The thing is, he was killed at about 2.30am and he had been in the park voluntarily. How many parents would allow their kids to be out at such a time? See:

    We don’t have curfews here but you can bet that if we did the crime rate would fall.

  • Alexandra

    They refer to them as “children” in the article.
    Then again, black children aren’t so sweet and innocent. My dad had advice for me when I was learning how to drive–if you find yourself driving through a slum in Detroit and you see children out playing, do NOT stop at stop signs, or they’ll carjack you or break your windows or something.
    This was before my awakening…but I already had the picture in my head of black children–not white–doing the carjacking.

  • josh

    Dey pick up my bro Shitavious da uvva night! He din do nuffin. Dey made hiz momma come an git ’em. But SHE be in jail too!!! He had to wait til she got bail!

  • Why is ANYONE surprised? The minority community NEVER believes that laws apply to them–much like liberals.

    When held accountable, they ALWAYS drop the race card…….

  • Joe Sewell

    LOL!!! The sun still rises in the eastern sky….

  • Easyrhino1


  • RHG

    Well, isn’t this the “chocolate city” afterall?

  • a multiracial individual

    Well, it appears that this time there is a legit gripe. They let the white kids go, but the black kids are taken to the center?

    • IstvanIN

      The white kids are less likely to be looking to cause problems. The black yoofs no doubt have juvenile records and are well know to the police.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        US police cars have computers inside them just above the transmission hump. These computers can be used to pull up an individual’s complete criminal record (and mugshots) out of the federal NCIC database. Even if a particular yoof is unknown to the cops, they can check his name and birthdate against NCIC records, and do so on the spot.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      See my earlier post. A white kid on foot late in the evening is likely to be wearing a fast food restaurant uniform, and is thus would obviously be on his way home from an after-school job.

      Additionally, there is the very strong likelihood that when groups of black kids are stopped at night it is because someone in the area has already called police to complain about loud, boisterous behavior.

  • Mr Plankton

    and in other news, NASA is reporting that the sun is hot.

  • JimR

    Could it be they are the ones too dumb to evade detection?

  • PesachPatriot

    I wonder why teen curfews were totally unnecessary in my small northern town, or the rural parts of maine, vermont, wisconsin, minnesota, ohio, georgia or tennessee? The only time I was ever out of my house as a teenager after midnight on a weeknight was the occasional friday night when I had gotten ahead on homework and my parents could be convinced into letting me go hang out with friends to see some live music or watch scary movies at the drive-in movie theatre.